Caught in the middle…

This is actually mantao or steamed bread/bun…or our local steamed meat dumplings, minus the meat – only the skin, that is. But these are called hot dog rolls…

Mantao hot dog roll 1

…which are actually a teeny-weeny piece of chicken sausage wrapped in theΒ mantao

Mantao hot dog roll 2

I bought these at the mini-supermarket near my house at RM1.60 for 5, so that works out to over 30 sen each. I don’t think they’re anything to shout about and I guess if I were to buy again, I would much sooner go for the kosong or the empty ones…

Mantao kosong

…which are sold at 6 for RM1.60 – less than 30 sen each.

We can stuff them with stewed pork (belly)…or anything for that matter. I had some leftover masak hitam beef in the fridge…

Masak hitam beef

…so I heated it up to eat with the mantao. Masak hitam beef or chicken is actually a Sarawak specialty and it is not masak kicap or meat cooked in soy sauce…even though it is one of the ingredients. You will use all the usual ingredients that you have in curry – shallots, garlic, ginger, lengkaus, chilli…all blended for use in cooking the meat which has been marinated in blended black raisins and soy sauce. Mixed spices, available in little packets at the supermarkets are used in the cooking too, as well as lemon grass and pandan leaves and thick santan (coconut milk) is added as well. Perhaps I can cook this some time and post on it.

Anyway, I just had to put a piece of the masak hitam beef with a bit of the gravy in the middle of the mantao

Mantao with masak hitam beef 1

…and eat…

Mantao with masak hitam beef 2

Ooooo…that was yummy! Anytime better than the chicken sausage, I tell you. Yum! Yum!!! LOL!!!

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23 thoughts on “Caught in the middle…”

  1. Walao… u blog at weird hours. Havent sleep or just woke up? Btw, the mantao with daging is the good. I like it more with black gravy pork!

    Weird hours? LOL!!! Cleff’s got the answer – she knows me sooooo well! Hehehehehe!!! Yup…very nice with pork braised in soy sauce too – fat fat pork. Muahahahaha!!!

    1. o yeah, after I posted that comment and u weren’t online on facebook, I figured it was scheduled. My bad haha. I got common sense k… dun pray pray. Argh I want porky pork!!!!

      LOL!!! Craving for pork? Staying with coursemates there…no non-halal stuff eh? Well, can go Chinese takeways in city – not too expensive… πŸ˜‰

  2. @chris… it’s all scheduled post… lol… 5am all of Cikgu’s article will be published daily. Like newspaper.

    @Cikgu… definitely looks yummier than the ones with hotdogs inside.

    Clever girl! Pat! Pat! *pats Cleff on the head. Hahahahaha!!! Yalor…the sausage bits real miserable looking, plus I don’t like these ultra-red ones…

  3. I LOVE mantou…the last time I was in singapore, I had this burger which used mantou instead of the hamburger bun…reminds me a lot of that! It was SO delicious and fluffy!

    Yes, it’s actually bread – steamed not baked…so it’s softer and not so dry. They deepfry them too to eat with this and that – very nice but not so healthy! LOL!!!

  4. I love mantou – have not had for ages!

    I think they should ban those so-called sausages. Am trying to tell teachers in daughter’s school to stop buying that for their “cookery” class.

    Ya…especially those red ones. I think it’s colouring gone awry! The slightly brownish, not so red Ayamas ones look pretty o.k. to me…

  5. wow..i love mantau-s too… steamed them and put some butter inside.. presto! a very nice snack! no meat please.. hahahhaa… 1.60 for 5 is superbly cheap la! πŸ™‚

    6 actually, but cheap, you say? I think they were 10 sen each…but I have not bought for a long time. Price must have gone up since. 😦 Ya…very nice, steaming hot from the steamer…apply butter and it melts, add peanut butter and eat…yum!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. No meat konon… I see you day in day out oso telan ayam and whatnot.

      Claire… come Kl.. i fry some mantao for u to go with my chilli crab!

      Oooo…that would be heavenly! Fried mantao with chilli crab gravy! Slurpssss!!!! Hey…the meat in my Friday posts from other days lah – I don’t eat meat on Fridays…as far as possible.

  6. Cikgu… post up recipe… lol.. to cook .this one… can use curry base den add kicap anot?

    Let’s see… Very malas…and may not have all the ingredients. Will try and see what I can cook up and post. No curry powder in this one…and raisins the main ingredient, other than kicap!

  7. I once ate mantou plus water for 1 week coz i have no money~

    Aiyor…why so kesian? No money? You never asked from me leh? Me…part-time loan shark! Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  8. I am so hungry right now. Wow….that Pau is so special huh! There is something caught in the middle. πŸ˜€

    Yes, beef masak hitam…yum yum!!! But I think fat fat pork stewed in soy sauce & five spice also heavenly!!! Droooool!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh…. oh… now you give me ideas on what to cook tonight! πŸ˜€

      Ok…give it a try. I think I will also do the same and post on it in a few days’ time… πŸ˜‰

  9. I was dreaming of this same thing 3 nights ago. Except it’s with pork.
    Oh! Man… dreams dreams dreams

    Gosh!!! You actually dream of food and yet you’re so skinny. I never dream of food… I guess I eat it all the time and that explains my shape and size. Perhaps I should also just dream of it…like you! 😦 …..Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. never seen those before.. but surely looking yummy..

    Never seen mantao…or the masak hitam? Mantao…Ipoh got lah! There, Claire says she loves eating them!

  11. Looks yummm. Recipe & cooking method for Masak Hitam, please. I think my mum used to cook this dish when we were little.

    I think I mentioned the method briefly in the post and these days, we can buy the premix (Gosh! That sounds like cement!) in the shops – Lisa Brand…so we do not have to go through all that hassle. Anyway, I’ll try and work something out…and if it is good, I’ll post on it in a few days’ time.

  12. come mantao have sausage? I thought all mantao are kosong one.

    I like your version better with the beef

    They try to be different perhaps. Ya…or fatty pork!!! Yummmmm!!! πŸ˜€

    1. tried the lisa ones,not so nice,JFV’s recipe still the best so hope u will do a post on it! Love Mantao too. Ages ago used to buy from a sibu lady who sells from home n it was really good but sadly she stopped making them.The ones from asian shop are not nice at all,the dough too thick!

      When using the Lisa one, have to kay liao – add extra onions and what not. Lucy cooks using that. Very nice leh? I’ve tried – cooking from scratch…not very successful…so dunno whether will post or not. 😦

    2. Mamarazzi same like me… carnivore. Kat… I think next time we fry mantao and makan with chilli crab oso not bad. Hmmm… got to check out the market liao!

      Eat with the gravy of Vietnamese prawns, also nice…

    3. waaa……you really tempting me ah…..fatty porkkkkk

      Wait! Another post coming up…bak kut teh – you see the fatty pork, you’ll pengsan! LOL!!!

  13. Wah, Mantau. I like mantau and i miss mantau in sibu, very very soft. Here i cannot find any nice mantau, most i can find is in supermarket, those frozen one. We can get some mantau, but inside is with pork belly. I like it to go with butter. Steam hot and let the butter melt inside, heavenly!!

    hahahha, the one you bought with sausage inside, the sausage look so miserable, almost cannot see the sausage! LOL!

    Yalor! I dunno lah…still got people buy meh? I bought just because I wanted to take the photo and post on it…. Then I took out the sausage and threw it away, ate the mantao with the masak hitam gravy. So much nicer… Hah!!! Now I know what to buy if I go to KL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Yea… one measyly bit, horr, Pete… might as well dun put at all. I think can barely taste… can you taste it, Cikgu? I think dun even have enuff to taste…

      Yalor…so small, can hardly feel anything? Muahahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  14. i prefer plain mantao….cos if with meat filling, i definetely cannot finish it..too filling edy..hehehe

    Wah! You eat so little kah? Must be really skinny…

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