You’re not the same anymore…

I remember eating these when I was young…

Sarikei's loong ngor

Here in Sibu, they are called loong ngor in Foochow or kay n’ng kor (chicken egg cake) in Hokkien, the Chinese version of the Malay kuih bahulu. I haven’t had any nice ones for a while now…and whenever anybody wanted any, I would get from a bakery in Rejang Park and more recently, from that very old-school confectionery at Market Road – Chop Tiang Chuon. The other day, however, I bought these produced by that bakery in Sarikei, Sin Hing Leong – the one that makes pretty good pek guek p’ia or tong chiew p’ia (Sibu Foochow Mooncake Festival biscuits), selling at RM1.50 for a packet of 5 which means that they are actually 30 sen each.

To my delight, they were really very nice, almost like the loong ngor that I used to know. The only difference was that the surface was dry. I remember the loong ngor in the old days had a shiny glint on the top, probably because of the oil they applied to the mould prior to baking to prevent sticking. Anyway, in my opinion, they are a lot better than the ones that my missus would buy regularly from a stall in town…along with the cupcakes. Some people opened a stall somewhere and business was so good that now, they have branches everywhere. If you ask me, I just cannot stand the extra strong flavour of vanilla essence in them and you definitely would not catch me buying those.

I also bought these from the same Sarikei bakery, also selling at RM1.50 for a packet of 5…

Sarikei's phong/heong peah 1

I thought they looked like phong peah but upon eating one, I did not think it could pass off as one – probably a cross between a phong peah and aΒ heong peah and the sad part was that it wasn’t really good. There was hardly any filling inside…

Sarikei's phong/heong peah 2

…and when eating it, I could taste the flour in the skin – like eating uncooked dough.

And going for the same price are these dou sar peah

Sarikei's dou sar peah 1

…and I did not think they were great either. Those that I had when I was a kid were at least three times bigger and we had the black version of the dou sar (bean paste) filling or the brown version…a shade darker than this – what they call pek dou sar (white bean filling)…

Sarikei's dou sar peah 2

Other than the size, I remember that those that I ate when I was young had very flaky skin that was like layers of very thin paper…but these had nothing of the sort.

It certainly is kind of sad that when the older generation had passed on, the culinary skills have not been inherited by the younger ones and though we may have something similar, they are really a far cry from what we had in the past.Β I certainly would buy the loong ngor again since I think they’re pretty good but as for the other two, I think I’ll pass…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “You’re not the same anymore…”

  1. hmmm, yealo, nowadays many food not as tasty as before liao but hey! you know dian bian ngoo very famous one in Sibu, beside got seell long ngor, u can try that one, it’s hot and fresh! pong biah my love too haha.. USED to be my love tho :/ despite from the change of taste too…Dou sar bin, hmmm I always buy it in Miri “Zheng Long”, the skin is crispy πŸ™‚ whoa….wrong timing again, i watch this at 5.44am in the morning T.T

    Ah! That’s the one I was talking about in the post – the one with the strong smell of vanilla essence. I don’t really like those…but I know they’re literally selling like hot cakes… LOL!!! I’m sure you can get these in Brunei too – just next door! πŸ˜‰

  2. Perhaps they tried to innovate the taste to attract more customers? :p

    Maybe…and it’s o.k. if they make it better. Unfortunately, I would very much prefer what we had in the past during my younger days. 😦

  3. i love kuih bahulu and pek dou sar very much! πŸ˜€ I dont really like dou sar, just dunno why dont like black bean paste. :s

    My missus also would not touch the black dou sar… She says she gets giddy after eating that, dunno why… 😦

  4. Aw I love these…I grew up in Singapore, so these are all familiar items to me, and I miss them so!

    You’re no longer residing in Singapore? I’m sure you can get these there – maybe, “upgraded” like the kuih bahulu or nyonya delicacies sold in the peninsula at some shopping malls…but usually they can’t beat the old school, authentic stuff and are at times, somewhat over-priced.

    P.S. Btw, thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again!πŸ™‚

  5. i still love the bahulu… it’s hard to find all these kuih in kuching…

    The Malay bahulu? Dunno where in Kuching and Sibu also – no more…or not that I know of. Only the Chinese “loong ngor”. You can probably see some bahulu stalls at shopping malls in KL, I think. In Sg Petani’s TESCO, they make on the spot – hot and nice!

  6. Probably in the old days, some are made using coconut oil….mmmm, nicer aroma!

    Dunno…or old people always used agak-agak method, so the young recipe-dependent people just cannot get it right.😦

  7. One of my favourites is this egg cake.. nowadays not many know how to make good nice ones for sale.. that reminds me, maybe elin has a nice recipe for this! πŸ™‚

    Gee! That Elin can make/cook anything! Tsk! Tsk! If only she were my neighbour… 😦

  8. i still like my tau sar peah from penang. I call them dragon balls!

    I guess one must know where to buy the good ones. I bought from a shop in ayer itam the last time and I did not like them at all. Same when you buy things here – must know where to get the good ones.

  9. I used to love kuih bulu u know.. eh.. i mean kuih bahulu… but now the ones i got are rather dry.. not nice to eat anymore… so… dah lama stopped eating lor.. 😦

    Ya, we also call them kuih bulu here… Hehehehehehe!! Can’t get them anywhere here anymore. The last time I bought from a stall at TESCO in Sg Petani – those were quite good.

  10. not really fond of kuih bahulu coz the 1st time i had it was not good one. Thus left me with very bad impression.

    As for tau Sar Peah..i find that only those Penang ones suits me. Like to take it with a cup of hot kopi O.

    When we were young, there was a Malay lady selling really good ones in our neighbourhood…and when my mum called out to her to buy some, we kids were so very happy! Besides, she was “latah” and we enjoyed teasing her! So bad, we people then! Hahahahahahahaha! Dunno what has happened to her. Died already probably…

  11. My late grandma used to make these in the kampung during festive season along with kuih kapit. But when she passed away, I stopped eating, cuz found that other ppl make, not nice anymore. I know how to make these…but not same as hers. 😦

    I guess your agak-agak not chun-chun like hers. That’s the problem with old people – no fixed measurements. Like my cousin asked her mum how to make something…and she said 10 sen spring onions. 50 sen dried prawns…Alamak! 50s/60s and now, where got same amount anymore?

    1. Yea… my agak agak for bahulu not good… LOL… the bahulu will turn out dry, and could easily choke on it. Tried many times with my cousins back then… we couldn’t get it right. Either too dry… or too sweet… *sigh* So give up lorr, though know how to make. Hahahaha… waste flour and eggs only. Plus… not easy to beat the eggs ohhh! Whick the eggs til hand pain oso the batter still not ready! Tsk Tsk tsk! Since mine turned out nasty… so never make anymore. If wanna buang gian oso buy from Jusco or wud la..they make on the spot. Kira ok.

      Ah! So KL, you can get as Jusco. In SP, I bought from Tesco… Can lah…beggars can’t be choosers.

  12. “loong gor”, i love loong gor, i eat a lot loong gor when i am young, i think we get it from sungai antu or sungai merah there near my mum’s house. My mum said now no more taste nice, because they use electric oven instead of using charcoal, don’t have the “uummpphh” aroma smell.

    I did get a few from Rejang Park on my last trip back, taste ok only the size reduce a lot. πŸ™‚

    The Sg Merah ones used to be the best…and the khong t’ng (peanut cake) also. Now all no good anymore. The Rejang Park ones should be from Jason Bakery…ok but not that great. I really like these…from Sarikei.

    1. Ya, Sungei Merah’s ones also not nice anymore, although I think the same family still running the business…..

      Yes, still open, still selling the same things but all not nice anymore! Don’t bother going there to buy.

  13. Ahh…I remember eating the ‘kuih neng kor’ when I was a child. Now, the taste is so much different. Don’t know lack of what but somehow, can feel the difference. But still love to eat them. haha….

    Ya…we have a number of places making but they’re all not the same, all ok but just not the same…until I came across these – real nice!

  14. I like it when the chicken egg cakes have a slight tough crusty top because that’s when i get to exercise my jaws nicely. Where do you get the Sin Hing Leong ones from ?

    I got mine from Kim Tak Mini-supermarket – Jalan Ruby, near my house…but I’ve seen their products sold in a number of other places.

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