Help is on its way…

I met Philip again one morning for breakfast as he wanted me to help edit his mother, Angela Yong‘s 8th book. I willingly agreed to lend a hand as here is a son helping his dear mother and that was the least I could do in appreciation of such a show of filial piety. I just could not refuse…and besides, what are friends for?

He gave me a complimentary copy of his mother’s book – the 7th, I think…


…which I had not seen in the bookstores. Truth be told, I have not dropped by any bookstore for quite a while now since my daughter is not around at this point in time.

Well, we met at the Happy Hours Cafe at Rejang Park here which I had posted on a long time ago…

Happy Hours Cafe, Rejang Park

I remember I had the claypot beef noodles from that stall in front and enjoyed it tremendously. This time, I wanted the same but what came was something completely different…

Happy Hours' claypot noodles 1

…with the pork intestines and gu tor (cow’s stomach) and everything else including one fried golden egg (RM4.50)…

Happy Hours' claypot noodles 2

Thankfully, it was really very nice and like what I did on my previous visit, I finished everything right to the very last drop.

Happy Hours' claypot noodles 3

Philip ordered the claypot prawn noodles (RM8.00)…

Happy Hours' claypot prawn noodles

…with at least, three big freshwater prawns (udang galah) inside and while he was eating, he kept repeating, “This is very good! This is very good!” Β He even took a photograph of it which just about showed how great he thought it was.

I’m glad I was able to show him around a couple of places here to enjoy the food here before he would have to go back to the US. Hopefully, when he comes home again next year, we’ll have the opportunity to go mam-mam again then…

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36 thoughts on “Help is on its way…”

  1. Sweet ! Haha, the claypot beef noodles has such an exotic combination of ingredients :p … must have been really good though for you to have finished it up to the very last drop …

    It certainly was! But RM4.50 is quite a lot so can’t have that too often. Philip obviously enjoyed his too…and his, with the giant prawns, was more expensive – I don;t think I would go and eat that. What I had was nice enough already…

  2. Ok, I’m loving those clay pots.

    I really like the cover for his mothers book too, I love winding roads. We have one (woods on both sides) leading into our community. I love the solitude. πŸ™‚

    Ya…”Go placidly amid the noise and haste;and remember what peace there may be in silence…” Me too! That’s why I like small towns, quiet, beautiful places like mountain getaways. We have a beautiful road here with nice huge trees on both sides, so huge that they merge, forming a canopy and making the road look like a tunnel. Best on sunny days with the rays seeping through the leaves…

  3. Gosh, I need to get a claypot again. i missed cooking these stuff. LOL… For Rm4.50, there’s quite a lot of ingredients in there. We dun get much ingredients for Rm4.50 around here in KL!

    Ya…a lot of ingredients, even got fish slices. Really nice, value for money…but can’t be eating the more expensive stuff all the time. Must jimat sikit… Once in a while, ok lah! πŸ˜‰

  4. And speaking of editing, that Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi can make a VERY good proof-reader. No kidding. That woman ought to take up editing or proof-reading as a career!

    ps: Do you have any useful tips on how to take care a claypot, Cikgu? Mine NEVER last more than 3 month. They ended up breaking or having cracks. Though I have not much to complain about cuz each claypots usually cost Rm2-Rm3 onli… but it would be better if I dun have to keep buying one when the older ones cannot be used anymore.

    Oh? She’s good? Not like the one employed by my KL publisher last time. Just sent draft to me and asked me to do it myself…and one or two that I missed, she didn’t spot either – I don’t think she did anything! Gaji buta! Ysk! Tsk! Claypots…I’ve given up liao – use once or twice, cracked already. But the expensive Japanese ones (white colour) are good. I’ve one – so many years, still good. Broke the lid…so now I use the lid of my claypot slow cooker – the pot cracked when I put it on the stove instead of its own slow cooker. @.@ Blush! Blush!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. uiks…aku pulak kena…aiya…i comment a bit of Cleff book only mah.

      As for are not suppose to wash it when it’s hot. Have to wait till it cool down then baru can wash.

      I think cannot put on direct heat also…must put steel gauze or something underneath…and slow heat…not full blast. Immediately, you hear CRACK!!! 😦

    2. Hahaha at least my claypot can tahan up to 3 month… den usually after 3 mths, all will kapoot… den hubby will say I’m a monster, cuz the thing never fail to pecah after awhile. 😦

      You ask him to buy one and use to cook lah! See can last one day or not. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Haha πŸ˜€ this is very good! This is very good. How come it sound rather funny? :p

    Dunno? Looks like you are easily amused. Hehehehehe!!!! But he’s been living in the States for years and years…and you can bet they do not have such nice stuff there – so satisfying for him to enjoy something like that here. My sis-in-law also like that… She’ll go, “Ho chiak! Ho chiak!!!” (About the only few Chinese words she knows! LOL!!!)

  6. Oh! What book is that, STP? U going to do a review on it? I am always very interested to buy books written by local authors when we go back Msia and Spore. I think I enjoy relating to the culture when reading them. Hope to hear some more abt the book esp by our very own Sibu ‘lang’ n where most likely can get it?

    They’re short anecdotes of experiences, things that happened in her life from pre-war to Jap Occupation time to more recent times. The older people like Auntie Lucy, Uncle Peter last time loved to read as they would recall all those familiar things from their time…and Melissa loves to read as she finds all the things people did, the traditions, practices and what not, very interesting…and at times, even amusing. They’re available at Rejang Bookstore in Sibu, dunno where else.

    1. I wanna read. Very intriguing. My grandfather have the talent for writing, but it’s too bad he wun write about the colonial times. It would have been an interesting read.

      For old people, it’s more a matter of keeping them mentally active. When I get tired of teaching, I may just do that as well. Don’t wanna turn senile too soon.

  7. You help to edit her book! Great job! And she wrote 8 books already! What did she usually write on?

    Just help a friend a bit, the least I can do. For the answer to your question, see my reply to Stella’s comment.

  8. It really was very good. Best noodles I’ve had in quite a while. A, thanks again for helping with the editing. I really need to go back to school and find myself a chikgu. But I still have a few days. Let’s continue our eating spree, any more suggestions?

    You should try Noodle House. A bit pricey but the sizzling beef kampua I had there was really good…or you can try the kampua special (Malay-cooked but nice!) at Sunny Cafe in Sg Antu – they open quite late though. Noodle House – 8.00 a.m. and Sunny, 8.30 at the earliest. I’ve posted on both these places…

  9. I’ve read a few of Angela’s book and find them rather interesting cos I can relate to it from stories told to us by our elders. The younger generation may find them totally unrelated to their lives. Sad to say I bought them a number of years back at the then ( close down after so many change of ownership) book shop at Swak plaza. I have not seen any on sale in any book shop now. Maybe Philip can tell us.

    Ya…Philip did say that the books were sold at Christopher’s shop until it closed down. Dunno where else. Melissa loves reading the books though as she gets to know of so many things about the old people and the old ways that are non-existent today. Somehow, she finds all that interesting.

  10. wa..the noodle that good ah…gravy also finished. hahahaha

    Yes, if alone, I would jilat kering…but with people around, must pretend sikit… Not so shockingly greedy! Hahahahahaha! πŸ˜€

    1. ish ish ish….

      cham liao…run out of idea what to cook for today meal. Yesterday spinach soup and steam chicken with dong guai, kei zhi, mushroom and DOM.

      the day before also vege soup and steamed egg.

      today….out of idea.

      Now, now…no excuses! Cook something… Don’t just find an excuse to go out some place and eat! Expensive…and not so healthy. Home cooking’s the best! LOL!!!

      1. wanna go out to eat also cannot la. Hubi is working at your side of the country. Nunukan.

        Mun Yee Mee is something like this but put dark sauce and a dash of cooking wine instead of white.

        Nunukan? Where? That’s in Sabah, I think. Manukan Island? Here, last time there was a small town called Nonok…but they have renamed it for obvious reasons! Hahahahaha!!!

      2. opposite of Indon

        Ya…Sabah lah! Not in Sarawak…I’m in Sibu, Sarawak. Caroline’s in Sabah. Wah! He goes so far to work… You should follow. Go to the islands there – Sipadan, most beautiful diving spot in the world!

      3. ye la…at least at your side of the sea lor…not in semenanjung…

        Nah…he is in the estate. Follow also no point. Become food to mosquitoes only

        Sure or not. Can leave you in hotel mah… Kadazan girls very beautiful, right or not…Caroline? Muahahahahaha!!!!

      4. cheh..if he wanna stray, he will stray even if i went and follow la. All these based on trust.

        Yes, trust is the word…

  11. The prawn noodles looks very worth it^^

    Actually RM8 is cheap. There’s one overrated very famous place for prawn noodles here in Sibu – RM20, that is if the price has not increased…again!

    1. It was absolutely worth it. 3 giant prawns in a delicious broth. Just heard about that place from another person today. Initials MK, right? RM20 a bowl? As my mother would say, chiak poh.

      Ya, that’s the one. I never go there. Will only go when having guests in town and they want to go there. Nice…but I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money just for that.

  12. wow d book look great! πŸ˜€ claypot beef noodles! nice nice!! so clean summore! o.0 sure yummy!

    Ya, come on over! I belanja you… KK got nice claypot noodles like these? I go over, you belanja me can? πŸ˜‰

  13. Seems that is nice book and you are helping to edit it. That is so nice. Looks like the food is tasty. I think we have that kind of food also but of different variation.

    I didn’t edit this one…but the next one that will be out next month. Ya…so many kinds of claypot noodles – up to you to create, I guess.

  14. 8th book dy? i’ve not seen any of those books here though. Maybe I’ve been engrossed with kids book 😦

    Not there. Focus on local market – as all about the things around here. I think people over at your side reading…would not be able to relate so well.

  15. wah…really to the last drop?? Good, no wastage… this morning I took a big bowl of seafood noodles.. so giant… I asked my friend to help me finish.. gosh, for RM6, it can be shared between me and her….
    So… u r doing editing for your friend.. so nice of you….

    “…what you do unto the least of your brothers, you do unto Me…” This was so much more, helping a friend and his mother. Still able, can help…must help lor. Next time, may need help…and there may be people willing to do the same. As they say, what goes around, come around. Seafood noodles RM6, so cheap… You lady, cannot eat so much perhaps… LOL!!!

  16. @Cikgu and Kat… yes, if wanna stray he will stray, and there’s not a single thing we can do to stop him. It is a good thing that Kat’s husband is the kind who wun fool around outside. Kadazan girls are beautiful, yes, and they are bewitchingly seductive too. Exotic, issit? Hmm…aiyaks… some ang moh will also find me exotic lerr… i bet I can make names in the Hollywood if I want to! LOL…

    Oh? Then he’s like me. I’m a goodie-goodie one, no hanky panky. Hehehehehe!!! You? In Hollywood? Dunno about that…but probably would make a good model. They always use those skinny ones with a clothes-hanger figure. Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  17. so next time if i write a book, you can help me to check it as well? hehe

    Oh…no problem at all. That way, I get to read for free. LOL!!!

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