Love song for Jeffrey…

Nope, sorry to disappoint you all but this is not going to be a romantic post. I love this song by Helen Reddy…and coincidentally, I had an ex-student from the centre by that same name coming home from Melbourne to Sibu on his winter break and we went out last Friday for tea at the Red Carrot. Well, Jeffrey, I got your name spelt correctly this time, eh? LOL!!!

I had this…

Cappuccino Iceberg

…which they call  their Cappuccino Iceberg (RM7.80) while Jeffrey had their teh tarek (RM2.80). Mine was all right…just that I do not normally drink coffee with milk or cream as it makes me kind of sleepy but Jeffery’s came in a cup and saucer. That was rather odd as I would expect teh tarek to be served in a glass and there seemed to be a sprinkling of chocolate on the froth at the top. That is certainly not what we would get from the roadside mamak stall. He did not comment on the drink proper, so I do not know whether it was any good.

Well, he had this pandan chicken (RM4.50)…

Pandan chicken

…which worked out to less than 80 sen each but they were small and he said it tasted like curry chicken. I bet they were not as nice as what I had at Ruby which were a whole lot bigger than these.

I wanted to order this…

Kompia with chicken curry

…but was informed that they had run out of kompia…so in the end, I had their kaya toast (RM2.50) instead…

Kaya toast

The bread looked different from what we can get at the local bakeries – two thick slices…but they were not well-toasted so they tasted like bread, not toast. I would prefer it to be warm and crusty and besides, I did not care a lot for the kaya (coconut egg custard jam)and margarine/butter that they used.

After my tuna and cheese toast that I had that morning, these definitely paled in comparison…

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22 thoughts on “Love song for Jeffrey…”

  1. ahhhh … the pandan chicken !! Looks gorgeous though !

    I can’t comment as I did not try – it was Friday, my no-meat day. Even whenI wanted to order the kompia, I told Jeffrey that he had to eat all the chicken and he said ok. They do have a lot of nice stuff at that place though…just that they’re more appropriate for brunch, or lunch and dinner – mostly quite heavy stuff. I love the grilled imported sardine, e.g. But I do think they should think about more choices for tea – a club sandwich perhaps…or puffs, pies and quiches.

  2. the kaya toasts look yummy, I know many m’sians love that

    Yes, and Singaporeans too…and they even have franchises selling that. I did not really like the ones here though…nothing like what we can get in a good ol’ coffee shop. Yet to try the toast at one place here where it’s charcoal toasted…

  3. Bet home cooked foods are always better,aren’t they. Hey I must say you are one fav and fab teacher , been reading your blog, I know

    No comment…but I sure am glad that some of them take the trouble to keep in touch. I’m truly touched…

  4. Yes, home cooked are always better.. but the 5 pieces of kompia with curry chicken sounds cheap…no wonder out of stock, right?

    Ya…I thought that was very cheap too…for a fancy cafe like that and the bowl of chicken curry looks quite substantial in the picture.

  5. Sighh… kompia… I wanna try that, but they dun sell in KL… and I hear from a distance that Cikgu is inviting me to Sibu! LOL!

    Gave up already lah! Keep asking and asking and asking…and nobody wanted to come. Sulk! Sulk! 😦

  6. 80cents per piece? that’s a steal la!! here it would be a few ringgit

    I thought it was kinda cheap too…even though they were quite small. Never asked how much those at Ruby were, just ate! 😉

  7. food is cheap over your place i comparison to KL. if i stay there sure will grow bigger in size…hahaha

    Ain’t it amazing that not everybody here is my same size and shape? Thank God for small mercies! LOL!!! 😀

    1. wish i can add on a bit more weight. Eat a lot also like that one. Maybe got cacing in my tummy 😦 Gotta go de-worm :p

      Wish I could be like you. Maybe should eat some worms. Hahahahaha!!!! If got worms, belly big and round lah! Rest of body skin and bone like those starving Africans.

      1. then eat more kacang la since Cleff’s mom said eating kacang will have worms kekekeke

        And I end up cicak kering like her. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

      2. good la…no need diet :p

        Humph! Some people have all the luck in the world. Like my daughter – eats a lot but still nice and slim. I just smell…already fat! 😦

  8. LOL! My DQ is still way better than ur cappuccino Iceberg bluek! XP And I love the bread!

    What’s DQ? The cappuccino was good…but with all the cream/milk, I felt very full after that. Had to force myself to eat dinner so I would not wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

  9. Yes, some pandan chicken, they use a lot curry, it taste like curry chicken instead of pandan chicken, that’s why now i hardly had pandan chicken, sometime we will do it at home, it taste nicer. 🙂

    Kompia with chicken curry? Oh, something interesting. This morning i had bagels (again), this time is with sesame, it do taste little bit like kompia! hahahha, but bigger version.

    The ones at Ruby – no curry taste. VERY nice… Gosh! That’s the 2nd time since my bagel post! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Hmm…the teh tarik u describe = chinese kopitiam teh C (comes with cup and saucer). I prefer mamak type with thick froth and come in a glass.

    Yalor…in a glass with a whole lot of froth on top. That is what we call teh tarek! 😦

  11. Coffee with milk/cream will make you sleepy? So you normally go for “kopi kosong” kah? 🙂

    Kopi-o-peng! With sugar, no milk. I think it’s psychological…as I always drink milk before going to sleep so when I drink anything with milk, I get sleepy….like how I used to feel sick when I was younger, everytime I ate porridge. LOL!!!

  12. At first glance, I thought eh, Love song for a boy (man)? Oh.. No!!:P

    The pandan chicken looks good.. at only 80 sen each, where else can you get at this price but why it tasted like curry chicken?

    LOL!!! I can imagine your jaw dropping! I dunno… Maybe they marinated it with a lot of curry powder? I did not get to eat it myself.

  13. Love cappo & the pandan chicken, kompia with curry chicken wowive! should be nice..btw Faisal is the new BI 2010..

    tQ for Voting BI

    Oh? Well, too bad you didn’t win but you certainly gave him a good fight. It was fun while it lasted… 😉

  14. Cappuccino Iceberg? I thought Carlsberg. :p

    War…I wanna eat the pandan chicken bro.

    Hahahahaha!!! You kaki botol? Wanna eat? Cannot…must eat cheap simple food now, save your money for your son’s future. LOL!!! 😀

  15. I miss that pandan chicken.. Normally I get it from Ruby Restaurant in sibu… lol..

    Yup! The Ruby ones are really nice. I’m sure you can get pandan chicken at all Thai restaurants. They also have that at Taman Selera Muhibbah here…but I did not think they were really great.

  16. heh. the teh tarik was ok, wasnt too impressed as they had chocolate powder sprinkled on the froth..

    And well done sir, for remembering and spelling my name correctly ! I hope you’re able to pronounce it right 😉 Jeff- free not -frayy!! 😉

    Hahahahaha!!! I think there Glen Frey (ex-Eagles) and his name is pronounced “fray”! LOL!!! Not to worry, I can spell it right from now on…and will pronounce it correctly too. 😉

  17. i like kaya with butter toast.. =)

    Not really a fan. I would prefer egg…or chicken…corned beef or even sardine or tuna.

  18. wow! you got his name right this time!! *claps claps* eeeee, ruby restaurant’s pandan chicken getting =( and =(( each time i try.

    Depends on luck, I guess. I did not think it was that great before. That’s why whenever I went on my own, I never ordered. But at my MIL’s birthday dinner, my SIL ordered…and when I eat, I thought they were really good that night. No quality control, I guess.

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