Never, never, never…

If you want good yew char koi, you must never, never, never buy from a Malay stall or shop. They just do not know how to do it right…

Yew char koi - Malay style

These are four for RM1.00 and the only saving grace is that they give you some kind of gravy to eat them with. I don’t know what gravy that was – not like curry nor satay peanut sauce…but it tasted all right, not great…just o.k.

The yew char koi is short, very short…and solid dough! If you watch some Chinese fella doing it, theirs, prior to frying, would be extremely short – to the most three inches…and they would use some kind of flat thing like a blade to press (not cut) a line right down the middle. Then, in the process of frying, the dough would swell and rise to the occasion and end up at least a foot long. The line would make it easy for you to tear the thing into two long strips and eat. Inside, you will find a whole lot of empty spaces but that’s the way yew char koi should be and eating that with susu cap gantung…oops, I mean susu cap junjung (c0ndensed milk) or kaya (coconut jam) would be simply heavenly!

These french toast with sardine and onion sandwiched in between were far from satisfactory as well…

French toast with sardine - Malay style

They’re 3 for RM1.00. In fact, if you want something similar that’s pretty nice with meat filling, you can get those from Big Thumb. I can’t remember how much they cost but the ones there are worlds better except that I do not think theirs are halal. Maybe I should drop by one of these days and buy some to post on them. I hear they have very nice egg tarts too nowadays.

Then, there are these that you can get for RM1.50 each…

Deep fried bread rolls

– sardine and onion rolled inside a piece Β of bread and wrapped on the outside with popiah (spring roll) skin and deep fried…

Sardine bread roll

…or you can have a choice of chicken sausage instead at the same price…

Chicken sausage bread roll

But I did not enjoy them, I’m afraid. Comparatively, the sausage one is a bit nicer…but on the whole, they were so oily that after a bite, I felt my head spinning like a record!!!

So, one thing’s for sure, these are the things that I would never, never, never…ever buy again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Never, never, never…”

  1. Wah… goreng goreng stuff. I like. But I prefer to goreng them myself… all burn into perfection. Mwhahahaha!

    ps: Have you ever tried eating popiah with apple fillings?Just like apple pie… lol… drop by in KL soon, Cikgu, and I’ll cook some for you. LOL…and if you’re fast enough, you might still be in time for the KL Festival. LOLOLOL!

    We have the Borneo Cultural Festival on right now. Missus went and bought ikan keli panggang, fish balls stuffed with minced meat, black vinegar too kha…etc etc etc… All nice. Did not take photos to post though….malas!

    1. Whaaaa…. Borneo Cultural Festival… sure interesting punya. I wanna go. But… pok kai. LOL.

      Very nice…but I can’t stand crowds, I can’t stand the heat, and parking is a pain…so I will just let my missus go and buy the things home to eat. I just enjoy… Hehehehe!!!

  2. wow where did you got the snacks from?

    From a Malay kuih-muih stall in the kampong here. They have a wide selection of stuff so you don’t have to eat the same things all the time…but these, I didn’t like. Ah well…as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    P.S. Your first time here? Welcome and do drop by often. Will add you in my blogroll.

  3. I see also “I never, never, never want to be with anyone but you” (sorry, that is a song…. ) i mean i never, never, never want to eat that ever ever…

    Hahahaha!!! This song isn’t really from our time – not that old. From the late 70s, I think! LOL!!!

  4. I notice all are fried in oil. Too much fat is bad, very very bad for you.

    Yup…will never buy them again. The thing about this stall is they take stuff from people and often there are new things for a change. But when customers tell them what’s not good, they will not sell those anymore… Haven’t seen those things since.

  5. I never never never will eat my yow char koi without kopi O kaw kaw, you know even this fried dough in Penang has evolved into a very long one already. they now are called super yow char koi, you come Penang i will show you

    Eyyyeeeeewwww!!! I don’t wanna see! I don’t wanna see! *covers eyes @@!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

    1. KL oso have those long ones. Come KL, come KL… Kl got more ppl sumbat u makan, Cikgu. LOL.

      Talk about sumbat, they have yew char koi sumbatted with minced meat and deep fried – very nice. Haven’t had that for a long time – some places nice, others not worth trying.

  6. U r rite, never never buy that yau char kuih from Malay store….really horror***

    I’m always right! Hehehehehe!!!! Just stick to their cucurs and what not…

  7. ahh! i know it! not nice at all if from malay stall one! :S

    Ya…they should just stick to the things they do best. No need to try and sell Chinese stuff. Their kampua also hopeless, except for one shop here…and the coffee! Blerk!!!

  8. And never buy ‘chee cheong fun’ from the malay stall. hehe…..

    I like to eat yau char kuey with kaya too! Yum yum……Fried bread sure very oily.

    Shouldn’t buy anything Chinese from Malay stalls. They’re no good at it. Now they’re even selling steamed paos…zhangs and all that, ok but not great.

  9. I can imagine the oiliness. Makes u sick after a few bites.

    Ya…the bread rolls!!! They should have left on kitchen towels for a while to let them soak out the oil. 😦

  10. Ha ha ha, susu cap junjung….Lisa de in style, ha ha ha!

    Chesh!!! You know the advertisement? Used to be very popular when I was younger:
    Cepatlah besar, anakku sayang,
    Cepatlah besar anakku sayang…
    Minumlah susu cap gantung
    …oops! I mean junjung!!! ROTFL!!!

  11. I never buy those kuih & fried snacks from Malay stalls ‘coz the taste is far different from what I like πŸ™‚

    I don’t usually buy…not even from Chinese stalls. New stuff at the stall, just wanted to try and review…and unfortunately, not nice. 😦

  12. LMAO! I am laffing like crazy here. Firstly, your description of that Yew Car Koi can easily be misinterpreted by yellow ppl like me! Secondly.. susu cap gantung???? lol…

    oh gosh.. sakit perut aku! πŸ˜›

    What? What? What is there to misinterpret? Hahahahaha!!! It’s all in your head! Gantung?…Oops! Blush! Blush! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. I try once, my colik bought, first time i see malay version yau char kwai, so small and quite tasteless. I like my yau char kwai to go with BKT or my coffee! Yummy!!

    Agree with you, the popiah don look good!

    All no good…and they all don’t look nice either. They’re not selling them anymore anyway… Not nice, so didn’t sell well, I guess.

  14. Heya!

    The last three pictures that you showed us looks like lumpia. Lumpia is anything that is wrapped in a wrapper then fried. My mom usually cook lumpiang toge (mungo beans that have roots already) and pork lumpia.

    That should be something like our popiah (spring rolls) – we do use taugeh among the many ingredients like what you can see in this post:
    …and we can choose to have it deep fried.

  15. LOL.. I never get those.. it’s too oily and unhealthy!!

    Ya…watching your figure eh? Young girls must be disciplined to stay slim and pretty? Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. my MIL love YCK. For me, so so only. I preferred Ham Chim Peah.

    Oh…ham chim beng. I do not eat those. My missus loves them. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Ham Chim Peah celup Kopi O very nice. I like the kosong type of Ham Chim Peah.

      Got kosong one? I thought they always have a swirl of five-spice powder? They’re fried…and I’m not so much into fried stuff.

  17. even though yau char koi is oily.. but i love it =D

    You do? Watch it…not too much or you’ll end up sui-tuapui like me! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. huh? you tiau with gravy? sounds like some roti canai with dhal. No thanks.

    It seems the Malay stalls serve it like that… Not bad, just that their yew tiau fails miserably! The texture is all wrong! 😦

  19. Your description on how a chinese man prepares his yew char koay ALMOST sounded obscene. hheehe

    Hahahahahaha!!! You are over-imaginative!!! πŸ™‚

  20. I think they used to have pretty decent yaw char kueys at the mee sapi shop just opposite wisma sanyan but the mee sapi premise was not there anymore few days ago when I was hunting for yaw char kueys after I was done jogging (the irony). I had to resort to the ones sold by the Malay vendors. They don’t even come close. =(

    Any idea where I can get the best ones in sibu now?

    Market Road…in the pasar malam area (at night). 2nd shop in the stretch of shops on the left immediately after that road that leads to the “new” Central Market. The shop sells the best “mangee” and the yew char koi is nice too – hot from the wok if you go in the early morning.

    Opposite Wisma Sanyan, if you further go up, you will see a Chinese stall (probably the only one in that area, just before Universal Office Supplies) selling all the fried stuff – the tee piang is my favourite in town and they also sell banana, sweet potato and buah sukun fritters… They probably sell yew char koi too.

    The mee sapi shop (Ah Ho or something) has moved to the left end of that block facing Wisma Sanyan (where Yong Hing Leong furniture used to be) but I’m not a fan…

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