I am able to converse or communicate in Mandarin fairly well but when it comes to reading, my ability is limited to only a few words like those on the mahjong tiles. LOL!!! So, the truth is I am not too sure whether this actually means “Ruby”…

Ruby Restaurant Sibu

Anyway, we were back at that restaurant again as my mother-in-law celebrated her 77th birthday on the 15th of July and since my brother-in-law and his family were back in town from Bintulu last Saturday, we had the dinner earlier.

My missus bought a birthday cake for the occasion…

MIL's 77th birthday cake

– my favourite, the Japanese baked cheesecake from WeCare Bakery.

Gosh! I wonder if the flames would be so big too when I celebrate my 60th in a couple of years time…

MIL's 77th birthday

Well, we had the birthday mee sua, fried and served with eggs…

Birthday mee sua

…and the pandan (screwpine leaf) chicken that night was really very nice…

Pandan chicken 1

The meat was very well-marinated, so fragrant…

Pandan chicken 2

…and absolutely delicious.

There was also the deep fried prawn balls…

Deep fried prawn balls

…which I thought was just so-so or perhaps, we were already so very full by the time it was served. We used to have that same dish with the prawns still in their shells and I thought that was comparatively much nicer.

The salad sotong (squid) was served earlier and it was not bad…

Salad sotong

…and so was the sweet and sour fish…

Sweet & sour fish fillet

…though I would prefer the ones at Y2K or Sweet Family.

We also had the sea cucumber soup, the mixed bean combo and the Β cangkok manis fried with egg. I did not take any photographs of those as I had featured them often enough in my previous posts.

The bill for the 8 dishes for 9 people came up to RM148.00. For one thing, the servings were huge and we could not finish some of the food. Perhaps they should consider reducing the portions and charge less so that there would not be so much wastage and at the same time, there would be more happier and satisfied customers who would only be too delighted to come back again…and again…and again.

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42 thoughts on “Ruby…”

  1. Looks like your mother in law have a very happy birthday celebration. She is looking very well indeed. :)! I think everywhere else in Msia, the price just can’t beat Sibu’s one when it comes to eating out, still such great value n getting quality food for it too.

    Ya, she’s ok, praise the Lord. Just had eye surgery around a month ago, so can’t do any cooking – that’s why no bak zhang this year when the festival came round. Indeed, I still find it cheaper here in Sibu…and we do have some great food choices here. Great place to be!

  2. awww… Happy Birthday to your mother in law ! The food looks lip-smacking good ! Sotong … prawns …. pandan chicken … lol! YUm yum

    Thanks. Ya…the food’s good eh…and divide that by 6, it’s only around 25 pound sterling. That’s absolutely killing to know, eh? Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Happy Birthday to your MIL… happiness and good health all along the way…
    cake looks fabulous and the price for the food was so so cheap… the fried eggs decorating the meesua is so unique!

    Oh? That’s very common here. Even in other restaurants, when they serve mee sua soup, they will put fried eggs in. I think it’s the golden colour that’s the attraction. Gold = good luck. The cake is my favourite – nicer than Secret Recipe’s tall cakes minus all that cream and very much cheaper too! Thanks for your greetings. πŸ™‚

  4. d cake looks so nice!! T.T omg pandan chicken?!! i want that!! so long dint eat that dy. 😦

    Told you to come over to Sibu. I can take you to eat all that. The pandan chicken that night was really well done – very flavourful. Normally, it would be nice…but that night, it was extra nice! Yum! πŸ˜€

  5. RM148 for that many dishes is cheap!
    there are still a few restaurants in kuchign that can offer that price but you certainly CANT get it here in penang! once we had a departmental lunch at a chinese restaurant for around 11 person and it went to around RM300!! and that was without any seafood! and my colleagues were all saying its so cheap! =_=

    Ya, reasonable as there were prawns…and such HUGE servings. If there had been whole fish, it would be a bit more expensive too but we had fish fillet. Penang – city mah! People there, all very rich one. Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Mmmm……..i wouldn’t mind some of that pandan chicken and fried sotong (minus mayonnaise please).

    Ya, I know. You’re not a fan of mayo. I’m not that crazy over it myself…unless I add other stuff, same thing I would do with salad cream.

  7. Salad sotong? why associate it with “salad” whenever they serve together with a mayo?

    fried squid dunk in a mayo…hmm. i think is better dunk with the thai chilies.

    btw, happy birthday to your MIL~

    Don’t ask me! That’s what they call it… Ya, I would think it will be nicer with Thai chilli sauce. Next time, I’ll ask them for that…or order fried squid in Thai sauce. Yum!!! Thanks for the birthday greeting! πŸ˜‰

  8. cannot finish..tapau home for supper lor :p . The food looks good. Surprised that your MIL like cheese cake. Many from her generation doesnt like me la kakaka..beh tahan

    It’s Japanese baked cheese cake…not the same as those ultra-rich ones (Secret Recipe ones) that you have to put in the fridge to set. Those – I take one bit, very nice – heavenly…I take another, I would feel like throwing up already. Simply too rich to eat a lot. This one is very light oven-baked cake, only a little bit sweet…and with a slightly savoury hint of cheese. Very nice, can eat a lot…and I wouldn’t feel like throwing up. You can get this type at Isetan supermarket – Uncle Miki Japanese baked cheese cake, it is called. First time had it, from their stall at the entrance of Cold Storage in Spore’s Centrepoint…and I’ve loved it since.

    1. hmmm….wont throw up punya ah…like that can consider trying la. kekeke…

      If I say nice, sure nice one… Take my word for it. So many people have…and they certainly do not regret it. πŸ˜‰

  9. Happy birthday to your mom in law. Haven’t tried fried misua but looks delicious!

    Thanks. It’s nice…something different for a change but personally, I prefer the traditional mee sua in Foochow red wine & ginger chicken soup. Yum! Yum! πŸ™‚

  10. You did not order the Ostrich meat?

    Nope. They have that there? Never tried… Not really into exotic meat but I had that before at Tanahmas – tasted like beef! πŸ˜‰

  11. Yes lo, that three chinese words means Ruby. πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday to your mother in law.

    Oh, new way to serve the mee sua and the eggs. I remember last time they cook in the soup. I like that.

    Very reasonable price for 8 dishes for 9 persons! The serving is huge? Maybe the tauke soh know you always “advertise” her restaurant in your blog, give you VIP treament, that’s why with extra big portion. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the birthday greeting. Ya, I prefer mee sua in chicken soup with ginger and lots of Foochow red wine too. No lah…my sis and bro-in-law did the reservation – I don’t think they knew we’re related till I arrived.

  12. I saw the signboard before in HK…but the one is HK in a brothel lol.
    Wonder wat those customers in HK will order when they come here lol~

    Oops! Wah…you are so familiar with brothels kah? Wink! Wink!!! Bet that first pic got you all excited. Hahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Yep, getting up there, but still crazy after all these years. It’s true about the younger generation losing touch. I’ve been a kompia connoisseur for a few years. The best kompia used to be on old Old Street, he went of of business. Then I found Seng Kee on Market Street, they sold out, now all we get are pale imitations of the real thing. I find it interesting that Sugar Bun is now trying to sell kompia, they must be falling on hard times. You won’t find KFC selling bagels.

      It’s actually the bakery, Applebee…and there are so many new ones coming up, and since they cannot compete with the rest, they have decided to branch out into something completely different and do away with the bakery. It’s not Sugar Bun per se, more a subsidiary. The kompia at Old Street was so nice and crunchy when hot but when it was cold, you could throw it against a concrete wall…and the wall would crack. LOL!!! I was NEVER into the rest of the kompias…not even the Tiong Hua Road one until this young guy at Rejang Park but now he’s employed by Applebee to do the thing for them. The people who have taken over in his old place – not as good and neither is Jason.

  13. Happy birthday to your MIL. Filial Piety is a good thing to have.
    Sorry couldn’t take you up on your facebook invite. I don’t do FB. But let me know when you’re free and we’ll have lunch. On me, of course.
    Got to try the Sing Long YTF today, also the sugarbun kompia and also got some sago cookies from Kpg Nangka (they were out of sudah masak keropok). I must say I was disappointed by the SB kompia. It didn’t come up to the old Seng Kee standard. Seng Kee of course has sold out and has traded in its old charcoal oven for an electric one and now its kompia tastes just like plain old bread.
    Now I have to try Ruby next. BTW, I seem to remember you back in the old days. Were you one of those super trendy groovy request fans?

    Gosh! You know that? Then you must be very old…like me! LOL!!! I did not buy the giant keropok…but I heard they’re not that great. Dunno Seng Kee… I guess when the young ones take over, the quality drops a little. Be glad that we still have kompia – the culture/tradition may die out eventually if the young ones are not keen on taking over. Btw, thanks for the birthday greeting.

  14. Wow..the cake is the one i m dying for..LOL! I like pandan chicken…the one i had here will go with white rice and with the malay mixed vege.

    Ya? Head on to Isetan…and ask for Uncle Miki. That one’s really good – authentic Japanese baked cheese cake. Ya, pandan chicken is pretty common…but some are small, others are dry or not tasty – these were really good that night.

  15. nice bday celebration…i love the chicken wrapped in pandan leaves…very hiong smell rite when u makan

    Ya, it was. It wasn’t just that… Whatever it was that they used to marinate the chicken – that was really nice. Just can’t put my finger on it – some kind of kunyit, lemon grass and all that kind of taste, but it certainly is so fragrant, real good!

  16. Ostrich meat looks like beef, taste like beef but do not have as much fat/cholesterol as beef.

    Ya…that’s what they say. Like rabbit meat, supposedly healthier.

  17. Happy belated B’day to your MIL.

    Oh…they served you fried hard boiled eggs ! Very special as usually, only can find in malay stall which they cooked with sambal. The fried prawns and squid……I will sapu them. Yummy……

    Hard boiled eggs and mee sua – that’s the Foochow custom for birthdays, anniversaries, new born…or any special occasion. In the past, for new born sons, they coloured the hard boiled eggs red and served or gave to people…. It’s the tradition. You people do not have that there? I guess not… Even your longevity noodles are different. And thanks for the birthday greeting!

  18. I thought rabbit meat is pretty nice until one day I saw a de-skinned and un-chopped rabbit meat with it’s 2 legs pressed together sitting in a big bowl. Looks like a baby and that put me off rabbit meat forever.

    Ya…I remember eating that when somebody treated me to dinner at the See Hua factory in Sg Antu – that time when there was a restaurant there. I could not get over the image of the cute, white and fluffy rabbit…and I did not enjoy eating it at all. That was the first and the last time, never mind what they say about it being healthy.

  19. You can converse in Mandarin? That’s good. I can’t. But i can read the words…but limited vocabs too… LOL…

    Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Here, so many people speak Mandarin and the dialects have died out (especially Hokkien which I’ve been speaking since small) among the younger generation…so after struggling with it, I find that I’m getting to be quite good at it now…

  20. Wow. It seems that you mother-in-law had a good time. Cheers for her. ^_^

    You also have mee sua there! Here in the Philippines we call that as misua and it is usually cooked for dinners.

    Thanks. Hey!!! Another thing that we have that’s the same. Gee! We’re really not that different after all…

  21. I’m coming back to Sibu next week…wanna go Ruby for lunch? πŸ™‚

    Will have to play it by ear. Shouldn’t be a problem – you still have my number?
    Will sms u…

  22. you mean the eggs is fried as well? why so many fried dishes one? very high in cholesterol oh!

    Ask my SIL/BIL, they ordered the dishes. Yup…the eggs are fried so that there will be a very thin gold-coloured coating on the outside. Chinese people like the gold colour mah! Even with mee sua in soup, they do the same – golden eggs! I don’t! For one thing, too lazy to go through all that trouble… Just serve in a bowl. Everyone can jolly well peel their own eggs as well! Hahahahaha!!!!

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