Almost the same…

My daughter loved the yong tau foo in Penang…

Penang yong tau foo
*recycled pic

…where you can choose whatever you want and they will cut them all up into bite-size pieces and serve them to you in a bowl of clear soup. I think they also do that in KL but at this particular place, you can have it sort of dry like this…

KL Ipoh Road yong tow foo
*recycled pic

I do not know how much this would cost but what we had in Penang was not really cheap – anytime more than RM10.00 a bowl.

In Sibu, they do it differently. What they have are sets with different combinations and you will choose which one you like. This one, the most expensive of the lot, costs RM8.50 a bowl…

Sibu yong tau foo

…at Sing Long Cafe, a coffee shop at the Fortune Commercial Centre (behind the Rejang Medical Centre).

There are other cheaper choices, of course, and the cheapest is this bowl of sui jiao (meat dumplings) soup…

Sibu meat dumpling soup

…which only costs RM4.00 a bowl. No doubt it is more expensive than the usual bowl of pain sip/kiaw/wantan soup which comes at only RM2.20 a bowl but these dumplings have a lot more meat inside – value for money, that’s for sure.

Well, like what I said in my reply to one of the comments in a post a few days ago, we may have the same things but they may be a bit different in their own ways. The most important thing is that they taste good and on that, I am sure, you will all agree.

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26 thoughts on “Almost the same…”

  1. yong tau fu in KL reminds me of a time that I paid RM10 for 5 pieces of precious metals …. from some famous Ampang stall … wasn’t all that fantastic at that so ..ouch ! But you’re right on the variety of ways different places prepare their food, and each has its own unique points. Yumz to diversity !

    Yes, and to each his own. Some may prefer it one way, others another way… As they say, variety is the spice of life. 😉

  2. I like the 2nd one, took that in KL last time, the Ampang Yong Tau Foo, I prefer it to be served with sauce that way, can be eaten with rice or noodles… in Ipoh, mostly soup style…

    Ah…we’re different then. I like it in clear soup. I like anything in clear soup. LOL!!! 😀

  3. That yong tau foo looks good. Planning to drop by Sing Long later today. Any recommendations for kampua mee and coffee? Choon Seng is my destination of choice for the latter but always open to new suggestions. Also the old alleyway tianmengu has really deteriorated in quality. The soup is little more than hot water flavoured with some ajinomoto. Any recommendations for an alternative? I had tianmengu in Kuching last weekend, somewhere near the Four Points Sheraton. It was fantastic.

    I’m not into dianpenngu…but kampua, my favourite in Sibu is Rasa Sayang…and also Soon Hock and the coffee’s good too at these places but the best coffee I have had is at Kopitiam Fantasy. You can use the search engine at the top left corner of the page to search for the posts on these places if you’re not sure where they are. Lot 10’s kampua is nice too. Choon Seng’s kampua is not that great and the coffee as well – they say they used to be a whole lot nicer when it was next to the Sg Merah market – been going downhill all the way.

    Btw, are you rubberseeds or somebody else with the same name?

  4. I love Yong Tau Fu as well!! =D bitter gourd oso not dat bitter in dat way! heeee!!!

    Ya, great! You can take me to the best youn tau foo place in KK should I happen to hop over… 😉

  5. i think the yong tau hu stalls in kuching are starting to sell it like that too where you can choose what you want to put inside..but its very easy to take too much…normally i will take this n that and in the end it all added up to around rm6-7 for a bowl of soup =_=

    That’s exactly the problem. You’ll want this and you’ll want that…and before you know it, you’ve take over RM10 of stuff… But nice though! We don’t have it like that here…so it is quite ok to indulge a bit sometimes. LOL!!! 😉

  6. Not my kind of food…. be it soupy or dry. heheh.

    Ya…you’re strictly a meat person, I know. Last time, you did not even wanna go for steamboat! 🙂

  7. We hardly go out for yong tau fu, normally we do yong tau fu at home and sometime our dinner menu at home can be yong tau fu also. 🙂

    There is one very nice yong tau fu at Puchong, quite far in, long time didn’t go there already, think of the bad traffic there, will make me think thrice. hahaha

    Dunno how to make fish balls… Homemade ones the best, of course…and that’s the atraction at this place – all own made, very nice. Puchong? Bad traffic? Eeee…I was thinking that if I go to KL again, I would want to stay in a hotel there. Looking at all the blogs…it seems that there are a whole lot of nice makan places there…

  8. Yong tau foo is only nice if they tofu is “yong-ed” – stewed/braised properly and they use decent quality fish/meat. The super white fish ball in first pic does not have actual fish meat, I can bet on it. 🙂

    That was in Penang. The stall is Sibu uses all own-made…and there’s a stall at the Civic Centre market that sells homemade fish balls – “bay kar” (mackerel/tenggiri) one. More expensive, of course…but real nice. But missus seldom buys – she doesn’t really care for fish balls, I guess…or has this thing against them as the one time she tried to make her own, it was like fish, full stop. Hahahahahaha! 😀

  9. i like to make my own YTF coz more fish in it. the only thing i hate is t fry those YTF. Kitchen all oily.

    I guess it is easier just to eat outside…unless you’re hosting a yong tau foo party! Hey! That’s an idea…when I get the chance to go over to KL? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    1. when you come to KL we’ll make a big party la…get that cleff do the coke chic, ling’s fried rice and everything kakaka

      Oooo…can’t wait to go over! But hey! I’ll be the rose among the thorns! Must ask Pete to join… Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  10. Love your second dish would wallop the taufu soft and tender first, then a slight taste of bitter in gourd, followed by the slim lady’s fingers with the last brinjal..hehehe yummy. Like wantan more than sui jiao partly due to the thin skin and prawns. tQ

    Ya…you can have your pick over your side. Here, we have to just choose the sets… Wantan’s good too…can have once in a while for a change.

  11. Visit second time here pay back time this is the interest owing please please please dont withdraw your vote from Blog Idol *sobs*…haha.

    Hahahahahaha!!! You’re in it for the win, eh? Ok…good luck! 😀

  12. Thanks for the recommendations. Went to Sing Long at 12.40 pm and the lady’s already packed up, ready to go home. Will have to try again tomorrow early. Also looked for that Melanau store on Kpg Nangka but no luck either. Is there an address you can point me to? I’ve seen Kopitiam Fantasy, will try that too and the kampua places. Been eating so much lately, I’m beginning to feel I need to call myself suituapui also or just tuapui. No I’m not rubber seeds. Thanks again for posting all these recommendations.

    This is Sibu. Most places close after lunch hour…and by almost one, almost all sold out. The Kpg Nangka stall also – you can go around 11.30. There are two stalls now (by the road opposite the primary school/in front of the back of all the shops) – look for the one with the fat man wearing a cowboy hat. (Ya, we fat people must support one another! LOL!!!) You can always bring me along and I can show you – lunch on you, of course. LOL!!! Oh? You’re not rubber seeds? Now, I wonder who you can be…

  13. Interesting to find the yong tau foo difference in taste and characteristics at different parts of the country.

    Ya, to each his own… Even char kway teow, there is a difference…and the noodles too.

  14. WOr…my fav yong tau foo. i really miss my mom homemade YTF ever since i have shifted out. Last time when i helped her out, i used to stuff a lot of meat filling making my YTF fat fat…LOL..Yummy!!

    Wow!!! Everyone so clever, can make their own. I can’t!!! Sobs!!! Would love to learn but it looks like hard work. Never mind, I’d just go without it… 😦

  15. Yong tau foo is one of my all time fav but I only love my mom’s homemade yong tau foo which I think is nothing to compare 🙂

    Nothing beats mum’s (or mum-in-law’s)…but when cannot make, what to do? Have to settle for anything that’s less than best! 😦

  16. I love yong tau foo. But I prefer the yong tau foo in Melaka and Puchong. Hv u tried them?

    Puchong again? Seems there’s a lot of good food there. Was telling somebody that when I go to KL next, I will stay there…but it seems terrible jam in the area? 😦

  17. da sui jiao, i remembered when i was dating william dat time, he brought me to eat those (first time for me) he said they are called sui jiao. I asked him what that means, he said, ‘swimming dog!’ why lah?

    Dunno… My Chinese is probably worse than yours/ I would think “sui” means water and “jiao” means finger…so water finger. Now you lagi confused! LOL!!! 😀

  18. Have you ever try Ampang’s one? You should bring your daughter there one day, it’s really nice!^-^

    Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend!

    No, in KL…used to have it at Jalan Alor…and that day, my friend took me to this Ipoh Road one, that’s all. Nobody bawa bah, how to go here and there? Wink! Wink!!! LOL!!! 😀

  19. looking at the photos…i started to lau nua liao…am in Penang now..but too bad no chance to eat it..

    p/s:Paiseh ya for not comment for awhile..but i always come and read ur blog….

    Glad you’re always around. In Penang? Ooooo….bet you have a whole lot of other nicer things to eat. Miss Red Garden – remember the place we went to? Some very nice food there!

  20. yong tau fu are very expensive nowadays. I still remember eating them at only RM0.50 per piece. Now, some are selling at RM0.80 / piece and some even sell at RM1/piece.

    Ya, perhaps even more. Just picking a few items, less than 10 and they charge more than RM10! Can just have that once in a while…

  21. actually they do serve the dry yong tau fu in KL as well

    Yes, that was in KL. Jalan Ipoh yong tau foo… 1st time I’ve seen, never saw that elsewhere.

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