Pretty boy…

This is Bernard…


…an ex-student of mine, though not really my student per se but he was in my public speaking and debating team for a few years before he moved to Kuching after Form 4. Right now, he’s in Canberra, Australia doing Law…and everytime he comes back to Sibu, he would want to meet up Β and we would go out some place for a bite.

This time around, we went to this new Taiwan Cafe…

Taiwan Cafe in Sibu

…located in the commercial area in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal, next to UOB and opposite Sweet Family Restaurant.

Bernard had this bowl of noodles…

Taiwan noodles 1

I do not know what it was called as everything was in Mandarin and at first sight, it did not look too appealing, I must say. But after mixing everything up, it certainly seemed better…

Taiwan noodles 2

It tasted all right – not bad and nothing to shout about either. You definitely would not catch me making a beeline back to the place to have some more of it.

I had the beef noodles, dry…

Taiwan beef noodles - dry

The beef was tender and nicely done but on the whole, I did not quite like it. I thought the sauce that they tossed the noodles in had a peculiar taste – something like black vinegar.

And I was pretty sure they had black vinegar in this siew mai/sio bee (meat dumpling)…

Taiwan sio bee 1

…though when it was served I thought it was soy sauce.

They had four in one serving of those, all freshly made on the spot and steamed, Β including one with a tiny shrimp on top…

Taiwan sio bee 2

…and another with a bit of shitake mushroom and the fourth one with nothing at all and sad to say, I did not think any of them was fantastic.

Bernard had their specialty – sui kuo char (fruit tea)…

Taiwan sui kuo char

…while I had my usual kopi-o-peng kau (strong iced black coffee). I don’t know about Bernard’s but my coffee had got to be the worst in town. It was so weak that it tasted almost like plain water.

The bill came up to RM19.70…which is definitely more than what you would need to pay for breakfast at a normal coffee shop but less than at one of those cafΓ©s. All things considered, I’m afraid I probably would not be dropping by the place ever again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Pretty boy…”

  1. It must feel pretty awesome watching your students grow up and take flight and then having them come back for meet ups and yummy food. πŸ™‚ That said, the noodles actually look pretty good ( or maybe that’s because I’ve gotten to the point where anything that’s long and stringy and NOT pasta gets me hyper… )

    Hahahaha!! I guess in your case, it’s like “beggars can’t be choosers”…so deprived over there. LOL!!! Ya, it sure is nice to be remembered…. Some of them do.

  2. Its actually quite hard to make a kopi kau to taste like plain water lol. Maybe to much ice? Wonder how their normal kopi o taste like…

    Pretty much the same, I guess. Wonder how much coffee they used…and how much water they added to dilute it…plus the ice some more. Hardly any coffee taste in the end…and not sweet either. There’s not so good coffee at some places…but this one has got to be the worst. 😦

  3. waahh.. when i opened your page just now, i was surprised to see a handsome smart looking face smiling from your blog for once.. LOL..
    about the food, it looks like a very small portion, surely not enough for guys.. i think my son will need double mee.. :p

    LOL!!! So shocked to see the change from the photo of a grumpy old man! Hahahahahaha! The portion was big enough…just that it wasn’t really nice. Not to my taste, at least…

  4. The portion of the bowl of noodles sure looks small! πŸ˜› How nice to be able to keep in touch with your ex-students..

    Not really small, big enough… Ya, some of them do take the trouble to keep in touch, stay connected. Really nice and sweet of them.

  5. woot! i saw leng zai here. mwahahaha! d noodle look yummy oso ah. πŸ™‚ huh? how come ur kopi is the worst in town??? weak taste of kopi ah??

    Very very weak…could hardly taste the coffee. Looked ok, tasted ok – just not really great, not keen on having it again. Ya…leng zai, ya? Bernard would be pleased to read this leng lui’s comment… πŸ˜€

  6. It is always nice catching up with your ex students huh! πŸ˜€

    Ya…one good thing about teaching bigger students. The young ones probably wouldn’t do that when they’ve grown bigger.

  7. Well i see, Macho man commenting on pretty boy, and bet Bernard is sure one pretty boy…………………………me jelos lol… know you so long never say me handsome one ,,, naik radang ……….zhee

    Did I ever say you’re handsome? Can’t remember now. Probably wasn’t sober then. Hahahahahaha!!! Only can remember saying your missus very sweet and pretty and you boys are such nice and adorable kids, not you. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  8. I went to that shop. Didn’t like it at all.

    Haiz!!! Now you’re telling me. You should have posted it on Facebook and then I would not bother going there at all!!! 😦

  9. O_O thats the first time i see a black siew mai

    My first time too…and not nice. Don’t mind black vinegar with sharks’ fins soup…or black vinegar pork leg but not like this. Didn’t like it.

  10. Wah…from head to tail all lousy ! Errmm…vinegar in suimai?? Yucks!

    You must be a very good teacher coz students came back to meet up with you.

    That is not for me to say. Self-praise is no praise…so you will have to ask my students. LOL!!! Ya…not nice, not going to go there again.

  11. overall, the presentation is nice. but is the taste is just so so. then i think it is not worth to paid RM20 for breakfast.

    Nope…we can have nicer things elsewhere for half the price. 😦

  12. *nodded nodded nodded* Agree, Bernard is a pretty & cute boy!! πŸ™‚ hahahah

    Hmmmm..from the “out-look” doesn’t look interesting. The portion look quite small lei. Usually if taiwan food i would just have their beef noodles soup.

    Ya, it’s soup usually but I wanted it dry and the lady said that they had that too. I wonder if the soup one is any better…but I’m not going back there to try. Would rather go elsewhere. Hah!!! A lady judge once commented that I always picked the best looking boys from my school to compete so as to sway the panel in their decision when awarding the marks. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Never liked Taiwanese shops. Food portions so small. Taste so bland and definitely not worth the price. I’d rather have kampua. Haha

    Yeah…if Rasa Sayang, two kampua and one piansip soup and two drinks – less than RM10 enough…and so very much nicer!!! Portions ok in this one – just not really that nice…

  14. Wow! It is good for you that you are still remembered by your students, or not really your student in this case. I suddenly recalled all my teachers since I started studying in kindergarten.

    Weee….there are siomai (siew mai) there. I like eating those. I usually buy siomai on siomai stands located inside some malls.

    Ya…it’s good to remember your teachers especially those who have influenced your life, and show your appreciation to them. They deserve it. Here, not all the what-we-call sio bee (or siew mai, as they are called at the im sum places) are nice. Some are actually not worth buying…but I had some good ones recently. The post on that will come out over the weekend, I think, Many things to post – all in the queue… Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. I like to have kon lou noodle and top up with minced pork. Since i always crave for this, i will cook at home most of the time. HAhhah..can add as much ingredients especially the minced meat as i want

    Ya…it certainly is something like kon lou noodles – not my favourite.

  16. the siew mai looks so special. black vinegar.

    Probably dim sum, Taiwan style. Not very nice… I think some of our local Foochow sio bee is much nicer…the nicer ones, that is!

  17. Kiahahaha…. the food looks nice but taste awful, how come?! ^-^ Have a nice day to you, sure pretty boy…. I mean your student!

    Not really awful, just not that nice…and definitely not nice enough to get me to go there again. The coffee was definitely awful though! Huh? What? Me not pretty kah…also tak kalah leh? ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. kiahahaha… sorry to tell, AGE has killed your ‘manly’ and handsome look(same to me lar… I’m now an aunty oledi)!:p

      Sobs! Sobs! BWAHUHUHUHUHUHU!!!! I think I go and kill myself now… 😦

  18. So expensive like that I go eat the sizzling beef kampua liao lor πŸ˜›

    Yalor! The sizzling beef kampua so nice…and place also nicer plus got aircon!

  19. haha nice title. You should say cute boy instead. hey arthur, since you have so many ex students, can introduce a boyfriend for me? *wink*

    The older ones are taken…the younger ones…. Ummmm, you want a toyboy kah? ROTFL!!!

  20. A little pricey…..but I don’t mind to have a good cup of kopi or……LOL!

    Pricey, no doubt… Humph!!! They could not even manage a really good cup of coffee!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  21. They are pretty good leh! How bad I am oso, I wont be able to make Kopi to taste like plain water! lol…

    Bernard seems like a very good boy. Every parent’s dream son πŸ™‚

    Ya…many of my boys, if not all of them, are really nice. That was what made teaching such a pleasure. You want to make coffee like that? Just use warm/lukewarm water (not boiling) with very little coffee powder (not Nescafe), you’ll get that for sure. 😦

  22. feeling hungry in the mid of night is not good.. =/
    oh well.. time to sleep!

    Gosh! If I’m hungry, I would not be able to go to sleep…. Would have to get up and eat something…and then I would be wide awake! 😦

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