Women can be very complicated…

My missus said the Sarawak laksa at Thomson Corner was nicer than the one at e-Cafe, especially after the quality started deteriorating…and yet, normally when we dropped by Thomson Corner, she would order the seafood kampua noodles. But the other day, when we went, she wanted the Sarawak laksa

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

…and when I asked her how it was, she said she preferred the one at e-Cafe! Sigh! Ah well…the laksa stall at e-Cafe has closed down, so there’s no question of ever going back there anymore.

Incidentally, I noticed that they had taken down the banner/poster promoting their Sarawak laksa special with three giant prawns at only RM7.00…so I reckoned they must have removed it from their menu already.

Well, I had the seafood kampua noodles…

Thomson Corner's seafood kampua

…which my missus would usually have on our previous visits and it was o.k. but I positively remember that the last time I had that, there were a few slices of meat in it. Not this time…but looking at it on the bright side, I guess this would be great for breakfast on my no-meat Fridays.

I don’t know how much each item costs…but the bill for the two with two glasses of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) came up to RM9.80. Not bad…still a single digit! LOL!!!

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31 thoughts on “Complicated…”

  1. Complicated kah? I think men when having their mid-life crisis lagi complicated and harder to deal with. up to par with women during their menopausal period.

    Who’s in his mid-life crisis? Your hubby? No leh…he’s still so young, like you! Hey! Are you talking about me? No…I’m not complicated – a simple man, very predictable – ask my daughter! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. My dad… sobs!

      Mid-life crisis? I’m a lot older…and I have not changed one bit! What mid-life crisis? Or is that what you call mid-life crisis? Am I supposed to be acting old and infirm by now…grumpy, depressed???

      1. Nah.. he din go depressed and whatnot, just became reckless… the other day just asked me, one day, he wanna do the bungee jump at KL tower when he came back. My reaction: SPEECHLESS!

        Gosh! THAT is mid-life crisis, true and true. Maybe there were many things he did not get to do when he was young(er) so now he wants to do it all?

  2. d seafood kampua noodle!! i want!! ytd mom brought me go eat foo chow mee, NICE!!!!

    Come! Come and plan a visit – one weekend will be good enough…and you can eat all the things you want. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Tell you a secret,,, i still miss your fatty noodle

    See! Men are so simple! They just stick to one thing – not fickle at all! Hehehehehe!!! 😉

    1. Noodle, I dowan… always had instant noodles… but if you come KL, gimme some black peppers. LOL… geez… I should go and live in Sarawak… could have save me a fortune on black peppers!

      They’re not cheap here either. I know one place selling top quality ones…and they’re kept under lock and key…together with the sharks’ fins and the abalone! LOL!!! 😀

  4. haha…women are not complicated. They are just extraordinary !

    The laksa looks so yummy !!!

    Ya…I was supposed to have that but my missus wanted it so I went for the seafood kampua instead. Didn’t want the same thing – this way, I can take two photos for one post. Sigh! How my life is affected by my blog! 😦

  5. I may agree with you geh, cos women can be a lil complicated to deal at times, but they can simply get satisfied if they get the treat…like kampua noodle…LOL!!

    Can kah…grumble and complain and criticise, no? Hahahahaha!!!! 😉

  6. hey, compared the two, i preferred your choice, the kampua noodles with seafood.. it looks good!

    That’s what my missus will always take when we drop by that place…but suddenly that day, she wanted the laksa…. LOL!!! 😀

  7. Both look good and yummy! I like both. I have not try that seafood kampua before, but it do look good to me. Now you make me want to eat Sarawak Laksa for lunch! 😦

    So where are you going to go for that? LOL!!! I only know where you can get something like kampua…

  8. Most probably your missus wanted to see whether or not there’s any improvement in the Sarawak Laksa@Thompso Corner 🙂 I had noodle too just now. Claypot Yee Mee noodle soup with meatballs, egg & prawns, I like it!

    Ya…I like claypot yee mee too. I think we do have a few places selling that here. Must go and try one of these days and see where I can get the best ones.

  9. Rm 9.80 is very cheap. It will cost SG9.00 here for the orders above…blood suckers…T T

    Don’t convert, just eat. Like when I went to Singapore…if I kept converting, I would have starved to death! Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. Food output depends on Chef mood on that day…LOL!

    At this place, they’re all employees…under strict orders from the fierce lady boss. I saw them weighing the noodles for each bowl – must be exactly the same – no more, no less. Never seen that elsewhere, elsewhere they just agak-agak one.

  11. ya! i like laksa sarawak! my favourite food!

    i miss it very much…. remind me to cook the expired remainder laksa package liao….. mmmm

    Eyew… Where are you now? Ukraine? Dubai? If you’re in KL or in any kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya, surely you can get somebody from home to send over to you… Or have they disowned you already or what? 😀

    1. lazy to cook kekekee…. now hiding one part in Selangor – replying your message lo hahahahhaa

      I see. So if I go KL, we can get to meet there? 😉 Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. Any existing good laksa in Sibu? Comparable to Kuching wan? Very hard to find lor. That’s why I never really had laksa back then. Sendiri masak then had laksa buffet at home – super special wan. 😛

    No more RM7.00 laksa special…no more e-cafe… Not really into Aloha or MAS Corner, though some people are faithfully clinging to those… So, the verdict: no more good laksa in Sibu! 😦

  13. The seafood kampua noodles sure looks good. We don’t have it here. Tapau some next time you come over to KK!

    Hey!!! Why don’t you come on over? Even a short trip will do. The Borneo Cultural Festival is coming up – that’s a good time to come! Can put up at my place, no problem at all – nothing fancy, but at least, you’ll have a comfy place to sleep.

    1. Ish ish ish… KL festival is going on in KL… come, come Kl, Cikgu! 😛

      What’s the attraction? Here…the main attraction for me would be the food stalls – selling food of all the Chinese dialects, the Sarawak ethnic groups…and often things that normally are not available, only during this festival.

  14. Arthur, I try not to visit your site too often only because it always makes my mouth water looking at all these delicious food. 🙂 Makes me home-sick too ! Yum, Sarawak Laksa is my favourite, the more prawns the better. I always have a few packs of gravy in the fridge so we can enjoy it for lunch from time to time but can’t compare with having it in a cafe in Sarawak…still, better than nothing. 🙂 Phil loves it too.

    Hi! Glad you drop by. Ya, many tell me the same thing – makes them homesick and drooling over the food. Can’t get very good laksa gravy these days…or here, at least…dunno in Kuching. Regards to Phil, and take care, you two!

    1. You can get the Laksa gravy (made in Kuching) at various supermarkets in Miri. I always get the one with the bird logo – it’s my favourite. Please say Hello to all the family. Hope your Mum & Dad are keeping well.

      They’re fine, thanks. The parrot and the eagle aren’t that great. There used to be the swallow, that was the best. But somehow, I noticed that everything tastes great in cold countries…not here. What I cooked in the UK that was really great…failed miserably when I did it back home. 😦

      1. Agree with you there, the Swallow brand was the best. These days, I only see the Eagle brand in the Miri supermarkets. Haven’t come across the parrot 🙂

        I think the eagle is more popular – found in most of the shops and supermarkets. The parrot not that common. They tell me that Lisa is good too but I have never tried. If I’m not mistaken, it’s made in Miri. Not just laksa, also curry, rendang, masak hitam. We used to use the masak hitam and it was nice…

  15. Of course we have to be complicated! To keep our man suspicious and intrigued at all times :p else there would be no surprises in a relationship, no? 🙂

    Ya? That’s the attraction, eh? Gets very boring if so very predictable, I guess. 😉

  16. Haha. The laksa story was cute actually !! Since I’m terribly fickle minded I’d probably be guilty of committing the same ‘crime’ :P:P The picture of the laksa looks good tooo.. yum yum

    Ah! A natural woman, eh? Hahahahaha!!! You’ve yet to eat that, I guess. Must hop over when you come home for the hols.

  17. High FIVE at the women can be so complicated part! They can teach you anything in school but you can never master a woman in your lifetime 😛

    Bout the food, pictures look good. Hope they tasted better 😀

    Hahahahahaha!!! That’s definitely a quotable quote! Women! LOL!!! 😀 Ya, they taste as good as they look…otherwise, you would not find me going back there ever again.

  18. LOL… RM9.80, considered suicide price in K.L(with drinks some more)!

    LOL!!! Cheap, living over here eh? And nothing much to spend on, nothing much to do…just save, save and save! Hahahahaha!!!!

  19. Girls are complicated? I agree with you there my friend.

    Oops! Duplicate comment. Dunno why the earlier one went to spam…but never mind! The more the merrier! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Ei…sorry for the duplicate comment. I thought that your blog did not accepted my first comment so I made another one. ^_^

      Oh…it’s ok. I think one went to spam, dunno why. Never mind! The more the better. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  20. ooh the seafood kampua noodles looked nice and the prawn is in its healthy colour! hahha

    Ya, at this particular place – both not bad. 🙂

  21. I’d say I can be meticulous with food but not really complicated =)

    btw thanks for the advice about using the flash in taking baby’s pics, i don’t really do much only a few times but since you told me so it’s good that I knew about it for baby’s sake.

    I didn’t know either. Used to take a lot of photos of my girl when she was a baby using flash…until the doctor told me not to as it may spoil the eyes.

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