Listen to your heart…

I just bought myself an i-phone. No, I did not buy myself one of those very expensive, sophisticated “toys”. Look, the word is hyphenated and the “p” is in small case. What I bought myself was…an identical phone…

STP's i-phone 1

My missus bought me the first one either as a birthday or Christmas present or both in December, 2006, if I remember correctly…and it cost around RM1K at the time. Frankly, I wouldn’t have gone out and bought myself one at that price. I was quite happy with my 3310 then – I could use it to throw at ferocious stray dogs on the road…and it would come in very handy everytime I went out to eat crabs. Unfortunately, I let my daughter take it with her to national service (It would be so very safe, you see! Nobody…and I mean, nobody would ever want to steal it!) and the very last day, when she was about to come home, it accidentally slipped out of her shirt pocket and fell into a fast-flowing drain. All attempts to retrieve it failed. So, bye-bye, 3310!

Well, the old one isn’t in very good shape anymore – with scratches, cracks and dents all over. Look! The MENU button has lost its silver coating…and the colours of the images on the screen don’t seem so nice anymore. Besides, there is some leakage in the LED display, so you can see those purple lines on the top right hand corner…

STP's i-phone 2

I noticed this brand new one a few months ago at the shop where I would usually go to reload my handphone…and it was selling for RM350.00 but recently, it went down to RM250.00. I waited a while longer and when it did not look like it was going to go any lower, I decided to buy it…but Β only after having managed to bargain the selling price down to RM230.00.

After all, what do I need a handphone for? To make calls and send messages and even mmses (photos), if I want to…as and when the need arises. I do not do that very often now after my daughter has left the country and gone over to New Zealand. We chat every day via Skype (including making video calls and getting to see one another…sometimes). I used to browse on the internet on the handphone and was charged a maximum of RM5.00 a day, roughly RM150.00 a month – mostly to read the comments on my post for the day…

STP's i-phone 3

…and check what was on Facebook…

STP's i-phone 4

…to see what was going on with who or where…and even post comments on somebody’s status. In the past, I also listened to the radio on the handphone whenever I was not at home or in the car but I do not indulge in that anymore since I am no longer active on the airwaves.

So, since it can fulfil my every need, I do not see why I need to splurge and spend my hard-earned money on something extravagant with a whole lot of applications that I will not be bothered to use or may not know how or simply do not have time to do so. Besides, only one mobile service provider has 3G Broadband here and somebody got one of those at a monthly subscription of RM188 for two years and for a flat payment of RM1,800 for the luxury.

Considering that these days, I get free access to Facebook from my provider and I try to refrain from dropping by my blog too often, I do not need to spend that RM5.00 a day any longer – not up to that amount, at least…as once in a while, I might just fall into temptation. Plus, I get 100 smses free, same provider, each time I go and top up. After all, for somebody so ancient…so extra-oversized…and a pauper like me, what is there to flaunt and flash? And me being not in the least technically-inclined, I can think of a lot of better things to do with my time than to fiddle around with those gadgets.

Come to think of it, I was quite happy way back then without a handphone. Being homely, I was always home (usually) and there would be no problem at all trying to get in touch with me. But look at me now! I just can’t seem to leave home without it…even though I hardly get any calls or smses…ever! Then I was pestered to get connected online…so people could get in touch, send me emails and what not – well, where is everybody now? All I ever get is…spam!!! And I did not want to ever have a blog either…but take a look at me now! I rest my case. LOL!!!

Say what you want! Call me what you want! Sticks and stones may break my bones…but words never will. After all, what’s good for you may not be good for me – in MY personal point of view, so do keep your opinions to yourself, thank you very much. I will simply turn a deaf ear and just listen to MY heart!!! THE END.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Listen to your heart…”

  1. I see someone got himself a new phone πŸ™‚ Morning!

    Morning, love! You want the old one, sayang? Hehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Interesting u bought exactly the same phone but I think the good thing is u know how to use it without having to read the manual again…..I m so upset I can’t use my phone lately,don’t know why can’t access to international roaming, have to check with my phone provider….

    Yes, reading the manual was a pain – font size…4, I think. So very small, could hardly read!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Don’t ask me why…I’m not technically inclined, remember? LOL!! πŸ˜€

  3. *pengsan* So bloody high tech punya this Cikgu. Ish…. so embarrassing. I’m young enough to be your daughter and yet, Facebook is Greek to me and just learned how to use MMS after I got to know Smallkucing. Kena laughed at, so no choice, had to learn how to use MMS. Fine, go ahead. Have a good laugh. LOLz. Not all techie things can be absorbed into my dense brain… haizz! Not good in using some application, I dunno why.

    Handphones to me… is just good for making phonecalls and sms, and yes, snapping pictures. Other than that… alien language to me! LOL. So if you’re to give me a 3310, I will survive very well with it. LOL… 3310 was my first phone too, but unfortunately, it was robbed when my hubby pinjam-ed it from me to use for a day. 😦 Damn stupid mat rempit…3310 oso he want! 😦

    Good grief! But you’re young…not an old foggy like me!!! Hahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€ But I had a colleague, at least 10 years younger, who could only receive calls. Even smses, she would have to go home and get her daughter to read for her… Duh!!!

    1. Young? LOL… some people thought that I was a 40yo, single, plump and grumpy lady before they got to know me. *snort* Very young indeed. LOL.

      I also had that same impression. Probably your blog name. You should have used the kind of names young girls use today – Pinky, Gigi…Gaga!!! LOL!!!

  4. Geee… i was SHOCKED when you said you bought an iphone ! But after reading the rest….zzzz… haha.. but i think most people nowadays can hardly survive without a hp, i know i won’t XD

    P.S. When i read the title listen to your heart, i was expecting another food post where you followed your heart and tried something nice.. haha

    Shocking eh? For someone MY age, you mean? Or somebody as miserly? Hahahahaha!!!! Well, this is just a commercial break. Normal programming will resume tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

    1. Means more food. I have been forewarned. LOL… come only when I’m full! LOL.

      Next post…and the next…and the next…and the next…. LOL!!!

  5. Nice, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone getting an identical phone…unless they lost it a few weeks after getting it. But if it suits your needs then why not eh? I still remember you taking photos with this phone for blogging. πŸ™‚

    Ya…and how I was bashed up left, right and centre for my tiny, blur photos… Tsk! Tsk! That’s very true…it is all that I need, so why bother changing to something else?

  6. YAY!!! DIGI!! same same! haha i seldom use the rm5 cz at home got wifi connection as well! heee..

    Ya…I go online on my PC when at home. But when I go out, I may use my hp to keep myself updated… πŸ˜‰

  7. my HP for calls and SMS only..n I dont even remember my own no…lol….friends of my age have that problem too…haha.

    Gosh!!! Going, going…and going to be gone! You’d better stay mentally active before you los eit all. Maybe you should start a blog – a food one…and post your recipes – how to make pao, make kampua noodles (raw) etc…

    1. 3C means Computer, Communication, Consumer-electronics = high tech products.

      I see. Nothing to do with the 5Cs that women these days go for… LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Me not into gadgets either.. but if u see my phone, u would think i m.. all i wanted is a wifi phone and my son recommended the 5800xpress something.. hahahaa… this is the most expensive phone i have so far.. see how crazy i m, just for the love of online wherever there is hotspot…
    like u, i still have my old phone, just in case.

    5800Xpress? Oooo….how much did you pay for it? I hear you can get it for some RM700 now. Hotspot? You still need broadband connection – how much do you pay every month to your mobile service provider for that?

  9. LOL! What a term to use for your identical phone! πŸ˜› Are you sure your daughter accidentally dropped the phone into the drain or was it on purpose? Haha after all, it IS an old phone.. I mean, antique phone πŸ˜›

    Nah!!! I was going to get it back from her and buy her a nice new one…but my daughter’s not like that. She’s not into all the latest models – as long as she can call and send smses, good enough for her. Never mind that it hasn’t anything else…

  10. Oh…its been so long when I last visited you here and then I just saw that you have a new cellphone. ^_^

    Haha…and you are also talking about the 3310. I remember my old phone too. They are so durable that it will last even if it fell on the floor for so many times. Phone nowadays are easily broken.

    Weel, It is nice that you have a new phone. Cheers!

    Yes, these days, they are very delicate – spoil easily. My 3310, once it slipped out of my hand as I was swinging it and it flew high up into the air and crashed onto the ground…all opened up, and yet, it was still ok. They do not make them like that anymore… 😦

    1. I agree. They are so sensitive. Despite all the technological add-ons, I wish that celphone manufacturers remember the importance of durability for their products.

      Unfortunately, these days, they do not want to make their things to last. They will make sure they are only good for a few years…so that you will be forced to get new ones. Otherwise, they will not have any business… 😦

  11. Oops! I thought I went to the wrong blog. How come no food? πŸ™‚ Me too, will never splurge on expensive electronic gadgets for the price can take a nosedive before you know it..:P

    Then we’re in the same boat. Will not waste money on such things. Don’t worry…more food coming up in the next post…and the next…and the next… LOL!!!

  12. that someone who pay RM188 and Rm1,800 for the phone is me izit? LOL! so have u copied all the contacts in your old phone to the new one? Cheers!

    Ya…new brooms sweep well – newly-acquainted to the internet, that is. Hahahahaha! Not yet….SIM card could not save all for transfer. Will work on it over the weekend.

  13. You’re the 1st one I knew that buys a phone that you already have! I only do that to shoes I like but never on phones. But you made your point and I agree with your points. Company gave me a budget of RM1K to get a phone and it’s difficult to buy a sophisticated one with that budget! hmmph

    You already have RM1K…so you can top up mah! So rich, no problem! LOL!!!

  14. i can say that handphone is getting cheaper and cheaper compare to 10 years ago.

    nowaday, i guess a kid only 5 years old… oledi have a nice handphone with him. when i have my first handphone…. it is a free phone after sign up a credit card.

    cannot deny handphone is cheap…. dont compare to iphone ….

    Me too!!! Free phone…latest model, stolen…and when I cancelled the line, I was automatically charged over RM2K!!!! Cilaka! May the hand of the one who stole my phone be eaten by maggots and rot and drop off!!!!

  15. I agreed that the old model is very ‘tough’ and can still be used even it drop down to the floor numerous time. haha…..tahan lasak.

    Yalor…like people also – old ones more tahan, young people these days like tofu! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜‰

  16. An identical phone? My, my, you must love the features. πŸ˜‰
    As long as it does what it is supposed to do, it’s fine right?
    The money is to be spent on digi, not on the phone right? LOL

    Love it? Of course! Cos it’s soooooo cheap! I’m a cheapskate! LOL!!! And it’s good enough for all my needs…so no point buying a more expensive one and worry that I would lose it or it would get stolen.

  17. COOL wat! My Samseng fon at the moment can only make and retrieve calls. Can’t sms and all. Rosak dy. I oso havent go get a new one. You’ve inspired me with your ‘i-phone’ that doubles as something we can throw to stray dogs~

    I want πŸ˜€ Can check FB lagi!

    LOL!!! So how much did you pay for your handphone that’s misbehaving? I seem to hear that a lot – people buying the more expensive handphones and they get all kinds of problems.

  18. Hey… it’s so sweet of you to put up your lovely missus’s portrait as desktop display!!! My husband will only put up his little kids’ photos or some abstracts…. thuh!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Where got? I’m exactly like your hubby! One has a photo of my daughter…and for the new one, I have a photo of my daughter and me. Hehehehehe!!!! Looks like we’re all the same… πŸ˜‰

  19. Time changes us, sir… just look at me too.. few years ago, I never thought of blogging and once I started, there is no turning back and my kids are amused by what I am doing now.. cos I am ahead of them when it comes to blogging.. they now seek my advice on blogging.. ahem.. hahaha…
    hey, today I cannot access to any of the blogs in blogger.. yours still ok.. i cannot even log in to smallkucing and the other blogs.. sigh..

    All’s ok over here… I did go to kucing’s and other blogspot blogs, no problem at all. I just commented in yours too… Ya, you’re the expert blogger now – and an expert at making money from blogging, eh? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  20. Last time, i also use that phone…

    I like! Unlimited memory…no need to buy memory card to put in. I still keep it alive – for all the reminders I have keyed in. My new one can take 25 only. 😦

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