Too good to be forgotten…

I guess I am, or at least, I hope I am…and also the other retired teachers who, like me, have devoted a great part of their lives to the vocation as well as the school.

Well, I can safely say that presently, we have not been forgotten yet as last Friday night, we were invited to our former school, Sacred Heart Secondary School’s Teacher Appreciation Dinner in conjunction with Teachers’ Day 2010. It was hosted by the Parent-Teacher Association at the ballroom in a leading hotel in town. I must say that it certainly is so very nice to have such parents who actually appreciate the efforts of the teachers in the  school to educate and groom their children and prepare them to go out into society in years to come – unlike in some schools, I hear, where they only interfere to meddle with the school’s affairs, complain about the teachers and blame almost anything to everything but never their own children.

There were some 20 tables that night…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 1

…and some very nice dishes. I only managed to snap a few – one of the first, the Four Seasons…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 2

…and this one of the roast chicken and black pepper lamb medley…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 3

There was a broccoli dish…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 4

…and also kiam-sor (salty-crispy) prawns…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 5

…as well as the soup that shall not be named and fish head curry.

Special recognition awards were presented to some of the teachers that night…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 6

Giving out the certificates in the photograph was the chairman of the school’s Board of Management, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Bishop Dominic Su.  On  his left was His Lordship, the auxiliary Bishop of Sibu, Msgr. Joseph Hii…and on his right was the young and dynamic and very much loved principal of the school, Mr. Vincent Liong.

There were lucky draws and karaoke presentations. Here, you can see one of the invited guests singing his signature tune, “Isabella”…

SHS Teachers' Day dinner 2010 7

Normally, every year for Teachers’ Day, there would not be a dinner like this. Instead, there would be a very grand banquet – an elaborate combined celebration for all the Catholic schools and kindergartens in Sibu. This had been going on for a good number of years, at least 18 – considering that it was already going on when I joined the school in 1992. spearheaded by the late YB Datuk Robert Lau…and with his untimely demise, it does not look like there will be one this year…or ever again.

In a way, it was good for me and the others…as they never invited retired members of the staff to those, only on that very year when one was due for retirement and he or she would be honoured at the function and given mementos – thank you very much, goodbye.

I guess there will be another similar dinner at the end of the year as is the customary practice of Sacred Heart School…and hopefully, when the time comes, they will not forget to remember  me! LOL!!!

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23 thoughts on “Too good to be forgotten…”

  1. Sigh.. sigh… poor me… No invitation for me….. Guess it will be so forever…. Hahahahaha…. Who is the culprit that had me moved from SHS? I know who….. and for sure, time heals but not forgotten…

    You were promoted bah!!! That time, I was so white eye (putih mata) seeing so many people promoted but not me. Sigh! Sobs! Sobs! Well, you’ve moved to greener pasture now…and closer to home. 😉

  2. Aw … sweet. And the food ! Did i read fish head curry ?? *droool*

    Yeah, there was…and very nice too but the photo did not look too good. Certainly did not help that some people seemed to be in such a hurry to eat. Had to just click anyhow and hope for the best! Grrrrrr…….. Should make them sit and eat with people with DSLRs – then they will know! Tsk! Tsk!

  3. so u’re from sacred heart skol 😀 boys skol.. nice for that night too!

    Yup…best school to be in – teaching or studying! Boys only except in the Form 6 classes.

  4. So nice to be invited each year for the dinner.. at least they still give appreciation and respect for the former teachers.. My school was Convent and year they hold high tea parties… So far I attended two times only, that’s it.. hahaha…. but great to meet up the former teachers who never know who i m … 🙂

    LOL!!! I always surprise my students as more often than not, I would remember their names… And this guy, an ex-student, working at the hotel where the dinner was held once told me he could remember all the teachers who taught him…but he could only remember my name. Hehehehehe!

    1. u mean he could not remember all his teachers name except for yours? that is an honour! lol…

      I guess it’s hard to forget someone so big and fat! LOL!!! 😀

  5. hehe! at here, dey always will invite retired teacher one! : D wei my brekkie only porridge leh today. n ur foods sooooo sedap sedap thr!!

    That’s good… Poor retired teachers, very depressing – like unwanted anymore, used and abused…so it means a lot to be remembered.

  6. wiow…what fun you guys had.

    Ya…at least that’s something old retirees like me can look forward to – once or twice a year. Not much excitement left in my life. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  7. My appreciation to you too as a teacher, you know sometimes i really feel teachers can really chart the life of a student even if he/she is not from a good good family background, a teacher can really motivate or demotivate the student with their words and effort……………

    My thanks once again to those teachers who are passionate bout their profession and about moulding a young man and woman.

    Ya, teachers are humans…and you get all kinds. There are non-existent ones – does not really matter whether they go to class and makes no difference whether they teach or not…and the students can barely remember being taught by them…and there are the horrible ones hurling insults left right and centre and scolding incessantly, yet not necessarily able to teach (well)…and thankfully, there are those who teach with a passion and a sincere desire to give only the best, those students will respect, appreciate and remember always. As they say, teaching is a work of heart! 😉

  8. ish ish. why my secondary school dint have this grand dinner?

    hmm…i think i like the most is ..roast chicken and black pepper lamb medley…

    My school often has such dinners for the students – prefects…monitors…librarians…all the clubs. But when I was in charge of the school magazine, the Editorial Board members always had the best dinners!!! Special dishes…much nicer than the roast chicken/black pepper lamb! I would always see to that… Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. I always respect teachers, having a good teachers is like having great parents! When i was schooling, I used to obey and listen to teacher over my parents:p; now it’s my daughter’s turn… she always in her ‘angel mode’ right infront of teachers while instantly switches into ‘devil’ mode once she got home! Kiahahaha!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Ya, some students are like that…and also between teachers. I had a good boy in my tuition class and I asked him to help me do something. I told his teacher in the school how good he was…and she had the shock of her life! She said he was one of the worst, if not the worst! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Kids need appreciation and attention, and you probably managed to provide both… while the lady teacher at his school… if she would be shocked rather than feel grateful when you complimented her student, ahem… frankly I don’t think she really appreciated the boy!

      Again, this incident proved that you are indeed a marvellous teacher! Proud of you!^-^

      Dunno. Some will say that students are intimidated by my size and presence, so they will always behave in front of me. I prefer to think of it as love and respect…

  10. teachers? there are good ones and bad ones. I prefer those with a sense of humor. wuahahaha. So they don’t think of me as a bad student. Just a mischievous one! 😉

    Anyways, those dishes look tastyyyyyyy. I ❤ broccoli!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you would love me a lot…but too bad you were never my student. 😉 The food was quite good that night… You like broccoli? Eyew…same as my daughter, loves it fried with beef!


      That’s what we usually order when we go to Ruby. When are you free? We can go there for lunch or dinner… Hehehehehe!!! Drop your contact number in my inbox on Facebook. 😉 LOL!!!

  11. There are both good and bad teacher. The good ones elevated you. The bad ones pulls you down.

    Like there are good and bad parents too… It’s only human. 😉

  12. i can still remember all my teachers even back there in elementary… their smile whenever we celebrate teacher’s day.

    That’s their happiest day…but not necessarily always – sometimes the ill-disciplined students may spoil the whole thing. I heard last year in one of the premier schools here – the students were so rowdy, the principal stopped the celebration and sent everybody home… Instances like this sure leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  13. wow…u r a teacher? i thought all this while u were some very high executive in a private company…kekeke….

    Good grief! Whatever gave you the idea? Most people would jump to the conclusion that I’m some prosperous businessman just because I am so fat…but unfortunately, no such luck! I’m just a simple man…a poor retiree! Sobs!!! 😦

  14. Such a nice school to remember the retired teachers! Yes, only teachers will know the feelings of teachers when many students are able to remember us. You are not unfortunate to be a teacher. I think in your heart the feeling of satisfaction is beyond anything…….

    Yes, I’m glad…no regrets whatsoever. All the years have been so very rewarding in no small measure. 🙂

  15. Life as a child we were ‘scared’ by parents about ‘mata’ police and in school usually at primary scared of teachers and when in secondary treat teachers like brothers and at college/uni treat them like pals and some even date the teacher or teacher date the student..haha

    Oh? Have you dated your teachers? Interesting… Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  16. did they ask you why are you so busy taking photos? or are they already your blog readers?!!

    Some know…others have children who take photos of food too. But they just could not wait to dive into the food…regardless! 😦

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