History (2)…

Nope, this isn’t going to be a tribute to the late MJ who passed away on the 25th of June a year ago. Gee! How time flies!

Actually, in this post, you will get to learn a bit about the history of kompia

History of kompia

…dating back to 1563 in the Fujian Province in China. Interesting, eh?

Well, you can get to see this in the former Applebee Bakery, now renamed the KomPia Tiam…

KomPia Tiam

I do not recall seeing all these the last two times I dropped by the place and on the earlier occasion, I even put up a post on it.

My! My! Don’t you think the logo looks familiar?

KomPia Tiam logo

Well, as they say, anything you can do, I can do better. LOL!!!

In case you still don’t know, this is a kompia


…a bagel-like unleavened bread baked while stuck to the sides of a charcoal oven. It tastes quite bland actually, a little salty and crusty on the top with its own special fragrance. I bought a bagful for my friends at a course once…and there was this lady from Miri who commented that she could not understand why it was so tasteless…but she could not stop eating and had one after another – in the end, she placed an order for RM10 worth of kompia to take back and share with her family and friends.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that the humble kompia had undergone some kind of upgrading and you can now buy them with all kinds of filling…

Kompia with filling

These are the lamb curry and beef masak hitam. I had the beef rendang and the chicken mayo the other time and I thought they were very good. The lamb curry was just so-so…and Clare did not like biting into the spices in the masak hitam. By the way, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets – 2 for RM2.00, 4 for RM3.00 and 6 for RM4.00.

We also tried the chu-nu-miang


…the sweeter version of the kompia – the cheese topping and the chicken floss. The girl at the counter told me previously that the chicken floss was their best seller…but I did not really like it…

Chu-nu-miang - chicken floss

Personally, I felt that the saltiness of the chicken floss did not blend in too well with the sweetness of the chu-nu-miang. The one with the cheese was very nice though…

Chu-nu-miang - cheese

…but I still think my favourite is the Nestum topping that I really liked when I tried it the last time.

There are a lot of other toppings to choose from, some of which are really bright and colourful and very attractive – like these, for instance…

Chu-nu-miang - assorted toppings

…but I do not think they would tickle my fancy – most possibly a bit too sweet for my liking.

Anyway, as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so you can just hop over there and try them yourself. A word of caution though – if you are eating them there, do take a table at the far end because when they start baking the kompia, it can get a little bit too hot for comfort!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “History (2)…”

  1. Learned that so the second time we went there, we sat far away. Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    Unless you want free sauna while you eat… LOL!!!

    1. OK, I’m gonna blog about this too, later. πŸ˜›

      Ya…and everybody can hop over to see your nicer DSLR photos!!! 😦 LOL!!!

  2. God IS merciful. I dun really fancy sweet stuff, so I’ll pass the sweet ones!

    So you can have the savoury ones… They’re cheaper! πŸ˜‰

  3. i’d stick to the old skool kompia. meat and lots of gravy. wohoo

    Old habits die hard? They do have that too…but I’m never really crazy over eating kompia all soggy from the gravy. Of course, theirs are chicken – halal mah! Maybe I should try that one of these days to see if they’re any good.

  4. I guess the new upgraded version of kompia will have good response esp from the younger generation πŸ™‚ It looks like those doughnuts in Big Apple/J.co!

    Ya…I guess they’re trying to work along those same lines. The fast food chain has been around for a long long time even before we had McD or KFC. In a way, it is good that they are venturing into other possibilities and opportunities instead of trying to compete with the giants…and we also benefit as now we have other alternatives to choose from.

  5. Never tasted kompia before… esp with all those different type of toppings!!! my gosh… i wonder how they taste.. anyone from ipoh going to sibu? want to tumpang beli… πŸ™‚

    When are you coming? I’m right here waiting for you…. LOL!!!

    P.S. But I’ve seen kompia from some town in Perak, can’t remember now…but they do not look exactly the same. It’s a Foochow delicacy…so try Sitiawan. LOL!!!πŸ˜‰

  6. i would want the last 3pictures!! yum yum yum!!!

    I see you have a sweet tooth…or you like colourful things? Pink? Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I still prefer the original ones.. πŸ˜€ now kompia is served like donuts.. lol..

    Well, the good news is they do sell the plain original ones – SAME PRICE as any shop outside or any stall at the market, and according to Clare, they’re bigger than the ones she bought at Rejang Park the previous weekend.

  8. Ahem… is this recycled post?! :p The kompia looks interesting, might be a bit too dry for me though… I’d probably prefer the one with spicy curry! Do you think they have chicken curry instead of beef or mutton?^-^

    Have a nice day!

    Nope, this is definitely not a recycled post!…In the previous post, I only posted on the stuff they sell – different fillings and toppings! I have a link to that post in this one…or you can go from here: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/same-old-brand-new-you-2/
    and see that they’re two different posts. I certainly did not post photos of the place and everything else.

    I know they have chicken mayo among a whole lot of others…dunno if they have chicken curry or not but I do know that they serve kompia with curry (chicken, I guess – beef and lamb so expensive here so not feasible to serve you a whole lot of it in a bowl) at a subsidiary of this Kompia Tiam and Sugar Bun – the Red Carrot. Maybe I’ll go and eat that one of these days and post on it. πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL… I was just kidding… I know it’s definitely 2 different posts! So no hard feeling ok?!;-)

      I’ll be looking forward for your other Kompia post!^-^

      That’s enough kompia for the time being…I think! LOL!!!

  9. From Sugarbun to Sugar Kompias? haha. At least they are innovative.

    And now they should open an outlet in Kuching …. it will be a good test for franchising options. Though i would think this will only sell in Sarawak and maybe Sabah…. err can try Pontianak too. hehe. Then when all these outlets are proven successful, they can go international and venture to Christchurch and Perth. hehe.

    They should. Wanna buy the franchise and invest? Bet you’ll be rich in no time at all… Anytime better than those donuts and Christchurch would be a good place to target – throw a stone there, you’ll hit a Sibu Foochow! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. omigod…i super duper like kompia…and i just knew that there are such kompia…looks like donuts!!! all those pixs of kompia look super delicious!!!!

    tell me, tell me, where can i get them??? sibu?

    Yes, Sibu – the one and only and nowhere else. You’re from Sibu? They taste great!!! I love them…and the best part is they’re not expensive like those branded donuts…and taste much nicer too! Btw, welcome…and do come by often. I’ve linked you in my blogroll… πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha..nope…im from S’kei. Oh my gosh..im so excited!!! Thanks a lot for sharing (If not, i dont even know kompia has actually “evolved” that much!!!). Do you mind telling me the exact address of the kompiatiam shop??? Cus I really wanna have a try of the kompias~ Somemore, you mentioned that they are not expensive. This is just sooooo great!!!

      Btw, thanks for linking me too! =D

      If you have GPS, it is here: 2.287311,111.830606 at the Sugar Bun, Sibu Gateway (Pintu Gerbang) branch with the EON Bank on the left. I see…no wonder I noticed that so many of your links are from Sarikei. Hope you can manage to find the place…

  11. Aii…now they also wana upgrade to become like Jco/Apple doughnut. Even the logo also almost similar. But i think it has loses the typical tradition of the kompia. Anyway, as time passes, they may want to change to suit back the modern lifestyle taste..is that so?

    Not really. The die-hards can have them in their original unadulterated state, plain – sold there at the same price as elsewhere…and I hear theirs are bigger even! From what I heard, this was actually started by some Malay, believe it or not – talk about 1Malaysia, who was selling kompia at one Ramadan stall with rendang filling…and it was such a hit that this fast food chain (Sarawak’s own) picked up on the idea and extended it even further.

  12. Definitely looked like Donuts after decoration! LOL! But I don’t really like those sweet and coloured toppings.. prefer the chicken floss or cheese!

    Forget the chicken floss, I don’t think it’s that nice – take my word for it. Better go for the cheese…or the Nestum! Love those!!!

  13. Haha, I never know the chicken floss got salt. And I love kompia without pork! XD The last picture reminds me of Apple Donut in Kuching tho

    Ya…at HALF the price!!!…Chicken floss no salt meh? Got msg some more! Otherwise, where got nice?

  14. mister, you just made my 2 weeks of counting down before going back that much harder =(

    Hurry! Hurry!…I’m waiting for you. Then we can go jalan2 cari makan…and I’ll have more to post in my blog! πŸ˜‰

  15. Kompia Tiam?? hahahahha, what a name.

    From first look at the picture i thought that is doughnuts!

    Hmmmmm….maybe i will give it a try on the beef rendang kompia, but i still love my original kompia or with minced meat inside. Yum!!!

    You’ll love it here, I tell you. I was never a fan of kompia…with or without meat! Now I can’t wait to go back there again…and business is so good. I saw many people buying – takeaway!

  16. like the designs on the donuts =)

    Taste good too, nicer than those expensive donuts…but personally, I prefer the more savoury kompia to the sweeter version.

  17. haha. the logo do look familiar~ the last picture is very innovative. to make it like dunking donuts style

    Ya, obviously that’s the whole idea… If they can do it, we can do it too! And looks like it’s doing pretty well…even though there’s no publicity, no advertisement. Support Malaysian! Support Sarawak! LOL!!!

  18. The pinky one the jam is too sour and the rest is too sweet.. Its more like a case of buy once…. i still prefer either the plain one or the butter top from Seng Kee. The square moon cake from there is nice too!

    That’s why I prefer the more savoury kompia to the chunumiang, but still nicer than those donuts – especially when considering the prices! LOL!!!…Where is Seng Kee? In Kuching? The square moon cake biscuits are out on sale already everywhere…but I don’t think I’ll buy. Price keeps increasing…RM4 something already, the last I saw…and it’s not that great. Better go and buy Mcvities Scottish shortbread – so much nicer!

  19. Eating ‘kompia’ the old way is the best for me! :)! square moon cake is nice lah!

    Hah!!! You deprived overseas folks, of course lah… I would rather go for Scottish shortbread or Danish butter cookies. Yum! But I’d rather have them…than anything Arnotts! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  20. seriously never heard of this kompia before until saw ur post….it looks like heong peng…but maybe diff texture and fillings used….but sure taste tasty….kompia can be found in KL?

    I don’t think it can be found in KL, not that I know off…and there’s a world of difference between kompia and heong peah… It’s a kind of bread.

  21. Ouuuu… So that’s what Kompia is… OK!

    Charcoal oven sounds great! I would love to try those rendang ones. The chicken floss ones also looks good. But the thing with chicken/beef floss on bread, they always disappoint me. It’s like coffee, they smell great but taste yucky at first.

    I thought chicken/pork floss tastes ok on bread? Hahahaha!!! I don’t find the taste yucky…but I’m not really a fan. Coffee yucky…nah!!! You dunno how to brew! Maybe your water is not hot enough and you use instant coffee – that would be yucky! Hahahahaha!!!! The brand of instant coffee also makes a difference – not all Nescafe, and not necessarily more expensive, taste good!

  22. LOL! I like the original!!

    Nah! Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! Then you stuff in ham and cheese and toast it in the oven…and say it tastes like bagel! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Original as in without all the donuts wanna be nonsense!!

      Oh? You mean the chu-nu-miang? So far I liked the Nestum and the cheese was ok, the rest – no, thank you. Still, it can’t beat the way I like it – slightly toasted and slit horizontally and eaten with a generous spread of peanut butter and butter in between. As for the kompia, what I had – all ok and so far, I liked the rendang best. Many other types of filling…but of course, none can beat ham (or bacon) and cheese. They wouldn’t be selling them at that price though…if they had that as the filling. The tiny little puff (1 – 1 1/2 cubic inch) I had from WeCare was RM1.70 each…

  23. ^_^ Your friend is commenting about the tastelessness of kompia but ate many of that. Well, I guess it had something interesting that’s why your friend kept on eating.

    It’s slightly salty, a bit crunchy at the top and that has its own special fragrance…a bit on the bland side on its own but it somehow grows on you.

  24. sob sob… love kompia with minced meat…kompia too hard to bite..lol…now I go for the other type

    Why? You have lost all your teeth? Using dentures? I’ve lost ALL my upper molars except ONE…but I can still manage. No problem, not with kompia – some other things, maybe! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  25. i mean the chu-nu-miang… goes well with fried minced meat coat with mayonaise,,n cucumber.

    Is that so? Sweet VS salty? I wouldn’t know that…never tried.

  26. =(((( why did you not invite meeeeeeeeeee!!! =((((((((((

    I don’t have your contact number. Come, you post in my inbox on Facebook… Then, I can invite you.

    P.S. Besides, you were busy eating your grandma’s zhangs!!! Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  27. How come the logo looks so similar huh. Kopi-cat ar? :p

    Anything they can do, we can do better mah! Mana mahu kalah! Like McCurry or Setapak Coffee over your side… LOL!!!

  28. i love kompia!! i remembered when i was in primary school, my father used to stop at yong peng (that time no high way yet lar..) and bought kompia, one for 20 cents.. it’s very very big one, double of the size of ur kompia.. and it’s freshly baked from the stove (not sure what they called that thing.. )

    now i went back to that shop, they no longer use the stove to bake, they used oven d.. not so nice d lar..

    Ya…over here too, many have switched to oven and it’s definitely not so nice anymore. Yong Peng? You’re from Johore? Lots of Foochows in Yong Peng? As far as I know, kompia is a Foochow delicacy…

  29. I prefer kompia stuffed with “lobak”- stewed pork. Haven’t tried any of those stuffings which are sooo attractive. Gonna try as being a Sibu “lang”.

    Yup! Do give them a try! They’re nice too… Btw, thanks for dropping by; do come again. πŸ˜‰

  30. ouch, my eyes!!! the brand and the logo, how unoriginal can they get? should have hired me. =\

    LOL!!! Sibu people, what do you expect? But hey, you’re in that same category too, aren’t you? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰

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