Have you seen it…

Well, I saw it on the shelves in one of the two mini-supermarkets near my house and I decided to buy a pack to try…

A1 bak kut teh noodles 1

I am sure most of us are familiar with the packaging. Those A1 pouches of mixed bak-kut-teh herbs seem to be very popular and I see them being sold at virtually every supermarket around. If I’m not mistaken, I think I have used them myself for my own home-cooked bak-kut-teh at one time or another.

I like this particularly…

A1 bak kut teh noodles 2

…as I seem to have develop an aversion to too much msg these days.

Anyway, I tried a packet…

A1 bak kut teh noodles 3

…and found that it was very nice even though I did not add any extra ingredient, just an egg. The taste was exactly like what we would get when we cook bak-kut-teh with those mixed herbs of the same brand.

However, it costs RM4.50 a pack and there are 4 packets only inside so that works out to about RM1.20 each. Comparatively, it is definitely more expensive than any other normal brand of instant noodles which would usually work out to 70-80 sen a packet.

There is also another variety – the Emperor herbs chicken spices noodles…

A1 Emperor herbs chicken spices noodles 1

…which is even more expensive, by 40 sen – RM4.90 for a pack of four. I’ve tried it but I did not think it was very nice. Then, I tried it again with a whole lot of ingredients added…

A1 Emperor herbs chicken spices noodles 2

…and still, I thought it wasn’t that great. The bak-kut-teh variety is definitely the better of the two, albeit being the Β cheaper.

Whatever it is, they’re cheaper than the Korean noodles but considering the higher prices, I probably would stick to the usual cheaper brands. After all, at the end of the day, they all serve the same purpose which is simply to appease any craving or hunger. Period.

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25 thoughts on “Have you seen it…”

  1. Sorry, vampire tarak makan these! LOL… I’d go for those Korean ones any day, though with kimchi added!

    Korean ones not really nicer, more expensive – RM2 a packet…and takes much longer to cook…and I don’t like kimchi. Yucks! 😦

  2. LOL, for me i always add egg and xiang cai only. True also, no matter how many ingredients u added, it’s all depend on the noodle and the season pack ei?

    Yalor…and so disappointed as it is more expensive – I thought would be nicer. Seemed bigger though – probably trying to imitate the Korean ones – more noodles in a pack.

  3. Must go look for it…… at least try something new. Rather sick of all the old ones!

    Get the bak kut teh one! I like it! Throw in a couple of pork ribs…I think even nicer! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. oh, i dont like the bak kut teh taste.. too herbal for me.. i still prefer the normal cintan mee, just with the original msg.. lol.. chicken or mushroom will be fine.. and of course with lots of added vegetables will be best!

    Oh? 1st time I’ve heard…somebody on the other side doesn’t like bak kut teh. There are a few stalls here, quite popular…but in no way as popular as kampua mee! You do not like herbal dishes? Nice…and good for health!!! And that reminds me – yet to cook my ginseng chicken and post! πŸ˜‰

  5. Eihh?? as simple as that??! means i also can do my own ah?? xD

    Instant noodles! Of course simple lah… What’s so difficult? Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. I seen all these before but never have the urge to buy…Normally will settle for typical instant noodle, Mamee or Cintan or Maggie. If imported brand is from Japan or Korea…Udon or Ramen

    I don’t mind the other local brands – some may taste nicer than others but not much difference really. I bought the Korean ones once and that was the first and the last time – not much nicer, definitely not worth 3 times the price of the local brands. If I want to spend RM2, I might as well go outside and eat kampua noodles – RM2.20 with meat and RM1.80 kosong/without meat. More value for money!

  7. My problem is errr… I seem to have no chance to try all these noodles, sort of meals are all planned… ha, ha! I bought a packet of maggie instant noodles, three months passed …. I still have three packets left …

    Eating is getting simplier – morning oats, lunch around the vicinity of working place or packed sandwich from home, dinner? I forgot about it after my gym and last room in the news room usually.

    Oop… such is life outside home, I guess.

    Ya…I guess you will avoid instant noodles like a plague – always into healthy eating. But looks like your meals are quite irregular! Bad! Bad! But at lease, it makes you look good – so slim…and look younger than your daughter now. ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. owh…yea, tasted it before. but then i think i still prefer the real bak kut teh. hahaa…this one tasted a bit like not so original to me. hehe…

    I thought it tasted exactly like home-cooked bak kut teh using that particular brand of mixed herbs. I think if I add some pork or pork ribs, a shitake…some wolfberries…it would taste really good. Already good enough as it is without all those! Dunno how if compared to the nice bak kut teh places outside – so far I’ve never eaten any that wowed me so much that I just cannot wait to go back and eat again.

  9. BKT instant noodles, i love it so much when it just out in the supermarket few years ago?? I bought so much and stock up at home, now so long i never had that already, maybe having too much till sick of it. πŸ™‚

    I have not try that Emperor herbs chicken spices noodles before, you should cook it with your own recipe..add in some herbs like how you do with you maggie chicken noodles. It will taste nicer maybe?

    But for over RM1.20 a packet? I can do the same with the cheaper brands – only around 60 to 70 sen a packet only. With the added ingredients, would also taste great. I dunno if this same brand had something different before – my missus said she tried before and did not like it – too much pepper…but when I tried, it was just nice…and no pepper taste at all.

  10. Yup. I think my mum bought both a long time ago and we preferred the bak kut teh one too πŸ˜€

    Ya, wise minds think alike…taste buds too! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Yes, I have seen it. But I haven’t tasted it yet. :p

    It’s nice…but more expensive than the usual brands, so up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

  12. This tastes sooo nice!! And like you, I hate the price! =( the noodles are sooo springy i could eat 2 packs right now!!! =(((((( OH YEA, MY GRANDMA JUST MADE 2ND BATCHES OF HER ZHANGS =P i’m gonna have that instead of this. WUAHAHAHA *EVIL LAUGH*

    Mean!!! So very mean!!! Knowing that I don’t have any to eat! Humph!!! Eat slowly…don’t choke on the pulut! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    1. lol alfie being mean as usual. *double like* =P

      Never mind! Let him eat all… They will only make him…FAT(ter)!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      P.S. I’ve posted my phone contact in your inbox on FB, so you can get in touch with me when you’re back here…and we can go and grab some mam-mamS!!! Fie won’t be joining us as he will be in Kuching by then! Eat your heart out, Fie! Sobs! Sobs! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. yes I have those before. Taste quite good and the portion is big for me. Would add some vege to it

    Ya…seems to be more substantial than the usual brands eh? Just like the Korean ones – a lot!

  14. I’ve always seen the BKT noodles being advertised and thought it’s just another marketing gimmick! Didn’t know it’s actually good… OK time to add another item to my shopping list! LOL!

    Advertised? Where? Never seen that here… The no msg added bit is an extra bonus in its favour! πŸ™‚

  15. Tried it few years back. The packets of seasonings actually made pretty good broth. Maybe it’s just me, I could be too accustomed to taking bak kut teh with rice instead. Maggi still rocks! =P

    The die-hard ain’t nuthin’ like the real thing chap, I see? With all the works – all the yeu tiaw/eyew char koay, I guess? My daughter prefers bak-kut-teh with noodles. As for me, it depends on the time of day – noodles for breakfast and rice for lunch or dinner. πŸ˜‰

  16. yes. i have see it. but never taste it before. this is getting more and more innovative. Bak ku teh is become instant food~

    Ya…seems they have instant everything now. Certainly makes life a lot easier…as long as they do not sacrifice the quality and taste…or at least, not that much!

  17. A1 BKT herbs are quite nice….sometimes I add tong kwai in it! LOL!

    Dong quai? Someone was telling me it’s for women. I googled and found out it’s good for menopausal ladies…and there’s even something about a link between dong quai and breast cancer. Eyew…!!!

  18. talk about BKT spice, i still prefer the one with fresh herbs from CKC, Penang. Havent tried out the noodle though. Must do one day as hubby and I are BIG FANS of BKT! talk about slimming somemore, sigh….

    CKC? Haven’t heard of that… Will look out for it, dunno if we have that here.

  19. It has been ages since I last cooked BKT at home. I saw this on the shelves of Tesco the other day. Must try this out one day.

    No problem over there – every street corner, very food court or coffee shop or hawker centre, you’ll find somebody selling bak kut teh. Here, I think one hand is enough to count how many stalls there are…though there are more nowadays, compared to before.

  20. The A1 brand is popular in SG too. But i never buy it before.

    I guess it’s available everywhere…even overseas at around the same price too…before conversion! πŸ˜‰

  21. I had this before, but I still prefer the authentic klang ba kut teh!

    I’ve heard so much about Klang bak kut teh…since the 80s, I think…so much so that when I finally get to try it, I’m sure I’m going to be very disappointed. So overrated…that I can’t help that as a result, my expectations would be so very high!

    1. You won’t be disappointed… the fragrant thick herbal soup with tenderly cooked pork trotters goes well with its fragrant buttered rice and crunchy fried dough stick, ( I like it with dark soy sauce though)’beh tahan’… I must pester my husband to bring me to Klang for a bah kut teh treat!! Drooling… liao!

      Buttered rice? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it. So far, no matter where I went for bak-kut-teh, it has always been plain white rice…

  22. actually it’s not easy to find BKT instant noodles. It’s not available at supermarkets

    Maybe over there, there are so many stalls and outlets, everybody would rather go and enjoy the real thing. No so marketable at your side.

  23. I’ve heard this bak kut teh instant noodle over the radio advertisement but never tried it before. Next time must try. I love bak kut teh soup. Ahh….why I’ve never thought of it all these while. Only know how to buy duck mee and curry mee. haha…..

    I’ve seen the duck mee in the shops but I’ve yet to buy that and try. My missus does not eat duck…so I guess if I buy that, she will not be touching it. I’ve seen beef too…but dunno nice or not. This bak-kut-teh one, I like…

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