Those days are gone…

…but the memories linger on.

The pupils of St. Rita along Bukit Assek Road here would fondly recall this man called Ah Hua who used to sell kompia across the road from their school.

Well, he is still around, looking exactly the way he did back then, and now runs a stall at the Sibu Central Market…

Sibu Ce</a>ntral Market - jungle produce section

…at the hawker centre on the first floor…

Kedai Bukit Assek AH HUA

Gundot went to eat at his stall when she was in town and posted some photographs on Facebook. Clare saw that and when she and Alvin came to town for the weekend, she simply had to make a beeline to that place for the kompia

Ah Hua's kompia 1Ah Hua's kompia 2
*Gundot’s photos on Facebook

Ah Hua's kompia

We walked around the whole place looking for the stall and was about to give up when I saw two of my ex-students, now in the university and back in town on holiday, eating there. I asked them where Ah Hua’s kompia stall was located and they said that was the one! Gee! The sign was so small that it would be quite difficult actually to notice it.

Personally though, I would very much prefer the kompia at the Sugar Bun, Gateway branch and I thought the ang tau peng (iced red beans)…

Ah Hua'a ang tau peng

…that I had wasn’t much to shout about either. In my opinion, the one I had at Rinta Cafe was a lot nicer or even the one at Thomson Corner.

Alvin had the ang tau cendol (red beans with the green jelly-like thing)…

Ah Hua's ang tao cendol

…and Clare had the ngor-bee therng (five flavoured soup), the five being red dates, barley, jelly, some kind of little white nuts plus sliced jelly candy which is a popular cooling dessert drink around here…

Ah Hua's ngor-bee therng

Well, it certainly was a walk down memory for Clare that day…and it looks like we will have to go back there again sometime…for the Ah Kia Teochew Noodles – something that we had and loved during our younger days along the lane behind the Chartered Bank, as it was called then, along Cross Road. The stall was not open that day…so I’m afraid that will have to wait till the next time we get to drop by the place again.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Those days are gone…”

  1. hm .. I’ve never tried kompia .. might just take a trip to Sibu just to try all these delicious food. The desserts looked good !

    Ya…you must hop over when you come back on your long summer vacations. They do have kompia in Perak – the Foochow areas but they’re not exactly the same. The desserts were ok…but I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere. More sentimental value than anything else, I would say…

  2. Have to come another day to try your Teochew noodle. :p It is always good to to dine at a place that has a strong bond with you huh!

    This one was so very nice – loved it so much…but dunno now! Time moves on, things change… Will have to wait and see when I get to drop by again.

  3. ‘A Must Have’ for all those St. Rita’s kids from the older generation. May not be the best but it still have ‘that nostalgic taste’.

    Ya…sentimental value, more than anything else.

  4. So, Clare is in Sibu and you are all having such good times. sobs…

    BTW, I have been to the kompia shop at sugar bun! My hubby was deeply impressed! It’s like the kompia turning from ugly duckling to swan. Or probably the boy behind the kompia.

    LOL!!! Watch out for another post on the Sugar Bun kompia…coming up on Wednesday, I think. Ya…it has certainly elevated the humble kompia to a brand new status…and the best part is the price is the same as anywhere else outside…and according to Clare, they’re bigger than the ones she bought at Rejang Park. She was here the previous weekend for a friend’s wedding (dunno when hers will be) and again last weekend for her brother’s convocation. πŸ˜‰

  5. i like to try the ang tau peng and the cendol type, they look creamy and nice. but not the greenish one though…
    seems like you were having a nice time catching up with your friends..

    Ya…another post on catching with friends coming up…maybe Friday. LOL!! So many things happening, so much to post…so all in the queue right now. The greenish one is a traditional cooling drink – it’s quite nice…though not my favourite.

  6. aiya.. iced red beans!!! craving for it early morning cz of u!!! tsk tsk!

    Early morning? I would usually have that one hot afternoons. So refreshing! LOL!!!

  7. My ngor-bee terng got another thing you forgot to mention – the dried kundur. I don’t think got the white nuts, only barley. Hmm…I wonder where did that particular corner stall (next to the stall selling spices that you mentioned) selling ngor-bee terng go, before they demolished the place. I missed that one. My grandparents always brought me there when I was very small, before kindergarten!

    No small white nut-kind of thing? Used to have at that old place – the first stall from the bridge (which is no longer there) and on the other side of the stream was a big piece of land often used for fun fairs and circuses…SHS Brother’s House and boarding house was across the road, also on the other side of the bridge. I wonder if they are still running the business, does anybody know?

  8. When I gave friends direction as to which stall at Central Market, I always try to give them the stall number. So much easier for everybody.

    For example. The Kampua at Stall 112 was originally from the King Hua Theater. Used to be excellent but the last time I went there, standard had change. May be it has once again change for the better?

    Then the ‘cuttle fish and vegi’ next stall to 112 is not too bad either.

    And the stall right next to the ‘cuttle fish’ sells sweet dumpling with peanut paste in pandan flavored soup is good as well.

    Stall 49 with the TeoChew porridge is also worth a try.

    Yes, I saw the Teochew porridge stall too but it was closed – Satuday afternoon, so I had to KIV it for some other day as well. There were numbers but I thought they were quite confusing – some have J plus a number, others do not. Anyway, it isn’t a big place – just walk around and you can find what you’re looking for. We could not find Ah Hua as the sign was so small…and I did not know then what he looked like.

  9. I love Ang Tau Peng but the one shown in your picture looks terrible. So pale looking with hardly any condensed milk.

    The one at United Chinese Association up at Salim (2.272417, 111.850772) wasn’t too bad.

    I wouldn’t want to go so far just for that…and they only open at night PLUS people tell me the food isn’t that great! I’d stick to Rinta Cafe – you must go and try, can request for only EVAPORATED milk, if you want. It’s in the block opposite EPF office…or one of those blocks in the area. Do not go to the branch at Sg Antu – not as nice. Was quite a disappointment.

  10. Oh….the last time I was in Penang in May, this stall at some side street (Lebauh Keng) has excellent Teochew Chendul. GPS 5.41715, 100.33071

    There are 2 stall opposite each other on this narrow side street, coming in from the main street, the one on your right hand side. If you give me your email, I can send you geo-tagged photos.

    No, thanks… I would not be going to Penang anytime soon, probably not till 2012 when my daughter will go back to Sg Petani to finish her degree and do her practicum. I went to try the over-rated Phua Chu Kang one from a stall in a lane along Penang Road but I thought it was not really that great. Best is still what I had in Malacca – Mako Restaurant…and even the one at Rinta Cafe here is much nicer.

    1. I think I’ve tried that before in Penang. The one on the right hand side coming from the main road is always full and the stall on the left is empty and they are only opposite each other. Hahahha!!!

      Ya…but I thought it was just ok. A lot of ice…and towards the end, it was like eating ice with milk/santan…heavily sweetened with gula melaka. I did not like that.

  11. first time i see such a nice and clean market … hehehe.

    Ya…the late YB did a great job in transforming the town from the dirtiest in the state or even the country to one of the nicest, a lot nicer than many other towns in the country. He was very concerned about cleanliness…especially that of the public toilets and the toilets in public places like coffee shops and restaurants. People called him Mr. Toilet! But he had made Sibu what it had become today and hopefully, the people concerned will carry on his legacy and keep up the impressive image of thls little town.

  12. looks like next time when i am home, i must go and look see look see at the first floor food court, a lot “hidden treasure” here.

    A lot of things but so far I have not come across anything that I would really want to go back for. They say the char-chu food is really very cheap…but dunno whether nice of not. This was the 2nd time I’ve been there. Will probably go back for the Teochew noodles…and the Teochew porridge.

  13. I am now soooooo tempted to go get “ang tau cendol”!!!! This was a mistake! kakaka

    LOL!!! Don’t blame me. I thought these do not look so alluring… Better ones elsewhere.

  14. We always known it as ngor-bee-therng ,always very refreshing on hot days so when i found out it is also known as bubur buang panas, i thot it is quite amusing! N the ‘lektausuan’ in the alleyway near chartered bank,’indescribable’!

    Ya…bubur buang panas! That’s the name in Malay. I can vaguely recall the lek-tau suan… Don’t know of any place selling that here but I would go for that when I spot it anywhere in Kuching.

  15. Yes, I concur. The late YB did a good job but when he was around, many people do not appreciate him. For example, when he insisted all dogs must have dog tag, many people named their dog after him. That was mean.

    I reckon it would be appropriate to name the Sibu Central Market after him.

    I would think that’s a brilliant idea. After all, it was his baby – the biggest in the country…

  16. Hahaha! Dogs named after the late YB. Sibu ppl sure have a sense of humour.

    And I have to say that after the Sibu Central Market was revamped, it is the cleanest and biggest market I’ve ever seen, and one which I actually don’t mind going to! No yucky wet floors and stinky fishy smells.

    By the way, what is sweat dumpling??

    That must be a typing error – I saw it when I was browsing on my hp but forgot to edit it when I came online. Not the condensed milk though, I’m pretty sure.

    Ya…the market certainly was an improvement from the old one…but I would not regard that dog-naming bit as a sense of humour. People can be really vicious.

    Like when I was teaching, some colleagues were backbiting me saying things like, “He goes around doing all those stupid jobs that nobody wants to do and he thinks he is so clever,” and I thought we were “friends” – we were not in any way “enemies”. And one was promoted to be an officer in the department and she told another colleague that when she got up there, she would make sure that I would not be sent on any courses or given any opportunities of any kind – and I thought we had quite a cordial professional relationship all the while. Well, last I heard, she is now in cold storage – not given anything, not asked to do anything – just sit there till she retires…because she is really quite useless. As they say, “What goes around comes around!”

  17. Thank God I just had cendol the other day, otherwise I’d be in big trouble.

    LOL!!! Can easily go and have some mah! All over the place, can get cendol any time of day! πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah, can easily had some… it’s all over the place, but it’s hard to get authentic ones with heavy syrups and creamy coconut milk and all. 😦 Most… are not sweet. i dunno why! *BAWL*

      Not sweet? Why? No sugar? Increase in the price? Over here…ok! No problem at all! Hehehehehe!!!

  18. Regarding the dogs issue. Well, the rumour around town was, the male dog was named after him whereas the female dog after his wife. Terrible people because I fully support the notion all dogs must be tagged. By tagging, we can trace the owner of the dog that has bitten people or is just being a plain nuisance.

    Then there is his idea of residential house not being allowed to be turned into farm by keeping a large number of chicken. Again a lot of people complained but I too supported his idea. Just imagine the amount of flies coming through your window every time you sat down for dinner 😦

    It was not a rumour – they even reported that in the papers. Ya…my area pretty good, nobody rearing anything…so we hardly have any flies but at my parents’ house – I think they do get some and I’ve noticed one house keeping chickens in a coop at the back. I guess once the older generation has passed on, people would not rear chickens anymore – they do not know how to slaughter them. I don’t! LOL!!!

    People tend to be very negatively-inclined. Whatever you do, they do not appreciate…and will criticise left, right and centre – not that they can do any better, usually the opposite!

  19. seriously i never heard of kompia. next time bring some when u’re in KL can?!!

    No problem at all. Will bring you some when I get the chance to hop over – the sweet version too. Will have another post on kompia Wednesday, I think…

  20. Wah lah, all the nice a cool dessert…..very colourful lorr!

    Not as colourful as the ABC over at your side…or some other places here! πŸ˜‰

  21. lol.. just posted the Kuching version of ice kacang.. πŸ˜› I still miss sibu Kompia!! 😦

    Hehehehe!!! They have in Kuching what. Don’t ask me where though, I dunno! I’ll hop over to ur blog and see…

  22. I WANT THE ANGTAU PENG! missed it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much T^T

    You should be back in Sibu in a week’s time…so you can have all that you want. Come, let’s go to Rinta Cafe – the ang tau peng there is much nicer! πŸ˜‰

  23. the teochew noodles only open at night from 8pm onwards…..always crowded. better go early so that you get a seat and be served fast….cheers

    8 p.m.? Gee! Almost my bedtime liao! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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