Big ship…

I used to love coming to this place – The Ark, located at the Rejang Esplanade along Jalan Maju here. I loved the lamb curry and the sambal ladies’ fingers in particular and there were other nice dishes as well…and I loved the unique architectural design, the whole setting plus the pleasant ambience at the place as a whole.

But the last time I went, the food was really very bad, to say the least…and I found out that the chef had left. So I stopped going to the place ever since then. However, I heard from some people that it was quite nice now…and the other day, I decided to give it another try.

I dropped by with an old friend for lunch and it appeared to me that they had changed the menu completely, now specialising exclusively in Thai cuisine. We had the mango sticky rice…

The Ark's mango sticky rice

…which was very nice but…..psssst…chef, usually people have the rich and yummy coconut cream to pour over the thing, so how come yours doesn’t have?

We narrowed down our choices to two – the Thai kway teow and the Thai hor fun and eventually ordered the latter…

The Ark's Thai hor fun 1

I thought they usually call this pad thai or something like that but never mind! It tasted all right but I think we were already a bit full from the sticky rice, so it was quite a struggle trying to finish the whole lot…

The Ark's Thai hor fun 2

…and towards the end, I really was not enjoying it anymore.

I’m curious though as to where they get the hor fun from as I have not seen it sold anywhere in town. We can only get our local kway teow at most places and it is not as nice. Maybe they made their own for their own use.

It wasn’t cheap though – I think the bill came up to over RM35.00 inclusive of drinks. We could go to the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation and have this plate of delicious sambal char kway teow

SKF's sambal char kway teow

…and this sambal mihun

SKF's sambal mihun

…and still get change for RM10.00, inclusive of drinks.

So where do you think you would rather go?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Big ship…”

  1. Wow, u can actually eat the whole egg in the char kway teow! Dunno whether can order like tat in SG or not.

    That’s the unique style of some guy named Ah Tor here…but lately, there are others who can fry kway teow in this same way. Very nice! πŸ™‚

  2. I know you by name and in person but still I address you here as stp. I have been following and enjoying your blog for some time. Your blog is addictive especially with all the yummy yummy food described………. Should get the food outlets in Sibu to pay you for advertising and promoting their food.

    You do? Must be a teacher then – we’d probably met before at some course that I used to conduct? Ya…I see your blog url in my blog stats page for a while now. Addictive, you say? Wait till you start to commenting in my blog in your dreams while sleeping at night! Hahahahaha!!! Somebody once told me she had decided to stop reading my blog as she was starting to have such dreams… ROTFL!!! Anyway, welcome…and do drop by often. I’ve added your link in my blogroll. πŸ™‚

  3. Where’s the sambal? Tak nampak pun? :p

    Ya…it doesn’t show in the photos but the taste of the pudding is in the eating. All inside, mixed and very strong sambal taste, very nice!

  4. I have totally forgotten the coffee shop behind the Kidney Foundation building until you mentioned it. Been there a few times before and now I remember 2 things about the place. The beef noodle is nice but the lady is always in foul mode.

    Go early…around 7 when there are not so many people – she’ll be in a good mood. You go later around 8 or 9…better don’t bother to talk to her. You may get your head snapped off! Hahahahaha!!!! I had not been there for a while too…but business is just as good as ever. When we got there before 10.00a.m. her beef noodles all sold out already! She’s been around a very long time now – ever since my daughter was a kid when she had a stall at Chopsticks, beside Hongkong Bank at that time – below Phoenix Hotel.

  5. oh my is this an omelet?
    this is my first time to see an egg being match with toge

    The second last photo shows the flat rice noodles (kway teow), fried and wrapped IN egg. Been having this since I was a kid – the unique specialty of a guy here in Sibu named Ah Tor. It is not exactly like what they call Pattaya fried rice or whatever…where it is wrapped WITH an omelette – as in the case of the Thai hor fun.

  6. ooops sorry wrong like … My Daily Newstand is also me… i forgot to edit my link hehe
    have a great day and happy blogging

    No problem at all! One extra comment for me… Hehehehehe!!! You have a great weekend too! πŸ˜‰

  7. The mango sticky rice looks good but how come no coconut cream to go with it? For me, the coconut cream is a must!

    Me too! That’s why I was disappointed with it – I have always had sticky rice with mango or durian plus the coconut cream!!! Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  8. Tot sudah tutup!

    Not tutup. I did not want to go as the food was terrible. A bit better now…but not as nice as that time when we went. 😦 Better go elsewhere…

  9. I love Penang style kway teow and short of having to get a plane to Penang, where do you people think is the best in Sibu? So far, I think the best is at Red Carrot.

    I have not tried Red Carrot’s. I suppose Cafecafe’s would be nice…but I haven’t tried either. But I loved the char kway teow at Kopitiam Fantasy –
    which is quite similar to Penang’s…and my missus thought it was nicer even. The char kway teow elsewhere never impressed me much.

  10. glutinous rice with mango or durian is very nice.. lol… but nowadays due to age, i cannot eat too much of that.. indigestion.. that is why, young people can enjoy food to the fullest now..once old, susah sikit..
    among the fried noodles, i love the sambal koay teow best.. it looks so good with the egg topping!

    Hah!!! Like my father! But then, he’s 87 years old…and not all the time. Gee! You’re younger than me! Well, if you come to Sibu, you can go and try the kway teow fried in this unique manner…

  11. Belacan mihun should be named Belacan fried mihun. Because Kuching belacan mihun is has totally different look. Still prefer belacan fried mihun.

    Ya…or fried belacan mihun…or fried mihun with belacan, whatever. I’ve SEEN the Kuching one at that circular place in Lumba Kuda when I went for the kantong. Did not like the smell and did not like the look either – looked something like Penang assam laksa…

  12. In my book, the best Penang style Kway Teow in Sibu that I tried so far are the one at Red Carrot followed closely by Cafecafe. Somehow the one at Fantasy never quite gets my fancy. Proof that different people have different taste.

    Then there was once many years ago a place next to Sibu Civic center having Kway Teow that’s quite similar to Penang’s (their steamboat was pretty popular then). They have since moved to Rejang Park (2.305112, 111.840065) but I haven’t tried it since then moved there so wouldn’t know their present standard. May be I should make it a point to go there and try them out…..

    Oh? That steamboat place. Haven’t been there for years. I like their pork rib dish… Maybe should drop by some day.

    P.S. Somebody told me that the Red Carrot chef was the original chef at the Ark – those days when I loved going there as I liked the food and the place. And the Baba & Siam chef came from Cafecafe…

  13. a friend of a friend told me you want to know where n what good to eat in Sibu you go to one Cikgu blog….I said oh..ya I know him…haha….u can stand for the coming state election.

    Alamak! Hahahahahaha!!!! Better go and hide liao!!! *blush! blush! πŸ˜€

  14. so cheap?? wah lau eh….i thought place like this extinct liao. Love the look of the mihun

    oh ya …do you want to read the book Mamasan? If yes, can post to you. I think you will have no problem finishing it.

    No, thank you. I’ll just stick to my Reader’s Digest. Sufficient bedtime reading for me…!!! LOL!!! Where got extinct? Most coffee shops here – RM10 enough for breakfast for two, inclusive of drinks. No class, of course lah…but what for class? Cannot fill the stomach!

    1. True..what for ong as tummy full enough. Over here coffee shop, the price gone up RM10 not enough for two person. 😦

      Kesian… Luckily, in our small town, things are still quite affordable.

  15. bean sprouts! crunchy and yummy =)

    Eeee…you like? Not too much for me – high uric acid, may trigger gout attacks. 😦

  16. I’d rather go to Fantasy Kopitiam! Hahahaha!!!

    Kong doesn’t think much of it! He prefers Red Carrot. Maybe should go there and try…and give our verdict! πŸ˜‰ Kong, when are you free? We meet you there, you belanja? ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. The Ark, i know this place, we are at Rejang Esplanade one of the evening, my mum told me that is the new restaurant, food not bad and with nice environment.

    OH, the sambal char keow teow look good, and i think this is sibu way fried keow teow? Wrapped with an egg? I remember when i am young there is one very nice one at Sarawak House? Corner Coffee shop, fried by one old man, very good biz, now don’t know where he go already.

    Actually the hor fun you had in The Ark, you can find here in KL, most fried keow teow they use hor fun instead of keow teow.

    Ya…but can’t find in Sibu. I bought some dried ones once from The Store in SP – not nice, like flattened mihun!!! The Ark used to be very good, went downhill…and now specialises in Thai cuisine. Ok, but I did not think it was really great. Ah Tor, the one originally famous for frying kway teow with egg, had a stall at a coffee shop opposite Cathay Cinema (Kok Cheng) then moved to Kafeup2u beside the public library – I think he’s still there. The one at Sg Merah is related to him – the sister or something.

  18. How does the kuey teow compare to the one behind SMK Methodist? Was it aloha? I only remember it’s some sinfully oily fried kuey teow with an egg on top.

    Aloha? Never had fried kway teow there… Now there are a number of places doing it this way but not all are nice.

  19. yeah when we’re so frequent to a restaurant we’ll know when the food is not prepared by the usual chef who used to cook… I wld like to have that plate of char kwai teow NOW!!! Happy Weekend STP πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! The coffee shop only opens in the morning and even then, not the whole morning. Dunno why they would not open at least till after lunch hour when their business is always so good.

  20. Hmmm…given that choice, I guess I will choose the one offering that food for RM 10.00. Quality food for a much lower price is better.

    Smart choice! Pays to be prudent and careful with money…!

  21. the mango pulut looks weird with kacang.
    without coconut milk, so dry, looks like hard to swallow ler…

    It wasn’t dry, the kacang did not make any difference (I guess the Thais put kacang in almost everything!)…and it actually tasted quite good…just that there wasn’t any coconut cream. 😦 I enjoyed it more than the hor fun…but maybe, I was quite hungry then…and by the time the hor fun came, I was already quite full.

  22. When you said cafe up2u, is it the one opposite sugarbun and next to chung hua primary school? because there got one stall selling the same style of kway teow too and my mum said the stall owner is related also, sister i think. nearby public library also got one ah? how come same name also? hahaha. btw, the one opposite sugarbun also has one stall which sells rojak that i like very much! the cucur is awesome!

    They raised the rental…so all the stalls moved to this place next to the library – with the same name. The original rojak guy has moved to Kuching, the son is doing it now and the gravy is not as nice. They moved back to the old place near SRB Chung Hua and the last I heard, dunno true or not, he had disappeared because of some football gambling debts. I think the wife is running the stall – but not so nice anymore.

  23. that’s why it’s very important to keep the chef especially when the chef is really good

    Ya…people usually go for the food. Even the most impressive establishments will close down soon enough if they cannot deliver when patrons want – good food.

  24. My husband said the “Kao Miu Ya Ma Muang”( the mango sticky rice) is best to be eaten with durian paste leh, he often traveled to Thai!:)

    Happy Sunday!

    That was what I had the 1st time I ate something like this…in Bangkok with fresh durian cream. It was absolutely heavenly. Since then, I only had mango. One time in Singapore, they had durian on the menu. I ordered that but was informed that they did not have any durian in stock…so I had to go for the mango instead. 😦

  25. I used to go The Ark when I was in Sibu too, so the chef had left ka. I still prefer the shop behind the Sibu Kidney foundation one tho :>

    I dunno which chef you’re talking about… They say the original or first one has gone over to Red Carrot. I guess the one they have now is one that specialises in Thai cuisine…

  26. The mango sticky rice is for dessert le. Sweet things will kill off appetitie. Haha.

    No wonder! We should have it after the hor fun…but then, they served it first. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  27. I have missed twice of ordering this dessert when i dined in Thai rest….dumb of me went and ordered the duno what sago dessert. Sigh…next time i must order this dessert.

    This is my favourite. The moment I saw it on the menu, I ordered it right away, no second thoughts!

  28. The pad thai in Thailand, they put some sugar…..a little too sweet…

    Ya…I guess it’s a basic part of the ingredients, like the ground peanuts. A bit sweet…and spicy.

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