Big ship…

I used to love coming to this place – The Ark, located at the Rejang Esplanade along Jalan Maju here. I loved the lamb curry and the sambal ladies’ fingers in particular and there were other nice dishes as well…and I loved the unique architectural design, the whole setting plus the pleasant ambience at the place as a whole.

But the last time I went, the food was really very bad, to say the least…and I found out that the chef had left. So I stopped going to the place ever since then. However, I heard from some people that it was quite nice now…and the other day, I decided to give it another try.

I dropped by with an old friend for lunch and it appeared to me that they had changed the menu completely, now specialising exclusively in Thai cuisine. We had the mango sticky rice…

The Ark's mango sticky rice

…which was very nice but…..psssst…chef, usually people have the rich and yummy coconut cream to pour over the thing, so how come yours doesn’t have?

We narrowed down our choices to two – the Thai kway teow and the Thai hor fun and eventually ordered the latter…

The Ark's Thai hor fun 1

I thought they usually call this pad thai or something like that but never mind! It tasted all right but I think we were already a bit full from the sticky rice, so it was quite a struggle trying to finish the whole lot…

The Ark's Thai hor fun 2

…and towards the end, I really was not enjoying it anymore.

I’m curious though as to where they get the hor fun from as I have not seen it sold anywhere in town. We can only get our local kway teow at most places and it is not as nice. Maybe they made their own for their own use.

It wasn’t cheap though – I think the bill came up to over RM35.00 inclusive of drinks. We could go to the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation and have this plate of delicious sambal char kway teow

SKF's sambal char kway teow

…and this sambal mihun

SKF's sambal mihun

…and still get change for RM10.00, inclusive of drinks.

So where do you think you would rather go?