So many people…

I came here once before but did not like what we ate, so I never came back again…

Crowded restaurant, Sibu

My missus had bought a few items from here too…to eat at home and again, there was nothing that I really liked.

But that night, I received a message from Gundot saying that her hubby suddenly announced that they would be going back to Kuching the following day and asked me to join them from dinner at that place. Actually I already had dinner so I told her that but I said I would drop by just to chat and that was what I did.

When I arrived, they were already halfway through the Philippine pork leg…

Philippine pork leg
*sorry for the blurry pic

I had quite a bit of that…and I found that it was very well done. The meat was juicy and tender – not overdone, hard and dry like in some other places.

As for the black pepper crab…

Black pepper crab

I had a piece and that was it. Let’s just say that if I want to eat crabs, I would just fork out the money and go for the expensive ones at Hai Bing at Jalan Maju here among the shops  facing the Esplanade.

I did not touch the fried midin (jungle fern)…

Fried midin

…but one look at that would tell you that it was a rush job to cater to the HUGE crowd.

This place is really popular with the tables in their own three or four shop lots…and all along the pavement from one end of that block of shophouses to the other end all fully occupied and anybody coming along later would have to wait till somebody has finished and left.

I just cannot understand why so many people like to go there as the food is not that great; perhaps it is because it is really VERY cheap…plus the service is really efficient and good and the food is served extra fast? Anybody knows the reason why?