Bad day (2)…

I don’t know whether it was because the lady was having a bad day or she had another lady to help her at the stall…but what my missus and I had at Mei Le Cafe on Sunday was not to our satisfaction at all.

The tom yam that I had sometime ago in 2008 certainly did not look like this…

Mei Le's tom yam mihun

This seemed like curry or something along that line and I positively remember they had prawns…not fish cake. My missus had this bowl ofΒ tom yam mihun and complained that it was very salty or probably had too much msg as her mouth felt kind of “thick” after eating that.

I had this…

Mei Le's minced meat mihun soup 1

…mihun in clear soup with minced meat, liver, black fungus, poached egg and some green veggie…and the last time I had the same thing, it was not so oily…

Mel Le's minced meat mihun soup 2

Other than that, it was all right.

The last straw was the fact that they have increased the prices. The tom yam and what I had cost RM4.00 a bowl before…but now they’re both RM5.00. Considering the fact that the prices of everything are increasing, it wouldn’t have been so bad had they maintained the quality…but if this is the best that they can do, I certainly would think twice before dropping by again…

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23 thoughts on “Bad day (2)…”

  1. Tsk! That disgusting thing is tomyam? You come to KL, Cikgu… come my house, i’ll cook tomyam for you. Kow kow punya. Red, sour and spicy, and if someone gv me a mango muda, I’ll even make you some kerabu mango to go along with the tomyam. And as a bonus, will even add my telur bungkus for you! Apamacam? Come KL!!!

    Huh? Is this what they call role reversal? Normally, I would be the one trying to lure people to come to Sibu…and now, there you go…trying to lure me to KL. No thank you – it will take much more than that to get me to go over there. I’m not really a fan of tom yam – see, I did not have it. My missus did! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. LOL! I need an excuse to buy those fresh fresh seafood and eat ma… LOL…

      *sigh* Do you have any problems buying sugar, Cikgu? I just realized that I’m out of sugar, and so, went to the sundry shop to get some. Mana tau, the uncle says “Tarak” So went to another one also “Tarak!” Pusing-pusing so many place, still no sugar. So upset. 😦 No sugar for my tea and my anak’s milo. 😦 Looks like the boycott is very real. 😦 Not even 7Eleven or tose 24 hours Speedmart and KK mart sells sugar. 😦 All say no stock. BOOHOOOO~ Need to try go Carrefour liao. 😦

      Sugar? Go! Go to Thailand, it’s all there! All you Semenanjung Ah Longs already smuggled it across the border!!! Tsk! Tsk! 😦 Well, you can try the shops selling baking ingredients and accessories…and buy castor or icing sugar. Or you can go to places like Guardian to buy the brown sugar…and organic salt, also the same – more or less but goodbye to all the sweet, sweet kuihs! 😦 Of course more expensive! About time we start learning to use these things sparingly!

      1. 😦 I already use sparingly. I only use 1kg of sugar in 3 mth. They’re just for my tea and husband’s coffee, and nothing else. *SIGH* There’s not even castor sugar or icing sugar in sight in the bakery supplies. Not even brown sugar! Oh, God! ( I use brown sugar for some kuihs, though… you know… buah melaka). Went to chinese pharmacy earlier on, and they dun even sell those rock sugar for leong sui anymore as well. 😦 Nil! OMG!

        *sigh* Those pharmacy sugar… expensive lah. Sobsob… burn a whole in my pocket. Sobsob… not worth.

        So cham oredi… my tea now sugarless. Ask me to put milk inside sure I puke wan. LOL… 😦 So teruk. *sigh* Thank God for the honey a friend gave me. *sulk* Looks like have to use bits of honey for my tea oredi. πŸ˜₯ So cham.

        There! There! Go and smuggle them all out of the country some more. Now baru rasa!!! My missus just bought a bag that day from the bakery supply shop. I think I will drop by Guardian and buy the brown sugar and the sea salt…just in case no more for a long long time… πŸ˜‰

  2. Gosh cleffairy! You are early! Arthur, are you sure that is tom yam? Looks like curry to me! MSG is bad! Better opt for somewhere else.

    Yup…that was the first impression I had when it was served. Was it curry? Curry laksa?…I tried a bit and it was sourish…like tom yam. Ya…I’ve been cutting down on msg…so these days, I’m rather sensitive to it. Would feel the after-taste…even after a plate of kampua. 😦

    1. Good morning, Aaron. LOL.. I’m not early, I haven’t sleep. πŸ˜› Been burning the midnight oil again. πŸ˜€

      And when she says “burning midnight oil”, don’t think that she means she is studying! Shoo! Shoo! Don’t you corrupt the poor, innocent boy, Cleff! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. I guess the owner of the shop did not know whom they were messing with, the famous blogger from Sibu,, dont play play… Cikgu next time you tell them first first, that you blogger ma – say the famous one too, so they will not simply tembak one…let them know your blog then baru dia orang tahu kan?

    you have a great weekend cikgu

    Ya, I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…so if it’s good, I will say so and hopefully, business will pick up. If it’s not good, don’t expect me to say it’s nice. I don’t tell lies… πŸ˜‰

  4. Opps…that really doesnt look like Tom Yam Soup…

    Kesian the owner’s cooked foods spotted by STP…hehhehehe

    Hahahaha!!! I’ve had both dishes before and both were very nice. This time, it was the total opposite. And RM5.00!!! I might as well go for the beef noodles I had here:
    Same price, a lot more meat – beef, no less and the taste is so much nicer!!!

  5. that is tom yam?? the Siamese will piss off if they see that.

    Ya…looks more like curry mee! But it’s sour though! Let’s call it a tom yam disaster…

  6. Maybe the cook ran away already. :p

    Previously the thin, quite young and pretty lady boss did the cooking…and I saw some Indon helpers but this time, there’s a plump, not-young lady doing the cooking, Maybe that’s the reason… 😦

  7. eihh?? so weird one? fish cake n not prawn? lol! here dey normally replace it with fish one but not fish CAKE. lol

    Dunno lah…not going there again. There’s another place selling tom yam fish or prawns with mihun – everybody says it’s very nice…and sometimes you need to wait a long time – now, that is what I do not like. That’s why I have not gone to try it yet… May do that one day.

  8. havent had lunch…drooling…

    Eyew…ain’t that great! Wait till you get to see what I cooked for myself for lunch – post coming up soon! Yum!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Sacrificing quality just to cut cost is a big NO for any restaurant or food business. Many people are passionate about what they eat and many people are not forgiving when it comes to food. I guess they should fix their tom yam right away.

    I guess that includes me. I wouldn’t mind if they increase the prices…but they should maintain the quality, if not make it even better. Really disappointing…especially considering that I had been there quite often and felt that what they had were quite nice and worth dropping by for… 😦

  10. The tomyam looks more like curry mee. Maybe they are trying to create a fusion dish, ha ha ha!

    Dunno…looks like curry mee, tastes like tom yam! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Tom Yam? yikes, it definitely look like curry to me. If i am the one having it, i might ask the boss..i am order tom yam and not curry! LOL!

    I like your bowl of clear soup noodles, got liver somemore. Yum!!! Can add some foo chow red wine in, taste will be better? hahahhaha

    Mine tasted ok…just a little bit too oily. It was not like that before… 😦

  12. the tom yum looked as if it’s got santan inside and yeah the mihun looks very oily. eeeekkk

    Precisely!!! Can’t blame me at all for deciding not to eat there again…ever!!!

  13. Looks like that would be your last visit there huh? That bowl definitely did not look like tom yam! Maybe they have changed chef or something..

    The lady boss was still there…and simply increased the price but not the quality! Bye bye!

  14. I think its not the same person if the quality of food is so different.

    The lady boss was there…but I think she left it to her new helper. No quality control!

  15. Sigh… despite the raise of price, the food still taste BAD!:p Poor you and your missus!

    Anyway, wish you a fantastic meal during weekend ok!;)

    Ya…hopefully we’ll have something nice after church this Sunday. You too and your family as well, do have a nice weekend.

  16. They look horrible for that kind of money! Perhaps, the cook had really run away. Feeling thick in the mouth? Hope that they didn’t put in something that is harmful.

    Even for the old price, RM4.00…it wouldn’t be worth it! The thick feeling in the mouth is due to excessive msg. I get that also when I go for Chinese sit-down dinners or when I eat at some Chinese eateries…and I would feel thirsty the whole night through. Where possible, I would tell them to cut down the use of msg by at least half! They say drinking Coke helps…but I don’t like fizzy drinks – just plain water.

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