Sun is shining…

The other day, I went back to Sunny Cafe, located at Sungai Antu here – back to back with Courts Mammoth. I have been there before, the first time when I had their really nice mee jawa

Sunny Cafe's mee jawa
*recycled pic

…and the second time with my daughter and while she had the mee jawa, I tried their mee Hongkong which I thought was not as nice. This time, I decided to give their kampua noodles a try.

Kampua is essentially a Chinese delicacy, Foochow to be specific – tossed with lard and served with slices of pork. It is so popular here that it has become somewhat synonymous with Sibu town. Just mention Sibu and instantly, kampua and kompia come to mind. Of course, it is a non-halal dish, so the Malays are not supposed to eat it. However, they have come out with their own version of it, using non-animal fat and chicken. I have tried it a couple of times at some Malay shops or stalls but unfortunately, theirs were a far cry from the real thing.

So far, the ones sold at the Bandong kuih stall that I frequent in the morning were not too bad…but that was an exception to the rule – the guy’s actually a Foochow, a Muslim convert by marriage. I do not know what made me do it but that morning, at this Sunny Cafe, I ordered their kampua special…

Sunny Cafe's kampua special

…which came with their signature prawn fritters for RM3.50 only.Β The noodles were very nice…and needless to say, the prawn fritters were great – even nicer than the tempura prawns at Pizza Hut and a whole lot cheaper.

Another point in their favour was the complimentary soup…

Sunny Cafe's kampua - soup

The ones at the Chinese kampua stalls are usually nothing much to look forward to…especially later in the day as they keep adding water to it until what you may get will just be plain water plus chio-cheng (light soy sauce), msg and a sprinkling of chopped spring onions. In comparison, what they gave with the noodles here was really tasty – probably chicken soup with fried onions, chopped spring onions and daun sup (Chinese celery). I loved it!

So if you’re looking for some nice halal kampua, this is one place that you may want to try…but they open quite late – 8.30 a.m. until after lunchtime only…and I don’t think they open on Sundays either.

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27 thoughts on “Sun is shining…”

  1. Hahahaha… I know how to make mee jawa! But I used spaghetti as replacement instead. Cannot take the yellow noodles… angin liddat… dono why!

    Goodness…you certainly have a lot of air in you…like balloon! Not hot air, hopefully!!! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. I dunno. Smallkucing said the same thing to me. Told me not to eat too much cool stuff and use more ginger in my cooking or sth. But I’m kinda stubborn. I like cooling stuff. And those sweet tasting veggies like cabbage. Hahahaha…I wun listen wan. As long as taste good, i will makan!

      Scary man… I bet now that she knows that I’m so airy, she’s gonna feed me nasty tasting soup so that I can get rid of the air or sth. *THE HORROR* More herbs! *SOBS* Please…. no more… no more dong guai!!!!

      Oh? Dong quai is good for angin, is it? Didn’t know that… Ah yes…take lots of beans – baked beans, you like? Will make you fart a lot, buang angin! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Ohhh! Baked beans I likey like. Hahahahhahah, very nice to eat during bfast with has browns and scrambled eggs. ( I bet that smallkucing is shaking her head somewhere, seeing my statement!)…

        Aiya… I tink, cempedak would be better, rite? You know.. makan along with the biji.. sure fart wan! Mwhahahahahhaha!

        Yup…usually, we keep the cempedak seeds…and boil till soft and the skin comes loose, adding a bit of salt…and when you eat a lot of that, the 3rd World War also kalah…. Hahahahaha!!!!

      2. STP, for a moment i thought it was Indian Rojak.

        Cleff, woi! gossiping about me ah , fairy. Later I sumbat you with chinese herbs baru tau…

        Eat more ginger la haiyo…

        That’s what I keep telling her – buang angin…but she just won’t listen. Stubborn as a mule! Ya, she keeps gossiping about you – go…go sumbat with dong quai!!! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ …What? Indian rojaK??? Omigawd!!! What’s next? Today must be Bad Eyesight Day! Hahahahaha!!!

      3. STP,

        Yup we also keep the cempedak and nangka seed and boil. Nice.

        I only do that with cempedak seeds, not nangka. But we have what we call buah pulo…or buah tupang in Melanau – we boil and eat the seeds the same way. That one more effective – lots of explosions. Hahahahaha!!!

  2. whoaa got mee jawa.. mee hong kong.. lol! so international aye! =D the special kampua looks so tempting! grr hungy ord. :p the plain soup look tasteless one. lol

    There are others! Mee Singapore, mee Bandong, mee Hailam, mee Iban etc etc etc….and in Sabah, you have mee Tuaran. Ya…the soup looked plain – what to expect from clear soup – but when I tried, I was surprised that it was so very nice. My only complaint would be they gave so little – half a bowl only (I had taken two spoonfuls already before I took the photo)… 😦

    1. whoaaa thats a lot! lol! tuaran mee very nice! i always went to the most famous shop there eat one! one of my colleague just live nearby there so i can get to eat it for brekkie sometimes. :p lol! can always ask for second bowl of plain soup one right??

      I’ve tried Tuaran mee – not really crazy about it. Would rather have KK’s ngui chap anytime… Dunno! Never tried asking…but that was enough, together with my glass of kopi-o-peng, for me to wash down the noodles and the prawns. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Their signature prawn fitters looked like…small chicken drumstick! πŸ˜€

    Aiyor…I think you need new spectacles, my friend. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. this is nice… will go try out the kampua prawn fritters

    Yup…go ahead! I’m sure you’ll like it. Even at RM3.50, with the prawn fritters, I think it’s worth it!

  5. hmmm, i see that kampua without pork oil and minced pork can be delicious too right!!!? πŸ˜€

    Yes…if I make at home, I just use cooking oil – that which I used to fry sliced onions to make it fragrant…and toss with a bit of Bovril, soy sauce and msg plus the fried onions and chopped spring onions. Also nice! Not a must to use lard or pork.

  6. oh i tried this before.. i remember eating those mongo sprouts (haha i don’t know what to call it in english but here we called it “toge” )
    yum yum…

    I guess mongo = green beans in tagalog? We call the bean sprouts “taugeh” also…but there’s no taugeh in the dish. The white strands are kampua noodles. Gee! Looks like you need new spectacles too…like tekkaus! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. halal kampua?.. lol.. if they allow that why won’t they allow halal bak kut teh>? πŸ˜€

    They do!!! They have chick-kut-teh and beef-kut-teh…but over at your side of the country, not here. Here, even bak-kut-teh is not so popularly widespread though there are a number of quite good places in town.

  8. Now that I’m older…
    These oily lard/vege fat covered noodles do not appeal to me anymore…

    ROTFL!!! Certainly makes you sound ancient! Not even Kuching kolo mee… Ooooo, I like!!! LOL!!!

  9. STP, this kampua…can we buy back from Sibu, i mean the uncooked ones.. will they last?

    They can be kept in the fridge for at least a week or two…but these days, there are pre-dried ones sealed in plastic bags. Those should last for quite a long time. Planning to buy? When are you coming? πŸ˜‰

  10. Last time when we were in secondary school we used to have halal kampua opposite library because we have a Muslim friend but now don’t know whether the kopitiam still there or not. It was quite nice lor.

    Dunno any coffee shop opposite the public library… KafeUp2u next door…and Aloha further up, opposite?

  11. Halal Kampua? It taste good too? Look at the noodles, looks not bad.

    Ya ya, i agree, those malay food stall, the soup they serve quite tasty. I remember when i bought my lunch from my office food court, that is my first time i want the complimentary soup go with my indonesia fried rice. To my surprise, it taste good, i even go and ask my malay colleague how they boil those “soup”.LOL

    Yah…the Chinese ones not good as they boil the bones from early morning for the stock to make the soup…and throughout the whole day, they keep adding water – of course, by noon or later, the soup doesn’t taste nice at all. Shhhhhh….don’t let those people hear! Later their soup also not nice anymore. LOL!!!

  12. Mee Jawa my favourite but quite hard to find good ones.

    PS : Royale Bintang at The Curve/IKEA would be nearer leh. Mid Valley too far away, very heavy traffic during rush hour.

    The one here is very nice/ We like it a lot…

    P.S.: Thanks for the info… Will let my missus know. Going with some doctor and they do not know KL very well.

  13. I would never tire visiting your site. Just looking in the pictures is somewhat enough to make my mouth water. Oh food food food!

    Come…come! Always welcome…to drop by and drool! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Ohhh… I was long for a plate of good kampua noodles, pathetically, after I have tasted so many here(since you blogged about it early on) I didn’t even meet one which could satisfy my taste bud!!!

    How I wish I could go to Sibu to have a plate of delicious Kampua noodles, sigh~!

    A wonderful Sunday to you!

    Have you been to this one?
    I thought it was quite good – almost like Sibu kampua noodles. I’ve tried elsewhere too – but did not think they were the same and the worst thing would be when they were not even nice… 😦
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday too!

  15. natural lighting eh? it seems that you like tempura prawns very much? πŸ™‚

    I like natural lighting best…and I do not mind good indoor lighting – just don’t like flash lighting. Somehow it looks very…unnatural. Love tempura prawns or prawn fritters. There’s a Chinese eatery here selling at 50 sen each (the last time I went, dunno if it has increased) – the prawn fritters look so nice but when you eat it, it is all batter…with hardly any prawn, just the tail sticking out on one end. 50 sen, mind you!!! The ones here at this Malay stall, I must say, is so cheap…

  16. compare between mee jawa and kampua, i will order kampua.

    it look more nice than mee jawa.

    maybe, because i am not mee jawa fan as well.

    Variety is the spice of life, my friend. Both are nice but I cannot imagine eating one every day.

  17. The soup really nice meh? It looked really clear and transparent to me, like water! LOL!
    And kampua also got halal version? Interesting!

    Looks can be deceiving – it certainly looked like plain water with a sprinkling of Chinese celery and fried and spring onions. But like people too mah!!! Those that look plain and simple…or even repulsively ugly may have a heart of gold. Right or not? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Kampua Mee with tempura prawns? How deliciously random!

    We don’t have that kind of mee jawa looking like that in Jawa you know. Hahaha.

    Let’s call it, like everything else these days, fusion! LOL!!! Now, I wonder what mee jawa in Pulau Jawa looks like…. πŸ˜€

  19. My hub is a big fan of mee jawa, but not me. I prefer kampua noodle.

    I hardly see these big prawn fritters that go with mee jawa over here…i think i will only eat the fritters..hahahha

    Only at this shop…and so very cheap – if the mee is RM2.00 each, the fritters only 30 sen!!! Really value for money!!! I love it! Will surely go back there regularly… πŸ™‚

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