Same old brand new you (2)…

Kompia is a bagel-like unleavened bread, a Foochow delicacy that Sibu is well-known for. I was never a fan as I used to think it was bland and rubbery tough until I came across this little shop in the vicinity of the Rejang Park market where a not-very-friendly grumpy-looking guy was making them. His were crusty with a slight salty taste and best taken hot from the oven. Then he disappeared and the shop was taken over by some nicer folks…but somehow or other, I thought their kompia was not as nice.

Then I heard that the guy had been employed by Sugar Bun, Sarawak’s very own fast food franchise, and they had set up everything for him – even the authentic charcoal oven…for him to make his kompia for sale at Applebee’s Bakery, a Sugar Bun subsidiary – the original outlet at the Sibu Gateway. I also heard that now they have all kinds of filling, making it some kind of a classier delicacy as compared to its humble beginnings.

This has been going on for quite sometime now and I was only able to drop by on Sunday afternoon. One drawback is that parking in that area is such a pain. Anyway, I managed to drop by and I bought two pieces…

Kompia with filling 1

…one with beef rendang filling and the other, chicken-mayo at only RM1.00 each…

Kompia with filling 2

You can choose what you like from an array of selections, around 10 or so, and they would toast them a little in the oven for you so that they would be warm and crusty. I tried them both…and I must say they were really out of this world. Yum! Yum!

Incidentally, there is also this bigger, softer version of the kompia that is a bit sweet called chu-nu-miang. I do not know what that means but I do not reckon that it is in any way connected to being a female or chu-nu-ngiang in Foochow. (Ok! Ok! All you Foochows, don’t start slamming me! I know my Foochow is quite hopeless, that I must confess!!! LOL!!!)

Now you can have these with toppings like those branded doughnuts that cost an arm or a leg. I bought two at RM1.40 each – the almond crunch…

Almond Crunch chu-nu-miang

…and the Nestum…

Nestum chu-nu-miang

…and I must say that they really put those expensive doughnuts to shame!!! These were absolutely heavenly, to say the least. The girls told me that the one with the generous topping of chicken floss is very nice but I did not think I wanted that at the time. Other than that, they also have other toppings like white chocolate, kiwi topping…and even something pink in colour.

It certainly looks like I will have to go back there again very very soon to try the rest that they have. Sam, when are you coming to Sibu? Hurry! Hurry! LOL!!!

You can still buy the plain kompia at the bakery – 4 for RM1.00 which is the same price as at the usual kompia shops. I do not know how much the plain chu-nu-miangs are because they were all sold out that day when I dropped by.