It’s not right but it’s o.k…

My missus and I stopped by the coffee shop behind the Sibu Polyclinic for breakfast the other day. Annie was telling me that her mum would bring her there for kampua noodles and I used to frequent that coffee shop many years ago. Well, since I had not been there for a long while, I decided to drop by to see what I could get there these days.

There was a stall selling Sarawak laksa (I could not detect any fragrance of the laksa gravy, so I guessed it was nothing to shout about!) and lor mee and there was a kampua noodle stall, of course. I think I can safely say that here in Sibu, you can find that in virtually every coffee shop…even in the Malay ones where they sell the halal version of it. I ordered the chap-chap

Sibu Polyclinic's chap-chap

…but they had run out of liver and judging from the photos, it was obviously not as good as what Annie had…

Annie's liver soup
*Photo from Annie’s blogpost

…but it was o.k. I think she had hers at Yummy Cafe (in the town centre area – opposite Ngiu Kee).

I also ordered the Foochow fried noodles (Rm3.00)…

Sibu Polyclinic's Foochow fried noodles

…which tasted really very good. They also have these fried noodles everywhere but not all of them have that authentic taste that I have known all my life. Some are really pale imitations that may look the same but failed miserably when it comes to that unique special taste. However, the serving was small and they only had three tiny bits of meat unlike what Gerrie and the rest of the Dimong Gastronomic Society members had been eating at the Mekong Cafe in Kuching…

Foochow fried noodles at Mekong, Kuching
*Photo taken from Gerrie’s photo album on Facebook

…and that cost RM4.00. The size of the prawns may vary between visits though, depending on your luck and the catch of the day, I guess, but at least, there ARE prawns!!! It is such a shame really that considering that the dish originated from Sibu, we are losing out to our counterparts in Kuching and perhaps, elsewhere as well.

As it is, Sibu has very little to offer other than nice, cheap food especially her special Foochow delights (…and nice people like me! Hehehehe!!!)…and if she loses out on those too, then there is really nothing much left in this miserable, insignificant little town. Sigh!!!

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33 thoughts on “It’s not right but it’s o.k…”

  1. I have yet to take my breakfast. *sulk* Now look what you are making me do? I’m gonna have to run to some kopitiam and get myself some of these. Haihhh.. temptations, temptations!

    Yum! Yum! Hope you managed to get something nice at the kopitiam! Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day! πŸ™‚

  2. wou, behind Sibu polyclinic woo πŸ˜€ more more!! i miss sibu too

    So near… Can come home often. All young people deserting the miserable old town… Real sad.

  3. Oooo…now that you blogged about it, I think I haven’t had the char mee tam for ages. Not even here, but now I know Mekong Cafe got. Hehehe!!! Will be heading there soon πŸ˜› Otherwise, wait until I go back then go eat lor πŸ˜€

    Everyone’s full of praises so it must be good… Take our word for it! We are very fussy when it comes to good food. Not easily pleased one! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Liver soup? Those looked like fishballs right? Ooh I love fishballs especially the ones from Ipoh. hehe

    Not crazy about those – frozen factory-made ones. Will swell up when boiled – all flour. One stall at a market here – selling own-made fish balls using mackerel (tenggiri)…really nice. More expensive but dun care – don’t swell during cooking.

  5. wow…the 1st pic with lots of fishballs looked so delicious.

    U r not afraid Annie will post some nasty comment over here for using her picture? hehehe…….

    Not really crazy about those fishballs – factory-made frozen ones, all flour – will swell when boiled. Prefer homemade ones – more fish taste and nicer. No lah, I’m sure Annie will not mind – we are friends mah!!! My photos also – anybody can take and use. Otherwise, I would not post – save in private folder, others cannot see. Don’t understand those people who publicly display their photos and then insist on copyright. Like that no need to show people lor…

  6. nasib baik i have taken my breakfast .. next time i better come here after my bf and not before, to be on safer grounds. Yes, comparatively, Gerrie’s foochow fried noodles looked better… u know what.. maybe Sibu’s cooks have migrated to Kuching and other bigger towns… just as Ipoh.. good cooks uprooted themselves and now KLites are enjoying the delicious food instead! :p

    They move to the cities – can sell at higher prices…and the market is bigger – more people, more business…so sure they will make a lot of money!

  7. The Foochow fried noodles is very cheap RM3.00, can’t get this in KL

    This one’s expensive already – some places RM2.80 and the portion is bigger…and taste good too. I don;t think they have that in KL – the nearest you can get is the big Hokkien noodles in very black sauce – look like worms!!! Eyew…!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. Oh, you went to that coffee shop behind Sibu Polyclinic, the one at the corner coffee shop right? You should try their “pian sik”, my nephew just love it so much, the skin very thin. You should try their kampua, taste good.

    Your plate of foochow fried noodles look good, but the vege and the meat, i can count. LOL.

    @ Claire, now i am smart, i only come here after my lunch or my breakfast. πŸ™‚

    @ mnhl, i will post nasty comment? Why must i lei? Do i ever post nasty comments ?? Tell me stp, do i ever ? And anyway, I support and appreciate STP’s effort in promoting our Sibu food, i feel honoured stp use my picture!!

    See! I told her you would not mind – we are such good friends, same country people! Hahahahaha!!! Then I must go back there again sometime for the kampua and the piansip!!! Then I will give my verdict! LOL!!! I know a guy surnamed Kiu – his in-laws running the coffee shop, I hear. Related to you by any chance?

    1. Annie, because STP commented in my post the other day “Breakfast” (I googled for some of the pictures) and he said he used to do that too. But one fine day, he received nasty comments. People are scolding him for using their photos. Hope you don’t get angry here. Just a joke with STP referring to my post the other day. And I told STP too, photos are meant to share. And yes, a good way to promote Sibu’s food. πŸ˜‰

      I got some photos through googling and some from flickr…to illustrate what I had in my posts – merely for decoration…and then I got emails from some of them (some quite rude and vicious), and my hotmail address got hacked and I could not access my MSN and my Facebook either after that – dunno if it was related or not. That’s why on Facebook, you may see “Sui Tua Pui” – that one is a dead account, abandoned – cannot access anymore.

    2. yes, u r smarter surely.. but one advantage of coming here during early morning is like a “yellow” sign as in traffic light.. meaning “to warm up your stomach before eating”… πŸ™‚

      Hahahaha!!! Boosts up your appetite, eh? Makes you eat more! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Wow… another chopstick smacking goodies!! I wish I could taste everything up there.

    I was wondrin about Sibu and stuff. I asked a few of my mates, apparently one of them is from Sibu, His name is Derek( check my FB). I didn’t know that the election was won by death? Hahaha… OK then, I guess I am up todate about Sibu’s news.

    You must drop by one day…and you can sample all the nice food here!…What do you mean “won by death”? Oh? Will check him out – so many Sibu people in Wellington also kah? Gosh! They’re everywhere… I bet he’s a Foochow! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. Ah yes! Asked my daughter – seems that they met before – during the Chinese New Year parade. Maybe you were there too at the time? Small world, eh?

  10. Whoa! If what you said happens then that small town will be a sad place indeed.

    Yes, it’s a dying town… All the young people leave for further studies and they do not come back, all the people moving away for greener pastures. Eventually, it will be a dead town where life is so slow and nothing much ever happens and only old people will remain – poor retirees like me! Sobs!!! 😦

  11. alamak…hungry liao..when i go Sibu you must really bring me around makan-ing. Drooling

    No problem at all. Anybody coming here…sure I’ll take around and treat to all the nice food here. Must be nice to everybody, God’s blessings!!!

  12. Kuching people are more willing to fork out $$$ for good food. So no surprises that the good cooks from Sibu are moving out here. Like they say, the best Peking duck is not even from China… cos the good chefs have moved out to HK, Macau, London… etc where they are paid top dollars.

    I guess RM4 or RM5 in Kuching is reasonable – things are probably a bit more pricey in cities, so the ingredients will be more expensive, rental and other overheads too. But the market is bigger (more people), so business will be better…and there is less competition – not like here where you can get kampua and Foochow fried noodles in almost every other shop. No wonder they move away! Hard to survive here!

  13. Please take note however that size of prawns in Mekong is not consistent, and the last time I went, it was definitely smaller in size.

    Yup, I mentioned that. Maybe depending on the catch of the day… Sometimes big, sometimes small. LOL!!!

  14. Sam loves the Mekong mee tapau! It reminded me of the ones mako used to cook. Goes very well with her curry!!!

    Tapao? U mean the gravy soaked into the mee already? The one here at Y2k also… Not nice when you eat it there…but best when you tapao home.

  15. i think your friend that surname Kiu, should be not related to me kua, never heard my mum or my dad mention. But that kampua stall, we dine there too often till they know us very well.

    @ mnhl, ok, now i know there is a story behind the “nasty comments”. πŸ™‚

    I guess not then. That’s like when I go to places like Ruby or Soon Hock or Rasa Sayang…

  16. wah…looks yummy from the pic…price is cheap too….

    The noodles? Tasted great. Cheap? Ok lah…not much ingredient though. 😦

  17. STP, you are making me very “Sibu sick”. I need to go back…I need to go back… I will eat non stop for a day!

    One day is certainly not enough to eat all the nice things here, make it two. So…when are you coming? I’ll take you around to enjoy all the food here… πŸ™‚

  18. Foochow fried noodles looks so great for me….

    They certainly are great!!! Real yummy! Everybody loves it – people from overseas eating it for the first time! They always want more…

  19. Oohhh those foochow fried noodles looked a little like Hokkien char here, just that they’re not as dark… hehe

    Nah!!! There’s a world of difference! I wouldn’t want to eat Hokkien fried noodles – the noodles so very big and fried so very black – they look like worms! Would rather have Cantonese fried…but Foochow fried noodles taste a whole lot nicer! πŸ™‚

  20. There’s nothing left since the by-election has come & gone.
    Ghost town again.

    Yes, but sure am glad it’s all over… Peace at last! πŸ™‚

  21. Heh, heh, all my favourite hawker food except the liver! Need to get some supper…..12.30 midnight already!

    You don’t take liver? Oooo…love it! But must control, can’t take so often! 😦

  22. Frankly, the foods don’t ‘look’ good at all! but since your verdict is good, then it must be ‘awesome! Huhuhu!;)

    Ya…not much colour to improve the presentation part but they taste good. Well, Penang assam laksa does not look very appealling either, or Hokkien mee for that matter.

  23. reading ur blog makes me feels like going back to sibu -_-” it has been almost a year that i left sibu

    You’re from Sibu? Come on home…and give me a tinkle, Would be glad to take you around and eat till you drop! LOL!!! Btw, thanks for dropping by and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll… πŸ˜‰

  24. I think I liked your FFN better than the Kuching one. Looks better and probably taste more authentic. Didn’t realize the old Kiaw Siong kampua is so near where I usually stay in Sibu. For sure, you’ll find me in that corner shop this summer.

    The Kuching ones, the Foochow migrants, are authentic too, just a bit more ingredients and more expensive but of course, that depends on where you go. Yup! This is near your mum’s place. Shouldn’t be a problem going there when you’re in town… πŸ˜‰

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