This is how we do it…

This is not for those who are conditioned to think that they are sick when they eat porridge…but if you’re a porridge lover like me, read on.

A friend of mine, Jimmy, was staying at my house when he came to town and I cooked this and he loved it so much that when he went home, he cooked it for his family to try and they all thought it was chicken porridge. Well, it wasn’t. As a matter fact, it was fish porridge – tuna, to be exact.

To cook this, you will need at least a can of tuna, some slices of ginger and one ikan bilis (anchovies) stock cube…

STP's tuna porridge 1

The daun pandan (screwpine leaves) is optional but of course, it will help make the porridge more fragrant. I also added some sweet potatoes cut into chunks…

STP's tuna porridge 2

When I was in Singapore in 1973, everytime my grandparents dropped by, I would go to see them and they would take me out to eat. One of the places we went to was the Gold Leaf Restaurant, a Taiwanese restaurant along Orchard Road (Of course, it’s no longer there today!) and my grandfather would always order the Taiwanese sweet potato porridge.

STP's tuna porridge 3

I cooked one and half cups of rice in the rice cooker with 6 cups of water and I threw everything in, adding a bit of salt and msg according to taste. Do keep an eye on it and take off the lid once it has starting boiling as it may boil over. Stir regularly too especially when there is not so much water left as the porridge may stick to the bottom. Switch off the rice cooker once the water has thickened and has almost dried up. The porridge is ready…

If you want an all-in-one for a more balanced dish, you may add some greens – bayam or kangkong perhaps. I garnished it with some Chinese celery and served it…

STP's tuna porridge 4

…with some salted eggs…

Salted eggs

I assure you that it is very easy to cook and really very satisfying to eat. Perhaps you would like to give it a try?

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30 thoughts on “This is how we do it…”

  1. Porridge cooked with with sweet potatoes, yes, but not with tuna and pandan leaves…. wonder how it tastes like.. πŸ™‚

    Give it a try. Very nice – my friend’s parents thought it was kai-chook, chicken porridge.

  2. I always cook porridge with sweet potatoes too. Wah…where did u get this recipe -its good for this hot weather. btw u did not mention – tuna in water or tuna in oil?

    I use tuna in water/brine but I drained it and used only the tuna. Never used the ones in oil, may make the porridge oily. When I cook this, sure to have a second helping! πŸ˜‰

  3. Very nice. πŸ™‚

    Here in the Philippines, we also use dahon ng pandan (daun pandan) for our porridge because it makes it smell good.

    Porridge is really good to eat for breakfast. Hey, can I have some?

    Pandan’s good for health too. Sure, you can… Come on over! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Not a fan of porridge but can do if the lauk is nice. Actually I already can finish a bowl with only dark soy sauce. Hahaha!!!

    Last time when I was in Primary school, my mom cooked porridge with finely chopped carrot (because if too big, my brother and I would pick them out one by one πŸ˜› ) for breakfast every morning before going to school.

    After that very seldom touch porridge liao. But we did have some porridge near Jalan Alor when we were in KL. Chipmunk likes the pork porridge. I prefer the fish one.

    By the way, is porridge and congee the same thing? I noticed some countries call it congee on food documentaries. And from a food documentary, in some countries in Asia (was it China or Hong Kong, I can’t recall at the moment), the congee is like cream soup, cannot see the rice grains like what we normally have.

    And some people like to dip yew zha kueh into the porridge too πŸ˜€

    Ya…my daughter loves that – and with bak kut teh too. I think congee or gruell is very light or thin porridge – like eating some thick starchy liquid. My daughter loves it that way. I thought of grinding the rice before cooking to see whether I would get it like that but in the end, too lazy. I think they use very little rice – half cup with 8 cups of water and they cook for a very long time.

  5. i always cook plain porridge + with some fried ikan bilis and salted egg. guess this one add another suggestion. thankks

    I guess it sums up to be the same thing more or less – I use ikan bilis stock…so you will not get to see the tiny fish swimming in my porridge. LOL!!!

  6. Oooh, I’m adding this to my cooking survival kit for when I go overseas… Simple, fuss free nutrition. πŸ™‚

    Where are you going? You can always bring me along to cook and clean for you for free food and lodging. Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. Nice to have porridge once a while….especially now during the hot days!

    Hot? Hasn’t it been raining? Everyone’s complaining about the massive jams in KL…and it is flooding in Penang. Here, it is hot as hell… 😦

  8. Hmm..make me curious how it tastes. Ok, try this out during the weekend for my gal. Hope she likes it..but she definitely love salted egg

    My friend’s parents thought it was chicken porridge – so that would give you a rough idea what it tastes like. Hope your gal likes it; mine does!

  9. I aint no fan of porridge or we famously call it “moi”, but once in a while my lovely would cook it,(so cannot complain) when she does, i always tell her ,to have simple side dishes like, “tau ju” and “tau si e” or the seasoned “shanghai chai” and soya sauce, then i will wallop already, not the lavish side dishes like abalone,blah blah and blah, hahahahah

    but now i still miss the one called “pak tik Moi” litterally translate means “hit the iron porridge” cant really see a good one or hardly see any now… you know this ?

    Dunno what that is? Got Tongkat Ali in it or what? Muahahahahaha!!!! Eyew!!! My missus love tau ju – must have that when eating porridge but I would never touch the stuff – don’t like the smell nor the taste. I hear it’s banned or something…but she still eats – doesn’t care at all! I’d have porridge with salted eggs or century eggs or omelette…or salted fish or fried ikan bilis.

  10. i love porridge. Either can eat it plain with Bovril or mince pork meat with salted egg and century egg, i just love it. Maybe will give this a try, add in tuna, but will minus the pandan leaf. πŸ˜›

    Why not? You don’t have it in your garden? They say it’s good for health – I would even throw in a few leaves when cooking rice. Very fragrant. Ya…I love plain porridge with Bovril too…or Marmite, not my missus – she takes it plain with tau ju…or those canned spicy pork cubes.

  11. OH! Spicy pork cubes, my favourite!! You know what, here sell very expensive, i ask my mum to buy in sibu and sent to me, i mean the spicy pork cubes. LOL!

    Yes, pandan leave is good for health, i think to bring down the cholestrol or BP, some people just boil it and drink the water.

    Ya…that’s what they do. I have a lot in my backyard…so I might as well make good use of the leaves. Put in everything. LOL!!! Expensive? Hah…one more thing I can bring over for you if I go to KL, plus some bottles of ang chiew!!!

  12. Sweet potatoes in porridge..seems interesting

    Give it a try! If you like meat/fish porridge, you’ll love it! Btw, welcome… Your 1st time here, I see. Do come again!

  13. OOh tuna porridge, interesting! Saucer has been down with food poisoning the past week and I cooked porridge a few times, but never with tuna! Only chicken porridge or fish porridge. Maybe I should try this once, that is, if he’s not sick of porridge yet! LOL!

    Cooked by you…with lots of love, sure not sick of it lah! Everything will taste like heaven! Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. I went to school just now..went online for a few minutes to check my Facebook this morning. Is the tuna in olive oil okay for the porridge?

    Dunno. Never tried…and I’m not a fan of olive oil regardless what they say about if being good for health! Got a certain smell.

  15. Maybe i will cook this porridge on friday,my kids not a fan so have to cook something else for them! 😦 Now I am preparing my lormee,eh…seems like this wk i m following STP’s recipe instead of Curtis Stone’s. hahaha!!!

    Ah! You’re preparing lor mee today? Bet it’s going to be nice. Post photos on Facebook, see! LOL!!!

    1. If not malas, will post, so many nice tv shows tonite! πŸ™‚

      LOL!!! American Idol semi-final… Who will be the last two standing?

      1. Already wanna decide who is last two kah? I’ve missed a lot of weeks lor like that. Last week watched Thomas Cup so didn’t watch AI. Don’t feel like watching AI later πŸ˜›

        Not really looking forward to it – more like waiting for it to end…not like last year, when I was waiting and waiting for them to declare Adam the American Idol…only to be so very disappointed and disgusted in the end.

  16. Aiks i thought Bubur Caca… This one also seems good. Used to cook this for J minus the salted egg

    It is good…even without the salted egg. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

  17. Never know canned Tuna can cook with porridge !!! I think I prefer cold tuna with bread and fresh onions. And not forgetting the thick butter spread on the bread. The salted eggs look very nice!! Wow….feel like eating one now.

    Ya…that photo turned out pretty well, didn’t it? LOL!!! I sometimes take tuna with bread or crackers too…

  18. Can add the salted egg in it while cooking? Will it affect the taste?

    Dunno… It probably will make it saltier and if you break the yolk, it may taste different. Never tried.

    1. You can add the salted egg white (it makes the porridge more velvety). For the yolk, it’s quite hard, so should not break that easily if you’re careful.

      Will try that next time. Maybe should try pi-tan chook also, with century eggs.

  19. Looks nyummie although simple.

    Nyum! Nyum indeed, Willie!!! LOL!!! Btw, thanks for dropping by – will add you in my blogroll. Do come again. πŸ˜‰

  20. Feel like having a porridge now, I love porridge with salted egg too! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

    Then we’re one of a kind! Used to feel sick whenever I had porridge…but now I love it! You have a good day too.

  21. Great idea to add daun pandan in porridge. Had pork intestine porridge for lunch this afternoon.

    Pork intestines? Yum!!! I’d love that!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by. I see a number of my blogger-friends on your blogroll. Do come again – will link you…. πŸ™‚

  22. never gonna read ur post during midnight T.T I’m hungry!!!!!

    LOL!!! Poor you! You’re nocturnal…like Cleffairy too? Gosh…I would be fast asleep by this time… πŸ™‚

  23. ooh looks very nice. Actually I’ve never tried any of the porridge with sweet potato. Might sound a lil weird for me.

    Any Taiwan restaurant in KL? They may have it on the menu – it’s supposed to be a national delicacy now, last time for paupers…now for rich people. LOL!!!

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