Since you’ve been gone…

It just dawned on me that since my daughter left home, I have not gone to the places that we used to go together – the Garden Hotel cafe, Balkis for nasi bryani…not even her favourite bakery…

Wecare 1

…located at the Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre in the vicinity of the Sibu bus terminal. The tofu fua is RM1.20 for one big tumbler. That is supposed to be cooling and I shouldn’t be taking that as I’m having a cough right now but I just couldn’t resist it! LOL!!

I love the Japanese baked cheese cake there and my daughter liked the sandwich (RM2.20)…

Wecare 2

…which is nice but I feel the turkey ham one at Big Thumb is a bit nicer.

I think she had bought this before as well…

Wecare 3

…and personally, I find it a bit expensive (RM2.90) and though it tastes pretty good, I thought it could do with some more lettuce and maybe tomatoes and a bit of cream cheese for that extra kick.

This one, however, is really good, I must say…

Wecare 4

– ham and cheese with a bit of lettuce sandwiched in very nice and crispy puff pastry. It’s very small though and costs RM1.70 each.

I often hear people say that the things at this particular bakery are comparatively more expensive than elsewhere but personally, if something is really good,  I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit extra…for the enjoyment and satisfaction. There’s no point paying less – RM1.50 for this cheese and mushroom bun from another bakery…

Cheese mushroom bun

…and what you see is what you get – that little bit of mushroom and cheese at the top; the rest is all bun/bread.

Well, you can’t have it your way all the time like this Chinese expression: “Yew ai phee, yew ai chee, yew ai tua liap nee!” (Want it cheap…want it fresh…and want big breasts too! LOL!!!) Life is like that, isn’t it? It’s all about choices – and making the BEST ones. Period.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Since you’ve been gone…”

  1. my gudness!! am so hungry now! *drooling* hmph the turkey ham so tempting me now!!

    My daughter would kill me for posting these! Her favourite bakery! Yumssss!!!! Hahahaha! 😀

    1. Melissa!! See ur dad post this in his blog!! hahaha xD

      Hahahahaha!!! You bully! Wanna make her miss home eh? 😦 Bet you’re drooling too! LOL!!! 😀

  2. Maybe your Mel will be sick of these ‘angmo’buns n craving for kampua nowadays. Baker’s delight n Brumby’s over here sell a lot of these rolls. Btw the taufoofah back home probably prepared from scratch? Over here at yumchas it is all powdered form,not so nice.

    Not sure but it looks like homemade…as we can get the tofu fua in the same tumblers at a lot of places in town. Ya…Mel will probably miss piansip, not really a fan of kampua.

  3. take care and hope u get well soon…no ice and drink more warm water…

    Thanks. Not too bad…should be ok pretty soon.

  4. i find the cakes n buns at WE CARE are special than other bakery. The shop here is very near to my house and I drop in often.

    You have an outlet in Bintulu too? I know they have one in Kuching as well. Yes, the things are definitely nicer than elsewhere…and they tell me they’re more expensive too. Never mind, as long as they’re nice. Here, in the afternoon, they have ma-nging or what some people call butterfly or horse’s ear – really huge ones and really very nice. Will buy one of these days and post – not crazy about those…but the ones at WeCare are really very good!!! Love at first bite!

    1. LOL… you dun need to tell any lies. LOL… oredi kno into whose stomach these went into! LOL…

      Hehehehehehe!!! We certainly know each other so very well! 😉

  5. wow! political talk in view of the polling day? The winner is …..? Probably you and me – don’t mind paying a little more for the nice chicken pies or the wecare’s specialties! Let’s see tonight! I got a pass to the counting centre, but decided to hear from Raymond reporting from Sibu in the comfort of my Kuching office! He..he..

    No leh? Where got? *innocent look on face*… Hahahahaha!!!! Ya…as long as I get to eat nice things – that’s the most important. No party reps outside the centres anymore – not even a bottle of drinking water these days! 😦

  6. OMG, OMG! I LOVE these!!! These are absolutely delicious… omg… sandwiches… I’d have these over and over again, and wun really get sick of it. LOL…

    The ham, with pastry… looks heavenly. And I think it would be better the cheese is melted. OPMG… *drool drool*!!!

    Yes, like the sandwich or the one with the pita bread, for instance, I love it best if toasted lightly on a non-stick pan until the cheese melts a bit! Yum! Yum! 😀

    1. Yes, yes, it would definitely be heavenly. I couldn’t agree more. gosh…these makes me feel like wanna run to my nearest bakery and get myself some pastries.

      Mission accomplished!!! Drool! Drool! Drool! Hehehehehe!!!! *evil laugh*

  7. I can eat a lot of that for breakfast ^^ But i do it myself though, like u say cheaper, got a lot of ingredients and its big! XD

    Definitely. A lot cheaper to do it yourself…but the ingredients – have to buy a lot and not practical, if want to have one sandwich only.

  8. Suddenly I miss sub way sandwiches. 😀

    Sub+way = Subway. They have an outlet near the hotel where I was staying in Bukit Bintang (KL) but I never stopped by. Hope to do so someday…

  9. *shakes head* I gave into temptation and went to the bakery and ended up more than just buying savoury pastries. *SIGH*

    So what did you buy? Come…take photos and post! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Too late… makan liao… too hungry! LOL

      Hahahaha!!! Now just wait till you see what I have in store for tomorrow’s post. Yum!!! 😀

  10. Darn…. here dun have the pita kind. LOL…

    Come! Come on over! They have it here! Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

  11. Oihhhh… Tekkaus mentioned about the Subway sandwich. *DROOL DROOL* They have the best sandwiches around. Oh, God! have mercy upon this poor soul!!!

    Oh dear! So out you go again…to the nearest Subway outlet! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. Eeeeee… too much food… distracted me from what I wanted to say. I tot i posted thatc omment oredi. Apparently became the pita bread comment. LOL…. Happy Teacher’s Day, Cikgu. Hahahahaha…

    Thank you. I just complained in your blog that you did not greet me! LOL!!! 😀

  13. Oh oh some papa is missing his daughter already, thinking of the nostalgic moments with her..relax bro.. Btw what’s “Yew ai phee, yew ai chee, yew ai tua liap nee!” got to do with the bread? Maybe the milk you are referring to but then no milk only tofu fua woh? hahaha lol tQ.

    LOL!!! People want top quality things for the lowest price…and that is the Hokkien expression for a fussy and stingy guy who is very choosy when looking for a bride – must be cheap (dowry), must be a virgin and must have big breasts! Hahahahahaha!!! 😀

  14. 225!(Taufu fa) that’s how Joshua said. He loves cold 225.

    The sandwiches really yummy looking la. If price in KL lagi mahal

    LOL!!! So cute!!!…..KL people kaya raya mah! Here, it’s actually a surprise the bakery is doing well. At those prices, in the past, sure close shop liao! Maybe Sibu people improving now – even Secret Recipe always packed…not like at other places in peninsula!!!

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