Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…

My brother left home to pursue his further studies when he was around 20, so that means he has been away for about 40 years now. He does not come home very often but each time he came home, he would want to eat one thing – the celebrated Sibu Foochow kampua noodles! Nothing’s gonna change his love for that, I guess.

Soon Hock kampua 1

When I went to Auckland to visit him some four years ago, he took me to an eatery to eat the kampua noodles there. It was quite nice…but definitely a far cry from the real thing as I would know it and the price was astronomical – NZ$8.00. We had what they called laksa at another place and that too was Β a whole lot different from what we have here. The last time he came home – I think that would be last year, he said that the prices of those things had gone up to NZ$10-12.00…and in my post the other day, Pierre said that a bowl of beef noodles would cost NZ14.00 in Wellington. Gosh! Probably it had gone up again – talk about escalating prices! It has almost doubled in just these few years, imagine that!

Count our blessings!!! The kampua noodles at my favourite shops – Rasa Sayang Cafe and Soon Hock..are still RM2.20 a bowl or RM1.80 without meat for those who do not fancy paying the extra 40 sen for a few paper-thin pieces of the red-coloured boiled meat.

Soon Hock kampua 2

As a matter of fact, just two days ago, an ex-student of mine, now running his own pharmacy business Β somewhere in KL, posted this on Facebook: “Why am I so hungry? I had chee cheong fun for breakfast.”

I replied: “I had laksa…and then I had kampua…! Hahahaha!!! Life is so good!”

He responded: “Wah! Wah! Don’t tempt me! I’ll fly back to Sibu now if I can!” And then a few other ex-students joined in the chat, all expressing the fervent love for the noodles.

Soon Hock kampua 3

And they’re not alone! If you’re Sibu born and bred (and in the other towns around), chances are you will be a die-hard lover of Β kampua noodles as well and nothing’s ever gonna change that.

So, who’s back in town for the weekend? Come, let’s go for kampua! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…”

  1. is this also what dey called as kolo mee?? i love this one at here! its prepared by sarawakian husband n wife! lurvee it very much. almost every sunday went thr to eat it. :p

    Gosh! Here we go again! No, it is not what they call kolo mee. I’ve the explanation all here in this old post:
    Where are the husband and wife from? Kuching? What they call kolo mee in Sibu is not the same – it’s just kampua to which they add minced meat and what not – it looks like kolo mee but no, it is not kolo mee:
    But once when I was in KK, I went to a coffee shop in Asia City and had the seafood kolo mee, it was very nice – RM5.00…but tasted like kampua, not kolo mee:
    You can click the link and have a look!

  2. *paiseh… I never have kampua noodles before, it’s really die die must try!!>o<

    Have a nice day!

    So when are you coming over? I hear there are some places selling kampua in KL and kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya…but I guess those would at best be just ok – people who can’t make it here…or are not that keen on selling at RM2.20 a plate…when they can sell for RM4-4.50 in KL or KK.

  3. It is the type of noodles used to differentiate between a bowl of kampua and kolo mee. The latter is curly, springy and has more bite to it while kampua noodles is more like….soggy ! ( Blehh. Don’t hit me ! )

    More often than not, Malaysian food overseas are modified to cater local tastes. Take Kiwis for example, few can tolerate spicy food, most don’t like to eat with their fingers or eat anything that requires them to use their fingers and the yes, it is not a rumour, belacan and durian can kill them. hahahahahah

    There was a popular cafe operated by a young Siburian in Christchurch. Imagine my delight when they served kolo mee. Turned out to be kampua. *sound of balloon inflating*. 80% authentic. NZD$7. And that was 5 years ago so expect the price to be hiked up now.

    I have also tried Ice Kacang in another Malaysian eatery in Christchurch. NZD6 if memory serves me right. A bunch of us couldn’t hardly sit still in excitement ( we only get to fly home once a year for the food, I mean, family ). When it arrived, * sound of more balloons inflating*, it was a small bowl of shaved iced, very colourful, mind you, drenched in multi coloured syrup. Yes, ice and syrup ONLY. Maybe the red beans…corn…green jelly and the rest of the gang are on leave.

    That’s usually the case overseas – bluff the ang moh only…and some desperate Malaysians. Hahahaha!!! Funny how they always claim it’s kolo mee…and it turns out more like kampua instead. It’s not just the noodles – these days, they also cook kampua the same way – alternate hot and cold water, so it will not be so soft and soggy…but thos ein the know will tell you that the taste of kolo mee is completely different. Dunno what’s the secret…it’s like they’re using garlic oil…a dash of vinegar – can’t really tell. Must try and cook one day to see if I can uncover that little secret! Many will tell you that the kampua at Rasa Sayang is not authentic kampua – a bit like kolo mee but not quite there yet! It’s nice enough though!

  4. Yeah! Today’s pic more ‘shiok’! Kampua mee,yum yum yummy,n i m having sultana bran rite now while staring at the kampua! Pathetic huh! LOL! Anyway u made my kampua eye feasting day and have to go marketing now deciding what to cook for dinner tonite! :)!

    You can make your own kampua or something like it – with those egg noodles sold in packets…and use char siew. Yum! Yum!

    1. Sultana Bran more gives you more fibre definitely!! LOL!

      Has she got constipation problems? LOL!!! I’m not into those stuff…

  5. Hi STP,

    A kampua mee post, I see! Any particular reason for that?!! Or you are joining in the bandwagon too!! PS: Just joking..

    For me, a good kampua mee must have sufficient “pig oil”. Unhealthy, I know, but that is the essence of it!! Of course, the right noodles must be used too.

    Quoting you: “the price of beef noodles in Wellington has gone up to $14… Count our blessings”

    However, in my opinion, I think that it is not really fair to compare prices in M’sia with other countries. On a closer picture, it is also unfair to compare the price of food in KL with that of Sibu/Kch. Cost of living in KL is higher than Sibu. Thus, the average office worker in KL may be earning RM2200 per month, while an average office worker in Sibu may be earning RM1,500. Thus, I would not really count my blessings that food in S’wak are averagely cheaper as I do not know what is the salary of an average worker in Wellington. There again, this is just my personal take on it. However, the problem arises when salary is not increasing at the same rate as inflation..

    Anyway, the price of food in other countries may not be that expensive IF we are earning their currency. Thus, we would think that NZ$14 for a bowl of noodles is really expensive because we are earning RM and that would be around RM30 for a bowl of noodles. Likewise, your bro will think that RM2.20 for a plate of kampua mee is cheap because it would be arounf NZ$1.00 only.

    Nevertheless, I’m thankful that Malaysia is a safe place without war and famine. And in spite of the inflation, eating out at the coffee shop is still considerably affordable for an average wage earner.

    Anyway, have a nice day, Sir and Happy Teacher’s Day (in advance) to you (since you have not fully retired form that noble profession yet!!!).

    Any particular reason? Well, that’s for me to know…and for you to find out. Hahahahaha!!!!

    I am not interested in launching into a debate about prices and salaries – my comparisons are only on one-on-one basis. Period. All I know is in NZ – income tax is over 30% of taxable income, GST is 11%, the last time I heard…and my sis-in-law told me – it all looked so nice, life seemed so good but they had nothing, no savings (And I’m not saying that I have a lot! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!)…just the house in which they lived (and I will not go into the details regarding that). Whatever it is, it is always up to the individual to appreciate and be grateful and make the most of what one has – be contented and try to be happy whatever the situation one is in. The bottom line is – it’s the same everywhere, give or take a little. Life’s like that.

  6. Correction: Happy Teachers’ Day (in advance) to you (since you have not fully retired from that noble profession yet)!

    Thank you. Once a teacher, always a teacher – though retired, people will still call me “sin-seh”… πŸ™‚

    P.S. Obviously, you’ve been here before since you escaped moderation…and I can’t go into your profile on Facebook either to see who you really are. Never mind! Most welcome, keep dropping by!

    1. Good morning, STP.

      First of all, I apologize if I have offended you in any way in my earlier comment. I did not intend to offend you or your readers when I posted my comments as I assumed that it was fine to post my personal take. Yes, I have to admit that it was rather brash and totally off tangent, and that I took a rather simplistic view of how things are at the other side as I did not go beyond a statement of facts. Hence, my aplogy.

      Anyway, thank you for taking your time to reply my comment and I really appreciate your answers as it will help me in my rebuttals when it comes to the “brain drain issue” debate..

      Well, you said it spot on. Once a teacher, always a teacher. You have taught me something over the past few days.

      Once again, my apology and thanks to you. Have a nice day ahead, Sir.

      Oh? Not at all!! No apology needed. I thought you were very diplomatic and pleasant in presenting your views – that’s why I said you couldn’t possibly be the one somebody mentioned in her comment. Your rebuttals? Debate? You’re a student? Ah well…whatever! Best of luck to you in the competition…and you have a nice day too.

  7. oh my just love it… you know what , everytime i eat a noodle dish like this.. i always at the meat first then the veggies if any then i eat the noodles last haha so weird me

    Ya, weird indeed! I always save the best for last…noodles first, meat at the end! πŸ˜€

  8. Yalor, I normally will substitute the see through red-coloured boiled pork with pianik. More worth it. πŸ˜€ I do the same for kolo mee here also. But sometimes if I don’t say it properly, they will just ADD the kiaw together with char sio and bak cho. Will be having kueh chap later – oooo the innards~ Yumzzz! LOL! πŸ˜€

    What? Didn’t you just have kuih chap two days ago??? Eeeee….in moderation, my dear, in moderation! No good to take all that liver and what not so often!!! Ya…normally I would have it with piansip…and preferably mee pok – but I wanted to take the photos of kampua as it is/should be, that’s why I tapoaed it like that.

  9. Too bad cikgu, you cannot Ta Pau the Kampua noodles for me and fly it here, sigh. heard so much of this celebrated noodle, but never mind, you can make some one Ta Pau tomorrow… go and cast ……..

    What’s keeping you from flying over to Sibu…or Kuching? The cheap airline flies direct Penang-Kuching…and I saw the advert the other day – RM23 only. You can get kampua and all the nice Sibu food in Kuching now – the city is full of Foochows these days…and there’s the Kuching specialties – laksa (not like Penang’s and a lot nicer), kolo mee… It’s a whole lot cheaper than taking a cab to Sg Petani! Tsk! Tsk!!!!

  10. Yes, you – Kampua , nothings gonna change my love for you. HAHHAHAHAHAH

    Drooollllll….i can smell the kampua.

    Tonight i am going to ask my hub to bring me to the corner coffee shop at Damansara uptown, i forgot the coffee shop name, i think Mandy bring you there before. Their Sarawak mee, i should think they refer to kampua taste not bad. I tried once, taste very near to kampua and not kolo mee, but they don’t cook my favourite, soya sauce and chili sauce. 😦

    Well, beggar can’t ask for more right. At least can ease some crave. LOL

    Yes, Damansara Uptown, Mang Chuan Nik – they call it Sarawak Home Town Mee:
    Nice, something like kampua…and a lot nicer than what I had at Asia Cafe in Subang.

  11. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…-George Benson

    One of these days I have to go to Malaysia and get a foodie tour. Sooo many goodies at ridiculously cheap price!! Unfortunately, everytime I went to malaysia, it’s always mall and more mall. Yawn… but decent shopping tho.

    I haven’t tasted Kampua noodles before… But I can imagine that the noodle will be super umami tasty and with that uncolour cha siew… I think it’s similar to the chicken version in Indonesia or Mauritius….

    Come…come to Sarawak and Sabah! The best is all here!!! Shopping? People here would rather go to China or HongKong or even Thailand… Dunno about the Indonesian noodles…but the packet instant noodles – Indomie mee goreng is definitely nicer than ours. That’s my daughter’s staple over in Wellington! 😦 As for me, Indonesia = Nasi Padang!!! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. wahh!!

    Tempting me again arr..sir. Had a sumptuoas sarawak laksa breakfast at Lucky Garden, Bangsar with my mom this morning. HHOHOHOHOHO

    but still misses a good kampua + pian sip

    HAve a great weekend!!


    Try this one at Damansara Uptown:
    They call it Sarawak Home Town Mee – I ordered the dry version. Looked like kolo mee, but the taste…IMHO, more like kampua. Nice!

  13. I also had kampua this morning…hehe.

    I saw on Facebook. So much fried onions – reminds me of the one next to Dr Xavier’s clinic here in Sibu- haven’t been there for ages as the last time I went, I though it wasn’t so great anymore.

  14. Kampua again. Can’t even have the chance to try unless I fly to Sibu ;(

    I think Sibu’s kampua is just to tempting like what Seremban’s Hakka mee does to the Serembanite. Whenever Seremban people comes back hometown, they will hunt for the Hakka Mee.

    Ya, exactly! I’ve heard a bit about this Hakka mee – would love to get the chance to try that one day. Wonder what it’s like. Dunno any place in Seremban that may be selling something that is a bit like kampua, I’m afraid – only KL and the surrounding areas.

  15. sorry, i cannot make it as usual.. πŸ˜› but most probably, i will one day… Mandy, oh Mandy.. wanna go?

    Mandy, no sound liao lor! Too busy making money to think about coming to Sibu eat kampua! LOL!!!

  16. This comment has been deleted owing to the use of inappropriate language. Kindly have the decency to mind your language when posting comments. Thank you.

  17. For a minute there, i thought KJ was OTC… know why…. Hahaha!

    Why? Long comment? No lah…this one’s more diplomatic and not so brash!

  18. haha now i know why you are in this size!!! You have breakfast twice! OMG!! lol…

    That was lunch and 3 o’clock tea. I can’t remember now what I had for breakfast and 10 o’clock tea that morning. Muahahahaha!!!!

  19. same apply for me, everytime when i back home – kuching. i will eat kolo mee for sure.

    this kampua mee look very similar to the kolo mee in kuching.
    Can i summarize that kampua = kolo mee.
    this make everyone MUST go to Sibu for holiday. hehehe
    need to ajak my sibu friend back home liao… hehhehe

    Aiyor! You’re from Kuching, Sarawak and you don’t know that there is a world of difference between kolo mee and kampua? *shakes head in disbelief
    Here, read this:
    You have Sibu friend there kah? No need lah! Just come, I am here…can take you around (and eat), no problem.

  20. Haha, I have yet to know what kampua noodles and kolo mee tastes like. I have had kolo mee in KL, but something tells me its worlds apart from the real thing … lol

    Come on over for a weekend and you can get to try them first-hand. Young people should be more mobile…than all those wives and mums. πŸ˜€

  21. 40 years and that’s really long! sighs.. making me hungry abit.. lol..

    Ya, he spent most of his life abroad…just one-third in Sibu.

  22. Wahhh…thank God tosdy I dun have much appetite… else I would have drool at these. Looks very heavenly. Presentation oso looks very nice. Not messy like your previous laksa post.

    Come…come and see what I have in the next post! Bet you’ll love those… πŸ™‚

    1. You’re damn right… LOL… I love those in ur next post! LOL….

      Ya…see! I know you so well! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  23. the noodles look so yummy πŸ™‚ makes me want to visit Malaysia for a food trip soon!

    Come on over! We’re in the east…Borneo side, not the peninsula!

  24. kampua noodles look like what’s called wan tan mee in singapore. I can’t wait to try it. I think I’ve probably had it in JB and it was really yummy πŸ™‚ The noodles are thinner somewhat and the portions just right.

    Nope…it’s not the same and it’s not that easily available in the peninsula. This post touches on the difference between a few varieties of noodles:

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