What’s good for you…

…may not be good for me.

Well, you see, I bumped into an ex-colleague sometime last week and she told me that the Sarawak laksa at Soon Hock Cafe was very nice…and a friend of my missus also told her the same thing. Normally, I would go there for the kampua noodles and the pian sip that my daughter loves a lot…but since they claimed the laksa was nice, I decided to go there and check it out.

When it was served, I was kind of disappointed as the presentation looked quite miserable…

Soon Hock laksa 1

Where were the prawns? The shredded chicken? Why they did not even have the chopped Chinese celery! And goodness gracious me!!! The  supposed-to-be-thinly-sliced omelette was horribly thick…

Soon Hock laksa 2

The imitation crab sticks and the meat that they usually use for their kampua noodles did not manage to save the day.

On the whole, it tasted o.k. and at only RM3.20 a bowl, I do not see any cause for complaint but I would not want to go there on purpose just for the laksa. If I happen to be in the neighbourhood and I’m looking for something to eat, I may consider…but then again, there’s the e-Cafe laksa at the other end of the block that, I feel, is comparatively nicer and if it’s Sarawak laksa that I want, I would much sooner go for the one with the giant freshwater prawns at Thomson Corner!

After all, what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander. We all see and evaluate things in our own ways and based on our own judgement, we will make our own choices between what we think is nice and what is not.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “What’s good for you…”

  1. I don’t like imitation crab meat. 😀 Anyway good morning bro.

    Good morning to you. Neither do I! My mum is allergic to those…and I’m sure it is not due to the crab meat content, if any – all the artificial flavourings and preservatives, I think. 😦

  2. eeeeiiiihhhhhh i love the imitation of crab meat!!! but for laksa? dunno lerr.. i think hor last year i dint ate any laksa. lol! only this year last 2 months. =) but dnt really like to eat laksa. maybe d one i ate not so nice lor. :S

    No, not for me – very peculiar taste…and I don’t like all those factory made fish balls and whatever balls – all have a very strange taste and smell. Ya…probably you did not know where to go! Everything, there’s good…and there’s not so good. Have to KNOW and CHOOSE wisely.

  3. The laksa looks like curry to me.. or is it named laksa over there but it is actually curry? oh..sounds confusing here.. lol.. some parts of the country call it curry laksa, i think… yes, it doesnt look attractive, the way they served this.. yesterday i took a bowl of koay teow with some shredded chicken with 3 pieces of shredded prawns, it cost only RM3.50. :p

    It may look like curry…if they put a lot of santan but it is not curry. The taste is VERY different from curry. SIGH!! So hard to explain lah! You will just have to come over here and try. In Singapore, what they call laksa is different from ours, theirs is curry….or what they call curry laksa. I think theirs is more like what I had in Penang – curry mee.

  4. oh my.. imitation crab sticks in LAKSA? LOL.. well, I’m glad I’ve found a stall in KL that serves laksa like those in Kuching.. yay..

    Somebody also found one yesterday – posted on Facebook. Kelantan guy cooking – he said very nice, just like Sarawak laksa…but RM7 and portion very small – would have to eat two bowls!!!

  5. this’s the first time i see (cheat one) crabbie meat in sarawak laksa, i wouldn’t complain cos i likey it haha…
    some of the stalls are selling laksa special. special my butt lo, only extra two slightly bigger prawns and a bigger bowl =.=

    imma have penang laksa soon! nyek nyek

    Shredded newspapers…and black like ditch water! Eyew!!! Hahahahaha!!! My kuih stall sells that – I tried once, nice…but not so nice that I would want to have it again and again. Well, just click the link to see the special at Thomson Corner here. Itu baru best!!!! 🙂

  6. That’s the most unattractive sarawak laksa i’ve ever seen. Since when does tauhu-pok feature in sarawak laksa? And imitation crab sticks? Ughh!

    LOL!!! We have the tauhu pok in the laksa here at a number of places. Melissa loves them! But imitation crab sticks? I guess we have to draw the line somewhere…. 😦

  7. The santan looks overcooked. I dun like char sio and fake crab meat in my laksa…spoil the whole thing only.

    By the way, what do you call the type of leaf they put in the laksa (and popiah) here? They call it pang chai (fragrant vege) some call it chao chai (stinky vege). Any specific name in English? Cannot find those in Sibu, my mom said.

    Those would be coriander leaves – cockroach/bed bug smell! I can eat that but not a fan. My missus and daughter wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole…and believe it or not, KNB too!!! Despite having lived in Kuching all his life! When he goes to get the bride, she must get him to eat a big bowl of that! LOL!!!

    1. Oi… dont give ideas. Anyways, am prepared for that… my bestman, TOC loves coriander leaves, i will assign him to eat that. hhhaa.
      The imitation crab meat is made from surimi, i.e. whole fishes mashed up with flour into paste form. Definitely with preservatives too. Its a lame substitute for prawns in laksa.

      Ya…what’s laksa without prawns? The more the better! The bigger even better! Oh? So what will you assign JC to do? Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! But the groom MUST also eat whatever is challenged. I hope the ji mui(s) can get hold of some live sago worms 😛

        Oh dear!!! So kesian your chipmunk, when his turn comes… Hahahaha!!! 😀

      2. ermm…. sing and dance? hahahaha

        Wear sexy female lingerie – black lace, net stockings and all and while at it, maybe throw in a pair of boots and a whip too? Hahahahahaha!!!! And he can whip the other best man who probably would love that! ROTFLMAO!!!

  8. Agree, everyone’s opinion and taste about certain food is different.
    It would be nice to have celery and prawns in it.

    Then it would be more like the real thing – Sarawak laksa as everybody knows it to be.

  9. Soon Hock Cafe, i remember you told me their kampua very nice, i have yet to try. Next trip back, 1st place is to Soon Hock Cafe!! LOL

    Maybe like you said, i am typical foo chow, go back home only eat Kampua, sarawak laksa not in my list. 🙂

    But sometime over here in KL, once in a blue moon i will go to have Sarawak Laksa, nearby my house there is one coffee shop serve Sarawak Laksa, according to a lot people including those from Sarawak, said very nice, just like those in Sarawak wor.

    p/s : i just had two big hot and fresh curry puff for breakfast this morning. Yum!!!!

    Hah!!! Then you must drop by tomorrow to drool at the photos of Soon Hock kampua in tomorrow’s post! LOL!!! Everybody’s talking about kampua these days…so I tak nak kalah – also wanna join in! 😀 Next time you come back, must take you to eat the laksa special at Thomson Corner – really nice and like laksa, not a pale imitation. The seafood kampua there is also very nice!!! Yum! Yum!

  10. it is look like sarawak laksa. i like it very much.

    Just can only enjoy those food when i back to sarawak…

    but it is not good for me too 😛

    So very kesian…this cannot eat, that cannot eat! I eat everything!!! Just do not eat all the time and in moderation – that should be ok. Like some people – instant noodles every day – that is also bad!

  11. oh. so this Sarawak Laksa. looks so…messy. maybe the cook need to improve the presentation. Anyway, why they called it laksa when there is a curry soup?? same goes to Sabah and Singapore laksa’s version.

    It is NOT curry. It has its own “rempah” and the only similarity is that both have santan. That’s why some people do not like laksa too lemak – too much santan. They say it makes it like curry…. The Singapore curry laksa is more to curry as we know it to be; at least, in Penang, they call it curry mee.

  12. that bowl of laksa look so miserable..at least they put imitation crab meat not Hot Dog..eyek.
    Kuching laksa still the best I had with Tina..somewhere near a Hotel.

    That should be Choon Hui, next to Grand Continental – one of the most popular but some say it’s overrated and there are nicer ones elsewhere.

    1. Personally I don’t like Choon Hui laksa, as it’s way too bland. Favourite now is at “Fairmount” (Fat Cat). Foody Goody is a close second.

      That’s what I hear… My favourite once here – e-Cafe isn’t that great either – I’ve gone back to Thomson Corner. Maybe they can no longer get the swallow rempah…and are forced to use helang – which really isn’t so nice.

  13. wah i didn’t know that they have crabsticks in there. Hmm.. yeah where’s the shredded chicken and prawn?

    Yalor…at least should LOOK like Sarawak laksa – this one… doesn’t look like it and the taste not quite there either. Tastes ok though…just that it’s not exactly what it claims to be.

  14. Looks kinda weird… I dun tink i will eat that for the second time if it taste not nice.

    The taste is all right…but not how it was described to be. That’s why – we should never believe all that we hear. Just have to go and check it out ourselves and make our own fair judgement.

  15. Penang we call this Curry Mee(as if you didn’t already knew,hahah) anyway, if the pictures are what it was about your laksa,they i dont it looked good in the first place… dont like crab stick in the curry mee.. to me it spoils the taste…

    I had your Penang curry mee: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/hey-good-lookin/
    It is VERY different – the ingredients are all different…and they do not even look the same. You come over here (…which people over there never bother unless there is something that they want!!!)…and try and then you will tell me that the taste is also VERY different. As for the rest of your comment, this is not a political blog! After all, as this post says – what’s good for you may not be good for me! Hehehehe!!!

  16. I don’t like crab stick. but the laksa gravy looks thick and creamy.

    I don’t mind but some people do not like it so lemak – too much santan makes it more like curry which is not what laksa is really.

  17. Your laksa pic today not appealing at all! Not drooling today! But I have to say Sarawak laksa is still my favourite among all laksas! :)!! Sometimes beggars can be choosers! haha!! esp when it comes to laksas!

    I dunno Melbourne…but what my brother took me to eat in Auckland – they called it laksa – was actually curry mee! Not the same!!! You don’t have a problem, of course, as you know how to cook it yourself…

  18. Faux crab stick – Fail!; Tofu puffs – Double Fail!!

    Fail on ALL counts! If no laksa…like overseas, semadi saja makan! Something’s better than nothing. LOL!!! 😀

  19. i had my first sarawak laksa at klcc foodcourt…taste good and i like it since then

    KLCC food court? You’re sure it’s really authentic Sarawak laksa or not? KLCC???…..Not at Laksa Shack, I hope! That’s like those Asian restaurants overseas – to bluff the mat salleh! 😉

  20. The laksa looks like leftovers mixed together >.<

    It probably was that as I went quite late – around lunchtime. Usually people have that for breakfast or 10 o’clock break… Never mind! Try once, now I know – will not go there for that again.

  21. This is Foochow version of Sarawak laksa, or rather, Sibu Laksa. Correct me if i’m wrong, I think I spot char siew in it! 🙂

    Obviously! But it is a far cry from the laksa we had long long ago – those were really the pits!!! This one wasn’t too bad, really…but wasn’t great either! I dunno whether she ran out of the shredded chicken and prawns (because I went late – around 1 p.m)….and just had to dump in whatever she could get hold of…or what?

    P.S. Btw, welcome…and thanks for dropping by! Do come again! 😉

  22. Sounds like curry, looks like curry, smells like curry but not curry korek korek korek…lol tQ.

    Nope…looks like curry but other than that, nothing like curry! Come over and give it a try! Bet you’ll love it (but not this one though – I mean, other nicer ones elsewhere). 😉

  23. The best is in Kuching. No doubt about it.
    Anything else is like showing of a fake LV bag.

    Fake also nice mah!!! If my missus uses, sure people think genuine one! Hahahahaha!!! Actually, a couple of places here – the laksa quite good…can match some places in Kuching or be even better – but kolo mee, I have to concede. All the places selling the so-called kolo mee in Sibu, real crap lah! Nothing at all like the real thing in Kuching. Kolo mee – just have to go to Kuching to eat!

  24. OK, the surimi puts me off a bit. But wwoooooooooo…. I am sooo hungry lookin at that thing. Man, you are living the life! Trying out new things everyday.

    Ya…whatever complaints and criticisms we may have about it, it is consoling to know that it costs less than NZ1.50…and less than AUS$1.00! Muahahahahaha!!! Ah well, some eat to live and some live to eat – no prize for guessing which group I belong to! 😀

  25. does it taste like a real crab meat?

    That will be the day. I always feel it has some kind of peculiar artificially-flavoured taste – definitely not crab! 😦

  26. UMMmmmm… my favourite laksa! I have yet to try Sarawak laksa, the appearance looks ‘ok’ to me… was that bad meh? LOL! RM 3.20 with crab stick some more… it’s a suicide price in K.L, hohohoho!

    Happy weekend!

    It tasted ok but Sarawak laksa looks a lot nicer than that and there were a lot of missing essential ingredients that make Sarawak laksa what it is. RM3.20…cheap, so no complaint! LOL!!! 😀

  27. Hi there, i think this is my first time to drop a few words here.

    I’ve just tried out Sarawak Laksa at Tiong Hua Market first floor.
    Superb nice!! The portion is so big and it costs only RM3.

    Besides, i think u can try “mee goreng with soup” there also.
    A big bowl mee goreng with 10++ fresh prawns and costs only RM2.80.

    Believe it or not?

    Thanks for the info. They also tell me that the laksa at a stall above the Dewan Suarah market is also very nice…and the kolo mee too but I have not had the chance to drop by. Hope to go and try one day. So many places to go, so little time! Hahahahaha!!!! Thanks also for dropping by and do come again! 🙂

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