Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee before?Β I have…once! There was a Vietnamese restaurant here at one time and I went there for their beef noodles and spring rolls…and I had their coffee.

These were the Vietnamese rolls that I had when I was in KL earlier this year…

Vietnamese rolls
*recycled pic

Well, recently my niece gave me two packs of their coffee…

Vietnamese coffee 1

Lien Saigon Brand…and the No. 1 coffee in Vietnam – Trung Nguyen which is pronounced as “chung weng/win” or something like that and not as it is spelt! I opened the former…as I believe in what they always say – save the best for last! LOL!!!

To brew the coffee, you’ll need the cups, of course…

Coffee cups

…and for Vietnamese coffee, you must have their special filter…

Vietnamese coffee filter

…into which you put in the coffee powder…with the compressor on top. Put it on top of the cup, pour in hot water…put the lid back on the filter and wait for the coffee to drip into the cup…

Brewing Vietnamese coffee

When the coffee is ready, add sugar or condensed milk, whichever you may prefer. In my case, I’d settle for kopi-o (black coffee), no less…

Vietnamese coffee 2

And now the verdict! Emmm…..I’d say it was aye! Not really great and I would very much prefer our local Mui Hock (GPS co0rdinate: 2.288769,111.829416) coffee or the coffee that I can get at some of the coffee shops around. Maybe I should try the Trung Nguyen brand – perhaps that one will be better!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Vietnam…”

  1. argh! i dnt like coffee! but i love starbucks! πŸ˜› kay i dnt even noe how to brew coffee. :s

    How come I am not surprised? πŸ˜‰ LMAO!!!

    1. CHEH! i am pretty sure that im those dunno-how-to-do-almost-anything girl type in ur eyes! :p

      Oops!!! No lah…you’re Daddy’s sweet little girl! Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰

      1. hmph u lie one. 😦 sobs..

        Owh!!! Poor thing! Don’t cry now… Come, uncle timang! Timang, ‘nak…timang! πŸ˜€ Now, you feel better? Hehehehehe!

  2. i drank Vietnam coffee before! actually macam the same la =.= not really a fan of black coffee though

    Yup…but more like the West Malaysian coffee. I prefer our local coffee, dunno what variety they are or where they are from…

  3. The first time I had Vietnamese coffee was few years back in Singapore when I went to dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant. Everything there – from decorations to food to workers to, of course, coffee are very Vietnamese. One thing I am not very sure whether it was “Vietnamese” culture – the waitress kept on asking my ask (a learned professor) whether I was a Filipino.

    So much so that I told the professor – “She must be thinking that you are a nice boss to bring your Filipino maid to restaurant to eat.”

    The clever professor answered – “I thought that’s a compliment. Filipino women are generally beautiful. If you look Filipino, she means you are beautiful.”

    That was the best part of the Vietnamese experience! Yes, we ordered the coffee – and it was really singfully (it should be sinfully) sweet!

    But when I went to Ho Chih Minh city year back, I did buy some coffee back, and it was nice. Sorry, all finished! Next time! Probably, I should try Filipino coffee, but, what’s it?

    LOL!!! Interesting experience you have there – got so tickled by the Filipino maid bit! Your friend certainly was a charmer – a sweet talker, eh? This is the 2nd time I have had Vietnamese coffee…and I’m not crazy about it. Can’t beat our own Mui Hock coffee…or if you ask some people I know, the coffee at Sg Merah! Somebody gave me some coffee from another country, can’t remember exactly where now – probably some European or African country – also not nice! But maybe she kept it for a long, long time before she gave it to me, I wouldn’t know. Dunno about Filipino coffee…but Indonesian – no, thank you very much!!!

  4. Oh!Vietnamese coffee different kah? I am not even sure if I have tasted it before!LOL! Normally I go vietnamese shop to eat their noodles n they gave out complimentary tea then later in the afternoon i will go to coffeeshops for coffee n cake! :)! But so far for me Moccona n S’wak coffee,Sibu esp. still are A’s for me!

    Yalor! No coffee anywhere can beat the coffee here…and the old die-hards coming to Sibu simply MUST go and have their cuppa at Sungai Merah!

  5. the Vietnamese restaurant you talked about.. is it the one near gambir area?..gosh I can’t even remember what’s that place called.. lol.

    Yup…the one at the Selemo roundabout. Closed down sometime ago, replaced by a Malay cafe named Halia. Never been there! If I remember correctly, the name was Eden…

  6. Interesting cups you have… 888. Hahaha

    Fatt…fatt…fatt…for good luck! Btw, those are the last 3 digits of Pullman’s telephone number! See…fatt or not! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. And you end up looking like the number 8… ROTFL!!!! πŸ˜€ *runs*

      That’s obviously the case with KNB. See! He admits it liao! LOL!!!

    2. My hp number also start with 888….. still not yet fatt ler, only got fat. lol

      LOL!!! Too bad, in your case it’s fat…fat…fat! Your Cantonese kurang tepat! πŸ˜€

  7. Looks very kau to me.. thick.. did u try the old town coffee in IPOH? i think u didnt.. :p… ok, some other time when u come for longer stay…

    I don’t think I had coffee in Ipoh…and everywhere where I had coffee over that side, it was always a disappointment. Nothing like what we have here – but not all coffee shops here also – must know which one makes good coffee and is worth going! We have that old town coffee brand in the supermarkets here – dunno the same or not. Never bought to try…as we have our own local source – simply the best!!!

    1. I like the old town coffee in Ipoh (Not the franchise Old Town White Coffee) though. My friend brought me to old town and we had the white coffee. Very kaw and aromatic. I even bought a packet of the coffee powder to bring back to Sibu. Can smell the coffee powder (I put it in my backpack at the luggage compartment) in the plane summore.

      I think they do sell that brand in the supermarkets but I’ve never bothered to go and try. If I want to buiy coffee powder, it has to be Mui Hock, no less. The Ruby lady boss told me that they buy theirs from that same shop!

  8. I cannot drink coffee. Will keep burping after. Don’t mind the STP kopi-o at Ruby’s though πŸ˜€

    Whatever the reason, I wonder! Thank goodness the air does not come out the other end! Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  9. I have one of this filter at home, my husband bought it from Vietnam during one of his business trip… my verdict is:” Darn Slow”… how to drink a hot steaming coffee if it’s dripped in such “tortoise” pace?!!! The only choice is flooded it with ice and drink it cold… 😦

    have a nice day to you!

    Yes…it takes a long long time. Drip…drip…drip…!!! Must be really very patient! LOL!!!

  10. waaaah coffee.. i am a certified coffee addict haha did you know that i am consuming baout 8-10 cups of coffee a day.. haha that’s how addict i am

    Omigawd!!! That is addiction, true and true…!!!

  11. Eeeeee… coffee… I wouldn’t want those. Drink that oredi will get palpitations! Unlike Carol… Starbucks oso I dun like. LOL… I’m tea person. *sigh* How come Starbucks dun serve variety of teas wan? Sien.

    Like my missus when she drinks Nescafe. Don’t like Starbucks either – don’t think the coffee is that great…plus it is expensive some more. The other place goes “…and Tea Leaf”, so I guess you can have tea there, no?

  12. Must use the special cups is it? :p If no, then cannot brew?

    Of course you can…like how we brew coffee in a sock or butterfly net, we put coffee powder in it, pour hot water in…and strain out the coffee kao-kao into a cup. This one, you have to wait for it to drip…drip…drip!!! LOL!!!

  13. Eh, Cikgu… wud’s the difference between the Vietnamese rolls and popiah? Looks like popiah…

    The skin is different. These, they use rice paper. They also have popiah – spring rolls using the same kind of skin that we use…and they deep fry them. I prefer the type like ours…

  14. wow a special way of brewing coffee. Too bad it doesn’t taste that special.

    Yup…maybe I can try using the filter with our own Sibu special. Bet it will taste a lot nicer.

  15. Am not crazy about vietnamese coffee, but I would love to have one of those drip filters!..

    Can pass to you, should I be going to Kuching anytime. Don’t have the patience… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. The coffee granules still can pass through this type of metal filter. Actually our local coffee taste nicer. Use our normal Hailam style cloth filter aka singlet filter works better! LOL!

    That’s the sock or some call it the butterfly filter! Yahor! I remember now… All those coffee shops in my younger days – the “experts” making the coffee were all Hailam lang!

  17. i like vietnamese food too, simple and nutritious!

    You do? I haven’t really had much of it – just the rolls and the beef noodles.

  18. Oohh nice filter! I had Vietnamese coffee before only from a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hoa. After dripping, they poured it into a glass filled with ice and then added milk into it. Yummy!

    Well, this Trung Nguyan is the No. 1 brand, it seems…so hopefully, it’s really really good…

  19. Oh no I am craving for those rice rolls now.

    Hahaha Nguyen is such a cliche` vietnamese name.
    Coffee Kapal Api from Indonesia is better I think ( I am truly biased here).

    LOL!!! I think I’ve seen that Kapal Api Brand in the shops here too…but I’ve never bought it to try. Had coffee in the coffee shops in Medan when I was there many years ago…and I did not like it at all. Perhaps there are better ones elsewhere, I wouldn’t know…

  20. sure i am honestly to tell you i need see it… i am not coffee fan ci….

    i dont like drink coffee…. after drink pening kepala….

    so… cannot share with you.

    Many Chinese people are not into coffee – like you, they get a headache from drinking it. Tea is not a problem for them. Actually, they say there are differences in the characters of a tea and a coffee man.

    1. what is the different characters… do one post to describe it πŸ™‚

      What characters? Old post…forgot liao what you’re referring to…

      1. you said differences in the characters of a tea and a coffee man right …

        do u know what is the different characters ??/ if know, then write a post to describe it … hhahaha

        Oh!!! That! I can’t remember now – used that in one of my training courses for teachers in the 90s, I think. But basically, tea persons seem to be better – calm, mild, gentle…whereas coffee people are more impatient but out-going, pro-active. It had something to do with team building – different personalities need to work together, not all the same…to achieve the goals.

  21. Nope never tried b4. Friend went to vietnam and had the coffee said very tiny cup. Not like those sold here

    I guess they would not have to wait so long for the cup to fill then. Looks like they’re “real” coffee drinkers there – like this expresso at Seattle Coffee in Kuching. Real thick and black and in a very small cup. Not my cup of tea…I mean, coffee!

  22. Oooooh.. the Vietnamese drip coffee drew my attention ! Have yet to find the chance to try. Coffeeeeeeeeee.

    You’re a coffee person too! Great! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  23. I’m a java lover but I don’t like Vietnam coffee. Overbrewed and slightly acidic. The 3 in 1s are so strong, sends my head spinning to Vietnam and back and those fresh brews at our so-called Vietnam food places are sooo sweet and heavy with condensed milk with a slightly bitter and acidic overtone. I’d go for beef pho’ anytime.

    No more Vietnamese places here…so none of all those for me even if I had wanted any. I did not like the brand that I tried…and I don’t know when I’ll get to try the other one.

  24. and what about those prized civet cat coffee ??? gosh.. cannot imagine. over here, i catch a civet cat at my home and release it near the zoo. Over there, civet cats are prized.

    I can’t find the post now…but there was a photo in this blog – showing one whole dog in the food showcase, roasted…red colour, like roast pig! Well, they eat that in China too, don’t they? If I remember correctly, they were blaming them for the SARS outbreak…

  25. yeah.. that’s what you call exotic meat. I’m not a very exotic person. Just pork and chicken is good enough for me .. LOL !
    Think of it, how can you possibly like some coffee that came out with cat’s dung ?? yuccky !

    Is that so? I heard some old blogger-friend saying something about the beans being passed out by the musang or something like that and he insisted that one would be the best. I wouldn’t know… First time I’ve heard it.

  26. Trung Nguyen: it’s de best! I love it. It’s nutty n not too bitter. Btw, there are many 3-in-1 Viet coffee nowadays.. and they are also great. i especially like the brand Vina Cafe and G8. Malaysia also makes 3-in-1 Vietnam coffee, imaginatively branded as “Vietnam Coffee” — manufactured by Hwei Hwang Foods in Ipoh! I bought that when I was in Kulai! And much of my fresh Viet coffee, I bought in Melbourne!!

    Ah! Is that so? Then I must get down to trying it soonest… The Saigon brand isn’t really nice… 😦

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