Tart tart…

I love tarts! Umm…I mean, the edible kind, that is! LOL!!!

The egg tarts at the bakeries here cost around RM1.20 each and occasionally, I may grab one or two for myself for tea. These, however, are RM1.00 for three…

Egg tarts 1

…but of course, they’re slightly smaller and the egg custard is not up to the brim. Well, considering that they’re so cheap, who’s complaining?

I also love those egg tarts that we can get at the dim sum places…

Egg tarts 2
*recycled pic

The pastry is different – something like puff pastry and the ones that we can get at the dim sum restaurant here are also pretty good.

Moving on from tarts, I do love these cucur udang too…

Cucur udang 1

I wouldn’t call them prawn fritters as that would bring to mind something like tempura prawns where the crustaceans are dipped in batter and fried. These are actually placed on batter and fried…

Cucur udang 2

…and at four for RM1.00, they’re really value for money…and that’s not all – they even give you a packet of home-made chilli sauce for you to eat the cucur with. Yum!!!

Anybody heading to my regular Bandong kuih-muih stall? See you there! LOL!!!

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32 thoughts on “Tart tart…”

  1. I love blueberry tarts. πŸ˜€ Ouh….I thought that is prawn tart. LOL πŸ˜€

    Phew! That was close! Nope…not into blueberry tarts – too sweet. Egg tarts are not as sweet…

  2. Between the tarts and cucur udang, i’d go for cucur udang first. LOL… I’m more into savoury stuff.

    I don’t mind both…but cucur udang, must have the udang on top. Some claim that they’ve blended the prawns and mixed with the batter. Not a fan of those…

    1. You mean like those cucur jagung? The prawns have been mixed inside the batter?

      Yup…some of them claim they’re prawn fritters…but you do not get to see them and there is hardly any prawn taste either! 😦

  3. RM1 for 3?? that’s CHEAP!.. I use to love egg tarts.. but after I tried the DURIAN tarts.. I prefer that.. lol..

    Egg tarts for me – I love the egg custard, smooth! Not too sweet and the taste isn’t too strong either…and the pastry makes a difference too.

  4. i lurve Portuguese tart! it’s just 11 days away before i can lay my hands on it! nom Nom NOM.

    as for now, *wipe drool* time for brekkie XD

    Bye-bye! You’ll be back for your convo, I guess…or are you having it in Serdang? Too bad you did not like it there in Bint-ULU, it’s quite a nice place, really…compared to many towns in West Malaysia. And good grief! They are asking for a university in Sibu. I wonder how many places will be given to our local Sibuians. Imagine all the very unhappy West Malaysians we will have in our midst! Anyway, I would think it is much better for people to get out of their comfort zone – then they will appreciate their home more!

  5. I love egg tarts too!!! πŸ˜€ Especially those at dim sum place ones too coz they are different. Very rarely bakeries make really good egg tarts.

    Not like those at the dim sum places with the layered puff pastry…but those at some bakeries here are quite nice. Used to love those at Applebee’s (Sugar Bun) but haven’t been there for ages…

  6. are you kidding rm1 for 4 piece! so cheap! i will eat until my stomach boom!

    Dirt cheap…if compared to things in Oman, eh? Gosh! Good thing, you’re not here – wouldn’t be a pleasant sight if your stomach goes boom! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. The cucur udang looks like the one i had in Bintulu last month. Very big prawns. Unlike the cucur udang in Kuching…the size of hei bee.

    Yum! I love those with big prawns! How much were they in Bintulu?

    1. Donno….. the office people there bought it for our tea breaks. Together with many other types of kueh. hahahaha

      Wah! Your subordinates really feed you well, eh? SSB – saya suka boss!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. I love cucur udang very very the much but i dont like tart a bit…dont know why i guess i dont like the soggy inside and the hard outside………next time you come to Penang, i take you to one mamak store,selling the cucur udang very the good one…but the trick is ,you must ask the price of each single piece that you are going to order, if not after walloping, you will be surprised how much you ate and how much you had to pay.

    by the way cikgu, how is Melissa coping in NZ,, any post about her?

    Oh…don’t start on those mamak fellas. Daylight robbers – just order a few items, already over RM10, pengsan!!! Melissa’s doing fine… No new photos on Facebook, so no posts on her.

    take care now and god bless

  9. yeah for egg tarts, I like the puff pastry version better. You’ll like the ones from Ipoh. they have more than 40 layers!

    Wow!!! Puff pastry, have to eat there on the spot while it’s nice and hot…

  10. Chop!! The yam pastry looks very nice( While scrolling down the post)! It looks so crispy and “fluffy”… how’s the filling taste har, needless to say, must be super deilicious right?!

    Have a nice day to you!

    p/s: Sorry… not a tart person! I used to love egg tarts when I was a kid, so much so my mum bought it every day until I felt gross. Moreover, she made me eat it… so that it won’t go wasted( bad anecdote)!!!

    The yam pastry? Ok…not bad. That was in Penang. The best ones, I would say, would be from Kuching – Kai Joo Lane but must eat there when it’s piping hot. We have two places in Sibu – not bad either. They all have char siew filling…

  11. LOVE cucur udang de best! Lots of tarts here except the unique kuih tarts! :)!

    Pineapple tarts! There’s a bakery here that makes very nice ones – see if they have off-CNY season. They’re shaped like sago worms though. Ya…you miss the cucur udang, don’t you? Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  12. The egg tarts looked so sunken.. the fried cucuk udang looked much better.. 4 for a ringgit.. mana boleh dapat! very cheap la.. but then STP, dont eat so much fried fried.. oh dear, i forgotten i ate a lot this morning.. aikss..

    No lah! Once in a while… So many different kuih-muih, nasi lemak and all kinds of nasi, noodles at that kampung stall – sure can rotate, no need to eat the same thing every day.

  13. wat is inedible tart? lol..

    This is the definition from one of the online dictionaries:
    prostitute: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
    …but come to think of it, can eat or not? ROTFL!!!

  14. the cucur udang looks like to die for.. so fluffy and delicious!!!

    P/S: i tot u r becoming one of those online ppl with bad spelling when u said Shakira in the meking.. lol.. thank goodness for the correction that came shortly after πŸ˜›

    Hahahaha!!! Slip of the finger… After heavy lunch, sleepy! LOL!!!

  15. I think what would be great is if they actually put the shrimp on top of the egg tart. Fusion cuisine. Haha!

    Eyew!!! You sure you are sober? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ But then again, you certainly are no stranger to stuff with peculiar tastes!!

  16. 3 tarts for Rm1 very cheap, even if they are of smaller size

    Yalor…and even though they are not filled to the brim with egg custard. That cheap, really no cause for complaint! πŸ™‚

  17. wah…i saw big UDANG..the cucur udang i get here is very tiny…like the udang tak cukup makan..LOL!!

    Normally, we get very small ones too…but these are big! I like! πŸ˜€

  18. Oohh it’s 4pm now and your post just made me hunger for tarts!! Tarts tarts wherefore art thou?? Buy me some from your kuih market.. LOL!

    Not making any plans to come to Sibu? I’ll buy all the kuihs for you to try… Yum! Yum! πŸ˜€

  19. have u tried Portuguese Egg Tarts before? Personally, they’re better than the regular ones x)

    Yup! We have those at the dim sum places here – the ones with the layered puff pastry with stains like they are burnt or something. My daughter prefers those to the ordinary egg tarts. Come to think of it, she does not seem to be a fan of these in the pic…not even the nice more expensive ones from the bakeries.

  20. *sigh* I can sit here and imagine the cucur udang. I like cucur udang, especially if taken with kuah kacang. OMG, heavenly!

    Drool!…Drool!…Drool!…Muahahahahaha!!! *evil laughter

  21. when I see an egg tart I always think of lemon tarts and then there’s the butter tart, Canada’s contribution to the world of tarts.. why is it I always get hungry when I come to your blog, eh?

    You too? I thought it would not have that effect on you as you may not be familiar with the things we eat here. I don’t mind lemon egg tarts sometimes for a change…but butter tarts. Haven’t tried those…

  22. sobs…hungry …but kenot eat…having allergy now 😦 Dont know what kind of allergy…high on doctors drug..the tart looks so good πŸ™‚

    Poor thing! Allergy? I understand that daun bumi hempedu is good for that – I posted on it long ago. You can google it up!

  23. Looking at your post now making me hungry. I went to Farley bakery after work to buy bread and was thinking to grab an egg tart but sold out! Now see tart at your post… 😦

    Farley? The one in town or the one in Salim? Can’t remember if I had had their egg tarts or not…

  24. aiyo.. u not welcome me go to Sibu ar… mmmm
    *the rest of your comment has been deleted. Sorry, this is not a political forum. Please take your political agenda elsewhere. Thank you.

    Of course, everybody’s welcome to Sibu…if they want to come!!!!

  25. I like egg tarts, be it the flaky kind in dim sum outlets, or the cookie pastry sold in pasar malam, or the higher end John King’s.

    Then you’re like me…as long as they’re egg tarts, I like! πŸ™‚

  26. Prawn fritters…aaahh….i prefer those big flat one which i used to savor a lot from the pasar malam…but i don’t find my favourite stall open for business anymore….

    Pasar malam! That reminds me – my daughter bought once…dunno which stall but really nice! Big flat one with big prawn! I was eating around the prawn…saving it for last and when I was about to get to it, it dropped onto the ground!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!

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