Sweet inspiration…

During my childhood days, we would grow our own corn in the vast empty space in one corner of our house compound. We would germinate the seeds first by soaking them in water and I particularly loved the part where one of us would use a stick to poke a hole in the ground and the fella behind would put in two or three of the germinated seeds.

But the variety of the corn we planted was not so nice – best eaten when still young but if it was a bit old, it would be hard and I did not like the taste so much. These days, we have nicer varieties like what they call the Ligo type which is sweet and nice regardless whether it is young or old.

They used to be quite cheap – RM2.00 for a bundle of 6 or more…and the price has been increasing and increasing. But I did manage to get 9 the other day for RM5.00, 9 freshly-cut ones from the kampung and I cooked them right away…

Sweet corn 1

It is best to keep the most inner layer of the ear leaves intact, plus a bit of the silk hair when boiling the corn in water, adding a spoonful of salt to enhance the taste. I hear that those parts of the corn have some medicinal value.

It only takes a while to cook. Just peel off the leaves and remove the hair and sink your teeth into it – removing the kernel from the cob and savouring the sweetness…

Sweet corn 2

Some people love dabbing it with butter or margarine and eating it like that, but not me. What about you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Sweet inspiration…”

  1. Good morning Sir, nowadays corns are expensive over here.. in Jaya Jusco,4rm for 2… if govt agriculture dept comes, they sell 5 for 2rm, smaller ones… i put corns fro my soup…. sweeter…and yes, like u, i prefer to eat them after steaming, no butter please! πŸ™‚

    *faints!!! And I thought it is expensive here. Normally, we can get 4 for RM4…unlike in the past when for RM2, we could get 6 or even 8 depending on the size. Yesterday, I went and bought some more as my mum loves eating them – RM5.00 for 8…and according to the girl, it’s “lelong” price as it was later in the morning and the stall was about to close. Normally, they would sell for RM6.00 or RM6.50. Gosh!

    1. Here also. RM5 for two or rm5 for 3.

      I heard from MIL, she said the “hair” can cure cough.Boil and drink or something like that.

      Alamak!!! So very expensive!!! Like eating gold!!!…I hear its good for diabetes and stuff like that. Maybe can google and see… There are usually websites that talk about these things.

    2. 😦 So expensive ah these days? I kinda stopped eating corn since I left my parents house. Kinda no mood to eat corns, cuz I used to plant them. No matter how cheap people claim them to be, it always seems expensive to me, cuz growing corns is really easy. To buy them at even 50cent each is considered very expensive to me… lol… cuz i used to grow em myself. =.= Almost endless supply of corns when I was growing up…

      Claire make soup ah? LOL… I dun really make soup out of my corns. Too lazy for that. Used to BBQ it behind the house after harvesting em or let my mum boil em…

      This is gonna sound very yucky to some of you, but i used to eat em raw, after plucking from the plant itself. So damn sweet, and I dun even have to worry about fertilizer, cuz i used none! LOL…

      We cook sayur masak lemak or some call it sayur lodeh – throw in the baby corn and the corn on the cob with everything else. Otherwise, if just sweet corn soup – just use the tinned ones lah! Btw, somebody’s post…in her blog today – Merryn, I think…she also had a corn on the cob in her soup… Go! You go and see! It must be Jagung Day today!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. yea lar! haha d price got dat expensive one meh?? how come i dunno one. LMAO!

      Let me guess…you never go marketing, never step at the wet market…and thinks the place is so dirty and smelly, right or not? 😦

      1. wei i EVER la! yish! but then in hypermarket oso got sell ma right?? :p
        me usually just choose n mom pay! hahaha

        Hahahahaha!!! Hypermart where got same – often not so fresh and more expensive too, I bet. So nice…jadi anak, just take…mak or pak pay!!!

  2. Plain, plain, everything plain, without adding salt or butter or whatsoever!

    You know Robert Lau Junior’s dad eats the corn raw?

    Eyew…I don’t think I’d like the so-called “green smell”. That’s why I’m not crazy about barbecued corn – it has that smell. Best boiled or steamed… I’d add a pinch of salt when boiling…out of habit, I guess (the way my mum used to cook them). These days, the corn is so sweet…it’s really not necessary – unlike the type we had when I was young.

  3. hmm… I only want it with butter if I BBQ it.. πŸ˜€ but the ones sold here are always dabbed with butter. It cost around RM1.50 – RM2 for 1 cooked corn.. hmmm..

    Not a fan of barbecued corn…the smoked burnt smell. Love sweet potatoes barbecued though… YUM! Yum! RM2 for one? If here, I’d rather go and eat kampua! LOL!!!

  4. I like it without anything, not even salt. When in season (got season wan kah?) can see a lot of them selling here by the roadside all over Kuching.

    I guess there is the slashing and burning season, the planting season…the growing season…and the harvesting season….and there are specific times in the year to start, so I guess you get a lot of corn all together at one time. πŸ˜‰

    1. Haiyorr, there is no corn seasons la… actually you can grow it anytime. unless you’re talking about the sawah padi where people plant it while waiting to harvest the paddy, that is.

      That one you plant a little bit beside your house, different story lah. I’m talking about people clearing big areas of land to grow for sale…. Had to wait for hot, dry season before we could clear the land….and wait for it all to dry before burning. That time, 5-puluhan lah!!! Now cannot do that liao! πŸ˜‰

      1. Woi, Cikgu, you forget to bold your comment! LOL… =.=

        Got kah? Which one?…I only see one that I missed – didn’t reply! You comment so fast, me old man susah want to keep up! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  5. oh my sweet corn…. spread some butter, sprinkles som salt and tadah… so yummy!!!!!

    Not for me… I like it fresh and plain, can savour the flavour! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh yes…I love to sapu lots of butter on the hot corn and sprinkle some salt on it. Sometimes, MIL will cook soup with corn and I also scoop up the corn and sapu with lots of butter before eating them. Haha….Nice nice….

    Eyew…not for me. Eeee….already cooked as soup, still add butter. Good thing you are still so skinny! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    1. How you know I’m skinny? You might be surprised I’m fatter than you! haha ….. anything with butter = my favourites!

      You have your photos in your blog, haven’t you? Or…in the photos at one of those mothers’ get-together. No? Let me see if you’re on Facebook or not… Hehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. My girl Juan Juan is a die hard fan for sweetcorn leh~!! I’ll show her the picture when she comes back from her school, let her drool a bit… kiahahaha (Giggling evilly)!!

    have a wonderful weekend to you!

    Aiyor…so bad, this mother! Torture the anak like that! Kesian! Hahahahaha!!! You have a nice weekend too!

  8. Wah… that jagung looks very nice. Round and kilat. I prefer young corns though i do know some people who like the old orangey hard ones.

    My missus is one of them. To me, too old, not so nice…and too young also. Has to be just right!

  9. Wowie can actually bite of the corn from the screen looks so so so real golden and juicy. Love all your pixs clear and sharp. Inflasi bro? Not really coz of transformation used to be called jagung now upgrade to ‘corn’ so price also upgraded RM2 jagung now RM5 corn haha. I would love your way, boil with some salt and eat plain. For me think I am the odd one coz I go for those old old jagung love to chew chew chew and chew and chew chew..haha. ~;) tQ.

    Hmmm…it’s still jagong here, never mind Malay or Chinese – the name’s the same. I guess you still have a lot of teeth…but in my case, I’m glad I still have some left…and still can eat – but a lot of the kernels will come out eventually – whole! Hahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  10. I like corn in a cup, with butter and salt πŸ™‚

    Like those Nelson’s ones – their corn-in-a-cup? No, thanks! I dunno why but my head started spinning every time I ate those…and they do not use butter. Margarine! Eyew…. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Spinning?… maybe they added msg (Ve-tsin) to give it extra taste.

      Don’t think so. Maybe I just don’t like the taste or smell of margarine…Planta, Daisy whatever…

    2. 😦 I dun like buying corn in cups… not as sweet as those that I used to grow in the garden.

      Of course lah! These that I bought…from my kuih-muih stall, somebody in the kampung where the stall is had just cut and sent there for them to sell – really fresh and so very sweet. Took home and cooked straight away! Best lah!!!

  11. Haha! Wat a coincidence. I am boiling supersweet corn with salt n eating them too, right now infact! I also like them plain. Bought on special the other day 3 for A$2.00. I still think Sibu corn taste nicer though. Now I am yearning for the baby corn which u buy in a whole bunch that u can cook with rebus,stirfry anything, haiya! ‘lau-nua’ now!

    Aiyor…that would be 3 for RM5.00…and I got 8 or 9 for that amount of money. Corn tastes nicer if cooked right after it has been harvested. Can see on the stem where it has been cut – if all dried up, might as well don’t buy. I guess that’s why Sibu corn in nicer – over there, you buy in supermarts – a few days old probably. Oh? No baby corn there? The canned ones are awful – I would not touch those! So kesian… I just had them for dinner last night, masak lemak…with cangkuk manis. Yum! Yum!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  12. Fresh corn if eat immediately tastes very sweet. My Bro and I used to plant corn too behind our old house!

    Gee! Our younger days so similar hor! Pity the young kids today – most would not know what a corn plant looks like (Right or not, Caroline?)…and thank goodness they do sell corn on the cob or they will think, corn grows as seeds… Sigh!

    1. *high 5* Pete… looks like Pantai Bersih people are just budak kampung. Kakakakak… I used to plant corns behind my house too. Until snakes started to come and make nest over there, that it. Damn scary ahhhhh… 😦

      Weii, Cikgu… wud you mean bebudak sekarang dunno how the plants looks like? I am so old kah? I used to grow corn behind in my garden la weyy! Among all those veggies, i like to grow corns the most. Why? Cuz it just takes 2 wiks liddat den can oredi harvest the corns. LOL… and every night… you can actually hear the plant grow. It goes… prapp prapp prapp!

      You go to the schools now and ask the students – the city ones, of course…not those from the kampung. They do not seem to know A LOT of things – real pathetic, I tell you! Sometimes I wonder if they have any brains or not… 😦

      1. Nonid to go to school… 😦 my students oso same… they got brain wan la… but their brain are quite empty most of the times. Follow text book… what’s not in exam, they tarak care:( SIGH!!!!

        And even what’s in the books…ask them a month later, all forgotten liao!!! Straight As in exams, mind you! I cannot imagine these people going out into the world – our future generation. I guess I would be dead by then, thank God for small mercies!!!

  13. Corn, i am not a corn person but love to drink corn soup. Usually, weekend i will boil corn soup for my boys.

    You know what, there is a type of corn in Cameron, they said can eat it raw and very sweet and expensive. “Pearl” corn, i remember my mil bought a lot home!! They said very very sweet wor.

    Never heard of that. I wonder if it’s nice…

  14. I love sweet corn, period.

    That makes lots of us! My parents love it – bought for two mornings in a row, but none this morning! Can’t possibly be my post! Not this early! But I heard somebody printed my review on the chicken pies and gave to the lady boss of Aroma Bakery!!! LOL!!!

    1. Ya kah? Hee hee…hope she maintains the quality then, and not get big headed!

      Hopefully. It seems they only make 20 pies a day. Btw, your pao lady has dengue – last I heard, she’s not back in action yet…but there is hope yet! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. ooooo.. i love corn! i dunno we can grow it ourselves πŸ˜€

    Ethan loves steamed corn in a cup.. i love anything corn – pop corn, steamed corn, roasted corn.. anything lah! πŸ˜€ with or without butter oso can πŸ˜€

    Gee! City people! You know what the plant looks like? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Looks like everybody loves sweet corn…

  16. Stella, are you sure you can’t get those baby corns in Melb? I was able to find them almost everywhere in Perth, sometimes even in Coles/ Woolworths.

    There, Stella – no problem getting them there. Just boil with a pinch of salt, and eat as they are – really nice already. Serve by the side with your steaks or chops….

    1. The baby corn here from Thailand u know prepacked like the canned baby corn but fresh n ya sold in woolies/coles,chinese shops, but the ones I meant is very young corn with the leaves still intact,but like ‘bogay’corn,the kernel not developed yet, the ones u can get from the big market in Sibu. I remember my late mum always buy in bunches, i think known as iban jagung or something?? susah to describe, maybe STP can put up photos next time.

      Same lah…just that you have not removed the ear leaves, the silk hair everything. These days, most of them will do that for you and pack them in plastic bags, ready to cook. People getting lazier… Even bandong leaves also, got already pounded ones…tupang/cempedak/nangka muda already removed the outer layer and cut into chunks! Clean or not, that’s another story! Never mind, just wash, cook and eat! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Corns…I used to plant these behind my house when I was still living with my parents. LOL. I have green fingers, and could plant almost anything. LOL…Planted so many veggies and flowers back then, but somehow, stopped planting corns when the plant became snake nest. 😦

    ps: I used to pluck the corns from my garden and just bakar it right there and then. πŸ˜› Very sweet and fresh. I never really liked to buy corns, i don’t know why.

    Anyway, over there, so very expensive, I also will not want to buy. For that kind of money, better go and eat something else!

  18. Panggang/ Woodfired with sambal and a little sugar in petang(6pm). When the mosque starts to hail songs, and the jakarta weather started to get chilly… Tasty corn and the little me. Ah Nostalgia!

    Oops…made you miss home, did I? Sobs!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Welcome, Pierre…thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll, so do come again, eh? πŸ™‚

  19. Oh my sister loves corn. you know, I watched a japanese programme once and apparently, the correct way to eat corn is vertically, rather than horizontally, like most people do. I tried it and it actually made a lot of sense. dsn’t stick to your teeth as much. haha

    Eyew…wouldn’t the long cob be rubbing on your face? Hahahahaha!!!

  20. i should not comment this post.


    i am not the fan of this.

    it looks nice, it smells nice too, but i don’t like it.

    Why? You’re the odd one out. Everybody loves it!!! Guess you were not a chicken in your previous life! Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. sure hehehe i am not chicken in my previous life… but i think i am sweetcorn lo…

      So “chickens” love you a lot? Hahahaha!!!

  21. a little late to the party on this one.. I tend to like corn straight up no butter for me, which is rare because I love butter! The type I look for each year, usually around August, is called peaches and cream. A mix of yellow and white kernels which always seems to be the sweetest and most tender.

    I guess they don’t mix so well…according to our tastebuds, at least. I don’t like peaches – don’t mind those in cans…but not crazy about them either. Love avocados…with rich creamy milk and a sprinkle of sugar!

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