Johnny be good…

Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t that good…

I am talking about the Roti John that I bought the other day. I’ve seen the name at a lot of places, even at roadside burger stalls, but I never bothered to check out what on earth it actually was. So I bought one the other day, D for “daging” (beef)…

Roti John 1

…and it was not cheap – RM2.50 each. The other option was A for “ayam” (chicken).

Wrapped up inside was a bun…

Roti John 2

…and in the bun were some bits of meat – beef, I guess…and some dressing – most likely, mayo and chilli sauce…

Roti John 3

It was o.k. but I wouldn’t want to go for that again if I had a choice. For RM2.50, I can go for kampua noodles and still have 30 sen change.

I also had the nasi kerabu the other day…

Nasi kerabu

This one was pale blue in colour unlike what I had the first time and it wasn’t yellow either – like the nasi kerabu from some lady from Johore.

There were two pieces of chicken inside instead of the usual fried fish and it did not have the stuffed green chilli either. Generally, it was not as nice as what I had before and it was not cheap either – RM3.50. I would much sooner settle for the nasi lemak at only RM1.50 a packet, which is so much nicer and satisfying.

My daughter would love these bergedil at only RM1.00 for 3…


…but I do not really care for those – a tad too oily for my liking. I would rather opt for these kuih basong, also 3 for RM1.00…

Kuih basong

…even though they have shrunk in size. Those that I had in my younger days were at least three times bigger…but these were nice and I would not mind having them again. I was told that one VIP, either a senator or an ex-senator, staying in the neighbourhood would buy those for breakfast every day.

I used to love these tempeyek too…


They’re sometimes called rempeyak, so I was told. For RM1.00, you can get a packet of 10…but I prefer those that I used to buy at another place long, long ago – one whole tin of those but the stall is no longer in business. These are o.k. – beggars can’t be choosers! LOL!!!

I guess I do not have to keep telling everybody where I would go to get these things – that same ol’ kuih-muih stall at Bandong (GPS coordinate: 2.314074,111.825693) in the morning!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Johnny be good…”

  1. omg the delicious foodies. Argh, I miss food that I can actually afford 😦

    Ya…it’s expensive there hor? Just don’t convert and it will not seem so bad. Drool! Drool! Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. GOSH! the roti john really remind me of my college time! U know i used to eat it almost everyday whenever I have class till 5pm? always will go buy it during break time. :p same price at here rm2.50. how come urs dnt hv vege one?? ours here quite thick layer lor the meat with vege. πŸ™‚ hmm.. i never eat nasi kerabu. lol. well it doesnt attract me at all. haha is it one of those malay foodies??

    Your college days so many years ago, now price has gone up…or maybe this one that I bought, not nice one. Never tried roti john before bah!!! Nasi kerabu…is Kelantan national food, nasi dagang is Trengganu’s.

    1. ROFL! MANY YEARS AGO?! m just graduated last year kay! lol! price still d same la, i went to my college few times n went to the restaurant thr to get it, pay same price. :p lol ooh okay, not into it, i mean d nasi kerabu. haha.

      LOL!!! Made it sound as if you’re so old, izzit? Hehehehehe!!!! Wah! College there got restaurant, not canteen or cafeteria kah? Hebat lah! Must be all the students there kaya raya one… My daughter loved the nasi kerabu – the ones that I used to have and I quite liked it too…but this one, not really that nice. Maybe not original, she’s not from Kelantan.

  3. So many delicious kuih-muih this morning. Hmm…I notice lately all your posts are plastered with the GPS coordinates huh! War…now so advance already ar? :p

    People give address, draw map…I tak mahu kalah – give GPS coordinate lor! More canggih! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Tempeyek, it is called over here.. 10 for RM1? so cheap! i like those with lots of nuts and ikan bilis.. dont mind paying a bit more.. lol.. yes, the burger and the rice didnt appeal to me… kampua?? anytime better!
    STP, noticed that u always buy like to buy kueh… u have a sweet tooth, i bet! me too… i love sweet things..

    Not all sweet, some savoury… I usually buy on my way to my mum’s house to take care of her (bedridden) and at 10 a.m. we’ll have tea (together with the Indon maid) and we eat what I buy. She loves these kampong stuff…

  5. Really can learn new thing here everyday hor. I did not know that is called tempeyek! Whenever I described the thing to people I don’t know what to call it – fried flat crispy thing with ikan bilis and kacang on top, and they stared at me blankly πŸ˜› LOL!!!

    I’m also hopeless at names…but I can always my mum’s Indon maid and then I’ll go and google for the name and the photos…following the pronunciation. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. didn’t know you like peyek, or i would have ordered a tin for you when you were in Kuching. My colleague’s stepmom makes very nice peyek – liberally dotted with ikan bilis and kacang. She sells them at RM35 per tin, those giant kiss-a** tins, not those puny Jacobs tin.

    Good or not? These are from some lady in Kabong, I hear. Ok…but not really great. I loved those at a stall at Kpg Dato here…but it’s no longer in business. Also bought one kerosene/cream crackers tin – the tall type but I can’t remember how much it cost. Definitely not so expensive but that was so long ago. Sigh!!! 😦

  7. cikgu, i must be frank here, of all the foodie pictures you posted thus far, these are the least enticing hahahahah, i guess simply because i am not a bread person, solely my personal opinion. You know in Penang, we have the new roti on the block – it is called Roti Boy. Business is brisk lah…

    I’m not a bread person either so that may be one reason why I did not like it, plus I did not like the bun used – the very soft type that gets very mushy in the mouth. I wouldn’t buy that again, that’s for sure…and definitely not for RM2.50. Now, what on earth is Roti Boy? Care to explain?

    1. Neh, Roti Boy is what some call it Mexican Bun in some bakeries, round bun baked with butter or whatever it is on top and emit this strong coffee-like smell. Very famous in KL once upon a time and can be smelled miles away at KLCC. Now they have branches at almost all the big shopping malls in KL – Mid Valley, 1Utama, etc.

      Oh I see! We had that long ago… Still got at a number of bakeries around here but no longer crazy over those.

  8. Never quite liked the Roti Johns in Sarawak. Though i remembered having it once in Melaka and it was really good.

    Oh? So the Johns are better in Melaka? Hahahaha!!! Never tried the stuff from those roadside stalls…

  9. I love nasi kerabu, we have a very nice nasi kerabu stall authetically from kelantan in our Friday’s night market… the budu, belacan and ayam percik gravy are superdelicious!

    I personally think it’s hard to find a nice Roti John, I have tried so many but only one that operates during bulan ramadan that will satisfy my taste buds… hrm!

    Ya…they used to have somebody from Kelantan making – oooo…loved the budu gravy, the stuffed green chilli. Must complain to the lady the next time I drop by – get the previous lady to make, this one’s not so nice. This was my first roti John…and it was two thumbs down! 😦

  10. I prefer ramly burger over roti john.

    Yup…I think I would prefer rambly burgers too anytime! Had one in Sri Aman – beef burger with egg, baked beans…and dunno what else. Really nice!!! Never had that again…as I don’t usually go to those desolate roadside stalls at street corners that only open at night – I hardly ever go out at night, such a goodie-goodie guy! Hehehehehe! πŸ˜€

  11. OMG!.. I miss rempeyak!! Never thought about it for a long long long time till I see this.. OMG.. can you stop making me miss all those food from home? 😦

    I’m sure they have that over there…or maybe you dunno where to go to get them – ask your Malay friends. Hehehehehe….I enjoy making people miss home, especially the food! Wuahahahaha!!!! *evil laughter πŸ˜€

  12. I haven’t seen or try any of the delicacies you mentioned. Next time ta pau to KL can?

    Would be better if you come over the Sibu. You can try a lot more than just these! Yum! Yum! πŸ˜‰

  13. i am wtih mnhl, i prefer ramly burger over roti john. Like you said, seen the name at a lot places, but i don’t think i will order it lo.

    I am not a kuih muih person, i will give it a pass. πŸ™‚

    Ya…like me! Saw the name everywhere but I never bothered to order to try. Some of the kuih muih really nice…and would be nice for afternoon tea. Morning, I prefer to go for noodles, porridge or something heavier.

  14. Aiiiiiiiiyerrrrrr…. roti John! I’m salivating right now. I only get to eat Roti John during puasa time, cuz they sell it in the bazaar Ramadhan. 😦 Now dun hv… dunno where to find. *DIES* I’m not supposed to online rite now… aiyaks… i cabut first! LOL…

    Hah!!! Ponteng eh? See…now you have to suffer! Happy drooling! Muahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Ah, Roti John reminds me of late nights rushing for assignments and due dates …. eeks!
    Bergedil bergedil, I love those !! My grandpa used to make the best ones…:) Since then, I’ve not seen them being sold anywhere in ages !

    I don’t really like these – used to buy for my daughter. But formerly in the nasi kerabu, they had bergedil ikan – that one I like. Asked the lady to get the person to make for sale – without the rice, but so far, haven’t seen any yet. 😦

  16. nobody knows how the name came about, but yes, roti john is one of acquired taste. somehow, it seems to be popular in melaka & not many other places.

    the one in your picture is soft because the insides haven’t been toasted with margarine/butter & looks like there too much mayonnaise splattered all over it.

    Yup! Couldn’t agree more. It certainly can go with a lot less dressing…and perhaps a bit more meat, plus veg and onions… Yup, they toast the inside of the bun first for the ferry kebabs. Guess they’re not very popular here either as I’ve never heard anybody singing their praises…

  17. In Miri, we pay RM3.00 or RM3.50 for the Johnny. But the look is nicer than yours. I won’t buy also. It is quite popular here.

    Wouldn’t mind if more expensive as long as it’s nice. This is cheaper but I don’t think it’s worth RM2.50 – nothing much inside.

  18. I haven’t tried Kuih Basong before! Sounds like ‘beh song’ in Hokkien LOL! The Roti john doesn’t look too tempting eh? I prefer to eat Kebab in roti pita instead…

    None here. Those would be more authentic. They had outlets in Kuching – two places, at least at one time…but I think those have closed down. Dunno if they are any more there. Well, it actually sounds more like “bak song” = pleasures of the flesh. Hahahahaha!!!

  19. oh no 😦 I bought roti john once at one of those ramadhan bazaar disappointing…much rather have a greasy ramlee burger any day. Speaking of, have you ever tried the belachan kampua down by the kampung?

    Now I know better…. No more roti John, thank you. Belacan kampua? That would be at MAS Corner (noted for its laksa). I was planning to go and try…but if I remember correctly, it was kongkay of who gave it the thumbs down. I never went after that…

    1. No no..this is within the kampung, my friends call it ‘ah kua tua’ ..for really obvious’s a pink wooden shack-ish place..belachan kampua there is good stuff, chicken wings aren’t too shabby either

      Ah!! I heard about that. The most gaily-decorated one in the kampung. Some people went and this ah kua came to take their orders speaking in a girl’s voice. When the ah kua went into the kitchen, something caught fire…and the ah kua ran out of the kitchen shouting, “Tolong! Tolong!” in a man’s voice. They all ROTFL…unable to go and help! Hahahahaha!!!! I never go there cos it’s so congested – so many cars, no proper parking spaces and the road is already so narrow, all the cars lined the sides…and they only open at night. Me goodie-goodie, seldom go out at night. πŸ™‚

  20. ROti John is my hub’s fav but i still prefer Ramly’s one..heheh. Probably this roti is LONG, so i dont really go for it else will end up a waste..

    If this is what roti john is like everywhere, I would go for Rambly burger anytime…

  21. nasi kerabu look nice!

    let me check… i have one friend in sibu hehehe …

    Nope…not really. I prefer those I bought before – different lady making. You have a friend in Sibu? Wonder of it’s somebody I know…

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