Let’s put it all together…

Chap-chap means a mixture of everything and that is what this soup dish is called…


True to its name, you can find a little bit of this and a little bit of that in it. In this one, there are some pieces of liver, fish balls, piansip or kiaw or wantan, whichever you choose to call it, fried tofu and some veg. You may find more at other places, for instance, meat balls, pig’s intestines, tung hoon (glass noodles) and so on.

Usually, these are available at many kampua noodle stalls in town…and this one is from a coffee shop at Delta Estate (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) named after the residential area where it is located. It is only RM3.00 a bowl and I would say it is pretty good though I would prefer a bit more stuff inside like the one here (GPS coordinate: 2.310536,111.831315).

I had mentioned the kampua noodles at this particular coffee shop in a post sometime ago. It is different from most other places as they use lor bak (meat braised in soy sauce) instead of the usual imitation char siew (red-coloured boiled meat). Pricewise, it costs a bit more though – RM2.40 compared to only RM2.20 at most other places. The complimentary soup is very nice though which is more than what I would say about the ones at Rasa Sayang Cafe or Soon Hock Coffee Shop.

The first time I had the noodles there, I did not really like it owing to the strong taste of ginger but I had gone back there a couple of times and found that it was not always so. So far, it had been o.k. and I would not mind going back there again and again. For one thing, its location is very convenient and I can easily stop there for breakfast on my way to my parents’ house which is just round the corner.

The other day, I had kampua kosong (without meat) with the chap-chap and that cost me RM4.80 altogether, RM1.80 for the noodles and as I have said earlier, RM3.00 for the chap-chap.

Chap-chap and kampua kosong

That was certainly most filling indeed. Maybe you would like to drop by and give it a try?