Tonight, I celebrate my love…

I attended the wedding banquet held to celebrate the marriage of my sister-in-law’s son to his radiant bride at this restaurant in Kuching…

Wedding Banquet 1

There was, of course, the cutting of the wedding cake…

Wedding Banquet 2

…and the pouring of the wine…

Wedding Banquet 3

…followed by the toast…

Wedding Banquet 4

The dinner started off with the Four Seasons…

Four Seasons

…which included some sushi – but Japanese food has never been my cup of tea and I’m not a fan of the pickled jellyfish either while the other two items in the dish were a bit too salty for my liking.

The not-to-be-named soup was pretty good though…


…and I had seconds!

Then came the roasted suckling pig…

Roasted suckling pig

…which was absolutely heavenly especially the nice crispy skin!

The tempura prawns and salad dish was not bad…

Tempura prawns & salad

…while the steamed fish was quite good…

Steamed fish

…and I liked the duck too…

Roast duck

I gave the broccoli a pass as usually, when you get this dish in the restaurants, you will find an overload of msg…

Broccoli with pacific clams

The honeydew sago cream that was served for dessert was fine, this much I would say…

Honeydew sago cream

All things considered, I think the dinner was somewhat expensive – at RM550.00 per table but then again, that could be the standard in Kuching. At any of the leading restaurants in Sibu, we definitely would be able to get something a lot nicer at RM450.00 or maybe even less.

This is the last in my series of three posts on the wedding, so all that’s left for me to do now is to wish the newly-weds, Alfonso & Wai Fun, yet once again – congratulations and may your days together be filled with showers of Blessings and abundant happiness. CHEERS!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Tonight, I celebrate my love…”

  1. Alamak… ‘Tonight, I Celebrate My Love’ is my song with hubby. *blush blush* Kakakakakkak!!! I want to eat the jellyfish…. 😦 Must ask hubby buy me some one of these days.

    Oooo…so romantic kah, you and your hubby? Wakakakakaka!!! One of my fave restaurants here – Ruby, their jellyfish is nice and very popular – just that I’m not a fan, so I’ve never ordered. Can’t remember whether I’ve featured it in my blog – maybe once, one of my in-law’s birthday dinner or something.

    1. LOL… romantic… itu cerita dulu dulu. How long d ah? Almost 8 years back lah. LOL…

      Actually I’m allergic to jellyfish wan… if eat d, will gatal gatal… but my mulut more gatal, always wanna eat it. Nice ma… I like. So I will take a big and eat la… taste nice, gatal oso dun care lah! Walloped!

      Aiyor…so long ago. Now not romantic anymore lah?…..Yakah! Jellyfish also can trigger allergy kah? Didn’t know that. Thought only crabs, prawns and the like…

      1. LOL… now no time to romantic. Got time better sleep. LOL…Yeah.. jellyfish can make some ppl have allergic reaction. I’m sensitive to it. Take more abit, then will itchy here and there and grow spots. I dun have such reaction to crustaceans, though. jellyfish gives me itchy spots. terrible ones at that too. but den again, as I said la… mulut more gatal. LOL… itchy oso wanna eat abit. LOL…degil!

        Not allergic to crustaceans…but allergic to jellyfish? Hmmm….like some people allergic to milk and milk products maybe? So your hubby will always buy jellyfish for you and later, help you scratch lah? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. well.. is it because my tum-tum is still full now or i am so used to with those foods above, n am not feeling its attractive now. 😦 lol! btw, 550 so cheap?! whr u can get it?! at here minimum price per table at 3 star hotel only cost u 650 per table lor. then 5 star hotel cost u like 1k+ per table.

    KK, no need to say lah! Memang expensive…but may be cheaper than KL. Like hotel rooms – if RM100 plus in KK, you may get to stay in some small shoplot hotel, and not even a nice decent one. Here, for RM65, you can get a very nice room at one Medan Hotel, can rival those big posh hotels…except that the rooms are not carpeted (Italian tiles) and there’s no lift (two or three storeys only anyway). One good thing about staying in a small but not too small town!

    1. hahahaah! ya la! eh who say need rm100 plus?! i’ve done research for my assignment last time n for those small shoplot hotel wont reach till rm100 lar. adoi.. unless u saying for family room lar, only few ny rm100 plus, others family room oso range from rm88-98 ny. if rm100 plus oso seasonal one. πŸ™‚ one thing nice here, if u do ur wedding at those 5 stars hotel oso u wont rugi la. cz those ppl who attend d wedding will at least give u more than half of ur expenses. haha u will get at least rm100 from each guest who attending. so u wont feel like u spent lot of money for wedding ceremony. hahaha. πŸ˜€

      Where got nice one? I stayed at Deeleton – opposite Centrepoint – Over RM100 but not really nice – not bad only…and I stayed at another once – Ruby, Diamond or Pearl or whatever! I think also over RM100, middle of the night, millions of cockroaches came out…I did not dare step off the bed!!!

      Here, the trend is to put a clause in the invitation – Gifts are respectfully declined. Where got profit anymore? Last time maybe lah…long2 ago. I heard of people making married, making more than enough to cover the dinner costs. Not anymore lah! Not in Sibu!

  3. Eh, is that the pig snout ? With charred edges…Okay. * appetite dies, chucks oatmeal *

    Hahahahaha!!! Nope, that’s the ear. The pig is facing the other direction so you will not get to see the snout. πŸ˜‰

  4. RM550 in Kuching is not considered expensive la.. considering it includes the not-to-be-named soup and white pomphret. That restaurant serves good duck… as its sister-restaurant is supposed to be a “duck specialist”.

    Btw… did you chew the piglets ear? lol

    Nope…nobody touched the head! LOL!!! Ya…consider the stuff served, maybe it’s not really expensive – the not-to-be-named soup and the piglet. The duck, I think just half – should be around RM20 or so only here…and the fish wasn’t white pomfret, so wouldn’t be that expensive. It was nice though – I enjoyed the fish!

  5. How did you know it costs RM550 per table? You asked ka?? By the way, the soup-that-shall-not-be-named, looks very good, esp. with the chunks of which-shall-not-be-named.

    My missus asked the sister. Yup, the soup tasted very nice – lots of bits of crab inside also. I think the waitress did not stir properly when she served the first round. That was my second helping…and when I scooped from the bottom, I found all the chunks of that-which-shall-not-be-named!!! Like striking gold! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Generous Portion of Which-shall-not-be-named.. RM 550 is not expensive, considering that portion served and plus the suckling pig.. hmmm… suckling pig feast next time you’re in town? hahahahaha

      all this shall-not-be-named makes me feel like we’re eating Lord Voldemort.. haha

      LOL!!! He who shall-not-be-named! How come when you mentioned that name – Sir Elton John comes to mind? Muahahahahaha!!!! The “generous portion” was at the bottom…maybe the waitress did not stir properly when serving the 1st round. Ah! That would be nice – dunno of any place here where can get suckling pig! None, I think!

  6. Ooooh!!! I went to a birthday dinner last Sunday and I had 2 of the dishes from the pictures above. Now I know where they ordered them from. Hahahaha!!! The 4 seasons and the piglet. I took quite a few helpings of the piglet πŸ˜›

    Not crazy about the Four Seasons but loved the piglet! Yum! Yum!!!

  7. that ‘roasted suckling pig’…. is making me really really hungry now… if i end up fat.. it’s your fault.. 😦

    Oh dear,,,poor me! People are blaming me for growing fat and spending more on food! Sigh!!! This is the thanks I get… 😦

  8. u rich ppl that 550 whre got xpensive as some of those price doesnt come in good dishes…

    Me not rich lah… If I host dinner, RM150 a table enough liao. I saw in newspapers – Supreme Hotel in Kuching, one table RM250 – hah!!! That should be ok for poor people like me. Hehehehehe!!!

  9. Ohhh…..the suckling pig….my favourite! And the roasted duck. My fav. too.

    RM550 for such dishes are ok la… suckling pig wor. A normal table (w/out suckling pig) in my hometown also around this price already.

    Ok ya? The pig and the duck were very nice, the soup and fish also good… Did not like the Four Seasons and the tempura prawns rather bland, prawn also not “sweet”… What I had at a Japanese restaurant in Sibu, a lot nicer!

  10. I just want to see your picture with the tux lah. cikgu, where no got your pictures one…

    Me not handsome, don’t want to spoil the post mah. They all not so formal mah! Even the father and father-in-law just used simple only. I used a batek shirt…and somebody already called me Datuk! Eyew…and it was a cheap one; if I used my expensive one RM300-400 – sure will look so out of place. Like going for dinner with Agong or what… LOL!!!

  11. I personally go for the tempura and salad dish! The honey dew sago cream dessert is one of my mom’s “secret recipe” leh, but she added vanilla ice cream on top of other ingredients! Yummy!

    Hey!!! That’s a great idea! Must try that next time! The tempura was just ok – rather bland…the batter and the prawn too, maybe not really fresh ones.

  12. hehehe… but Cikgu, for KL standard that table of dishes will cost at least RM800 to RM1000 already!! Guess sometimes in KL, paying RM1K for a table will not get you what you eating also… especially the ‘not to be name’ soup!

    KL…what to say! All the rich people there. But it seems that such dinners outside KL like in Puchong, Kajang or where…all so very cheap leh? I see in some people’s blogs…all the nice food and so very cheap!!! How come I went to KL, nothing’s cheap one? 😦

  13. Why the soup is not to be named ah? πŸ˜› I love suckling pig ler!

    Later all the NGO people…the JAWS lovers will come here and make noise! LOL!!! Gee! So many love suckling pig, I see!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Lovely Bride and Groom. RM550 quite ok lah, got roast suckling pig, KL would be around RM700

    KL. of course lah! All the rich people there, city folks! Hehehehehe!!! But Kuching also city, people also rich! Not like me!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Sedap! Nyaman! Da-ow yam!!! Can’t wait to attend wedding banquets! πŸ™‚ Makan puas puas!

    Don’t think you’ll get that at the Hilton! Halal! You just have to spend a few extra days in Kuching…to go around and eat all the good stuff there. Can’t just depend on the wedding alone…

    1. Stella, you really ought to make a list, and allow yourself a few extra days, and we will put on pounds with you…LOL!

      Ya…don’t hope for too much if it is just a fleeting visit! Ma Ko used to say – like a bird, sekelip mata…already flown!!!

      1. Will try Gerrie! πŸ™‚ Btw hope we also get to get bride n groom to ‘kay kuachee’,play blindfold, n i think bop for apples in a bowl of water too. vaguely remember my hub’s cousins wedding we do that! Fun! the foochow have a name for it,donno how to call it!

        Eyew…these days, they get the groom to do all kinds of ridiculous things when he goes to get the bride…and the groom had to bring a lot of ang paos to “bribe” his way through. My time, where got such things? I think they pick that up from watching too many Chinese tv series. Mine – the bridesmaid (you) went in the bridal saloon to get the bride who came in the car with the father who led her down the aisle in church and handed her over to the groom waiting at the altar…and the mass followed. Then home for the cutting of the wedding cake and the itchy kung – Foochows, no tea ceremony. Reception at night then guests followed home to make fun of the bride and groom…but mine, nobody dared! LOL!!!

        I hear not much time for a lot of things – mass will be at 11 a.m. as church fully booked…

  16. RM550 is certainly not expensive considering you have the suckling pig. You want to know how much a live pig of that age cost ex-farm? Over RM200+.

    Ya…so that dish should cost RM100-200…and the soup should be expensive too. Yunno any place in Sibu where we can get a roast suckling pig like that? Not the pasar malam one, please…with the ears, the tail, the whole head… Eyew!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Lol, suckling pigs always make me sad … I just find it kesian, having to eat with the head staring at you …. πŸ˜› Other than that, the wedding looks gorgeous… the cake, the cake !!! πŸ˜€

    Bad news…It was a dummy!!! LOL!!! And there wasn’t any wedding cake distributed – just that cookie in a packet. I asked my missus how come – she did not know. We could have baked some fruit cakes ourselves and sliced and wrapped nicely for distribution…. 😦

  18. suckling pig!! I love it! I didn’t know suckling pig now also serve in the restaurant in East Malaysia? I know here in KL is quite common for chinese restaurant to serve suckling pig. Maybe just in Kuching town and not Sibu yet? Yummy!

    Ya…that’s why I asked Kong. Dunno of any restaurant in Sibu serving that. In Kuching, yes…even long ago at this Ang Lee Restaurant in Carpenter Street. Sometimes I saw them roasting by the side lane at the end of the shop block. And there’s this Ah Ka Su, somewhere behind Harbour View Hotel – Yum! Yum! Best lah! Hahahahaha!!! No wonder I’m so fat hor! πŸ˜€

  19. I am drooling at the pig skin now lol. Never had one for a long time~
    But must exercise after the dinner >.<

    They say cannot exercise on a full stomach – appendicitis. Wah!!! You must be fit and strong, so health conscious?

  20. hi again. I think i know ur daughter. Melissa rite? She’s in the same batch with christina and chin ting ya. Im from the Penang batch haha.

    Ya, I asked her to drop by your blog. Said you’re from I4P or something like that. I’ll link you in my blogroll. Two of my links were from the same programme – Wellington, Brisbane. You’re not on Facebook?

    1. i’ve linked ya back. Ya im on fb, the link to my profile is in my blog. Btw, did u notice in my video.. the tracy girl was opening ur fb profile coz we were wondering who of the NZ student were u linked to πŸ˜›

      Ok…I’ll add you on FB but I’m using my real name there. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  21. hi STP, today i m one of the last here.. πŸ™‚ very tiring day for me..
    looking at those food makes me miss wedding dinners… lol.. only occasions such as those only can get that type of food.. love every dish displayed above.. yummy!!…

    Ya….I read. Should have stayed the night in Penang, or better still, the weekend. Sometimes, we do need a break to rest and relax a bit. Well, you will have three wedding dinners eventually – the boys sooner, I guess…so too bad, you will have to fork out the money. LOL!!! Never mind, the ang paos will help cover up the expenses. LOL!!!

  22. Maybe I should consider getting married on Sibu, eh?

    Oh no! That’s the last thing you should do. No doubt it’s cheaper here…but the current trend here is to add a clause in the invitation – “Gifts are respectfully declined.” Last time, only the rich people would do that – they did not want your money, they would rather you placed pages and pages of giant congratulatory messages the newspapers – for want of face mah! But these days, everybody is doing it..,and some will even add “Gifts and congratulatory messages in newspapers…” People here much be richer than what we think!

  23. tsk tsk so mean STP! Ur making me hungry (as usual when i drop by!) esp since i only had maggi mee for dinner..

    Wow! You must be loaded!!! Earning Brunei $ and eating Malaysian-made Maggi mee only… LOL!!!

  24. πŸ˜€ The baby octopus and the sushi will go well with ME! I’m crazy of those stuff.. oooo.. the not to be named soup.. sob sob! but then again.. memang sedap kan?

    The baby octopus would have tasted great – the gravy and all but it was so very salty. The soup? No comments…nanti kena hantam orang NGO! Hahahahahaha!!!

  25. Lovely wedding, the bride is beautiful in red, unusual for us, who almost always marry in white.
    The wedding feast was huge and interesting, i am not sure how much of it i would enjoy but i sure would try a tiny bit of all except the jellyfish! The duck really appeals to me most, plus the sago.

    That was for the wedding banquet – Chinese brides usually wear red for that. For the wedding proper, say in the church, they would wear white. The feast was nice…RM550 and that would be around NZ$200 plus. Bet you would think that’s extremely cheap…by your standard over there. Btw, welcome – your first time here, I see…thanks for commenting and do drop by again! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Love your blog on Langkawi
    Glad you loved it here in Malaysia. Do come again – Selamat Datang!

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