Hot lunch…

After the tea ceremony and the photo-taking session at my sister-in-law’s place on Saturday morning, it was time for lunch. They had the food catered by some restaurant at 3rd Mile – I do not know exactly which one it was as the guys doing the home delivery were only conversant in Mandarin but I did manage to find out from them that it cost RM16.00 per head.

There was the fried rice…

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 1

…with lap cheong (Chinese sausage) which was o.k. – nothing special as I would be able to cook that myself at home…and in the next dish, underneath all the ingredients and gravy, you would find the noodles…

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 2

I guess this is the Cantonese style where they deep fry the noodles till hard and crispy and then pour the sauce all over them. It was o.k. too – I did not have seconds…if you catch the drift.

The butter prawns were pretty good…

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 3

…and they also had this chicken dish…

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 4

…but I found the meat a bit over-fried and kind of hard. This next one was the fish fillet…just that you cannot see it in the photo buried under all the onions and stuff.

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 5

The mixed vegetables were the most colourful of the lot…

Tea creemony - buffet lunch 6

…but I did not have any as I’m not a fan of the dish.

I liked the salad…

Tea ceremony - buffet lunch 7

…that was prepared by the groom’s sister.

On the whole, it was a fairly good buffet spread but I do think that they should do something about their presentation and try to make their dishes more colourful…and look more appetising.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Hot lunch…”

  1. Today’s food doesn’t look appetizing to me. Dono why. 😦 looks just normal… the only thing that I’ll probably makan-ed over there is salad and the prawns. 😦

    I thought they all looked more or less the same and were cooked more or less in the same way too. Here, they would probably have sweet and sour fish fillet…and roast chicken…or curry…so that there would be different colours and the buffet spread would be more appetising. RM16 for that is quite expensive – here, RM12, we’d get something much nicer. Ya…in the end, I helped myself to the prawns and the salad only…

    1. I oso can cook all this. Very simple… fried rice, cantonese yee mee, stir fry veggy, fish fillet… easy peasy… same goes with the prawns. But of course, i won’t be able to cook for so many people.

      Were you around when we threw a buffet party from Christmas? I think you’ve seen it already right:
      Not hard to whip up something nice for everybody. These restaurant buffets – expensive and not really nice unless you go to a good one where you can request for specific dishes that are really nice.

      1. Yup, i was around, all right, and I was practically drooling over Melissa’s pasta. LOL…I threw a dinner party for my in laws once, and I dun tink I wanna do it again. 😦

        Doing everything all by myself from scratch is very hard to do. 😦 Hubby doesn’t cook… cannot even cook maggie for himself without making the damn thing taste soggy…so each time cook dinner for the huge family,I get no help at all. *sigh* Malas lah…what’s more with the anak kacau-ing in the kitchen as well, I rather eat out, though I prefer to eat at home. 😦

        Dinner party… no more for me. Unless you’re talking about potluck… then I’m in for it. LOL…at least I wun be doing the cooking for everyone. It’ll be better.

      2. Waiting to have Cleff’s negro chic…alamak…i thought the fish fillet was kerabu mangga at 1st glance :p

        Ya…I was wondering what on earth that was until one of the delivery guys said there was fish underneath. What? Cleff’s roasting one for you? ROTFL!!!

    2. my mum can cook very well, but my dad cook can be better than her! lol! my mum always try new recipe from cook book. πŸ˜€ dats y i loe to stay at home cz she cook a lot! n varieties. never get bored with same foods. hahahaha!

      Now the MOST important question: Do YOU know how to cook? πŸ˜‰

      1. cisssssssssssss!!!
        i can cook ba!!!
        more to western dishes! :p
        cannot blame me ok, i only start to learn when am 18.
        but!!!!! i can bake! hmph!

        OK, Cleff!!! Looks like you have to belanja me liao!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Annant… the rest prolly wakes up early. But I didn’t wake up early most of the time. You see me as a frequent first commenter cuz I’m nocturnal, and I dun sleep until about 8am or 9am.

      She’s following US punya time…daytime here, nighttime there, so she goes to sleep! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. LOL… Cikgu so pandai. Wud to do. Anak so buas. I got to have some solitary time for myself at night when everyone is asleep. Else I’d go crazy, I tell you. Thank God for kindies…when he go kindy, I can sleep. Else I cannot sleep peacefully. 😦 Else would worry what he do in the house when we’re all asleep. Climb here and there…must keep very watchful eyes on him. 😦 So he sleep, I do my stuff lorr… 😦

  2. Those food look very familiar. Macam pernah makan, like someone ordered the same thing for their house-warming… 3rd mile…hmm…

    Not that great. Is it that popular? Cheaper perhaps…or maybe they are the only one willing to do home delivery. In Sibu, I think Golden Happiness is the only one that will do that and maybe Li Hua Hotel as well…or the hospital canteen caterer.

  3. hey.. for RM6 per person, that was heavenly already! Got prawns, fishlets, vege.. ( i tot salad also included until i read the caption ) really, they were not bad already.. over here, one pax at least 10-12rm with one or 2 dishes more perhaps…
    oh dear, it is 8am now and i feel like eating fried rice now.. lol…

    Aiyor…if RM6.00, diam-diam eat lor, no more complaints! So cheap! RM16.00 lah! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      1. clare, thanks for the suggestion.. as i posted before, I am Madam Muddle!

        Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Lots of them – all in Cleffairy’s Club…and we have a good excuse, we’re old! Oops!!! Hehehehehe!!! But young people today even worse! Dunno why! Heard of someone that day trying to open her auto-gate by pressing her Blackberry (instead of the remote)!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Fried rice looks good….. got lap cheong. hhahha. Well, i guess you can’t expect too much for RM16 per head.

    Kuching standard? Here Around RM10-12, pretty good already for a buffet.

  5. I agree that the need to improve on the presentation.. the color looks the same.. 😦

    Yalor…or change the menu, not everything cooked in more or less the same way.

  6. aii..the fried macam my version fried rice with lap cheong and just cooked last nite for dinner..hahha.

    oh..i like fruit salad.

    Ya…similar to mine too! That’s why not so excited about it! The salad was good.

  7. Wedding catering restaurant food presentation are always out…they will use large metal containners…., I guess a little change in presentation would make to food looks nicer!

    Or change the menu. Fish cooked sweet and sour with tomato, cucumber and pineapples, chicken – maybe lemon chicken…or cook curry, mee fry mamak-style….then it would look nicer, more colourful. Not everything deep fried like that and so colourless.

  8. lucky i come here with full stomach, just had my roti canai breakfast. πŸ™‚

    The food look ok to me wor, and the fried rice look good. Food look not appetizing, maybe is the presentation, they should add some “red” color in it, not all look brown and green. hahahahhahahahah

    @ claire – it’s RM16 not RM6, now where can get RM6 per head wor.

    Hahahaha!!! She must be a bit sleepy – early morning, or in a hurry to go to work. Yup…it was the presentation…and perhaps, they also cooked everything more or less the same way – deep fried! Edible…but for RM16, I would think they should put in more effort to make the buffet spread look better.

    1. LOL… yalohh, RM6 per person if can get, I oso want!

      LOL!!! That’s your club’s permanent member! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Good la… I more kawan I more happy ma. πŸ˜›

        Pretty soon, I will become your member too. Yesterday morning I went to my regular kuih stall…and was supposed to pay RM4 for my purchases…and I gave the lady RM400!!! Lucky thing the lady returned the money to me!!! Gosh…growing old liao!!! 😦

  9. Fried rice with lap cheong is better than those mix vege. The butter prwans look really delicious to me.

    The butter prawns was the only dish that I had seconds, not the rest.

  10. If i’m not wrong, the food is order from Dong Guan restaurant. To me their food boleh tahan lah…..hehehehe…..

    Tastewise, ok…but everything, just deep fried and appearance really needs a lot of improvement. RM16, not cheap! Dunno if that’s the restaurant.

  11. Omigod, STP, you’re making me hungry again. I want to eat butter prawns too 😦

    Butter prawns like these, nowadays can get anywhere – more or less the same. Come to Sibu and try the butter scotch prawns and you’ll never give the ordinary butter prawns a second look ever again.

  12. If u travel to kuching again, u may try Ah Tao seafood at BDC. Their butter squid (sotong) and philippine pork leg taste good, yum….yum…..i’m hungry now, hahahahha……

    Will KIV… Not going to Kuching, or at least, not in the near future. Not until September, I think. 😦

    1. what do you mean “i think”…….yish!!

      What I mean is there may be other trips before then, who knows? There’s another wedding around mid-June but I don’t think I’ll be going to that one. Anyway, I don’t think you’ll be around in Kuching either.

  13. Butter prawns! My favorite!! Love the butter crisps and i can eat bowls of rice just with it alone^^

    Used to love butter prawns cooked this way. These days, I would very much prefer the butter scotch prawns at a restaurant here…or the creamy butter prawns at the Sarawak Club in Kuching.

  14. Rm16 per pax for the spread of food consider profoundly cheap!! How I
    dream for such offer price in K.L… (dream on)

    Cheap? I wonder how much that would cost in KL. In Sibu, if RM15.00, we can get a very good selection already.

    1. In K.L if you don’t order around RM20 the spread will be pretty “lousy”! We odered RM25/pax for Juan Juan’s 1st birthday celebration yet the spread still consider “so so” only… life is tough in K.L~!

      Kesian… But you people earn big money there! I see people spend, spend money like water…want to pengsan! If I spend like that, whole year nothing to eat liao! πŸ˜€

  15. Hi thx 4 dropping by my blog. U mentioned that ur daughter is studying in Wellignton. Is she the recent batch or last year’s. I might know her.

    Welcome, Chris…and thanks for dropping by. My girl’s in the present cohort – just went over earlier this year for her 2nd year. She was in SP, Kedah – Ipsah. Were you in the one in Penang?

  16. haiyo~~
    Free food oso want to complain meh?
    Quickly come back Sibu la~~

    You Foochow all like that!

    Now, now…look who’s calling me Foochow, you Foochow! I am only telling the truth. If I think it’s good, I’ll say it’s good. If I think it’s expensive, I’ll say it expensive. Of course you may beg to differ… After all, it IS a free country. On one of your weekend trips, you may want to try the Saturday buffet dinner at one of the smaller hotels in Sibu – only RM10.00 nett per head but you have to go early, 6.30 as by around 7.30, much of the food would be gone already. Cheap and nice!

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