The Circle Game…

I suppose 360 degrees make a circle right? Well, that’s the name of the hotel where I was staying in Kuching – the 360 Hotel at the Hock Lee Centre (Hotel Tower). I did not expect anything much and since it was kind of cheap, I thought it would just be another one of those hotels. However, after we had checked in and gone into the room, I certainly was very impressed…

360 Hotel 1

The room is really big and the decor is pleasantly nice with a flat-screen tv…

360 Hotel 2

…and a nice wardrobe with a safe for your valuables…

360 Hotel 3

…plus the usual tea and coffee making facilities…

360 Hotel 4

…and the toiletries…

360 Hotel 5

Wow! This was another thing that I liked. In most hotels, there would be only three – one for the tv, one for the mini fridge and only ONE left for you to use which would hardly be enough for your laptop, your phone charger and what have you. Here, they have FOUR!

360 Hotel 6

One, however, is used for the hair dryer…which they keep in the drawer of the dressing/writing table. There is a cable for free internet connection in the room as well…but I did not use it as I had brought my own external broadband modem.

The view from the room is very good too. I could see Mount Santubong in the distance…

360 Hotel 7

…and part of Kuching city from the other side of the room with Mount Serapi hidden in the clouds…

360 Hotel 8

There is a big fan-shaped swimming pool, as well as a gym, if anybody is interested. The service was excellent and the staff was very friendly and helpful which is more than what I can say about some hotels where I’ve stayed before. I was using my government privilege and had to pay only RM135 nett per night with breakfast…but I think the normal walk-in rate is pretty reasonable too – RM155 nett, if I’m not mistaken. You definitely cannot get such a nice hotel at these rates in KL or Penang or elsewhere!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “The Circle Game…”

  1. i visited kuching two years back. that time da DUN was still under construction…

    we only stayed in cheapskate hotel. becos i book da wrong air tickets. i accidentally prolonged 5-days trip to 9-days. =.=

    So where did you stay? I hear that 360 has another hotel – a budget one – the 360 Express, I think around RM80 per night…but the bathroom door is made of glass, so you take your bath or do your business everyone can see.

    Correction – just saw in a complimentary mag (Borneo Talk), the rates at 360Express is from RM49.99 only. Real cheap!

  2. Wah…I’m impressed…doesn’t look like a budget hotel!

    Hah!!! Ah well…what to expect from the president of the club! Hahahahaha!!! This isn’t the budget hotel, this one’s the “normal” one. They have another one – 360Express Hotel with rooms @ around RM80, all inclusive…not like the cheap airline’s budget hotel where you have to pay for virtually everything! I wouldn’t wanna stay in that one…

    Correction – just saw in a complimentary mag (Borneo Talk), the rates at 360Express is from RM49.99 only. Real cheap!

    1. *dies* Need to re-read the whole thing. Damn… I tot I read it right! Kakkakakakaka!

      You didn’t…plus I only mentioned the budget branch in my reply to annant’s comment. You’re sure you’re sober? Hehehehehe!!!

      1. Not that sober, apparently. LOL… been rushing my work whole nite, and now, zombified. LOL…

        Another book on the way?

  3. waaa! looks like my room aye! hahaha! no la , jokin jokin.. :p the last time i went Kuching is like 2yrs ago n i stayed at Sheraton hotel , i spelled it right?? lol.

    Wah! You’re so rich kah? Your room’s so luxurious?…You mean the Four Points Sheraton? That’s very far from the city centre…but very near the airport. Friday night, we had a dinner at a place nearby…but that will be in tomorrow’s post. Make sure you drop by, eh?

    1. hahahaha! paiseh! :p i guess dat one, forgot jor.. so long dy. haha. i love d kolo mee at sarawak! πŸ˜€ CHEH everyday i read ur page few times de la! u dunno ny ma. hahaha

      Gosh! Young people, memory so poor. I prescribe gingko for you…! Hahahahaha!!! Ya, the kolo mee in Kuching is nice – off all the noodles here, there and everywhere, I like kolo mee best!

      1. Ginko nuts is for improving memories kah? Eh, I tink I have to get them for myself! So forgetful these days… 😦

        Go ahead and try…and see if they help! Memory loss – menopause so soon? Muahahahaha!!!!

      2. chey! when come to study n work, no one can beat my memory leh! haha scored 100% several times ! mmwahahaha! i only rmb the hotel i stayed – sheraton n its 4-5 star one ma. :p i went for holiday n go to the caves thr. πŸ™‚

        You’re a rote-learner eh? I wonder how much you remember…now that you’ve stopped schooling for quite a while. Caves? In Kuching? You mean the Wind Cave and Fairy Cave in Bau? Never been there – not a nature lover, anyway!

  4. Wow…I am equally stunned too. There is even a safe for your valuables? :p the first time I have heard about this. Everything looks so luxury in it. πŸ˜€ Are you sure this is a budget hotel? have you really checked your bill?

    Cleff!!! Cleff!!! See! The member of your club…exactly like you! Budget hotel at RM135 kot! Hahahahaha!!! There are a number of hotels that provide a safe in the room…but poor people like me, nothing to lock inside for safekeeping lah…😦

    1. Hahahahahahah… it is really a comfort to know that I’ll never be alone in this world. LMAO….everyday, sure got ppl salah baca! πŸ˜›

      Those hop-step and jump people – so many blogs to visit, so just skim through a bit, comment and cabut! Surely you’re not like that…or are you?

      1. Cis… I’m not lah… today… blurr sotong. Not yet sleep. You trick ppl wan la.. you say ‘cheap’ hotel. i automatically assume it’s a budget hotel. LOL…and OMG, Cikgu pakai broadband ohhh! Hebatnya! Pakai apa? Celcom kah? Same like me and daddy… lol… we bring wireless broadband around when go out. LOL…Internet addiction at it’s worst. No internet, feel disconnected! LOL…

        It’s cheap what…compared to hotels over at your side. The shophouse-lot Bintang Warisan costs more than that! There is a cable for internet connection in the room…but I used my own. Waiting at airport, also can go online. Gosh! We are addicts, aren’t we? LOL!!!

  5. that’s a comfy hotel and particualary i like that name 360 hotel. sorry i woke up early today, so must come here and read and read.

    have a great week ahead

    Hahahaha!!! No worries! One additional comment, so who’s complaining? Thanks…and the same to you too.

  6. Good rate, nice view of Gunung Santubong. For me, it is important that the room must be clean.

    Yes, very clean…very nice. I wouldn’t mind staying there again next time…

  7. yeah 360 hotel is indeed a pleasant place to stay…
    tho i think the reason its so cheap is bcos of its location…its not in the town center so to speak…if you have someone to bring you out then i suppose its a pretty ok place to stay in =)

    Yup…the only two places would be Hock Lee Centre and Crown Towers over at the other side. My missus went rayau2…but not me. Would rather stay in the room and relax…

  8. I have stayed there for the past four months. Just moved out to stay in a real house three days ago! I have to add – friendly and efficient staff there! That’s exactly the same room I stayed!

    Good grief! Don’t tell me you’re on the 10th floor – 1005? Gee! We’ve been sleeping in the same bed? Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya…they’re so casual – like friends we’ve known for years, not snotty like some hotels where they seem to forget that we are the ones paying them the money! Tsk! Tsk!!!

  9. I’ve never stayed there.. lol.. just go back home when I go back to Kuching.. LOL.. That room looks cool.. πŸ˜€

    It is – very nice, very big. If you to other hotels – the rooms are all the same like every other hotel and most of them are not cheap…and if you go to Merdeka Palace, the rooms are so small – just big enough for the bed and a bit of walking space (like Cititel Mid Valley)…and draw the curtains, you’ll get a view of the car park…and the people at the car park can see you too!!! Shudders!!!

  10. Impressive room! And you’re right, definitely won’t get a room with such amenities with your room rate. Now I know where to stay if I ever visit Kuching πŸ™‚

    Be forewarned! The location isn’t so good if you intend to shop till you drop…and taxis in Kuching are like those in Penang, maybe slightly cheaper – quite expensive. But if you have people to take you around, that’s a good choice.

  11. very nice hotel!! Is it a new one? I think my last time to Kuching is many many years ago, more than 10 or 15 years ago, and there is once i am transit in Kuching, my friend bring me for lunch and round Kuching town, that’s it. πŸ™‚

    The room look clean and huge and most important the price is good – RM155 nett only!!!

    Yup…and RM135 for govt servants and pensioners like me. You should bring your family there – nice place to visit, so many attractions…and the food is good too. Better go before it gets too expensive like KL…

  12. for 135rm it is a very nice hotel… good choice too! looks very spacious and new..
    i stayed at the royale hotel Penang as usual, 150rm for 2 breakfast.. so normally my sons will get up for their buffet bfast while me and girl will sleep on till they come back… then we go behind for the asian food instead.. πŸ™‚

    I also paid RM150 nett at Cititel Penang but no breakfast. I prefer it that way – can go out and enjoy the local delicacies…especially in Penang. All hotel breakfast more or less the same…

  13. will get more details from you later – maybe we can stay there for the SEP wedding. Stella….are you interested?

    Aiyor…Stella where got want to stay in cheap hotel? She’ll want to stay at Riverside…or the Grand Magharita…or whichever way you spell it – the old Holiday Inn… Got class one and she can go and shop and shop and shop!!! This one, the location isn’t so good…the far end, Kingwood Inn side. Maybe I’ll book the sister hotel – the cheap one…or Grand Con. Near Choon Hui – laksa, kolo mee, po piah…and near Ting’s Noodle House, Heritage Restaurant…and even Mekong Cafe…. Better location…from my point of view! LOL!!!

    1. Pollie,whatever you decide is fine with me! πŸ™‚ Aiyo STP! If rich people like you can stay there,sure will be good enough for me. Actually the room looks very nice and comfy! Great feedback, so that is one hotel we can consider when we go for the big W! :)!

      Aiyor…if I’m rich, no poor people in the world liao lor! Hahahahaha!!! Yup, we’ll KIV this one as a place where we may stay when we go for THE wedding of the year! LOL!!! Let me do the bookings once confirmed…as I can use my government privilege. πŸ˜€

  14. i’m impress! even the coffee making facilities are well organize. πŸ™‚

    Ya…and they have two power sockets beside the cabinet. The mini fridge is inside…and they have another power socket lower down behind the cabinet for it. So even when you use one to boil water, you still have another one free. So many in the room!

  15. sure the staff are friendly…oppsss…did the china girls consider staff as they do xtra service thre…btw my frens told me thre got china girls u got go pay visit? πŸ˜€

    No leh? And I did not see any of those shady joints in the vicinity either… Maybe you and your friends like magnet – always attract those kind of girls. Birds of the same feather flock together!

  16. Wow…so long did not stay in a hotel already. Planning…planning…….

    Time for a holiday… In Sibu, we also have nice hotels – similarly reasonably priced as well.

  17. That hotel is not bad actually. A friend of mine stayed there once. Did yours come with a mini lounge and mini kitchen? Apparently these were apartment units turned into a hotel.

    U also know Mekong cafe kah? haha… the food there is not bad. And TOC loves the foochow mee there.

    Nope, those would be the apartments…but what we got was good enough. I saw Gerrie’s pic of the Foochow fried noodles at Mekong with big prawns – only RM4…so I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, when we got there – no more! Tsk! Tsk!

  18. No more?…. TOC must have arrived before you. lol

    LOL!!! Must be. We got there around 12.30-1…

  19. Whoa.. the room looks good! Spacious eh? Nothing beats having a nice room to stay and then go for a wedding reception πŸ˜€

    Ya…it was tiring for an old man like me but it was nice. Stick around for the next few posts!

  20. Oh..seems my trip to there is to settle at this hotel lor..Look nice n clean. my top priority is CLEAN. Not nice also tak ape.

    I m not pensioner/non-gov staff/gold citizen, but i m STP’s blog reader, entitle the rate,ka? whahhaha..

    You’re planning to go to Kuching? When? If the dates are ok…and the airfares are right, I may be able to join you all there…and if I’m the one doing the booking, you may be able to tumpang and enjoy the government rate.

    1. Yes, am planning and looking for the cheap rates…btw, i havent been to west side before la…so i still looking on the interesting places there..heheheh…

      oh..that’s good then….ada benefit jadi STP’s blog reader..kakakaka.

      West side? You mean Borneo? You’re originally from east side – Sabah, now based permanently in KL, I guess?

  21. wah not bad got LCD TV somemore! It’s a good deal!

    You’d better believe it but there’s one small hotel here around RM60-65 only…with LCD TV, nice furnishings and everything. The only thing is the floor is not carpeted – Italian tiles and the hotel hasn’t got a lift – only three floors, anyway! LOL!!!

  22. Not bad. Just wonder whether the rate will now be increased due to your positive remark! LOL.

    Hopefully not as I may have to stay there again in future. Their business is already very good – full occupancy over the weekend. One walk-in guest, a mat salleh, had to go and look elsewhere…

  23. Not that expensive la. Nice view and by the look of it, near to everything. Definitely cannot get this rate in KL

    Definitely cannot. I paid more for that shophouse lot hotel at Bukit Bintang – Bintang Warisan – RM160 a night…but I managed to negotiate for RM150…and the room was miserable and small – nothing like this at all!!! With all the good food around, it certainly makes a lot more sense to spend one’s holiday in Kuching, right?

  24. Wardrobe may look a bit old but overall, I cannot complain, especially for budget hotels. Very clean and neat, somemore facilities not bad wor.

    Yup… Probably due to the shape of the room – not able to have built-in wall cabinet unlike standard hotels, every room the same…all furnishings, decor the same. I noticed from the floor plan that all the rooms are of different shapes and sizes… Dunno why.

  25. It seems you really had a wonderful hotel stay, 2 queen size beds for Rm155… you definitely can’t get it here in K.L! I think must pay a trip to Kuching as well when I visit Sarawak… btw, where is the picture of the beautiful swimming pool?! :p

    Have a nice day!

    Those were two twins…and they have rooms with a queen…or a queen and a single…all at the same rate. Ya…about time! Sarawak’s so much better than many other places. KK is also very nice, very beautiful, good food…but very expensive – the food, the hotel no need to say lah!!!

  26. oh yes….im gonna stay thr for my next trip to kch. very big bed….just nice for me…hehehehehe d room looks very clean and most importantly free internet….Cheers folks!

    How’s the room at Pullman? I guess it’s the typical standard hotel room…like any other hotel. Still having the over-RM180 promo? Otherwise, the cheapest over RM200 per room…even for poor government pensioner like me – cannot afford lah!

  27. Such a nice place ! I doubt you’ll ever be able to get these rates in KL or even Ipoh for that matter …

    Definitely not in KL or Penang, dunno Ipoh – never stayed there.

  28. I heard the room at 360 is very impressive too..

    How much does it cost you to stay at night there?

    Will definitely recommend this place to friends coming to Kuching πŸ™‚

    RM135 government rate, otherwise RM155 for twin single beds…or one queen bed…or one single plus one queen – all the same rate…inclusive of continental breakfast.

  29. Feel shamed … that I don’t know this kind of good hotel.
    Need to introduce friend there.
    It is cheap! Last time I stay a hotel outside Paris – not internet, not compliment water, not breakfast, not big like this and cause me RM1k per night.

    You Kuching people, of course you don’t know the hotels around – not that you always go and stay here and there…when you have your own house. RM1K??? *pengsan Wah!!! You must be very rich, can stay at such hotels. If me, sleep at bus or train station liao!

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