That thing you do…

Well, it’s not really “thing” but “ting” and anyway, the way many people pronounce the word here, there doesn’t seem to be a difference…and that’s the name of the place where we stopped by for lunch upon arrival in Kuching on Friday – Ting’s Noodle House…

Ting's Noodle House

I had the big stuffed fishball noodles…

Big stuffed fish ball noodles

…which was nice but…..oh me oh my, there were only TWO! Sobs! Luckily I ordered this plate of braised beef and tendon as well…

Beef and tendon

My missus had the spicy beef noodles…

Beef noodles

…while Gerrie had the wantan which certainly looked more like the Kuching kiaw or the Sibu piansip – dry…

Wantan - dry

Gerrie also Β ordered these side dishes – the Taiwan sausage…

Taiwan sausage

…and the pickled seaweed…

Pickled seaweed

…as well as this plate of sui jiao for all of us to share…

Sui Jiao

All those plus drinks came up to RM45.00. It certainly was not cheap…but thankfully, the food was nice and after all, it was no simple, ordinary coffee shop so one can expect somewhat fanciful prices too.

And after that, we went and checked into the hotel…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “That thing you do…”

  1. ohmy!!! i love sui jiao of all!!! haha! eh the “chen” is known as “ting” ah ?? i tot is “tan” aye! πŸ™‚

    Ting is Foochow mah! I think this joint is Foochow-owned. They’ve infested invaded Kuching… All over the city…

    1. haha yea yea. :p most of the sarawakian is foochow . right or not?? :p

      Nope. In Sibu and some towns, yes. Not Kuching before…but I think they’ve a lot there now – all the rich ones! Poor ones like me stay back in ol’ Sibu town. Hahahaha!!!

  2. Gastronomically horrifying. Thank God I came here still full! LOL…

    Hahahahaha!!! Smart girl! I told you that I’d keep you all well-fed while I’m away… LOL!!! At Kuching airport now, taking a flight later back to Sibu. Watch out for more food posts!!! Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  3. eh, i thought that suppose to be ‘wo tie’ not ‘sui jiao’.

    Dunno? I only know sui jiao, that’s what everybody here calls these… Don’t know what’s “wo tie”.

  4. Only 2 fishballs ! HAHAHAHA!!!

    Foochow-joint but not Foochow servings! LOL!!! The fishballs were huge though, equivalant to 4 or 5 normal-sized fish balls…and there’s meat filling inside. Very nice!

  5. War…..early in the morning I have to read this…. o hungry…

    Why you’re always hungry one? So kesian! Must ask your wife to feed you more! πŸ˜€

  6. The dishes look superdelicious leh~!! The beef noodles look like “Chi Cheong fan” hahahaha… which look smooth and juicy! So tempting…(drool drool~!) ^o^

    Hahahahaha!!! Don’t drip all over your keyboard, eh? The food’s good – all nice. Of course, normally people would have a bowl of noodles or something each…but we’re not known as the Gluttons’ Club for nothing! Watch out for the Gluttons’ Club dinner outing post! πŸ˜€

  7. hmm~~
    Too pricey la~~
    I’d prefer laksa anytime.

    I would never go for laksa in Kuching. I think my own home-cooked laksa is nicer. I’d go for kolo mee…as not available in Sibu, no decent ones, that is…but sometimes, have to pamper oneself a bit lah! Work, work…never spend! Where got meaning like that? I always tell my missus – if want to scrimp and save, just stay at home – no need to go anywhere better!

  8. Cikgu, wordpress have a new function called ‘Surprise me’. Have you tried it out? Do you know what is it? Let me know after you’ve tried it.

    Nope…old man doesn’t like surprises. Nanti heart attack! You try…and let me know if it’s anything good. Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Yum yum yum! everything looking yummy good for my growling tummy!!

    Don’t worry…you can go there when you come for The Wedding of the Year. But you’ll have to make sure you stay longer – so many things to eat, so little time! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. oooohhh.. i love the tendon one u ordered… now i m so hungry and it is 12.10pm now, nothing in my stomach yet except a kueh talam… today is the “cham-est”… waiting for my kids to get ready for our breakfast then we cabut back to ipoh…

    Oooo…it was delicious and the beef too – soooo…tender! LOL!!! Kesian!!! Our kids the lo-sor type kah…taking hours to get ready? Good thing my girl’s not like that! Hehehehehe!!!

  11. wow…love sui kao!! i always buy those pan fried one at pasar mlm.

    all the foods also look great…yummy!!

    My daughter loves them. Personally, I’m not really crazy about those. Ya…all tasted great…but wait till you see the dinner! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. the seaweed thing is my favourite! Yum! By the way, finally ate the bubur pedas you gave me. It was good, but can’t beat the ones my office always order for our annual buka puasa event.

    I’m ok with it but not really a fan. Ya…I bet the special order one would be nicer. Still it’s nicer than what I used to buy from the Ramandan stalls. Should have pinched one or two of Gerrie’s prawns and thrown them in. LOL!!!

  13. They have a branch at The Spring. But never step foot in there. Maybe I’ll try the shop at Ban Hock Road πŸ˜€

    Ya…that’s what I heard. This one, no need to walk so far…and parking is cheaper.

    1. Clare, there’s a branch at the spring? don’t tell me is H.I.P. (He Is Peace) !! O.o

      Yes, that’s the one. I think the owner is very much into the religion. I saw the other customers – from their looks, they look like very active-in-the-church people… Not me! πŸ˜‰

  14. I’m so hungry and you’re so terrible showing all these pictures of nice food that I cannot get it here!

    Hahahaha!!! I’m sure you have lots of much nicer things to eat over there! πŸ™‚

  15. I’ve been to Ting’s Noodle House once only O.o

    I shall go back there one day πŸ™‚

    The food’s pretty good, the place also…much nicer than a coffee shop but of course, you may need to pay more. Not like Rasa Sayang in Sibu – did you go there for the yummy kampua? Best in Sibu!πŸ˜€

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