Here I am again…

Well, here I am again…and again…and again!!! I reckon I am such a regular sight at the Bandong stall (GPS coordinate: 2.314074,111.825693) selling Malay kuih-muih and other stuff in the morning that if I do not show up, they probably would be wondering what had happened to me.

What I like about the stall is that I may stumble upon some new stuff pretty often so I will not get bored of seeing the same things every day. The other day, for instance, they had these kelupis

Kelupis 1

I think they had that before but wrapped in banana or some other kind of leaves and it simply was not the same. For these, they use those leaves that I have known kelupis to be wrapped in all my life, so if it is some other kind of leaf, it does not seem like kelupis to me at all. They did not use the traditional straw-like string though…but then again, I guess one just can’t have it all!

These are RM2.00 each and we usually cut it up into bite size pieces and eat with condensed milk or kaya (coconut egg custard jam)…

Kelupis 2

They also had these that day – 3 for RM1.00. If they have a special name for it, I wouldn’t know but they’re very nice – with potato with a hint of kunyit (tumeric), onion and Chinese celery filling…

New type of kuih

They also have chicken rice at only RM2.50 a packet…

Nasi ayam @ Bandong

…which is a lot cheaper than at the chicken rice stalls/shops. Tastewise, I would much sooner go for my favourite – Chopsticks (GPS coordinate: 2.312423,111.84597)…but this isn’t too bad really and I really like the complimentary chicken soup they give and for that price, I would think it is indeed pretty reasonable.

However, if I had to choose, I would rather opt for this nasi lemak at only RM1.50 a packet…

Nasi lemak @ Bandong 1

There are two types at the same price (Different sources). Ask for the pedas one…or the one STP always buys. That one is the nicer of the two. LOL!!! Mix the sambal (sauce) and the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and kacang (groundnuts) together with the rice and off you go…

Nasi lemak @ Bandong 2

Yum! Yum!!! Anybody going for nasi lemak today? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Here I am again…”

  1. I’m having one pack of nasi lemak right now. LOL… with sambal kerang and bergedil. OMg, so nice.:P

    Bergedil! My daughter’s favourite. Hope she doesn’t drop by – will only make her miss home.

    1. I like bergedil… last time my mum will make for me and I’ll bring to school to eat with plain rice. 😀 Good old times. Now I do that for my boy. Only he wanna hentam the bergedil itself oni. Dowan rice!

      The potato bergedil at my kampong stall – not nice, very oily. The fish bergedil in their nasi dagang nice…but only 1 in a bungkus. Told them to get them to make and sell separately…but so far, no sign.😦

      1. Must be they din control the oil properly. My bergedils are not oily. First time I fried em, it’s oily and exploded. LOL…after that no more bergedil C4. The fire is the trick.

        Ok…since you’re an expert at this, next time I go KL…you make for me hor! Not keen on your Negro chicken… Hahahahaha!

  2. that onw is banana?? n nasi ayam ka dat?? so weird one????

    Ini nasi ayam not Hainan, not Cina…Melayu one- that’s why notthe same. Well, at least, they try… 1Malaysia bah! LMAO!!! 😀 Banana? What banana? Cleff! Cleff!!! Where are you? Another member for your club… That spicy mum also – said nasi lemak RM2.50. Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. *pengsan* What banana? Omg lah! LOL… if I start charging these people some fees, I can actually retire rich! LMAo0oo

      Search me! Sometimes I also end up so puzzled…

  3. that chicken rice is only 2.50 OHMAIGAWD!
    eateries here selling 3.50 with tiny puny chicken bloody hell 😦

    haiyo, stomach growling already looking at nasi lemak…

    The Chinese chicken rice stalls – RM3.50, sama-sama. This one RM2.50 from a Malay stall – ok but not really great, tastes more like nasi minyak/kunyit than chicken rice.

    1. Tsk… never learn his lesson… I never come here hungry anymore. Dun dare!

      It seems that he’s always hungry! Wonder why! Thought Melaka has all the nice food?

  4. I’m seriously missing the cheap foods in sibu!.. in kch the prices are almost the same as the ones in KL!.. and the chicken rice still look appetizing for just RM2.50!

    Kuching same as Kl mah!!! City! All high class people…all rich! Sibu small town…simple people, simple food – cheap! LOL!!! 😀

    1. My hubby’s hometown… there’s one place you can eat load of food for just Rm2.00. And quite nice oso. too bad I’m not quite fond of the place. LOL..

      In Kedah, right? SP also – some very cheap and nice places…but spread all over, not convenient to go and eat unless you have a car and know your way around…especially those in the housing areas..

  5. I just had my nasi lemak yesterday, now I rather have your kuih kelupis, which look very appetizing!^-^

    You have that there? Very nice – very fragrant, very lemak…and I love it best with kaya! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! 😀

    1. I never try it before, but it seems to be made of glutinuos rice, which is my cuppa of tea! If I would have chance, I will gulp down a few of these(for certain)!

      Ya…pulut/glutinous rice! Very nice…lemak and wangi! 🙂

  6. The nasi lemak selling for RM2.50 is really affordable leh. When you add in the sambal on the rice, I can virtually smell the aroma…

    The chicken rice is RM2.50. The nasi lemak is RM1.50 and a whole lot nicer!!! They should leave those Chinese delicacies to the Chinese…

  7. Sob…my mouth have one big ulcer…can’t eat nasi lemak for a long time 😦

    Use Bonjela…or if you can stand pain, use salt! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Yea, use bonjela… but I always find the salt remedy better thn bonjela. Bonjela leave bad taste in my mouth. 😦

      Wouldn’t die. As long as can get better.

    1. Kakakaka… padan muka… kena tempt… always tempt me summore with your food. balasan lah! 😛

      Hahahahaha!!! You’re enjoying this eh?

  8. Haha, I always see things I haven’t seen before each time I come here (maybe coz I’m too much of a katak di bawah tempurung …:p ). The kuih’s something new ! The nasi lemak looks droolicious !!

    Tastes droolicious too! These are one of the local Sarawak Malay kuihs. I dunno if you have over there.

  9. I find the fact that mr. stp now provides gps coordinates both distracting and hilarious haha.

    Like everything else, there’s the proposition and there’s the opposition… LOL!!! Will probably phase it out gradually…when the novelty wears off! Hahahaha!!!

  10. ok. that’s it. You’re going to have to bring me to this place when I come back. that onion pastry thing looks sooooo tempting. and nasi god…is kelupis like pulut panggang then?

    My pleasure anytime. Looking forward to that. Well, let’s just say that the kelupis is a distant cousin, not exactly the same. Each has its own taste and characteristics.

  11. Cikgu… how come now you provide GPS coordinate wan? You really tak nak kalah! or is this another of your scheme cepat datang Sibu? LOL…

    It may be useful for those who drive into town from other towns… Easier than driving around searching – though that isn’t too hard either as Sibu is a small town but there are people who are quite hopeless at directions.

  12. I wonder I am kuching people or not.
    mmm… why I don’t know this restaurant as well.
    Maybe I am quite long time never back?

    When was the last time you went back? Where have you been all this while? Your little daughter travelling round the world with you? Now in Ukraine? So nice…what an exciting life!

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