All over again…

Yup! This post is going to be about fried rice all over again.

You see my missus has this thing about keeping leftover rice in the fridge and she will cook more before going to work the next morning – despite my telling her not to do it as I can do that while she’s at work. For one thing, I would want to put in some pandan (screwpine) leaves and she is not bothered to step into the backyard in the early morning to cut some.

So, I had a few tupperware containers of rice in the fridge and the other day, when I went to tapao some char siew (barbecued) pork, I was given these…

Char siew fried rice 1

char siew sauce and homemade chilli sauce.

We did not finish the char siew that day, so I decided to use it to fry the rice. I cut the meat into little bits and chopped some shallots and garlic as well…

Char siew fried rice 2

After frying the shallots and garlic in a bit of oil in a wok till brown and fragrant, I added the char siew, followed by the rice. Then, I poured in the sauces…and stirred till they were well mixed with the rice. Finally, I broke two eggs into the wok and fried them together with the rice.

Then it was ready to be served…

Char siew fried rice 3

Now my verdict! It was nice enough…but it would be nicer if I had more char siew. Besides, the chilli sauce was not hot at all – I would prefer a bit of kick in my fried rice and if I had known that, I would have added some sliced chillies of my own. Perhaps it would be nice also, or at least, it would look more colourful, if I had added some frozen vegetables – half of the packet of carrot, sweet corn and peas perhaps.

Char siew fried rice 4

Nevertheless, we finished all of that down to the last grain, so nothing was wasted. I guess that’s what is most important, right?