Stay on these roads…

Well, somebody posted a comment on my post the other day asking me to include the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinate of a place, if ever I should be featuring some nice eatery in my blog.

I was thinking to myself, “GPS?…In Sibu?” You see, like I always tell people – when you are in Sibu, you get into your car and before one song finishes on the radio, you would reach your destination already. It IS that small…or maybe, two songs or three, depending on where you want to go. In the past, everything was centralised in the town proper but now, we do have a few other places like the Delta Commercial Area where the Delta Mall is located or the Li Hua Commercial Area around the Sibu Bus Terminal and so on. But still, it is very easy to drive around and locate a place without any need for a GPS.

Anyway, I was curious as to how the thing works, so I clicked the link given to go to the website. I typed my home address and abracadabra!!! My house…

My house 1

Why? I could even zoom in to have a closer look!!!

My house 2

Oops! Oh dear! Now everybody knows where I live! Hehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, I thought that while I was at it, I might as well browse around to see whether I would stumble upon anything of interest.

Now, wait a minute! I am quite positive that Jalan Pahlawan leads to Jalan Oya and not Jalan Wong King Huo…and it’s Huo, not Hou!

Wrong road names

…and when I tried to see whether I could get the GPS coordinate for Baba & Siam Cafe, I found a piece of empty land where the Sibu Bus Terminal and the Li Hua Commercial Centre should be. Gee! When was this aerial view taken? Anyway, roughly, the GPS coordinate for that cafe should be:Β 2.304147,111.848781…if that is of any help to anybody who may be trying to locate it.

Outdated aerial photograph

And oops!!! Too bad if the place is blocked by clouds! You can’t see Sacred Heart School because of that…and incidentally, the school is not located on Jalan Wong King Huo either.

Cloudy aerial view

But still, it was fun! Perhaps you would like to click the link and give it a try?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “Stay on these roads…”

  1. Cikgu… GPS very easy to use… ahahah… but, it is not necessarily accurate. i prefer to remember roads the traditional way. LMAO…

    And I hear that it gives you the shortest route to a place but it may not be the best way to get there. My cousin used it in New Zealand and had to go through some small, bumpy and dark country roads. I dunno…cos I’ve never used it before.

    1. That’s why I say… memorize the road is better. Somtimes, they really give you the shortcut and stuff, but not necessarily nice and safe road. All lubang! 😦

      Ya…my cousin and her family used in NZ…and went through all kinds of funny roads – much easier if they had taken the highways. And she said so stressed out getting from one place to another following the GPS’ directions…did not enjoy the holiday at all. She said next time she would just use the hop on-hop off tourist bus! Relax all the way, no worries…

    2. can opt for fastest route, shortest route and even specifically ask for route that no need go thru toll.

      Have to update the map often else will bring you to “holland” , dead end or one way street

      Like roads in Sibu. Every day ok…one fine day, you may suddenly find yourself driving along a one-way street in the wrong direction! But here usually o.k. one – just close one eye…and go straight ahead! LOL!!!

  2. Ah before you know it Google will be in Sibu driving through your town taking pictures of everything and then you’ll be able to take a virtual stroll through your neighbourhood to all those restaurant’s kind of cool

    I would love that! I’ve been walking around the streets of Wellington, N.Z. – the area where my daughter is staying…virtually, i.e. Very interesting…so much fun! And you don’t get tired! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. So you mean food is everywhere in Sibu lar? :p

    Yes…certainly not like some towns over your side. Walked half dead in SP and could not find A single shop to eat (other than one nasi kandar aka daylight robbery place along the way)…until Central Square. Here, one block of shophouses, at least one or two coffee shops or more, not including those cafes and restaurants.

  4. i never and dont use gps one. haha. πŸ˜›

    You should! So young…no problem learning, not like me – a dinosaur. And KK – the eating places are all over the place. I wouldn’t know, for instance, how to get to Gunter Gashaus (I’m dreaming….of a German pork trotter…) and that ngui chap (beef noodles) place near the now-not-so-good dim sum place – Fook Ping or something…even though I’ve been there, I think four times already. If it’s Little Italy, no problem lah…no need for GPS, I know how to get there!

    1. hahaha! c la how. i dnt drive and scare to drive. dad forced me take license since i form 5 and i go halfway stop there. haha. gek sei him. went for driving centre for 4 times dy, and now dad get mad with me for not getting license now. and now mum oso ask me take license. I dnt memorize road 1. lol! got ppl send n pick ok liao. :p

      Looks like you will have to find a boyfriend or hubby who is willing to be your chauffeur all his life. Eyew….!!! No worries! There’s a sucker born every minute! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. ROFL! so mean! no la, dnt worry i’ll get a driving license soon. my dad mad at me to the max dy. haha! got car but no license, my dad say better sell the car. hahahaha

        Like that, better give me your car lah! Since you dunno how to drive! πŸ™‚

  5. Here’s my 2 sen on GPS, having used it for all of 1 month so I am still a newbie on this.

    AFAIK, to use GPS navigation, you need 3 things:
    1. GPS receiver. There are about 2 dozen satellite up in the sky belonging to the US government and they transmit signal. As long as the GPS receiver are able to receive those signal free of charge. The GPS receiver needs a minimum of 3 satellite signal to calculate where you are on earth and give you your GPS co-ordinates.

    2. Maps. With those GPS co-ordinate, you obviously need a map to show/cross-reference where you are on earth. Now those maps you see on the Internet are old maps but they are free. But I suppose if you are willing to pay for it, you could always buy latest up to date map from those satellite company? Probably have to pay an arm or a leg for it.

    3. Navigation software. Some are free & comes with voice navigation while some are not. These software will calculate how to get from Point A to Point B by giving you instruction as to where & when to turn left or right. But because those maps above are not up-to-date, the software wouldn’t know when some road has been changed to become a one-way street now, for example. This all leads to inaccurate voice instruction. But fear not because we still have own inbuilt biological computer aka our brain. What I found was, you just ignore the instruction and when the software found you did not follow her instruction and drove straight ahead instead of turning into that one-way street as instructed, it will automatically do a quick recalculation and find you another route.

    So the bottom line is, our human brain is still superior lah.

    Thanks for the info, Kong. I would think that it is very useful especially at places you’re new to – dunno the roads, dunno the areas and all that. Like I’ve been to KK many times but other than the city centre, I still don’t know the way around…so if I want to get to my favourite eating places there, a GPS would definitely be useful. Probably Kuching too as it has changed so much that I am no longer familiar with the roads especially the new areas.

    I like those virtual maps by google too…can go and walk around the place, see the shops, the buildings. Cannot afford air fare, anytime can visit the place…virtually! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Good morning Sir,
    Yes, heard of this GPS in the car, in the Internet, in our cell phones but I have yet to try.. i think if i have one installed in the car, I will not know how to use… let my sons take care of that.. sibu is small, so is Ipoh..unless we r going to unfamiliar places like KL, JB, Kelantan.. and so forth..
    as u said, we reach our destination even before one song is finished.. hahaha..

    You have on your handphone? Learn lor… Since you drive to KL and Penang frequently, it may come in handy sometimes. Like when I used to attend meetings and what not a lot in the past, when it was party time…I was the “GPS” for my friends from other states going to KL. They said they so malu…this guy from Sarawak telling them the way to here and there in their own home ground.

  7. In bigger places like KL, you definitely need a GPS (if you are driving there. Otherwise, taxi can bring you to your destination). But Sibu??? They say any road you turn into in Sibu will lead you back to where you start or out if you are lost. Hahahha!!! You don’t even need GPS in Kuching! But I do have GPS in my hp so it is kind of useful just to turn it on to see how accurate that thing is.

    The satellite view in Google maps was taken at least 6 months back (can be even more). Of course they cannot give you live view for free lar, otherwise people can stalk you πŸ˜› And smaller town get less update on Google maps. FYI, the road names and places are contributed by the public wan.

    I wonder who the people were – giving the wrong info. The Au Yong roads also – all Jalan Pahlawan, everywhere Jalan Pahlawan…and Wong King Huo/Hou… If the Sibu Bus Terminal isn’t there, the map must be really old. The terminal has been there for so many years now – even before I retired!

  8. Yes, Sibu is too small and you certainly don’t often find the need for it. So yes, I would never consider buying a dedicated GPS for the car.

    On the other hand if it’s already in the phone and mind you, these smartphones are very common nowadays, why not use it? And like I said before, if you know how to use it, it can be TOTALLY free. And furthermore, phones are almost always in our pocket wherever we go so who knows when you will need it?

    Now here’s another thing I found GPS useful. Sometime, my friends would take me to some really rural places to look at a piece of land and after driving for a long time, we arrive at our destination. So what I would do is to take the GPS co-ordinate and when back in the office later, look it up on the google map. For all I know, they could have been driving me in circles without me knowing it. But no more.

    And there’s another use but please don’t laugh. Now, how many people still know where are your ancestor’s grave site? I mean, your grandfather or your grandfather’s father etc? I bet not many. So what I did was, during the last ‘Ching Ming’, I took my grandfather’s grave site GPS co-ordinate. And should my grandson or his grandson wanted that piece of information, it will be there somewhere.

    So there you have it. You wouldn’t know how useful or useless is a gadget until you tried it out. Come to think about it, that is what I thought about computers 20+ years ago. Ya. I am old.

    I’m sure it has its uses… Like the old folks buying land here and there…and when they had died, the young ones had to search high and low to find the location of their inherited property. The GPS might be useful there too.

  9. On GPS reading accuracy. I was told the accuracy is within 10 meters but in real life, I found they can be off by 50 meters. Now that could mean a totally different block of building. Once again proving we still need our brain to come to the final decision.

    So what I did was, I use the GPS reading as a rough guide and then cross reference it with the map to be more certain. Only on location that are important to me, that is.

    Ya…I typed Dewan Suarah, Sibu…and got a place somewhere among the houses around the Rejang Park Traffic Garden – so far off!!! Had to drag…and look for the building…and get the actual coordinate – and hopefully it is correct.

  10. lol.. certainly.. there’s no need for gps in sibu.. πŸ˜› but driving with GPS is fun cz at least you don’t have to think which turn to make and start remembering landmarks.. lol..

    Typical of young people today! Spoilt by technology! Like car engine, never use for a long time – may not start eventually. Brain also like that – if you don’t use, eventually becomes useless. I guess that’s why some people are really hopeless at directions – never use those cells in the brain…so just cannot find the way even though they have been to a place before.

  11. I like it the old way too… anyway i would suggest you just show us the map to your house, everytime if we were to be in Sibu, after airport, it should be your house already,ok, now please post some pictures of your house ya…

    You come to Sibu, just let me know the date and time of arrival…and I’ll arrange for a limo to pick you up at the airport and send you right to my doorstep. No need for map or GPS liao! πŸ™‚

  12. wah stp is going high tech now! to include GPS coordinates! Good!

    Hehehehe!!! Must keep up with the times! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, eh? πŸ˜‰

    1. Cikgu tak mau kalah! LOL…

      Yalor! Later you young people look down on us old folks, laugh at us some more – always blur-blur one! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Wah your house~!! Isn’t that a semi-D or perhaps a bungalow lot? Orang ada “shui” ar (Got money one ar)!^-^

    There was times that I was addicted to “Google Earth” GPS, but very soon I was bored with its satelite view and I wish there would be 3D view instead, do you think it’s possible ar?

    Old semi-D lah…over 30 years old, last time comparatively big with big compound…not like the ones today at two or three times the price that I paid long long ago. 3D…the visual tour? You can roam the streets and look at the buildings, shops etc… Can’t go in though! LOL!!!

    1. Street View, you mean??? It is already there. No Street View for M’sia, yet. Australia, US, UK got already. Can view the street, shops, landmark and all. 360 degrees

      They have for Wellington. Quite fun to browse around the area where my daughter stays…and see what they have there.

  14. i always use GoogleMap when i travel.. makes it easier and I can guess where’s the place.. =)

    Yes, you made good use of it when in the UK and Ireland… πŸ™‚

  15. Gee, even in a public website u can get those images. The CIA can probably view you sitting on your toilet bowl reading the Borneo Post…hehe.

    There! I can see you in your office. Wah…so free, Facebooking…and do stop koreking your nose…and sticking your “gold” under the table! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. Ur house is like very big wor, rich old man~

    Old house…some 30 years old already, in pretty bad shape and on the verge of collapse already…unlike my neighbours’ houses. No money for maintenance and renovations… So sad!

  17. Ah, GPS … I remember my lecturer saying a long while ago how the modern generation is so dependent on technology that nobody will know how to read maps soon, and you’ll need the help of GPS to lead you back to your own home. Sad that technology is made to make life much easier, but it also addles the brain a little in the process. That said, the GPS is a pretty nifty tool to have especially when meandering through unfamiliar places, although I’ve had lots of experience with the thing showing roads that no longer exist and junctions and turnings also get left out at times.

    Ya…eventually people will become so dependent on technology, some of their brain cells will just close shop! I know KL pretty well as when I went round in taxis and buses, I would look at the roads, the direction from this place to that place, the landmarks…and remember. Most people do not bother so even though they’ve been to KL many times, they would not know their way around.

  18. Garbage in, Garbage out. That is what happens with those maps that are free and not up-to-date. But it is still better than nothing but like I said, if the voice navigation is plainly wrong like asking you to turn into a no-entry road etc, just use our common sense and ignore those instructions. Luckily the software are smart and quick enough to realize the mistake and do a quick recalculation for alternative routes.

    The same thing also applies to Google maps. A lot of those landmarks are put there by people like you and me aka anyone with access to the computer and internet. And there are certainly some idiot who would put garbage there. So just use our common sense and ignore them. But we should not throw the baby out with the water and that is the reason why, IMHO, not a good reason not to use Google maps or the often-can-be-wrong GPS navigation instruction.

    I would consider it as something to use when I have no other option…or it is the best thing to do. Then I will not become too dependent on this technology thingy. I guess like everything else we need to improvise, adapt ourselves and make the most of what is available at our disposal. You ask people for directions also, sometimes may be vague or misleading… πŸ™‚

  19. I got gps/satellite navigation in my car too. It is useful but sometimes one way road/bumpy road,they don’t tell u also! Aiyo! Sibu no need GPS lah!But then again I have not driven in Sibu for a very long time,but I think I probably still know my directions…..

    I bet you do…especially around the main areas but you may need help to get to the new housing estates like Nang Sang or whatever…and if they’re poorly planned, you may be able to go in and not find the way out…and keep going round in circles. I find the Merdeka Road/Rejang Park area messy – but just keep going, will come out at some familiar place. After all, Sibu is this small! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Oh BTW, suituapui, I wouldn’t want to put my house GPS co-ordinate for all to see. May be I have been watching too much of those horror Hollywood movies about psychotic people…….

    Hope I haven’t spoil your appetite for lunch. Sorry.

    I didn’t. Made sure no road names, no landmarks…but people who are familiar with the neighbourhood may recognise two specific places some hundred metres away from my house. Anyway, Sibu so small – everyone seems to know my house, even my house phone and mobile numbers…especially mothers who want me to give tuition to their children. I wonder how on earth did they find out! Tsk! Tsk!

  21. No lah, you didn’t put road name and such around your house, don’t think people know where you stay just by looking at the 2 screenshots above. πŸ˜€

    Ya…I took care not to include any road names…and I thought all the housing estates look more or less the same…unless you go through the whole of Sibu to look (which is not impossible as it is so small)…or you live nearby and are quite familiar with the neighbourhood.

  22. I could and did. I know where he stays now. Luckily my doctor had certified me sane πŸ™‚

    Gosh! You are dangerous!!! Ah well…who would want to do anything to this poor, penniless, pensioner? So kesian… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  23. Luckily your house don’t have open air, no roof bathroom……if not habis….STP photo captured by satelite camera. ha ha ha

    Thank goodness they did not snap while I was sunbathing naked in my garden! Otherwise, that area in the pic sure overexposed liao! Muahahahahaha!!!

  24. I think it should be useful in big cities like KL / PJ. BIL has one and we used that to locate the famous satay celup in Melaka. LOL. We found the place without problem though. Quite useful.

    But you would need to know the name of the shop or the address, wouldn’t you? Melaka…not that big – just stop anybody by the road, sure can tell you one! LOL!!!

  25. When in a new town/cities, knowing the name and address is still not enough. Even if they give you a tiny printed location map is still not enough. You probably need a big map that you can zoom in or out to find it to be of any use. The funny thing with big map is, while it can tell you a lot of thing when you unfold it, it never tells you how to fold it back again properly.

    Heck, come to think of it, just give me the name & GPS co-ordinate and I will let my little pocket phone be my guide. The best thing, it does it for free.

    Ya…in the 80s in the UK, we would have to study the big map and plan the routes before leaving for the destinations – which highways, what numbers…and go into which numbers…and record all that down to refer to when on the road. It certainly was a chore…but better than trying to study the huge map in the car while already on the way. GPS is definitely good and no need to remember the routes as you would probably not be going that way again…unlike routes to places in your own town or city.

  26. Pete said luckily ur roof is not open air or transparent one..

    else syiok see STP sunbathing…whahhaha..

    Oh gosh! Don’t tell me so many people would like to watch! Hahahahaha!!!

  27. Now the ISA knows where to find you.

    No problem at all! Mine is a clean blog. I do not touch on “sensitive issues” unless they consider the fact that everybody’s growing too fat like me as a result of reading my blog a threat to society? >_<

  28. geezzzz, if you off a few more degrees in the fourth pic my house will be exposed by you already. haha

    Oh? You stay pretty near your former school?

  29. ahaha! see that applies to normal drivers. I’ve been known to finish an entire CD just because I get lost so much..and when that happens the only thing I know how to do is to drive back home and start again πŸ˜›

    You? I’m not surprised. Young people today – so used to being chauffeured here and there – to school, to tuition, everywhere…so they never really develop that part of the brain and end up quite hopeless at directions unless they leave home and start learning to find their own way. That’s why some people can’t tell their left from the right…

  30. I very poor at memorising routes, so GPS quite useful to me, especially at night and the places not so familiar.

    But sometimes GPS can have mistakes, then have to use traditional method of asking people for directions liao.

    Yeah…that’s the drawback with technology. Still need humans…sometimes.

  31. Woo… Your house look big and it is bungalow type.
    But, I still don’t know where your house. Hehe
    It is fun to use GPS.

    Come to Sibu lah! Bring you family. Can stay at my house anytime. Just don’t complain – simple, basic only…poor pensioner! But got aircon! Fat people cannot survive without aircon! LOL!!!

  32. I have been using GPS for sometime. It is useful and I like it! Sometimes, I use it to help me to remember routes, eg, going to longhouses or ulu. I just trace and mark it and next time, I just use the route again.

    Even though Sibu is small, which I disagree, addresses and GPS will definitely help. Otherwise driving in the wrong direction will be a nightmare. After a song, I found myself at the wharf. After, another song, I found myself at the council building. Oppp… where am I suppose to go ah?! But then no matter which way I turn now, there is food in every corner! Hahaha…

    I hope to go to Sibu soon…. will surely call you.

    Ya…you’re from out of town, so you probably will find GPS very handy. Well, whatever it is…in Sibu, no matter where you turn and how lost you may be, you will not starve. There is always a coffee shop close by! Hahahahaha!

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