Stay on these roads…

Well, somebody posted a comment on my post the other day asking me to include the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinate of a place, if ever I should be featuring some nice eatery in my blog.

I was thinking to myself, “GPS?…In Sibu?” You see, like I always tell people – when you are in Sibu, you get into your car and before one song finishes on the radio, you would reach your destination already. It IS that small…or maybe, two songs or three, depending on where you want to go. In the past, everything was centralised in the town proper but now, we do have a few other places like the Delta Commercial Area where the Delta Mall is located or the Li Hua Commercial Area around the Sibu Bus Terminal and so on. But still, it is very easy to drive around and locate a place without any need for a GPS.

Anyway, I was curious as to how the thing works, so I clicked the link given to go to the website. I typed my home address and abracadabra!!! My house…

My house 1

Why? I could even zoom in to have a closer look!!!

My house 2

Oops! Oh dear! Now everybody knows where I live! Hehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, I thought that while I was at it, I might as well browse around to see whether I would stumble upon anything of interest.

Now, wait a minute! I am quite positive that Jalan Pahlawan leads to Jalan Oya and not Jalan Wong King Huo…and it’s Huo, not Hou!

Wrong road names

…and when I tried to see whether I could get the GPS coordinate for Baba & Siam Cafe, I found a piece of empty land where the Sibu Bus Terminal and the Li Hua Commercial Centre should be. Gee! When was this aerial view taken? Anyway, roughly, the GPS coordinate for that cafe should be: 2.304147,111.848781…if that is of any help to anybody who may be trying to locate it.

Outdated aerial photograph

And oops!!! Too bad if the place is blocked by clouds! You can’t see Sacred Heart School because of that…and incidentally, the school is not located on Jalan Wong King Huo either.

Cloudy aerial view

But still, it was fun! Perhaps you would like to click the link and give it a try?