Two different worlds…

Well, some of you may remember that I posted on these not too long ago…

Kuih basong with a difference
*recycled pic*

…and I said they were something like our kuih basong

Kuih basong Sarawak
*recycled pic*

…except that ours are conical in shape and generously coated with grated coconut and sugar and are not so green in colour. These are very green and flat and triangular in shape, and instead of being coated with sugar, they give a little packet of gula Melaka (palm sugar) to eat them with. According to the lady at the kuih-muih stall, they are made by some woman from a state in West Malaysia, can’t remember which one now. No wonder they are different!

Then, some of you started saying that they are kuih Melaka – those ball-shaped ones like mochi or tang yuan rice balls but with gula Melaka inside that may squirt out once you bite into them. Well, they’re not. These would be kuih Melaka

Ondeh-ondeh 1

…or what we usually call ondeh-ondeh. I love the big ones with lots of gula Melaka inside…and one bite will send the palm sugar squirting all over your shirt or onto your friend’s face – if he or she happens to have the misfortune of sitting close to you.

These days, they seem to be getting smaller and I hate it when the sugar has leaked out…

Ondeh-ondeh 2

That would take away have the fun and enjoyment of eating ondeh-ondeh.

Well, it’s the weekend again, so do have a great one, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Two different worlds…”

  1. i lurve ondeh-ondeh! but those selling at my canteen here are cheap one. no gula melaka inside, shredded coconuts instead! 😦

    Oooo…I would never buy those. Where got nice? Here, it’s RM1.00 a packet and I think they are 10 inside, so 10 sen each lor… Quite small, quite a bit of gula Melaka inside…so can pass lah! What to expect from 10 sen these days?

  2. oh yay i is first! *shakes butt*

    Yah! 5 something, what are you doing up so early? I thought young people these days sleep a long long time….???

    1. I tink jangkit from me kot? Nocturnal? LOL…

      Bad! Bad! What is this…everyone cannot sleep? My head hits the pillow, already hanyut ke lautan sepi! Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. I am C1N1… H1N1 punya sister. Contagious. LOL… I think, people can’t sleep much these days cuz there’s so many things going on in their head… either that, or the terrible weather is affecting people. These days… I know some people cannot sleep because of too hot. 😦 In KL here, especially, the weather really horrible. If your house no air cond… then it’s like sleeping in an oven. Really not comfy!

        So hot kah? Here not too bad…sometimes a bit hot, sometimes ok…and we do get rain especially in the evening. KL – city mah! Global warming, pollution, concrete jungle…

  3. Oh… so it’s also called ondeh ondeh? I didn’t know that. I only know it’s known as buah melaka or kuih melaka. LOL…my late grandmum always refer to these kuih as that. I liked it a lot, and I remembered that she used to make loads of these to feed us grandchildren as a token of affection. She’d usually serve it for tea… not breakfast.

    Like people call serimuka kuih salad and there’s no this salad-ish about it. Maybe they serve that for dessert and hence, the name. Ya…we usually took those kuihs for tea but now, anytime of day… They even serve them at hotel buffet lunch or dinner as dessert…but not necessarily nice. Must know where to go for the really good ones.

    1. 😦 I wouldn’t really go for those hotel ones. 😦 Not nice! Home made are usually the nicest. I dunno why. There’s once, I went to this Cititel Midvalley for buka puasa with friends, and they serve this. OMG, Yuck! Like eating some hard, gooey thing. Duzzin taste like buah melaka at all! It’s like eating tang yuan, with hard piece of gula melaka inside. Not nice at all! Dono who made that. If my late grandmum ever taste that one, she’ll spit it out in disgust!

      Ya…I never had any nice ones in hotels except this one in Kuching – Merdeka Palace. Maybe they got from the same roadside stall where I would go to buy. Same…or almost the same, very nice. I asked my West Malaysian colleagues to try…told them couldn’t find such nice nyonya kuih in their hotels and they all agreed. The best ones in Kuching… Sibu ones, buang gian only. Most of the time, not worth the calories!

      1. 😦 I dun like hotel food. Most of the time, their taste are so weird and bland. Not up to my standard. I’d go for those tepi jalan stall anytime, but hotel foods? Well, depends on which hotel. 😦 I often go to The Gardens to visit my parents, and we’ll sometimes have bfast or tea over there. And the food are just mediocre, and I have to end up buying warung foods for my dad!

        If you seldom eat at hotels, not too bad…but if you stay for a week and if you go often, one or two days, you don’t feel like eating anymore. They all taste the same – never mind which hotel – the buffet, I mean. Maybe if you go a la carte, it may be a different story.

  4. oh this kuih very nice de. πŸ™‚ huhu just remind me like dunno how long dy dint eat this kuih. going to get it today! haha! we all called it as ondeh-ondeh leh at here. and yea i dint know it is also known as kuih melaka aye! i only know inside is gula melaka. haha!

    Whatever! As long as it is well done with lots of gula melaka inside! Ngaaappp!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Eeeee… you sound like smallkucing. Smallkucing, the boy… he also always say ‘ngappppp!’. LOL…

      Yakah? I like to see that kid’s photos. So cute, like very cheeky fella!!!

      1. wai…gossip about me ah? Eh time u come la. I make Ondeh2. Sure u like punya. The gula melaka special ones.

        What about me? *blinking and trying to look cute!* LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      2. That boy? Fuiyooo… he gave me a scare when I went to his house to makan makan. 😦 He climbed at the window grill… nearly give me cardiac arrest, i takut he jatuh all the way down from the apartment! Scares me to death!

        What to expect? The name already kuching – jump here, jump there! Hahahahaha!!! Boys will be boys! But my girl – not a boy and yet, also like that. Good thing somehow she changed by herself by 5 or 6 years old… What a relief!

    2. LOL! guess what? i asked my dad buy for me just now. bwek! one of my breakfast!

      Really! Those people must pay me for promoting their business. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  5. oh, i love onde-onde! Actually, i like all coconut-coated kuihs. One of my colleague’s mother-in-law used to make the most delicious and fragrant kuih kosui. Too bad she has retired from making kuihs.

    Kuih kosui! Haven’t had that for a while now. There used to be somebody at one house in the kampung – I think it was only RM8 a tray…but if you want tambah lemak RM1-2 extra. Made nice serimuka too…but haven’t gone for years. Probably not making anymore either. 😦

  6. U know.. i love to make my own ondeh ondeh last time, i would mix it with mashed sweet potatoes… more yummier this way.. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I dunno how to make but they say it makes it more springy or something?

  7. 😦 I miss ondeh ondeh.. very hard to get good ones these days.. kenot even get good ones in malacca!

    Did not come across any nice places selling really nice nyonya kuihs over there. Once, I bought some in Penang – looked nice but in the end, I threw them into the drain while walking back to the hotel. And I thought the ones we have here in Sibu are bad! But the stall at Sg Wang next to the durian pancake stall – quite nice actually! Better than any that I had elsewhere:

  8. I agree with u, the size is really smaller then the ones i eat when i was young. Or is it the size i ate is huge? Coz i got my ondeh ondeh free from a kind malay neighbour almost everyday:D

    Lucky you! Ya…I think they’re less than half the size of those when I was young. 😦

  9. ei..why all kuih also green colors one..hehhe..oh…my favourite ondeh ondeh..

    Dunno. These Malay kuihs and cakes very colourful one…and they love green, it seems.

  10. Oh lots of c-o-c-o-n-u-t on the outside yummy tQ

    Hahahaha!!! I’m afraid I’m not a fan or grated coconut though… Doesn’t matter whether it’s there or not…but would love lots of gula Melaka! πŸ™‚

  11. *sigh* Craving for buah melaka now. Looks like I’ll have to make this myself. 😦 OMG, so mafan lah… summore, have to go get grated coconuts. SIGH!

    That’s why…come to think of it, it’s more worth it to buy – RM1 for 10 small balls – buang gian! πŸ™‚

  12. ondeΒ² is my favourite!! Now you make me want to make some for myself πŸ˜›

    You can make? Ooooo….so nice! I dunno how to make. Dependent on people and hopefully I may get to buy some nice ones! So kesian! 😦

  13. It has been a LONG time since I had a decent onde-onde. The ‘squirting’ is no longer common.

    Yes, I’m glad that though these are small, there is quite a lot of gula melaka inside and enough to make it squirt. Btw, your first time here – welcome, make yourself at home…and do come again…often. Thanks for dropping by. Will add you to my blogroll. 😦

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