Two different worlds…

Well, some of you may remember that I posted on these not too long ago…

Kuih basong with a difference
*recycled pic*

…and I said they were something like our kuih basong

Kuih basong Sarawak
*recycled pic*

…except that ours are conical in shape and generously coated with grated coconut and sugar and are not so green in colour. These are very green and flat and triangular in shape, and instead of being coated with sugar, they give a little packet of gula Melaka (palm sugar) to eat them with. According to the lady at the kuih-muih stall, they are made by some woman from a state in West Malaysia, can’t remember which one now. No wonder they are different!

Then, some of you started saying that they are kuih Melaka – those ball-shaped ones like mochi or tang yuan rice balls but with gula Melaka inside that may squirt out once you bite into them. Well, they’re not. These would be kuih Melaka

Ondeh-ondeh 1

…or what we usually call ondeh-ondeh. I love the big ones with lots of gula Melaka inside…and one bite will send the palm sugar squirting all over your shirt or onto your friend’s face – if he or she happens to have the misfortune of sitting close to you.

These days, they seem to be getting smaller and I hate it when the sugar has leaked out…

Ondeh-ondeh 2

That would take away have the fun and enjoyment of eating ondeh-ondeh.

Well, it’s the weekend again, so do have a great one, everybody!