Side by side…

Well, it’s not actually side by side…but two different types of cuisine, Baba-nyonya and Thai together at one place . This place has been in business for quite a while now but I had not been there as the reviews that I read in some other blogs had not been very flattering. Anyway, the other day, I decided to drop by and give it a try…

Baba and Siam 1

The decor, the ambience and all are all very nice…

Baba & Siam 2

…and I was impressed that they played very tasteful piped-in songs that included Burt Bacharach’s “Make it easy in yourself” – that certainly was a welcome change from what they play at other places! None of those Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga stuff! Ewek!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

The first waiter who attended to my table, however, was not conversant in English and he had to get another one to replace him and take our orders. I would think that if they want it to be an upper-scale or classier joint, they should employ people who can speak English at least, besides Mandarin and Malay.

As for the food, we had this plate of pineapple fried rice…

Baba & Siam pineapple fried rice

…and what they called Chinatown chicken salad…

Baba & Siam Chinatown chicken salad

The prices were reasonable, considering the huge servings that were enough for two persons at least – around RM12 for the former which was definitely cheaper and nicer than what I had at the other place that I would not bother to go ever again, and RM8 for the latter. However, though they were nice enough, it did not get me jumping up and down with delight…and dying to go back there again as soon as possible.

All in all, I think it would be a pleasant place for dinner, hang around and chat…or to celebrate some special occasion.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Side by side…”

  1. Ahahahahaha… today I tak kalah… I oso got food post in my blog today. *grinZ*

    Hopped over to have a look! Eyew…food like that nice kah. Reminds me of all those hotel buffets – breakfast, lunch and dinner…when I was on my working trips for so many years – before which, at such buffets, I would have no less than 5 rounds! Year in, year out of those – one or two days, you would find me sneaking out to the hawker stalls and coffee shops already for some decent meal. They all taste the same, look the same…no, thank you!

    1. To be honest… only the salad and fruits is nice. Ahahahahahhaha.. the rest… not quite. But I was really hungry…so telan aje!

      Yalor…looking at your cooking, anything would be a welcome change. Muahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€ Gosh! I’m so mean…

      1. LOLzzz…. you’re so bad la, but then again, it’s really a welcome change. My cooking is not exactly gourmet cooking oso wud? LOL…I eat my own cooking oso feel so jelak oredi… lol…

        LOL!!! That’s not the first time you say I’m bad…but you keep coming back for more! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  2. whoaa u go read reviews before goin thr ah?? lol. btw, i like the deco and the foods look delicious too. I never eat pineapple fried rice before, now wondering how’s the taste. sour? sweet? lol

    Not really – they’re bloggers that I know and I read their posts…and I also saw people posting comments on Facebook. Not cheap…so have to find out first whether it is worth going or not mah! Aiyor…never had pineapple fried rice? I’m sure there are Thai restaurants in KK – Sibu is such a tiny town and yet, there are places where we can get pineapple fried rice, pandan chicken, tom yam… They said the lamb and green mango salad is very nice…but my “lunch date” did not eat lamb, so I did not order that.

    1. Carol… depends on where you eat pineapple fried rice… some sweet, some spicy. LOL… I prefer the spicy ones. πŸ˜›

      Like everything else, some place nice…others not so. That’s why must look for reviews or ask people first before going… RM12.90 doesn’t drop down from the sky, yunno!

      1. lol is it? i gotta check it out! haha.. look so delicious. i dnt think im going to prefer the spicy one. lol

        Thai food is very nice. I went to Thailand on a holiday…and I ate…and ate…and ate…and in the end, could not button up my trousers. Had to buy new pairs… Really enjoyed the food there. The durian pulut dessert that I had for the 1st time there – ooooo…like going to Heaven!

      2. my god! am hungry! haha! wat de. durian pulut oso thai’s cuisine???
        yea got few Thai restaurants here but jarang go thr ma. summore if am with my dad, we always go for chinese restaurant one, if wit mum, sure go japanese food or those western one. if wit siblings, sure go those fast foods or secret recipe like dat one. lol

        Give it a try! Always nice to have something different for a change. They have some very nice specialties. Durian pulut not always available but they should have mango pulut, also nice…but I prefer durian. If I go KK, we go to a Thai restaurant on a date, ok? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰ Hahahahaha!!!

  3. The pineapple fried rice looks delicious…all that golden gorgeousness. Seems like a good place to hang out, love it when eateries don’t play irritating music πŸ™‚

    Ya, even at those supposedly classier restaurants I went to in KL, the music/songs did not impress me at all.

  4. wah…must be some special occasion! Never mind about the food and money, just enjoy the ambience and being with the one u love is more important! *wink*

    Wei wei! Don’t let your imagination run wild! Hahahahaha!!!! I wasn’t that kind of lunch date lah…and I wouldn’t want to go on a romantic outing in broad daylight! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜‰

  5. OMG.. sibu has really changed!! I’ve never seen all these places when I was there…. hmmm.. the place looks really cozy.. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure you know Cafe2. They say the chef is from there… Cafe2’s food is nice too, don’t you think? And young people love the place!

    1. Hahaha! I like the food at Cafe2 but not the environment – too dark at night can hardly read the menu. Maybe I’m no longer in the ‘young people’ group πŸ˜›

      Yalor…and not good for taking photographs of the food. I don’t like flash photography – very unnatural…

  6. 1st dish still look ok, 2nd one not so.

    You’re absolutely right. The pineapple fried rice is quite good…the salad did not impress me – ok but I would not want to eat it again. They say the lamb and green mango salad is nice. Maybe I’ll have that next time.

  7. salad got bihun??

    Yes, Thai-style salad…and sometimes they use tung hoon (glass noodles). They don’t have in Singapore meh? Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  8. i like the look of the pineapple fried rice.

    It is nice… Worth having. The minced meat kebab on a stick of serai is pretty good too!

  9. Oh my… make me feel like ordering fried rice for lunch today.

    Good luck! Hope yours tastes good! Yumsss…!!! πŸ˜€

    1. No. Did not managed to have fried rice because that shop DID NOT OPEN. Looks like have to eat that next Monday. *If my crave is still there*. haha

      Kesian. So what did you have instead?

      1. The boring ‘economy rice’ (chap fan). Hubby had fried hokkien mee so we share share. Today’s Monday. Must go and see if the shop is open. hahah…..’tamchiak’ people like me must eat means must eat!

        Hahahaha!!! Kesian! Good luck! KL…so many Thai restaurants, all serving pineapple fried rice one what? Last time I had from a Thai food stall at a food court at Berjaya Times Square – very nice, all the food nice and very cheap too. But the next trip I went, I could not find it anymore… 😦

  10. I would have been enticed to try it out,just by the decor of the eatery from the outside and the inside, i am more particular about good place rather than good food, hahahaha

    No wonder you’re so slim…not so much into the fun, more for the cosiness and the company! If pretty young girls, sure best ya? Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  11. The pineapple fried rice looked so “messy” one :(But as long as taste good, ok gua

    It’s nice enough… After all, what can one expect from fried rice? But I thought the presentation was very nice…and I like how they used a bit of the pineapple crown for decoration. Most places use a scooped-out half a pineapple…and some of the pineapple halves look so dried up and shrivelled…like they have been used a thousand times. Eyew…

  12. Hmm..when i go ur place, u bring me makan ere, ok kah?…like the ambience.very nice. Food tak tahu till try it…LOL!!!

    No problem at all. Just let me know when you are coming. You people just say only…and up till now, no sign of anybody! 😦

    1. Tipu… Annie going there… summore going with her two anaks…

      She’s orang Sibu mah! Not ori Semenanjung people. Cannot kira that one! We’re going out for noodles tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚

    2. got one…but just duno when. U think KL mer, Sibu bor..have to naik kapal terbang …somemore u know i got 2 small rascals….manyak susah have to wait PIL come to KL temporary jaga them first…i m longing for the day to travel…

      Ok…looking forward to the day! πŸ™‚

  13. Stp, have u tried the islamic nyonya cafe? the one next to hongleong not the one opposite ruby. I dunno wht’s the difference btwn 2 of this. I saw their interior, it looks quite good for me. but im not sure about the food.

    The food is not bad…not too expensive either. I had a post on it here:
    But I heard not very nice things about the cleanliness, dunno true or not…and they say the roti canai is nice but then I heard the Thai masseur from that Thai massage centre upstairs is the one making it. Muahahahaha!!!!

  14. Wats the salad made up of? Looks like vermicelli to me~

    Yup… Thai-style salad. They either use mihun or glass noodles (tung hoon), mix with fish sauce, lime and what not…sprinkle pounded peanuts, add cashews…and this one had chicken slices and whatever – mango strips, carrot, cabbage……and toss. I have had different varieties of Thai-style salad before – this one was with tung hoon:

  15. Is it a recommended place to go when we go Sibu?

    There’s this temple place along Oya Road – a combination of Tua Pek Kong, Buddhism and another one, reputed to be the biggest in South East Asia…and then there are the parks. Perhaps you would want to go to the memorial park at Sg Merah – where the first Chinese settled in Sibu…but the town has changed – no more authentic, new shophouses… Lot of parks here, there and everywhere. And don’t forget Ruby Restaurant and the butter scotch prawns (cannot find anywhere else in the world), the lamb with lemon sauce, the bean combination dish, the sea cucumber soup etc etc etc…and if you like coffee, you must have the blended kopi-o-peng…

  16. ahh I like the deco and how they use the coloured nyonya glass. The pineapple rice looks good too!

    Ya, on the whole…a pretty good place to dine! Don’t mind bringing friends there – nice.

  17. Hehe… the pineapple fried rice looks tasty, specially the skewed chicken in lemon grass. Welcome back to “foodie post”~! Cheers!

    Please have a pleasant weekend!

    Ya…and then some people will start complaining – food all the time! You too…have a nice weekend.

  18. the salad i ate not sesat wan so nvr had those with mihun o tang hun…lol

    The serimuka they sell at the roadside stalls along Green Road in the afternoon – those really really nice and lemak ones – Kuching people call it kuih salad…and you want to talk about salad sesat!

  19. The place looks awesome! Where is it exactly?
    I don’t know Sibu that well so everytime we’re there, we always just eat at Delta area or Ruby.

    This is in the Sibu Bus Terminal area – a number of nice eating places there, can go and check them out. Sweet Family is nice, cheap and very fast…but no aircon.

  20. Hi. Can I seek a favor? Then next time you had something nice to eat at some enjoyable places that I don’t know about, how about giving me the GPS co-ordinate? That way, I took can have a good at it using my phone’s GPS navigation. Yap, we apparently have something in common aka food.

    Here’s a website that I found useful in obtaining the GPS co-ordinate. Thanks in advance.

    GPS? Ummm….I’m sure that is very useful in bigger places like KL or Penang or even in Kuching, but Sibu? Gosh…one song on the radio has not finished and you would have reached your destination already. Small town’s like that…and everything’s centred in those few areas, definitely can’t miss them. Anyway, thanks for the tip – will try and see how it works out. πŸ˜€

  21. Hi, I thought the same about GPS until I got myself a Smartphone recently. As you know, many of these Smartphone (all those newer Nokia E & N series, iphone etc) nowadays come with built in GPS receiver and like many things in life, you don’t know how useful or useless it is until you actually tried it out. And tried I did. And I am glad I did. And the best part is, it’s totally free. The Nokia maps are free. The satellite signals are free. The voice navigation is free.

    And here’s a example of what I would like to use it for. Recently a friend told me there is a great place for prawn noodle somewhere near Salim, which according to him, is just as good as “Ming Kwong’s” at half the price. But despite trying his best to tell me where it is, I still don’t get it. How I wish he could just give me the GPS co-ordinate instead. I could be driving up tomorrow morning and try it out myself.

    BTW, talking about prawn noodle, have you tried the one in Jakar near Sarikei? Just as good as “Ming Kwong’s”. Here’s the co-ordinate: 2.043333,111.494444

    Yup! I’ve heard of Jakar’s. A lot of people have posted on it…and also Glory Cafe in Sarikei. Never been to either of them. Haven’t heard of the Salim one though…but I may have a vague idea where it may be if it’s not in the Farley/Sing Kwong area. I’ve checked out the GPS website just for the fun of it and had a great time playing with it, but no GPS for me – I only have a three-year-old hp with very limited facilities. 😦 Will post on it tomorrow (Tuesday).

  22. Glad that you found that GPS site interesting. On second thought, you can still do me a great favor by obtaining from that site the GPS co-ordinate of the nice places you recommended. That way, with or without GPS phone, anyone can still find the places you mentioned.

    For example, I recently went to KL and had a very nice and surprisingly cheap dinner. 2 fish head (the assam one is particularly nice), great roasted meat and other dishes and home made barley drink for 6 adults for only RM180. Instead of telling you in so many words, I can just give you the co-ordinate instead. Restoran Yat Mum at 3.027222,101.617222

    Ya…will try to do that. Dunno lah – the Baba Siam, CK posted in his blog that he had to drive around in search for it – but I went straight there and found it. Maybe some people are better at directions or have better instincts in looking for the way.


    Apparently someone agrees with me on that Restoran Yat Mun.

    May be one day, we can have coffee and I can show you how easy it is to use the GPS? After all, we are in the same town and knowing how small it is…….

    Ya…that would be nice, except that I dunno who you are. I guess you know who I am – everybody does, it seems! Muahahahaha!!! πŸ™‚ The food at Yat Mun certainly looks nice – but the blogger did not post the GPS coordinate either. I know some do – like that time they were looking for the kampua place in Puchong.

    P.S. Ok…I know who you are now. I think you know my father better than you know me. That’s the clue. LOL!!!

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