Eat it…

I have this calendar in the house that my missus must have brought home from work – from one of the milk companies. Well, it certainly looks like many of my readers are mothers, and very young ones at that, so I thought I can share with everybody some of the tips included in the calendar.

This is the first one…

Feeding the child 1

Now, how many of us are/were guilty of using the television set as a babysitter? *puts up hand…blushing with guilt!

Or perhaps we use/used it as a form of reward…

Feeding the child 2

Eat all your food and then you can watch your cartoons! Or perhaps we would say something like, “Finish up your food, darling, and you will get an ice cream!” *puts up hand again…face turning redder still!!!

And haven’t we seen this ever so often in coffee shops and restaurants? Sometimes, I really feel that those little brats really do need a good spanking…

Feeding the child 3

My daughter was quite a handful when she was small and in the end, we just stayed home or took turns to go out for dinners and what not. No point all of us going and ending up spending most, if not all, of the time trying to keep her entertained…and not enjoying the food. Thank goodness she grew out of it eventually.

And how many parents would give in to their kids when they demand for more…more…and more?

Feeding the child 4

Anything…just to keep them quiet!

On the other hand, there are those who would take ages to feed. My daughter would keep a spoonful of rice in her mouth for no less than half an hour before swallowing – if she felt like doing that, that is!

Feeding the child 5

Gosh! It was really a chore trying to get her to eat…but in a way, at least, she did not end up like me – FAT! A blessing in disguise! LOL!!! We gave her all kinds of supplements and consulted the doctor but he said that as long as she was healthy and active, we did not have anything to worry about!

And anybody thinks they are able to do this ?

Feeding the child 6

In the past, perhaps…during those days when the cane or rottan by the side spoke volumes!

Good Lord! It was so easy then – bringing up children!