You make me feel brand new…

I’m not too sure but I think this is new…

Cintan instant noodles 1

I haven’t seen it in the shops before – the flavour, I mean, or the packaging…not the brand. My missus bought a pack of 5 and I gave it a try. It was really very nice – extra pedas (spicy hot) and I would say that I liked it more than my usual Mee Daddy – curry flavour.

Well, the other day, I had another packet…and I tried adding a little bit of milk hoping to get that lemak (rich) taste that we usually would have in curry but it did not work out according to plan. It was not as nice…

Cintan instant noodles 2

…so I think it is best eaten as it is – unadulterated. I had it with one free-range egg and a kembong (one of those smaller and supposedly cheaper fish – RM1 each at my regular Bandong food stall, fried and ready to eat). I think that would come to around RM2.00 – pretty good for a decent breakfast, don’t you think?

And these are new also…

Kuih basung - new style

…at my regular Bandong kuih-muih (Malay cakes) stall – RM1.00 (or was it RM1.20?) for two pieces and a little packet of gula Melaka (palm sugar). It turned out to be kuih basung except that they were not in the usual conical shape and were much greener in colour and not sugar-coated. They were o.k. – more or less the same as kuih basung but I would think that two pieces with a bit of gula Melaka for RM1.00 or RM1.20 was somewhat expensive.

So, what’s new with you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “You make me feel brand new…”

  1. oooo new instant noodles! I heart instant noodles. if you like it fiery you should definitely try the TomYum noodles by Ruski. proper tongue numbing stuff. What’s kuih basung?

    Gosh! I wouldn’t want something that hot. Never bothered looking at the stuff from other countries. Usually more expensive and don’t taste that great. Kuih basung – dunno how they make those but they look like glutinous rice compressed into conical shapes coated with sugar and grated coconut. You can click the link to the old post to see what they normally look like. These taste the same but they are triangular and flat and green…and they give a bit of gula melaka to eat it with…

  2. gawd! i dunno i dint eat maggie for how long dy, if at home, mum dnt let me eat at all de. 😦 d kuih look yummy worr!!! πŸ˜›

    This cannot eat, that cannot eat…no wonder so skinny! LOL!!!πŸ˜€

  3. Tat noodles plus fish is sure a cheap and full breakfast for me^^

    Not really for us here – all in all, around RM2 something…and with that amount of money, we can have a nice breakfast of noodles in a coffee shop outside already. πŸ˜€

    1. RM2 can’t even buy half a breakfast in SG lol

      Of course not! Singapore people so rich mah! My family – 3 of us going for breakfast at the so-called Kopitiam Food court, anytime around $20…and convert that to RM, almost RM50!!! *pengsan And at those places – the food’s not authentic some more, 2nd class.

  4. Oh… Cintan… I like their Mushroom Chicken flavour. Hmmm… been quite some times since I had Cintan too… hmmm…. mebbe should get some to eat soon. Hmmmm…..actually, Cikgu…it’s better not to add anything to the soup d… usually the extra ingredient will make it taste weird.

    Been sometime since I had Cintan too. Don’t mind their noodles – no complaints but none really stood out. But this time, their kari flavour is really nice. Abalone mushroom – I like Myojo’s…

    1. I kinda got bored wif Cintan. When I was studying…day in, day out, Cintan. =.= Scary lerr, Cikgu! LOL…

  5. Eh? I never heard of the kuih before and would love to try some day πŸ˜€ Look nice! Actually I just came back from 6.30am Easter mass and haven’t have breakfast yet. Very hungry. hahahaa!

    Never? I have had that since I was a kid – the ori ones, that is.

    I just got back from church too – commentating today as the one who’s originally slotted for today’s mass can’t make it! And gosh!!! The massive jam! In church – all the once/twice-a-year Catholics creeping out of the woodworks, all along the roads to everywhere – Ching Ming…all the people home for the long weekend…and going to the coffee shops, either all habis…or they will tell you – have to wait a long time!!! Grrrrrr…….

  6. Hmm..seems your blog headings are based on song titles. Wonder what it will be about if the title is “I’m too sexy..” – too sexy for this apron, too sexy for this wok…? I’m sure you’ll come up with sonething πŸ™‚

    Yup, they are all song titles…and I think I had one – Do ya’ think I’m sexy… Can’t remember liao!

  7. Ah, this has been around for some time, although they recently changed the packaging. I love frying an egg (kind of mashed up ala scrambled eggs) with lotsa garlic and cut chillies first, then adding water and the curry seasoning to get the soup base. Then I usually cook the mee separately (so that the soup doesn’t become starchy) before adding the whole thing into the soup. Add a squeeze of lime before eating and I get my taste of heaven … =p

    I’ve heard about having to cook the noodles separately to remove the harmful wax… Even in the 70s, my aunt and cousins were cooking them separately – said very dirty, dunno who had touched the noodles in the factory and what not… But I’m usually not bothered. Already near 60…too old to make any difference. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Wow! Your bowl of instant noodles is most definitely a labour of love! πŸ˜€

    1. Wah! I never knew that instant noodles can be cooked like that. Must try, must try… but no chilli… haiyorr… hentam sajalah!

      In cooking, must be innovative and creative – if you know what things are compatible, you will surely come out with something quite nice!

  8. u added fresh milk or santan?

    Milk. No santan in the house. Probably would be nice with santan like that time I added some to Lee Fah’s Sarawak laksa noodles… Nice!

  9. i only eat packet mee when i m too lazy to go out … or when the fridge is empty… like joanna, i cook them separately too.. (but sometimes too lazy, i just put hot water over the packet noodles to wash out the whatever… ) some said wax.. so whatever it is, i sure put hot water over it first..
    Like u, i add in egg and vege like cabbage… πŸ™‚ no fish la…

    LOL!!! It so happened that I had some fried kembong to go with the noodles. Normally, I would just add an egg…and at times, I may put in some fish balls or prawns – will definitely make it taste nicer. I have instant noodles for breakfast when I’m too lazy to go some place to eat…

  10. Yucks… eat instant noodle with fish? BLuek. :p

    Why? What’s wrong with that? Here, we have prawn noodles (very expensive)…and the cheaper, fish noodles which are actually very nice too – but of course, they’re not deep fried like what I had. It just so happened that I had some that day… Maybe I should go and have fried fish noodles one of these days and post on it for you to have a look…

    1. I don’t quite like fish, so usually will replace the fish with some hot dog or shredded chic… very nice lehh…

      Ya, hot dog is good…or chicken provided you have those in the fridge. I will just have a look in the freezer to see what I can add and it will certainly enhance the flavour.

  11. Oh, Cintan Noodle is my favorite… I like Cintan Noodles, kari or mushroom….I don’t like maggie or other brand…

    Sir, you should try to take one packet of the curry powder and mix with eggs…fried it….i tell u, the taste is so good….eat with rice…so yummy!!!

    Now the cintan quite costly…last time around RM3 for 5 packs now cost more than RM4. ++ for 5 packs…

    Maggi is out lah! I never buy those – expensive some more. The texture of the noodles is kind of different and the taste just isn’t great. Cintan’s so expensive kah? My missus bought those…so I dunno the price. Will try and fry egg with the bumbu one of these days…

  12. never see this cintan kari packing before!

    sure? host and spicy? i like hoooot spicy mee.

    next time i will buy and try.

    It’s probably a new packaging…but not really the same. Maybe they’ve improved on the taste. I did not like their curry flavour this much – I find this one much nicer.

  13. hey stp!
    Blessed Easter to u and the missus!
    And all this talk about instant noodles make me think im hungry (not real since I just had a late lunch..)
    anyhow, im back! πŸ˜€

    Same to you and your family. What do you mean you’re back? Back in Brunei…or have you come back to Sarawak for good?

    1. Aiyo…I seem to be misleading everyone…
      I meant Im back here in the blogosphere. Haha…
      Im still in Brunei though I will be in Kuching next weekend. πŸ˜€

      P.S. No gift waiting at my blog? :p

      I see. I thought you’ve decided to quit Brunei and join your family here in Sibu. Going to Kuching? Have fun there… Gift? Gift for what? Your wedding kah? Muahahahaha!!!!

  14. Cintan…i used to be a loyal cintan customer but now discover Mamee taste nicer

    Always thought Cintan was ok…and Mamee too but I find this one’s really nice. Maybe they have improved on it.

    1. LOL… Cikgu, do you know that Kathy and I are very, very good friend? I always chat wif her late at night and almost everyday, we’d end up cooking mamee, maggie, or eating in the middle of the night while chatting. Hmm… Pete oso our kawan… lol… 3 of us… skinny, eat in the middle of the night while chatting, very syiok!

      Wah! Gang lah, the three of you. Birds of the same feather flock together – all so skinny! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Ahahahaha… true, all of us very skinny. All 3 are skinny, but always hentam makan before sleep in the middle of the night. And we always joked that if any other bloggers were to find out that we did that, confirm kena crucified to death… eat so much, but never grow sideways! LOL…

        Chinese old folks always say: Greedy people will never grow fat! See! I’m not greedy! Muahahahaha!!!

  15. I used to like Cintan instant noodles, but since I breast fed my kids I abstain myself from it! if you commented it’s nice, it should be very good!
    I love Ondeh Ondeh, which this kuih basung looks very alike… I prefer kuih muih in bite size, with lots of gula Melaka and soft, chewy, fragrance “skin”!

    It’s not ondeh ondeh. Those have chewy skin – like mochi or what do you call those balls that Chinese eat around December? I like those if there is lots of gula Melaka inside and it quirts when you bite into it. These – you can still see the glutinous rice. Oh? Breastfeeding, no instant noodles? All I know id you mustn’t take wine like the mothers in the past – the babies all sleeping, so quiet – all drunk! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. Those balls are called Tang Yuan, eaten during Tang Yuan Festival or given to neighbors when we just move into a new house.

      The nyonyas have something similar… known as buah melaka…oh well, that’s wud my late grandmum called it, anyway. I think you are referring to buah Melaka, Cikgu. Inside got melted gula melaka… very nice to eat. πŸ˜€ I like those too. My mum used to make em when we’re still living wif her… and man, very fast lesap from the table! LMAO…

      Yup! Those are the ones I was talking about. But the nyonya ones are called ondeh ondeh lah! I hate it when there’s very little gula melaka inside and it does not squirt all over the baju! LOL!!!

  16. U know..i just had this song came across my mind b4 i jump into your blog…by the way, how i wish that your experiment on milk in mee curry sparks. Then i will try it on mine too…RM1 for Ikan kembong. Foods in Sibu are still cheap in this rather inflated world eeiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Try santan – it was nice that last time I has that. You can get that there quite easily – powder or packet or can. Ya…it’s cheap here – pays to stay in a small and simple town that’s not too busy nor too quiet.

  17. U mean you haven’t seen Cintan brand before? Ooh I love Cintan. The texture of the mee is better than maggi.

    Agree with you on that 100%. Maggi…blerk!!! I had Cintan before but the packaging was not so nice. This one is nicely red and more attractive…and the taste seems a lot nicer too, nicer than what I had before.

  18. Hmmmm…i like the kuih lor..especialy when take a bite and those brown sugar syrup popping out..hehehhee

    Nope…not ondeh ondeh! I googled to check – it seems this basung is available in Sarawak only. Glutinous rice…and the gula melaka is for dipping or pouring over it, not sealed inside.

    1. =.= The nyonyas call it Buah Melaka…the Chinese call wud I dono… ahahahaha…

      Ondeh ondeh! Don’t think they have a Chinese name…

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