Big big world…

Last Saturday, I dropped by a school here as an SYT (sweet-young-thing) asked me to have Β a look at her choral speaking group that would be taking part in a competition pretty soon. And so I went…and gave my two cents worth…and left. On the way home, I stopped by this bakery…

Big Thumb logo

…and bought their char siew pao at RM1.40 each…

Big Thumb buns

They have very small ones too – each about the size of the circle you make when you join your forefinger and your thumb together…but I do not fancy the hassle of having to eat so many before I would be completely satisfied.

These are quite nice and the char siew filling is pretty good too…

Big Thumb char siew pao

…but I think they must be eaten steaming hot because once cooled, the skin becomes a bit hard and is not quite to my liking.

They do sell some other nice things too e.g. the turkey ham sandwich or the local version of the french toast with minced meat filling and so on.

Whatever it is, the char siew pao is definitely not as nice as the ones from Xiao Pao Wang in Kuching, so those of you over there… I am coming! Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

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33 thoughts on “Big big world…”

  1. This post was supposed to be published yesterday right? πŸ˜€

    Anyway good morning bro. It’s been ages since I last any pau.

    Ah! FC again! Nope, I accidentally clicked PUBLISH when I wanted to click SAVE. I wouldn’t want to post this yesterday as it was Good Friday – a day of fasting and abstinence for Catholics, not with the food and the meat in the post…

    You haven’t had any pao for ages. Why> Don’t you have stalls selling affordable ones? I know there are nice dim sum places but I read in this Nuff-guy’s blog that they’re expensive and not that nice. You don’t have those Paoz outlets that they have in KL? Not so cheap but they’re not bad – halal some more.

  2. I used to buy the bread with the meat filling in it.. and i miss the Paus as well.. Oh my! I only realised that I had spend quite a lot in Big Thumb throughout my secondary school life.. Its so near to Methodist School..

    Yup…I was there for the choral speaking practice. That’s why I stopped at Big Thumb – pretty close by. Hey! You were not in St E? I thought ur mum’s active in the alumni?

    1. yeah.. she’s active in St.E and considering that my brother is an ex-SHS, I should be in St.E bt ta-daa… I ended up in Methodist..what to do.. Since during my time, all the students from St.Mary are bound to SMK Methodist. =)

      I see. You were in St Mary’s, not St Rita. I was in St Mary’s too – Primary 1 to 6 but that was so long ago! LOL!!!

    1. hahaha! tell u just now i went shopping for dresses and found out somehow cant fit in those i used to choose one. grrr.. lol just a lil bit. πŸ˜› i know am still skinny, dunno how many and how long dy i’ve been taking supplement. grrrrrr!

      Why can’t fit? Growing fatter or even thinner? LOL!!! Never mind, some people are born thin, others are born fat…like me! 😦

      1. fatter of course. =.= hahaha! fat is better than thin lor! last time im quite chubby one, then start learning karate and dancing at the same time, no rest at all, got lots competition some more. n i used to be an athlete in school last time. die! haha.

        Wah!!! So skinny, can be athlete kah? The wind must be blowing in the right direstion. ROTFLMAO!!! πŸ˜€

  3. My mum loves the mochi in Big Thumb. Personally, I like its American Chocolate Cake, very nice!

    Yup! Their mochi is very popular but I’m not a fan. Don’t mind eating them if available but will not go there intentionally to buy them. I’ve bought the choc cake for birthdays a couple of times – not bad but of course, nothing near Secret Recipe’s. 😦

  4. The fillings look so yummy … !! Now I want char siu pau πŸ˜›

    The filling’s good – it’s the skin that I did not quite like…when cold!

  5. I mean to pop in to check out the choral speaking group but the hours clashed with the kids’ feeding time. I trust that the team will shine again under the dedicated guidance of Miss SYT. Digressing, do try Xiao Pa Wang’s baked char siew pao. One bite, nak lagi. Same goes for its turkey/ham bun. I enjoy visiting Kch bakeries, makes you rub your hands in glee for there are so many great stuff to choose from and all look very pretty! Here…you just quickly pop in, grab the tao sa buns and try not to look too sad because that’s the best you can get from the selection offered.

    I like WeCare…but they say they’re more expensive than elsewhere. Not really crazy about Bread Sense but Aroma sometimes have some nice pastries. Ya…I know the ham bun with sour cream from Xiao Pao Wang, used to love them a lot. Now we have those at Master Bakery (Rejang Park) – not so much ham and cream but pretty ok. Beggars can’t be choosers…

  6. *meant , with glee etc. Pardon the scary grammar. I normally type from my phone ( hence no paragraphing, don’t know how! ) and don’t have the luxury to proofread ( either daughter is pulling my hair or i’m feeding the baby while typing ). Gotta make full use of time or get less done! By the way, BigThumb’s mochi is awesome.So soft and sticky. I always have to refrain myself and my toddler from kneading and pulling them like Playdoh before popping the cakes into our mouths. They make wonderful buah tangan too. I think the ones with taosa filling gives greater eating pleasure compared to other fillings.

    Ya…but don’t give to babies…or at least, I feel you shouldn’t. They may choke on them!

  7. OK OK we get the hint! Hahahaha!!! Later everyone here bought the same thing for you, you have to eat those for a week or two. Hahahaha!!! But I will not be around when you come to Kuching though. But I’ll tapao some back if you want a few months later. Hahaha! πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! Imagine everybody buying me those – I can open a stall at the pasar malam in Sibu liao! πŸ˜€

  8. lol, how thoughful you are… of not publishing your post yesterday(Was wonder why it showed error when I tried to get access)!

    Reminds me of those days (10 yrs+ back), Char Siew Paos only costed 50 cents per piece! It’s hard to find a good Siew Pao that fit my taste buds, perhaps the one you recommended would ?! Hrm… and I still prefer those with its “mouth” slightly spread open one (Those classic Char Siew Pao)!
    Have a joyful weekend my friend!

    Those at the dim sum places… We have those here too – more or less the same price and very nice as well – with that kind of cotton-like skin. 50 sen? Unheard of! I think even the cheap veg pao – 70 sen each now. Shocking!

  9. I prefer having the small ones.. couldn’t find it in KL.. love it when I’m back in sibu.. lol..

    I think they’re a novelty – only in Sibu. My friends from the other towns here love them too…but too small for me! πŸ˜€

  10. Your blog posts never fail to make my mouth water! And you make me feel just how good life is! πŸ™‚ Gah, I need my Malaysian food fix!!!

    Oops…not always halal though! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Ya…the Easter holidays are here – can get down to cooking some Malaysian delicacies making do with whatever ingredients you can get over there. Thanks for dropping by and do come again – some Malay delights in the post after next! Drool! Drool! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I knew that — but still, whoever doesn’t drool for the goodness of food? πŸ˜› Btw Melissa said something about making sushi for Easter? Ahaha *ops, spoiler!* ^_^

      Hahahaha!!! Not really. She already told me yesterday. This daddy knows everything! LOL!!! She’s going to make halal ones, so maybe she’ll give you some. Guess she’s using tuna then…

  11. so funny that the cake house is selling char siew pau and it’s called Big Thumb! Does the boss has a big thumb?

    It started off selling cakes, bread and buns…and it expanded – so now they sell paos. some local kuihs and so on. Trust the Chinese – as long as there’s money to make – they will surely cash in on it!!!

    As for the name, I haven’t the slightest idea. No connection with what they’re selling whatsoever. Maybe hen-pecked husband…under the wife’s big thumb! LOL!!!πŸ˜€

  12. I once had a pao tat is accidentally dipped in water…eww…taste like wet tissue XP

    Why would anyone go and dip it in water? And after it had gone all mushy, you still went ahead and ate it? Eyew… LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Ummm…you’ve eaten wet tissue before? Muahahahaha!!!!

  13. Pau pau… I missed those extra big pau which I paid 20 cents. That was in the mid 60’s. Somehow the pau nowadays just doesn’t taste as good.

    60s…everything was so cheap then and everything tasted so nice…and we would be so happy to get anything to eat at all – outside our usual every day meals. Life was so pure and simple then…

    1. HAHAHA… we ate brinjal everyday!! Yes, everyday until the look of it scare me off! Oh, forgot to tell you, my parents plant veg for sales and bringel was the major part of the business.

      I’m not a fan myself. Only loves it if steamed and eaten ulam with sambal belacan.

  14. WeCare has a star product which is predominantly egg based.sorry the name escaped’s narrow and rectangular in shape.Texture is smooth,soft and fluffy.Falls into the Nak Lagi category :-p You’re right about feeding young children mochi. My daughter is two and a half and she takes very small portion of the cake each time. More like a pinch of it. I let her try and enjoy different food, spicy ones included. Hopefully she’ll grow up to be omnivorous when it comes to food. Must make sure they eat mochi under adult supervision.

    I think I know what you’re talking about. Never bought those to try. Love the Japanese baked cheese cake…but so expensive. The oval ones over RM10…and the round ones 8″ over RM40 – reserved for special occasions like birthdays. They have the butterfly fritters on certain days in the afternoons – love them, better than anywhere else. We call them “mangging” or among ourselves lam pha (scrotums) koi. LOL!!!

  15. i’m hungryy.. huhuhu.. 😑

    Oh.. When are you coming over to Kuching?

    A few of us are going over to Sibu in two weeks time.. hehehehe.. πŸ™‚

    Yup…Clare told me about that but unfortunately, I will be in Kuching that weekend…

    1. Aaaahhhh.. means when you’re here.. we’ll be in Sibu? O.o

      Huhuhhu.. 😑

      Yup…looks like it. Leaving Sibu around noon on Friday and getting home around noon Sunday. When are you all coming? Any possibility of changing to coming weekend or the weekend after?

  16. makes me yearn for a char siew pau now… they look pretty neat in their “workmanship” on the skin.. smooth.. hahaha… i posted some dim sum again in my….maybe one day i will take u there.. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm…that will probably be in 2012, hopefully I’ll pass that way again… 😦

  17. Can you help me buy some NCAA chai pao?

    Shouldn’t be a problem as the flight is later in the morning…

  18. never try Xiao Pao Wang in Kuching one….

    i also not fan of Pao hehehee

    Hey! You’re from Kuching, are you? Wow! Must be pretty slim…not like me – round like pao! Hehehehehe!!! Your first time here – welcome and thanks for dropping by. Will add you in my blogroll, so do come again… πŸ™‚

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