For a few dollars more…

I went to photocopy some worksheets for my students the other day and I decided to tapao something for my lunch at my favourite chicken rice stall a stone’s throw away from where I was. I got myself this packet of plain chicken rice with roast meat and a lor-nui (egg in soy sauce gravy)…

Roast meat rice with egg

…and I paid RM4.30 for that. I think it was RM3.50 a packet of meat plus rice and I was charged 80 sen for the egg which was obviously 10 sen more expensive than the place where I had the pandan kampua a while ago.

A couple of days later, I stopped by my regular kampung food stall at Bandung to buy something for dinner. Stella would probably be drooling all over when she sees this – bubur pedas

Bubur pedas

Normally, we would have that during Ramadan – the Muslim fasting month…and I was delighted to see that they had that, so I bought RM3.00. It was not very nice though, just o.k. and nothing like what my mum used to cook. I think they did not have enough ingredients as usually we would have prawns, bean curd sticks, baby corn, tung hoon (glass noodles) and all that. Ah well! What to expect for just RM3.00?

I also bought RM5.00 of this – chicken liver…

Chicken liver

Ooo…I like! But I cannot take too much for fear of a gout attack – just two or three pieces at the most. I should have bought RM3.00 of that instead but I did not expect at the time that I would end up getting so much in the end.

Other than the two, I could not resist buying this ulam – cucumber plus sambal belacan…for only RM2.00…

Ulam sambal belacan

I really loved the belacan – very nice!

So, all in all, I spent RM10.oo for the three items for dinner for two persons – RM5.00 each (without rice) – a bit more expensive than my takeaway lunch but definitely, a lot more satisfying…

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25 thoughts on “For a few dollars more…”

  1. RM10 for 2? Hm…still ok what, I don’t mind as long as the food is yummy! ;D

    Hi! FC today!…Haven’t seen you as the first commentor for some time now. Ya, it was ok, so cheap and we really enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  2. not sure is it because i less eat those kind of food, it doesnt appear to be yummy as i can imagine. πŸ˜› its look spicy for me. lol but the price quite reasonable for me. hehe

    Thought you’re from KK? They have such nice food there…but a lot more expensive though. I love this place opposite Centrepoint – some sort of nasi kandar/campur cafe. What do you like to eat then? Chinese? Western? Or not much of anything at all! That’s why so skinny! Muahahahaha!!!! Oops!…Sorry! πŸ˜‰

    1. Mebbe she lausai like me. I makan alot oso wud? But lausai!

      Such poor digestive systems!!! Pompuan!!! I eat anything, no problem! πŸ™‚

    2. ROFL! for ur infos, i ate a lot and never stop eating. πŸ˜› i love chinese,western,japanese and italian foods. jarang2 eat makanan melayu cz sgt jarang2 go to malay restaurant. dnt even need to say if mamak stall, i only went like twice a year. my daddy never bring me to mamak stall and malay restaurant. my mum pula will see how the restaurant look like then go in. Well due to my health condition, my mum prefer cook lunch for me and send it to my office, a complete meal! thats make my colleague thought i am anak mummy, when mum bring egg tarts or cakes for me during aftrnoon tea breaks, she also bring extra for my colleagues, see, i never stop eating 1. Just so you know, doc said my metabolism high and thats y no matter i eat a lot oso hard to get fat! urgh! but my weight keep gaining. such a weirdo me. :s

      Must be like my daughter, grew tall but not sideways. The trousers she wore when small became her shorts as she grew upwards! LOL!!! Doctor also said not to worry, as long as healthy. When she eats a lot, the most is you will see that the face isn’t that long…a bit more flesh…and when you weigh, not much difference.

    3. haha! yea kk oso food heaven 1! but love singapore more! πŸ˜› if u go warisan square and one borneo, all the restaurants queuing thr. haha. well not because i dont eat spicy food but i cant stand the spiciness. i get trauma after ate the damn spicy curry and lost my voice for almost a week, and i was having oral exam summore that time in secondary time. :s i stopped eating spicy food for almost a year and start to eat it again, but very very very little portion only,maybe just 2-3 sppons like dat. am worst rite?

      KK food is nice but expensive… Don’t really like Singapore – food courts everywhere, no more original kopi tiams and hawker stalls – all pseudo-authentic food – not the real thing! No longer like what it was in the 70s!!! I prefer Penang, love the hawker food…but I guess everywhere one thing’s the same – you must know where to go!

  3. Good morning Sir, not a halal post today.. hehehee… the siew yuk looks ravishing, 3 layers of fats! My, My… i can imagine the juice coming out when we bite the fats.. yummy!
    As for the other dishes, all looks Malay-sian, something I wont buy.. esp. the chicken liver… STP, u love those? Yes, be careful of gout and cholesterol… though i dont take much, i still have pain on certain fingers πŸ™‚ maybe i take too much of other things, such as beans.. my favourite!

    Yup! I love liver…but can’t take a lot…and not too often. I took a few pieces that day – no problem at all. My MIL may take two thing slices of liver in her meat porridge and she would not be able to walk already. Sigh!!! At our age, everything must be in moderation…and not too often, then everything will be fine! You don’t like Malay dishes? I like…

    1. I wonder if my daddy should start to jaga makan now? He wud oso telan. Scary, man… but so far he’s very healthy. No health problem at all. Now that you keep mentioning gout attack, you’re really scaring me. Mebbe I should ask daddy and mummy go do their full body check up. 😦

      Healthy…also best to eat in moderation. Not too much of something! All the time, eat the same thing also not good – like young people eating McD burgers, KFC, fries all the time… I bet my few pieces of chicken liver once in a blue moon have less cholesterol in comparison to the amount and frequency in which they eat those things!!!

  4. Ohhh….i love bubur pedas! Always look forward to ramadan month when it’s available everyday. Yums!

    Hah!!! They had that two days in a row… So we do not have to wait till Ramadan anymore… πŸ™‚

  5. Hahahaha! Deja vu again! I just had timun with sambal for dinner last night and the night before. πŸ˜€

    Yum!!! I love ulam… πŸ™‚

  6. Yummy bubur pedas !!! and sambal belacan !! Oh boy are you lucky to be surrounded by so much good food !! It’s impossible to get good sambal belacan here unless you’re strong willed enough to get the ‘batu lesung’ out and pound away ! hahahaha

    Ya…and cheap some more! We always have belacan in the house but I’m always a bit lazy – the idea of having to go and buy chillies and kalamansi lime…and having to grill the belacan and pound! This one RM2 for all that…more than enough for two in one sitting. I had good sambal belacan at a Malay cafe near the hotel where I was staying in Sg Petani…and in the hotels where I stayed before when they have an ulam corner at their buffet…

  7. I’ve never tried bubur pedas.. not a fan of porridge though.. LOL.. u make me miss the lor-nui….. but I can’t have it now ’cause i still can’t take kicap… 😦

    Ummmm…it’s not porridge despite the name bubur. It’s a mixture of all sorts of things cooked with the special herbs and spices… Has a taste of its own and how nice it can be depends on the ingredients you add. Wah! So long already…still can’t take kicap? I thought once they’ve all dried up, ok already?

  8. scrolling up and down, that’s only one thing that got me drooling… none other thatn Sambal Belacan… when dip with cucumber… that’s so heavenly…

    Ah! Another fan of ulam! Penang people, of course lah!!! Actually, I learnt how to eat all these spicy things from a friend from Penang when we were in Singapore. Before that, real traditional Cina Foochow – eating curry chicken, also must rinse in water first…even though only a bit pedas! LOL!!!

  9. Chicken liver looks good… but very unhealthy leh(high in cholesterol)! The ‘lor nui’ looks very nicely stewed… belacan with cucumber, yummy!

    Not eating that all the time, so ok lah! I think the last time I had it was sometime last year…and I only had a few pieces. The rest, I took and gave to my mum’s Indon maid. The lor nui’s my favourite and ulam….slurpsss!!! Drool! Drool! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Gosh… this sambal belacan, if goes with the kari kepala ikan, damn nice man!

    Have you tried eating with lor too kha (braised pork leg)? Like going to Heaven, I tell you. Or with boiled pork!!! Ooooo…yummy! Fatty one even better! Or even with the roast meat you see in the first photo! SO delicious with sambal belacan! Out of this world! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh, God, have mercy! Spare me! LOL

      Go ahead, try it! You’ll love it, take my word for it!!! πŸ˜€

  11. lor nui! was that from chopsticks? adore that stuff. and what’s bubur pedas? how intriguing..

    Yes, Chopsticks! Love the rice – best in Sibu. More oily…and fragrant. It’s a Malay specialty with veg and stuff cooked with some herbs and spices and coconut milk. Very nice but those not used to it may not like the smell of the herbs and spices…

    1. oh i see…so it’s not exactly bubur like porridge. i’d love to try it. all the stuff you eat sound so fascinating! that, or i lack some serious exposure. lol

      I guess Foochows in Sibu…not that adventurous, and not that many opportunities for them to be as well. Imagine – 42 out of 43 students in one of my tuition classes did not know what Nutella was!

      1. Gasp! I no foochow!

        You’re not? That’s a surprise! LOL!!! I am…but I can’t speak the dialect. πŸ™‚

  12. My gal loves siu Yoke and yet she always ask me to tao pao…gosh, i m more poor by few ringgit simply bcos i need to add siu yoke for my gall

    LOL!!! Never mind, anything for the kids – all parents are like that! πŸ™‚

  13. this reminds me of my melt-in-the-mouth siew yoke lunch today. and my dad cooked siew yoke with vege for dinner just now! Siew yoke overdose!!!

    LOL!!! All that fat and cholesterol! Never mind…as long as it’s not every day! πŸ™‚

  14. why the egg so black?

    Lor for a long time… When are you coming to Sibu? Wanna go for nice chicken rice? Best in Sibu!

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