Please, Mr Postman…

When my daughter was in Sungai Petani, we hardly ever wrote to each other as we always kept in touch via phonecalls and smses. Once in a while, I might sent her some important documents and stuff via poslaju and vice versa, that was all. But she did mention once about how her friends were so thrilled or excited whenever they received a letter from home.

Unfortunately, letter writing is now virtually a thing of the past. With mobile phones and things like Skype and MSN on the internet as well as emails, nobody writes letters anymore. We did, however, receive a letter from our daughter once though…

Letter from our daughter

Around the end of her 1st year, she had to attend a BTN course somewhere around Bukit Jalil, a last-minute switch from the original venue in Klang. Much has been said about those BTN courses and I too have some stories to share…but I would not be doing that here. Whatever that has been said about the course, I particularly like the slot where they asked the participants to write a letter to their parents to express their feelings.

The letter arrived during the holidays and my daughter was home at the time, so I just skimmed through and did not pay much attention to it. But the other day, when I came across it, I read it slowly…line by line – words that came straight to the heart, words that certainly mean a lot to me…words that can never be replaced by any phone call or sms, email or through chatting on the internet.

That prompted me to send her a postcard that day…a Malaysian one with some people in the various traditional costumes. I did not write much – I just stuck a smiley on it…and wrote: “Lots of love, Daddy” underneath. I guess she knows it but sometimes, it is nice to be told over and over again.

I have another one that I may send to her some other day…

Postcard 1

Incidentally, in case you do not know, it costs the same to send a postcard these days as a letter, sealed or unsealed. In the past, it was the cheapest and if you send a card unsealed, it would be cheaper than sending one with the envelope tightly sealed.

And talking about postcards, I received one myself on Saturday…

Postcard 2

…and it was from Cleffairy

Postcard 3

Thanks a lot, Cleff, for the gesture and the thought. It certainly is nice to know that someone somewhere remembers me…

Just in case anyone of you is suffering from withdrawal symptoms because there’s no food in today’s post, here’s something that my missus cooked the other day…

Chicken with potatoes

– chicken and potatoes cooked with soy sauce, red wine and Bombay onions/ginger plus sugar and msg according to taste.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Please, Mr Postman…”

  1. LOL, you’re welcome, Cikgu…glad my postcard arrived safely. I can get very careless at times…God knows how many times I wrote address wrong on my letters, and heaven forbids that I forget to mail out my postcards and letters again. I can get very forgetful at times. πŸ˜› You have no idea how much letters and postcards left un-mailed in my drawer. Ahahahaha… always forget!

    Actually I still write letters…or rather, letter… to a pen pal who doesn’t have the privellege of going online often… and truthfully, I like receiving letters in my mailbox rather than my emails. There’s personal touch to it.

    ps: Your daughter;s letter is somewhat like mine. πŸ˜› I like to draw at the bottom of my letters too! LOL…

    Must be the thing young(er) people do…and come to think of it, I did that too when I was young – drew peace sign, flowers (Flower Power era mah…the 70s!!!) and used acronyms like ITALY = I trust and love you or FRANCE = Friendship remains and never can end etc…. Wah? Getting so forgetful? Claire also…if you’ve seen her post. You menopause also at your age? Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. LOL… must be the thing younger people do. My dad taught me how to write letters and cards when I was 5 and I always draw a little something at the bottom of my letters, and used to mail it to my grandparents when we were overseas. I remember the joy of waiting for their ‘replies’…. often comes in the form of parcel full of goodies. Ahahahaha…

      I don’t have the privilege to use menopause as excuse, unfortunately. LOL… I have mild ADD. Lack of attention and my memories are kinda short short term though photographic.

      πŸ˜› Always forgetful,even as a child. If you come to my house, you will see there’s colourful reminder notes sticking around everywhere to remind me of wud to do, and where I put things. And no price guessing why some school teachers resent me for it! LOL…

      Maybe got whacked in the head by your teachers all the time. PhD liao!!! Permanent head damage! Hahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Yay! I got PhD! LOL…. so syiok! LMAO…

        As if you do not know already! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. You won’t let people off, will you, Cikgu? LOL… potato chicken… my favourite. LOL…my mum used to cook this for us brats too… but she would fry the chicken slightly before putting the sauce on it!

    This is one of my missus’ “special” dish. My daughter used to love it but she cooked it so often and in huge quantities (That in the photo is supposed to be for 2 persons…so you can imagine how many days that will last!)…and in the end, we weren’t that crazy over it anymore. I think the way your mum cooked it is different. This one’s a stir-fry dish – quite simple to cook…and the hardest part is probably peeling the potatoes. It’s that easy!

    1. I cook this stuff for my son too… using my mum’s style… only I improvise it with black peppers and oyster sauce. The anak like to eat, so once in a while, i would cook this for him. Cannot cook too often… wait he sien d, den susah!

      Wah! He can take black pepper kah? Not pedas? I don’t like black pepper sauce, no thanks!

      1. Eh? My son ah? Can…he can take spicy food better than me, in fact. He likes sambal and tomyams… Tomyam soup is my boy’s favourite. No joke. LOL…

        Wow! That’s great…and coincidentally, I have tom yam in my next post!πŸ™‚

  3. Eiii… Cikgu! After I re-read your entry, I realized that you have the same bowl as I have! The bowl that we get for buying Jacob Cream Crackers. Am i right about that? LOL… Issit Jacob Cream Cracker’s bowl?

    I think so! My missus cannot resist special offers! So we have all kinds of bowls and plates in the kitchen cabinets – Jacobs, Darlie…you name it, we have it! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. LOL… I daresay she’s like me… see stuff comes with freebies, sure wanna buy! *pengsan*

      And in the end, I would collect all of them and give them to the church or to charity!!! All the cabinets full – hardly used!!! 😦

      1. What to do…we tangan gatal kind. =.=

        Not tangan gatal! Mata jahat!!! See, already must buy! πŸ™‚

  4. oohhhh… so yours have arrived.. i tak dak yet.. Cleffffffffff!! *sulk..*
    hahahahaha.. i guess the I got to sing Hey, Mr. Postman… is there a letter for me…
    looking at yr potatoes chicken made me guilty.. my son came back and i didnt have the time to cook that…. sigh… he asked for it… but really no chance to do so cos eating out and with guests…

    LOL!!! You…no need for postcards liao! Received so many gifts from people all over! *green with envy… Hah!!! You should feel guilty…especially since he asked for it. I used to take my daughter out to eat everytime she came home – all the things she loved…but as the years passed, it seemed she would rather eat the favourite dishes than her mum or I cook than to eat out. Somehow, she would prefer that…a lot more.

    1. Eh? You din receive yours yet? 😦 Ish… don’t tell me I wrote wrong post code or wrong address… Booohooo!

      Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Aiks? Cikgu, you okay anot? Never ask her go Sibu to eat. Waaaa… Cikgu demam d!

        I asked…and asked…and asked… Nobody seems interested in coming also!!! Never mind! Annie’s coming next week – will take her around makan-makan and post the photos. You all can eat your hearts out! Hehehehe!!!

  5. Wow…receive postcard from her? πŸ˜€ She is also Malaysian right?

    As far as I know, I think she is! Why? Malaysians cannot send postcards to Malaysians kah?

    1. *stare* Of course I’m a Malaysian, though sometimes I wish I’m a hot chic from Greek or Italy. LOL… what’s so strange? Sometimes I mail postcards or letters to my friends… for fun. πŸ˜›

      Yalor…the personal touch means a lot!

  6. My kids used to write me cards too esp mother’sday or bdays but now they r very ‘pro’ in sms! When away on holiday trips to new places,i always wanted to send postcards but always forget to bring my address book with me. One of my sister n my sil are very good at sending cards n it is always nice to receive them esp. nowadays everyone is more into emailing instead…..Mrs. STP’s dish looks yummy! πŸ™‚

    Ya…nice to get cards and letters but often, very lazy to send! Hehehehe!!! Yummy? Not if you have to eat that for a few days…and every other week! I always tell her – two persons only, two meals in a day so 4-6 pieces more than enough! Sigh…!!!

    1. My mum also started to cook less since my sis left for uni. Says cannot finish if cook too much. 😦 Kesian her and dad… sure no appetite to eat when anak not around.

      My missus says not easy to cook small amounts. Think she’s used to cooking a whole lot… I keep telling her, just the two of us – eat simple…save money! But she’s used to her own ways.

  7. I was not asked to write a letter to my parents in my BTN. And I thought everywhere is the same? LOL.

    Dunno…maybe it’s a newer slot or they may have different programmes, depending on the centres???

    1. LOL… post office got sell nice ones! πŸ˜›

      Malaysia ones lah! I was looking around for something special…but here, not easy to find nice postcards.

  8. They FORCED us to do the same thing during my BTN. It arrived when i was still in kl so cant hide the letter. My mum got so worried and thought sth happened…. I gotta tonnes of story bt btn too but tis is nt the place to tell. One word for them——-> hopeless

    Ah well! What to expect? Malaysia boleh!!!…LOL!!! I think I did touch on this in class – the traditional Asian family where much is left unsaid, no expression of emotion and all that. I think I said something like this – if you were to wake up one morning and after a yummy breakfast prepared by your mum, and you said, “Thank you, mum, for the wonderful breakfast! I love you!” and hugged and kiss her, what would she say? She’d probably ask, “Are you feeling all right?”…or just give it to you straight, “Lu siao liao kah?” (Have you gone crazy?) I try to be different with my daughter…

    1. Yeah… Malaysia Boleh… boleh blah! I’m lucky though… my parents still hug me and kiss me… though my dad more macho…i go and hug him instead of waiting for him to hug me each time we meet. LOL…

      That’s so sweet… The ang mohs hug everybody!!! Our society more reserved! So sad… But I try not to be like that.

      1. My family abit ang moh liddat. And my mum is worst off. She’s hug me in public. *pengsan* And people would look at us. I buat bodoh je… dun care! They jealous oni. Their mum never hug them liddat!

        So nice! I will hug my daughter, kiss her on cheek…or forehead anytime, anywhere. And I hug my friends…and the good students too.

  9. Hahaha… so funny (in regards to Daniel’s comment). Write an emo mail and the parents get all worried.
    Gone are the days of writing letters. But i suppose postcards will live on. Somehow E-cards are just never the same.

    LOL!!! What do you expect when all of a sudden, you start expressing your love and gratitude and what not? Sure that would come as a shock! LOL!!! Yup…I used to send e-cards years ago when it was such a novelty. I never bother anymore…

    1. Can’t blame the parents… u never send anything affectionate to them all these while and suddenly you write something to them. That would be a little bit acting out of character, and they probably will think that you wrote a suicide note or something!

      Yalor!!! I would do! Panic button!!!! Turn hysterical instantly!

      1. My husband is kinda typical apek. Tell him ‘I love you’, den he’ll probably think I’m dying d!

        LOL!!! Or think you’ve grown crazy or something!!! I’ll be touching on this on Wednesday’s post… Make sure you don’t miss it!

  10. Not just emo mail…now emo status on facebook will send all kinds of alarm bells ringing, and a typical conversation goes like this:

    mum: “so what’s up?”
    kid: “nothing”
    mum: “why did you post that on fb?”
    kid: “when?”
    mum: “the latest status, anything troubling you”?
    kid: “ish!! nothing lar, just something I read from somewhere”
    mum: “where”
    kid: “i dunno, one of my books la”
    mum: “so you’re ok then?, nothing troubling you?”
    kid: “ya bah…nothing…ish!!”
    mum: “and you know, if anything is troubling you at all, you can talk to me”
    kid: “ya ya ya ya…ish!”
    mum: “i love you”
    kid: “mmmm”

    It’s NOT funny!

    Ah! The joys of parenthood!!! Hahahaha!!! Just let them be! They’ll tell you when they’re good and ready…and trying to find out, they’ll think you’re over-doting and overbearing. If it’s really anything serious and personal, you can bet they will not post it on Facebook!!! That’s their playground…

    1. I don’t use facebook though…. hmmm… I use twitter instead. LOL…My fb is just for games, never post nething on fb… malas.

      I’m on Facebook very regularly, not using twitter… Can chat via Facebook too like MSN or Skype…and Skype, can send files – fast and easy! Better than emails…

      1. I dono why, fb makes me pening! i’m old… wud to do.. haihhhh… cannot compute. LOL…

        You kuno! Dinosaur! Resistant to change!!! Some people – if Facebook changes the format already, grumble…and complain! Cannot adapt to changes. So unhappy – just quit Facebook lor! Free…some more want to complain, like anybody’s forcing them to stick around! Tsk! Tsk!!!

  11. Aww, I remember my grandparents receiving letters from my aunty when I was still a wee thing … that era has come and gone so fast hasn’t it ? Your daughter has really nice handwriting ! haha

    Nice kah? You should see mine! Nicer still! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Ya…it’s gone! Real sad as actually letter-writing is an art and good letter writers would be able to make it seem as if he/she is talking to you…

  12. The last time I sent a postcard home when I was in Vietnam 3 years ago… time flies…LOL!

    You were in Vietnam? What were you doing there? Not something like The Engineer as in the “Miss Saigon” musical, I hope! Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. that’s sweet…. nowadays, only few wrote letters to their love ones… because there are now chat and cell phone..^^

    That’s the problem. Nothing can replace what has been deeply pondered upon and expressed on paper – definitely not on-the-spot spontaneous chatter! 😦

    1. Hmm… when I was still studying… I get letters in my mailbox almost every week. But now not anymore. 😦

      So sad… Long forgotten! Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Wah!! Cleff sent you postcard? Jelesnya. LOL!! I like her handwritting!

    It feel nice right? Once in a while found some letters/postcard/greeting card in your mail box. πŸ™‚

    It certainly is a welcome change from what I get all the time – BILLS, BILLS and more BILLS plus junk mail!!! πŸ˜€

    1. My handwriting like cakar ayam la, Annie… lol… my teachers used to complain about my handwriting. Big and messy!

      Looks ok to me – quite manly though… LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I love BIG handwriting, the bigger the better!

      1. Easier to read ma. LOL… I rabun, that’s why my writing all big big! LOL…

        You should see the students’ handwriting today – like they’re competing to get into the Guiness Book of World Records – for the smallest handwriting in the world. I would have to threaten them – handwriting too small, I will not mark! Dunno how their teachers in the schools can tahan! Must use microscope to read, I tell ya! 😦

  15. Yeah I missed the feeling of receiving postcards and letters! everyone is texting and emailing… such a pity that the world will no longer need postman to deliver letters in the future.

    Yup! Poor postmen will be jobless and cease to exist and people can no longer experience the joy and thrill of getting cards and letters in the mail.

  16. ONe look and I thought… PONG TEH! then i found out.. bukan.. hahaha..
    I got one beautiful postcard from Cleffairy too πŸ™‚

    Had pong teh once…ok but not crazy about it. Not a fan of those fermented beans. Oh? Thant makes two of us – anybody else got a card from Cleff? πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah… I oso tot it was pong teh! Ahahahah… turns out it’s not. Gosh, now that you mentioned it… i wanna eat ayam ponteh. 😦

      Nyonya restaurant got! The first and the last two times I had iit was in Malacca – Mako and Dondang Sayang Restaurants – not really crazy about it. Never really like the tau cheo (fermented beans) taste…

  17. oh so true..funny that was the impromptu topic way back in KK..sth about how emails had taken over our lives. Some of my most precious gifts have been postcards sent by one of my friends here. She sends me one almost every time she it

    LOL!!! Too bad my blog wasn’t around then or for that matter, there weren’t any blogs at all then, I guess. Ya…my daughter loves the postcard I sent my missus from Singapore before we got married – 1981. It’s still around! πŸ™‚

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