Anyone can do it…

Don’t scoff! It you think that anyone can whisk up a plate of fried rice anytime, think again.

Somebody posted on Facebook that he had cooked some fried rice and was wondering why it was kind of wet. I wouldn’t know the reason – perhaps he added too much water when he cooked the rice or maybe he fried the rice immediately after he had cooked it. I pointed out to him that there were markings on the side of the pot in the rice cooker to guide him as to the amount of water needed when cooking the rice and he admitted that he had not noticed that before! After a few more attempts, nothing more was heard about him frying rice ever again.

So, you may want to give the rest of this post a miss or perhaps you would like to add some pointers of your own here and there…but if you do not know how to cook fried rice, read on!

You will need cooked rice, of course…

Rice for frying

…and it is best to use overnight rice that has been kept in the fridge. Otherwise, you will have to cook the rice earlier and wait till it hascooled and has really dried up. Rub the lumps of rice to separate the grains and get the following ingredients ready…

Ingredients for fried rice

The least you will need to have would be either chopped garlic or sliced onions, if you can’t have both. Chillies are optional and instead of the thinly sliced Chinese sausages, you Β can use ordinary sausages or frankfurters,Β ikan bilis (dried anchovies) or luncheon meat, ham, bacon or even char siew (barbecued meat) instead.

Heat a bit of oil in the wok, throw in the garlic and onions and fry till golden brown. Add the chillies and the Chinese sausages and after stirring for a while, add the rice. Keep stirring, mixing the rice thoroughly with the ingredients.

Next, you have a choice of adding salt and msg…or chicken stock granules…or some kind of sauce such as soy sauce or oyster sauce. I added a bit of oyster sauce to give the fried rice a nicer colour – making sure that it was mixed thoroughly and the fried rice had an even colour. I added a bit of salt as it was not salty enough for me.

Finally, push the rice to one side of the wok and break one or two eggs into it. Stir the eggs till they have cooked a bit and then, mix them together with the rice. The fried rice is ready to be served…

STP's fried rice 1

…perhaps with a garnishing of chopped spring onions, fried onions and chopped fresh chillies, if you wish. If you want an all-in-one dish, you can throw in a packet of those frozen vegetables (carrot. sweet corn and peas) which will definitely give the dish some extra colour.

STP's fried rice 2

Easy, isn’t it? But do not speak too soon…as I heard recently that in Wellington, NZ, one of the girls – not the one with the burnt sausages – blew up a microwave oven when she tried to cook a half-boiled egg in it!!! And according to her, so far, the girls have blown up THREE microwave ovens already. Lord have mercy!!! The Kiwis must be thinking that these Malaysians must live in trees and have never used a microwave oven before… Duh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Anyone can do it…”

  1. Interesting to know different ways of cooking fried rice. Last nite we had Thai fried rice at a Thai’s place…I also like Yangchow fried rice which we always order in the chinese restaurants, n my late mum cooked fried rice with ‘ikanpusu’ n eggs,nice! But me, normally I fry with spam ham/bacon or chinese sausage n throw in a bit of salted fish. Longgrain rice r best for fried rice. …..LOL! re: the girls u mentioned…lethal weapons :)!

    Actually, it’s all up to one’s imagination and creativity. Sometimes I also fry with hay bee (dried prawns) or cincaluk… Yum!!! Fried rice with salted fish! Love that!

  2. Hahaha, that happens in Chc too!! My friend actually blew up a microwave in an attempt to cook a boiled egg! A few other friends also fried “raw” rice, and then asked me how come their rice were so “hard” to eat. ;p

    LOL!!! Looks like this post may be helpful to a lot more people that I had anticipated!!! πŸ˜€ My dad’s a must-eat-rice guy and when we toured NZ in 1980, he was not used to eating all the western food (and guess who ate all of it! LMAO!!!)…and was delighted when they served rice by the side – only to spit it all out. So hard…and he would grumble, “These NZ people so stupid, dunno how to cook rice!!!” He was happiest everytime he came across a Chinese takeway anywhere…and of course, he would order their fried rice!!!πŸ™‚

  3. I can cook this too. Yay! πŸ˜€ Good morning bro.

    Yalor! So easy! But credit must be given to the guy for trying to fry rice using a rice cooker – you know how in the local unis, there are no kitchenettes in the hostels and they are not allowed to cook – so they curi2 cook in their rooms. If cooking with a rice cooker, I’d rather cook porridge – tuna porridge! Yum! Yum! But that will have to be in another post!

  4. *smirk* I’ve been cooking fried rice ever since I was 9. My late grandmum made me do that. But I usually cooked my fried rice with sambal belacan and some fried anchovies… very spicy wan. I dun really know how to make non-spicy ones. Don’t quite like too, cuz usually will taste bland. 😦

    Anyway, Cikgu, microwave cannot last long. 😦 I kaboom-ed mine. Well, not really kaboom-ed it, but it’s spoiled and no heat came out of it after using it for one year. 😦 The microwave like got time bomb in it. My mum’s microwave kaboom-ed and kapoot-ed on her after the warranty period was over as well. I wonder if the electric company did something sneaky to em!

    That’s fried rice – kampung style. I prefer it that way too – more fragrant, add lots of chilli. This one is more to the Chinese-style like what they cook at food stalls and restaurants. What? One year only? Mine already so long or my missus’ actually – she bought it and she’s the one using most of the time. I’m not comfortable with microwave – only sometimes when wanna heat up something fast! Many dos and don’ts – even plates with gold-tinted rims, cannot be used!

    1. Yeah… one year only. 😦 Pathetic…I thought it was just my problem…but my mum’s microwave went to microwave heaven too… so I think… there must be something wrong somewhere. Must have used it wrongly… either that, or they installed a time bomb inside. Anyway, good riddance… oven is much a better deal, can do more things and the food won’t taste weird. πŸ˜›

      What I know is that these days, they manufacture the things to spoil after the guarantee date! Very smart! They really know how to make money! I would rather use a conventional oven anytime.

  5. good lord, 3 microwave ovens?? im pretty sure someone tried to cook tin food in the microwave.

    i can’t really do a good fried rice, tried to do the kampong style one, but… aih

    Oh dear! If I remember correctly, I had a post on frying rice with hay bee (dried prawns)…and maybe another time with cincaluk. Ah well, it certainly looks like you need….a wife! One who can cook fried rice at that! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. seem easy but i nvr fried b4…haha…

    poor ppl like nvr had chance to use microwave so duno the lifespan…

    Cleff!!! Look! This kid is cucuk-ing you… Says he’s so poor, can’t afford a microwave!!! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    1. He’s poor? He’s poor my ass. Beer all the time, summore use Apple PC… I oso cannot afford! Humph!

      Yalah!!! Simply pretend only! People working in Singapore, where got poor one!!! Humph!!!

  7. Haha, one of my friends here blew up a microwave as well! Guess this is uni life. ;p Ooh, I LOVE fried rice. It’s like my staple food here. I can mix everything up and call it fried rice. One of my favourites is tuna fried rice! And I just ate fried rice with lettuce and egg last night. Weird, no? Haha!

    What? Uni life?…Hmmmm…I think it’s because parents do not teach their kids to use microwave or cook anything. for that matter, or perhaps even the parents themselves dunno how to use – never cook at home, always eat out. My mum used to fry simple fried rice – just sliced shallots…rice and egg plus salt and msg! Also habis every time!!! LOL!!!

  8. my goodness! Those girls have never used microwave ovens before? They’re as common as mobile phones nowadays!

    Like I said in my reply to an earlier comment, parents nowadays! Never teach their children how to cook, how to use microwave…and not surprising if the parents themselves do not know. Working, always eating out… Times have changed!

  9. Cikgu, fried rice would be ‘wet’ and ‘sticky’ if you didn’t cool the rice properly beforehand. This is an undeniable fact. LOL… I tried cooking a bowl of rice that’s not properly cooled off when I was 11…and the fried rice came out sticky from the wok. LOL…

    Hmm…. you use those measurement? I dun use the measurement… iI use finger instead… =.= Erm…not correct method? But my rice usually turn out better when I measure using my finger!

    Eyew…got extra ingredient kah? Hahahahaha!!! I use the measurements at the side…but I add a little bit more water. Prefer my rice a bit softer…and I always throw in a few pandan leaves for the fragrance plus they say pandan’s good for health!

  10. yeah~fried rice is most easiest to cook, and taste delicious with Chinese sausages, thanks for sharing here~

    Welcome. Ya…easy indeed but some people have no idea how to go about it. I saw Kylie Kwong doing it on her show – eyew….makes it so complicated, bluff the orang putih only! LOL!!!

  11. Lots of ingredients inside….looks really yummy, nice if eaten with sambal belacan!

    Everything’s nice with sambal belacan…but if I want to have it that way, I might as well cook it kampung style – with ikan bilis, belacan and lots of chillies! Yum!!!

  12. thank u STP!! i am one of humanbeing in this world that cannot even cook a fried rice, I mean the perfect one, unless if I use the instant one, lol. Maybe because I never cook before this, and its not easy to know some even a basic thing like, the amount of oil,salt, chili or when the onion is in perfect brown colour, not a really..really brown. And yeah, now I live alone, and I have to cook by myself, I always frustrated with my own cook. Even to use oven, I have to ask some friends to come and show me how to use it,lol.

    Sometimes, I can’t avoid to feel embarrassing when I have to serve a meal for my guest, its either they have to cook by themselves or bear with my cook, otherwise better if we eat

    Malaysia boleh! Just eat out – not expensive to do that here. Instant sambal for fried rice – some people like that a lot, but not me. I think it has a smell – like ikan bilis sambal in tins, maybe due to preservatives or what, I would not know. Just go ahead and cook… Tiru macam saya – agak-agak…and taste sikit, not salty, tambah garam, not manis, tambah oyster sauce or msg…..too oily, add more eggs (that will make it less oily) but usually I use very little oil – that’s why have to keep stirring, so not stuck to kuali or burnt. Good luck!!!πŸ™‚

  13. Dear Sir,

    It’s interesting to note that everyone has a different style of frying rice. I always add my eggs in the beginning and my wife tend to separately fry the eggs then only add it thereafter frying the rice.

    The best fried rice i had so far was in a seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu and it was fried only with egg. WAHLAO eh so wonderfull…each grain of rice is perfectly coated with yellow eggs. yummm….

    Your way would mean you’ll have eggs like omelette in the rice but the flavour may not be in the fried rice – I think I saw my missus doing that too! The way your missus cooks it will be like eating rice with omelette – no egg flavour completely in the fried rice. To get the rice coated with eggs, you will have the break the eggs into the wok and mix with the rice immediately and keep stirring till the eggs are cooked…unless you prefer the eggs still moist and undercooked. The way I do it – the part where the eggs get in contact with the rice, the rice will be coated and will have the egg flavour…and the outer parts would be like omelette -which I like, so I have the best of both worlds!

  14. This looks so yummy.. frying rice (or anything) remains a challenge for me … especially if it’s in bigger portions…some parts tend to get overcooked, or too salty or remain in stubborn white lumps .. 😦 OOh, but I do love overnight rice fried with sambal petai tumis … yummy way to finish off leftovers πŸ˜›

    My missus has the same problem when having to cook in bulk. Not strong enough…and not willing to fry a few times. Ooo…you like petai too? Yum! Must drop by my kampung stall tomorrow – hope they have some!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. wet fried rice? i guess he put water.. or perhaps his rice was soggy.. or perhaps he didnt fry the egg first.. He might hv fried the rice and then crack the egg on top of the rice.. that was why it turned out wet?
    As for me, i love fried rice, especially with crispy ikan bilis.. πŸ™‚

    Dunno. All I know is that he was using a rice cooker to fry the rice. I wonder if that’s hot enough or not – never tried! No lah…if he cracked the egg on the rice and kept stirring it altogether, the egg would cook eventually and the rice would not be soggy…and would people do that? At least, they will make a well in the rice and crack the rice into it… Well, he’ll learn eventually…I hope! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. Uiks? Got marking in the rice pot for water meh? πŸ˜› I didnt notice also. I use the agak2 system. Put a palm flat on the rice. Water cover my fingers means enough.

    Overnight rice is the best for fried rice

    Adoi! Your rice pot hasn’t got numbers at the side – fill up the water up to No. 1 if you are cooking 1 cup, No. 2 for two cups and so on. I usually add a little bit more as I like my rice softer…and I put in pandan leaves. Hah!!! Your whole palm? Cleff!!! I bet her rice is nicer than yours! You put in a finger, she puts in the whole hand! If I use my big, fat palm…habis liao! Becomes porridge! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. High five, sista! I oso agak agak system. πŸ˜› You see… i knew it, you must be my long lost sister! πŸ˜›

      Ya ya ya ya!!! Hers definitely nicer than yours – she puts in her palm, you only stick in one finger…and I know which finger!!! Muahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      1. *roll eyes* Not going to comment on that. LMAO… but I know her fried beehoon is damn nice wan! LOL… I bet she put drugs inside!

        Hehehehehehe!!! No chance to eat her fried mihun, never invited me bah!!! 😦

  17. You fried rice looks good, didn’t see any rice grain crumpling together(Ada “Kung Fu” man~)! However I prefer it to be a bit oily… the chinese sausages are the best match for a tasty fried rice, calamari and prawn also are good combination (Sorry, I only know how to “eat”, and hopeless in cooking :p)!

    I use very little oil in my cooking. My missus’ fried rice usually more oily – tastes nice but after the rice is finished, you can see the bottom of the plate or bowl – so greasy! Eeeee…!!! I think I prefer char siew…or luncheon meat in place of Chinese sausages – the taste a bit too strong for my liking. Seafood…I usually use with pineapple fried rice – Thai style one.

  18. haha! finally i found ur blog, got it thru unc tekkaus’s blog. u cooked it by urself?? from the pictures, it looks yummy! πŸ™‚

    UNCLE Tekkaus??? Either you’re very young…or he’s very very old! Hahahahahaha!!! Yup, all my own work – looks nice, eh? Hehehehehe!!! Btw, welcome…and thanks for dropping by. That hard to find my blog kah? Will add you to my blogroll…so do come again…often! πŸ™‚

    1. Eh? Caroline… she’s supposed to be an 80s brat as well, isn’t she? LOL…

      You’re not 80’s brat too kah? Look like one in your photo…!!! (Hah!!! Must belanja me liao!!! LOL!!!) πŸ˜‰

    2. lol! i used to call him that way liao. πŸ˜› he dnt mind de, he oso call me lil girl one. πŸ˜› i added u in my blogroll too! haha great site for me to polish up my cantonese aye! πŸ™‚

      Thanks. Cantonese? I dunno Cantonese…but some may have a phrase or two in their comments. Actually it’s Greek to me – dunno a word and unless they translate, I would not know what they’re saying. I do use some Hockien sometimes…

  19. Nice! I like your fried rice, good presentation and looks delicious too!

    BTW, I cook eggs in the microwave when I was in uni too, just out of plain laziness. Trick is to crack it into a bowl first. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the compliment, buddy. Yup! That’s the way to do it. Break the eggs first! My missus will cook eggs and instant noodles in the microwave, but not me… I’m old school! LOL!!!πŸ˜€

    1. Eyewwwww! It’s a sin to cook instant noodle in the microwave. A sin, I tell you! The maggie will taste like poo! Yewww!!! Wanna eat instant noodle, must use the stove! The stove!

      I think my missus cooked for me once – it was ok…but I don’t trust those microwaves! Not difficult to cook on the stove, why the need to microwave? People are getting lazier and lazier by the day… Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  20. OMG? Who so sohai dun crack eggs into the bowl first before cooking it in the microwave? *pengsan* No wonder la the microwave exploded. TSK!

    Not me! *points at girl in Wellington!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. LOL

      Hey! What happened? You ended up in spam and I had to you and retrieve you from there. Not because you never treated me to your extra-yummy fried mihun, I hope! LOL!!!πŸ˜€

  21. Can consider open a cooking class. I guess will attract many people. Haha. I haven’t had any rice today. Hungry now…

    Aiyor! So kesian! Your wife did not cook for you kah? What have you been eating all day? πŸ˜‰

  22. im poor u don blif…its true n the apple pc i save for 40yrs money just to bought it…

    That means you have more than 10 years to go…before you will have enough money! Hehehehehe!!!!

  23. hmmm,

    i definitely would need to try ur method. one fried rice coming up~!!

    the other day..i add in some left over bak gua from CNY…taste wise similar to lap cheong πŸ™‚ only sweeter.’re making hungry at 12.35 am!! AND i JUST DOWNED a packet of MYOJO instant noodle MEE POH… πŸ™‚

    Chicken, I hope. The Chinese sausages I used also chicken – Loong Kee’s from Jalan Alur. Yup…bak kua also nice with fried rice…and I think it’s nicer than Chinese sausages – sweet and without that certain smell. Ah! Myojo instant noodles mee poh, I like! Like the abalone chicken flavour too… Haven’t bought for a while now – always Mee Daddy – support Sibu product! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  24. 10 yrs life to go b4 goin other world u oso noe… πŸ˜€

    Yalor…more than 10 years before you reach 40 – by then, different kind of world already – old man’s world, not the same…

  25. Ahh… fried rice. One of the first few things i learned how to cook. I still prefer home cooked fried rice…. with hei bee, ikan pusu and stuff. My personal favourite would be to fry the rice with bawang merah, egg, hei bee and “bak teng” ie. spiced pork cubes. Ever tried that?…lovely.

    Kampung-style! Yum!!!….Eeeee…I don’t like those pork cubes! My missus loves them especially with porridge – has the canned food smell!!! Never like that!

  26. I like fried rice with the chinese sausage and add in some french beans. My favourite!!

    Eh, i cook rice also use my whole palm to put in and measure the water lei, this is how my mother taught me? hahahahhahahha

    Good grief!!! My mum taught me to use my fingers… Last time, no rice cooker. Used cooking pot and cooked rice on kerosene stove! Not easy!!! Had to make sure the rice did not get burnt…or turn into porridge! LOL!!!

  27. That looks very nice, just the way I like it. I like my meal simple & balanced.

    Simple meals are the best…and easy to prepare too! No hassle… Btw, thanks for dropping by, do come again!

  28. Just had fried rice for dinner. Dad fried it and it was wet! Lol..

    Well, bet it was nice – the labour of love! Whatever it turns out to be, it’s something money can’t buy!

  29. Hmmm…i also normally cook this simple nasi goreng especially out of idea what to cook. It taste as good as outside fried rice, i guess eventhough ingredients seems to be lesser than outside..hahaha

    Outside fried rice not necessarily nice leh? Had once at Jalan Alur – expensive, too salty…and could not finish!!! Not nice at all! My own…anytime better!

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