The other day, I was walking past a shop and I saw that they had some very nice bananas for sale, so I bought some…

Bananas 1

Then, somebody told me that the shop would usually charge more than elsewhere. To me, I am not normally bothered about such things. They tell me their price and I have the prerogative whether to buy or not. After all, I do not see the point in driving elsewhere to buy at a price that is not really that much lower – considering the petrol, the parking fee and all.

However, I was also told that they cut the bananas different from other places. They would usually leave a chunk of the stump that would add to the weight of the bananas. I never noticed that but when I went home, I decided to check that out and true enough, it was exactly as what I had heard…

Bananas 2

That, I would consider as being dishonest – tantamount to a blatant attempt at cheating the customers…like in the past, before the days of plastic, where the shopkeepers would use their own-made paper bags and they would have layers and layers of the thick brown paper so that when they use them, that would add to the weight and they would be able to make more out of the customers.

I am not a wise consumer…but I guess I should be more wary from now on about such things when I go shopping so that I would not be robbed right under my very nose in broad daylight without the slightest inkling as to what is going on.

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30 thoughts on “Honesty…”

  1. Goodness gracious that makes two of us. To think that i would purposely choose the ones with longer stem thinking ah, this one easier to carry!

    I thought they usually tie a string for you to carry…and they put the bananas in plastic bag as well. Now you know how cunning the business people here are…

  2. Lol, my Mum has been telling me this since I was a boy: “无奸不商” (You have to be shrewd to do business)

    Yup! That’s why they are all so rich…

  3. Gosh…I never knew they cheated like that. 😦 I usually will buy things if I think their price is reasonable…

    Me too! Just ask the price and if it’s ok by me, I would just buy! That day, I bought two bunches for over RM8…and a week or so ago, I bought two at another place – Rejang Park and paid RM4 something only…but these were a lot bigger and nicer, so I did not think much about the high price.

    1. Yea… I oso just buy when I tink the price is reasonable and I can afford it. i dun tink much, cuz at the end of the day, would have bought it anyway.

      The two of us gang lah like that – not very wise or smart consumers! 😦

      1. That’s why ppl can become rich but we cannot. LOL…

        Precisely! Looks like honesty is not necessarily the best policy…

  4. For me, if I know I am short-changed, I won’t go back to that place again if it is really not necessary to do so. There are some shops here that I have been going for a long time, knowing they won’t do that to u, but there are some u know that u go to out of convenience,but just have to be vigilant. But most times it has been pretty good except for some odd incidents…

    I also go to familiar people – the same ones always. Never mind if a bit more expensive…but can be quite sure that they will give you the best they have. I have had some who would even tell me not to buy if the things are not good – if elsewhere, I do not think they care.

  5. Oooh! Sarawak ‘chey-gay’ is still de best! Can’t get that anywhere else ! :)!

    I thought ALL the bananas overseas are chey-gay? I don’t mind those but I prefer keleng chio…

    1. Yes,all look like ‘cheygay’ but no harum smell like Sarawak Pisang,even KL/Spore ones also kalah to the Sarawak ones. Here got keleng but no kelengchio,i like too! :)!

      Of course lah! They pick them green and export to Oz, spraying chemicals when packing them to prevent them from getting spoilt and getting ripe too soon. Your chey gay should be from the Fiji Islands, I think… Of course, our own Sarawak homegrown pisang are the best! LOL!!! 😀 Now, now…you like keleng or you like keleng chio or both? Be more specific! ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. haha.. in order to save money here, I purposely pick the loose bananas without stem just to reduce the weight.. Surprisingly, the banana here is quite cheap.. 1 kg costs approximately RM 3 and have really yellow skin unlike the ones back home with black spots..

    Yup…those are cheaper at the supermarkets pricewise too, if I’m not mistaken. The keling chio will get blacker and blacker but ok inside. As long as they are not bruised – it’s fine. That’s why it’s better to hang bananas up…

  7. Talking about honesty and selling bananas, i will never forget how ppl sell bananas on the Daro road.. Just leave them on the bench unattended; if you buy, just leave your money there on the bench.

    That’s honesty in every sense of the word. Small towns, rural places…unspoilt, untainted. They used to do that for fresh milk in the morning in NZ in the 80s – just put some coins in the bottle and leave by the roadside and the milk truck going round will leave a bottle of fresh milk for you in the morning. They cannot do that anymore… 😦

  8. why.. some people do really compare prices.. but they dont think ahead – like the cost of driving out to another shop just to get something cheaper by 20cents.. i think petrol for that journey also cost 20cents edy.. =/

    It will make a big difference if they buy a lot e.g. one whole box of Ridsect…or a year’s supply of toilet paper. Otherwise, it really isn’t worth the trouble and the money.

  9. This looks like berangan to me. Just bought a bunch yesterday. Very good! Had to bring to school to share with my colleagues.

    Dunno what they call them in Malay – here, they’re called pisang keling… Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. Yes, some sellers provide strings but some don’t. And i normally do without the plastic bag to reduce wastage. Except when i get pisang tanduk, pure giants.

    Good! You’re so environment-friendly! What do you buy pisang tanduk for? Pisang goreng/banana fritters? My daughter doesn’t like that – prefers the bananas at the Malay stalls, so I never bother to buy. There’s one stall selling pisang tanduk fritters….along the road from Star Cineplex to Wisma Sanyan – Chinese stall.

  11. oh dear… such thing can happen? wat is happening to the world these days? 😦

    Well, it takes all kinds to make the world…and today’s world is all about money, I guess!

    1. Man eat man world out there. lol…

      Yalor…and the poor, decent and innocent ones (like me) get victimised!!! 😦

      1. And the blur ones like me as well. Tot cheap, reasonable, den straight buy, dun care d. 😦

        Memang gang lah, the two of us…

  12. You have to cunning and sly to be a businessman….if not you will lost! :p

    Yup! Only then can become rich…; how to run a business if no profit? Make a bit of profit, ok lah…but purposely shortchanging and cheating customers is really not good…

  13. next time tell them to cut off the chunk before putting in on a weighing machine! I hate dishonest shopkeepers!

    No more next time – I wouldn’t bother to go abck there again, that’s for sure. Like I said, I’m not a wise or smart consumer. I did not even notice until someone told me – so easily cheated. Normally, I would just say what I want, ask for the price, pay and leave…

  14. yes..some does that :(. How much per kg there nowadays? Here is between RM3 to rm3-80/kg.

    some vegetable seller also does that.Some just spray with water to make the vege look fresher but some purposely drench their vege with lots of water so that it weight heavier.

    Oh, is that so? And all this while I though they keep splashing water to keep the vegetables fresh! I don’t know how much the bananas cost a kg. Told you I’m not a wise/smart consumer! Easily cheated! 😦

    1. 😦 I oso din know a bunch of bananas is counted in kg. =.=

      Gosh! Btw, I think I saw at Cold Storage, KLCC – they sell the loose bananas at a cheaper price – still by the kilo though…and according to my missus, still more expensive than here. Papayas too! Very expensive there! At the cut-fruits stall by the roadside at Jalan Alur, RM2 a slice! *faints

      1. OMG… sure anot? RM2 per slice of fruit? That’s crazy! Goes straight to the jugular! 😦 My place here is Rm0.80 or Rm1. But tepi jalan wan lah…

        Also tepi jalan – Jalan Alur! Two slices – here, we can buy the whole fruit already!

  15. Btw, did you know that 7Eleven is selling a banana for Rm1? So cekik darah…

    I know! I saw at the outlet opposite the hotel I was staying in Bukit Bintang. Almost pengsan – so expensive!

    1. Yalohh… so stupid liddat! The packaging nice only… tipu ppl wan, sell until so expensive! 😦

      You go and buy at 7-11…of course lah expensive! Ada gaya, ada style! That doesn’t come free! LOL!!!

  16. oh wow…how sneaky!!! coz it’s not something you’d automatically spot, is it..shall pay more attention the next time I do my grocery shopping :S

    There are all kinds of crooks around…and beware! They may look so nice, and smile so sweetly, talk so patronisingly – they may be the worst!

  17. Oz’s chey gay comes from either Brisbane or Carnavon (up north somewhere). Gigantic in size, like plantains, and not very sweet.

    Yahor…the tropical north! I know Malaysia also exports bananas, dunno to where. Saw on tv – maybe West only, that’s why their fruits all more expensive…

  18. normaly i bought banana just pay n go as i nvr notice the chunk n i tink i bought b4 with a huge chunk…btw hgu chunk made the banana last longer…

    Is that so? Not really leh! Took home, also had to eat quickly as all would ripen at the same time… 😦

  19. the bananas i buy comes with the fat stump too. it’s ok coz the shopowner would have bought a whole big bunch with stumps and all, and he’s passing the cost to us..
    p/s now that you’ve mentioned, next time i’ll choose one with the smallest stump.

    LOL!!! Now you’re becoming a wiser consumer, eh? 🙂

  20. I didn’t notice that too when I bought some bananas just now 😡

    You mean they do the same thing in Kuching as well? Chesh!!! 😦

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