Beans in my ears…

If you’re wondering if there really is such a song, the answer is there IS!!! I used to hear it on the radio when I was a kid…and if you listen to the lyrics, there are a few things that may be of interest. Firstly, they put beans in their ears so they cannot hear the teacher (nagging and scolding)…and secondly, they think grown-ups have beans in their ears for they never listen to what the children say…

Anyway, this post is not going to dwell on the song or those issues. It is actually about a variety of beans – french beans…

French beans

When I cook them, I will slice them very thinly and diagonally like this…

STP's fried french beans 1

My missus will just chop them into 2-inch strips and fry them with Bombay onions and egg and I do not like them like that. I don’t like the onion taste and the beans have a very strong smell that puts my off. Somehow or other, when cut the way I do, the smell seems to disappear altogether…and I will always fry them with garlic and egg, plus salt and msg according to taste. However, the other day, I decided to use some belacan and bits of pork belly instead…and of course, a chilli cut into long thin strips…

STP's fried french beans 2

This was because I could recall that at my favourite haunt here – the Ruby Restaurant, they would fry the mixed bean combo – french beans, long beans, four-angle beans and ladies fingers with pork belly and I could taste the belacan in it. I love that dish a lot, so I thought I could do the same with the french beans.

As always, I browned the garlic in some oil that I had heated in a wok, threw in the belacan and the chilli followed by the pork. After stirring it for a while, I put in the french beans, added a bit of water and stirred till cooked…

STP's fried french beans 3

The belacan was salty enough and there was enough flavour in it without any need for msg. I did not add an egg either as I thought I could do without it.

The final verdict? It wasn’t anything like what I had at the Ruby Restaurant…but it was definitely a nice change from the usual!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Beans in my ears…”

  1. LOL… the belacan looks heavenly! Goshhhhh! Today must cook kangkung belacan! πŸ˜›

    That’s the belacan I pounded with chillies for my “ulam”. Scooped out a bit to fry the beans. πŸ™‚

  2. My mum used to cut the french beans diagonally and they tasted better that way.. I wonder why..

    Yes, I also don’t know why. It is nicer than if cut in big chunks – none of that french bean smell that I do not like. Maybe when rinsed in water, all the juice/gum that has the smell is washed away?

  3. LOL! Oh! so ‘angmo’ says put beans, hokkien says ‘chau hee larng’ and my late mum said ‘berngal! berngal!! Someone just told me the other day,better to be ‘berngal’ or else start 3rd world war later on….haha!!

    Ya…sometimes it’s better to close one eye and turn a deaf ear…for the sake of keeping the peace!

    1. LMAO…. got people dono wud is belacan. Please excuse me while I laugh my ass off! LOL…

      Let me join you!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Hahahahaha!!! (I think he’s trying to be funny…if you catch the drift!)

      1. Poor Tekkaus… must be becoz he broke his specs….LOL… prolly mistaken the belacan for tauchu-some sort of fermented bean? LOL… still not yet finish laugh… Waaaaakakakakakaka!

        Dunno. I don’t think he ever reads replies to his comments….

  4. ooh i love french beans. I like it plain too like just blanched with hot water or add some oyster sauce!!! yummy

    I’ve never tried…but I have eaten long beans boiled slightly with a pinch of salt and ulam. Nice! Sweet/snow peas also very nice if boiled and eaten just like that…

  5. ours more easier just fried with eggs… πŸ˜‰

    Yup! I did mention that was how I would usually fry the beans – with garlic and add egg…and add salt and msg according to taste. Just thought I wanted to try something different.

  6. ooooo…..nice….very yummy …i normally fried with egg only as the kid cant take spicy food 😦

    Me too. When my daughter was around, I would cook dishes the way she liked it. My missus loves spicy food…and when we complain that something she has cooked is too hot, she will say, “No leh? Where got hot?” 😦

    1. Back in my parents’… nobody dares to complain, spicy or not spicy. LOL…sked mummy mogok, den whole family will starve!

      Wah! Women! So sensitive! If people say not nice, I won’t mind at all…but will try to improve or not cook it that way again.

  7. you’re the only person I’ve seen apart from my mum who cuts beans this way!!!!! haha! I do it too, for obvious reasons, but my friends always think it’s strange 😦

    Jacqueline’s mum does that too…so that makes four of us now. I guess it’s more tedious having to slice thinly one by one…unlike long beans.

  8. My mum just fried it with eggs all the time. Never try something like that before. Hey, the Beans song is really nice. Guess nowadays we can just find any song from Youtube.

    Ya…that’s how I would normally fry the beans. Have you tried the mixed beans at Ruby? They fry with pork belly and belacan and it’s really very nice. Tried to cook it that way but did not turn out quite the same. Dunno how they do it. Maybe we can go for dinner there one of these days?

    I love youtube. Can find even the old old songs, the long forgotten songs that I used to love! πŸ™‚

  9. Mmmm, haven’t tried French beans cooked this way before but it looks really tasty…..
    Ok, ok, now have to ‘korek’ the beans out from my ear….first….ha ha ha!

    I was trying to follow how they do it at a restaurant here but not very successful. Well, at least, it was nice… Hmmmm….how long have the beans been in your ears? Since you were a kid? Kids love doing that – putting things in their ears…or noses!

  10. This is one of the very few green stuff that I eat πŸ™‚ And I usually fry it with garlic and egg.

    That’s how I usually cook it…but I see at the Malay stalls here – they seem to fry it in long strips with Bombay onions…and somehow, the taste isn’t that nice!

  11. Oh, i love this bean also. Normally i ll cut it in dice, then fried a while and add in beaten eggs. or ur way but i cut it slighly shorter rather than slice it cos no good in slicing.

    My missus also said she could not slice it so thinly the way I did it. Hmmm…just a bit of patience and a lot of time mah!

  12. Love to eat this bean. But never tried with belachan. Normally, will fry some anchovies till crispy and leave them aside. After frying the bean with some soy sauce and garlic, add in the anchovies and stir throughly. Love them!

    Yup! That would be nice too! πŸ™‚

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