That don’t impress me much…

Well, I cannot deny that I was very impressed and flattered when I saw the plastic bag…

Plastic bag

…No less! But I only saw the price tags the other day and I was utterly shocked to say the least…*breaks out in cold sweat

Biscuits 1

…and for that amount of money, you get 13 pieces inside. Now, you can go and calculate to see how much each piece costs.

Biscuits 2

Then I checked the other tin my nephew gave me…and was in for an even greater shock!!! Great balls of fire!!! *FAINTS!!!

Biscuits 3

These are the biscuits that you can find inside the tin.

Biscuits 4

I tried a couple but did not think they were special, not at all – and a tad too sweet some more, if you asked me. Give me my Kjeldsens’ butter cookies or my Scottish shortbread anytime – any brand!

I used to buy the biscuits at Marks and Spencer long ago, their Scottish shortbread in particular and they were really very nice. However, needless to say, they were a bit pricey but they had very good offers a few weeks before the expiry dates and were selling them at very affordable prices, so I could stock up on the goodies then. I have not been to the place since they closed down the Bukit Bintang branch, so I do not know whether they still do that.

Whatever it is, if it is for that amount of money, I would do without even my favourite butter cookies and Scottish shortbread and go for something else a whole lot nicer. I bet all of you would agree with me, wouldn’t you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “That don’t impress me much…”

  1. If you notice, of late, Kjeldsen’s butter cookies are now made in Indonesia, where there’s extra crunch, and a whole lot less butter……but because it’s so crunchy, you can just munch on piece after piece.

    Personally, if I really crave for a butter cookie, I will go and buy the best one there is, satisfy the craving, and let that rest…till the next crave. Maybe I should just learn to bake them…haha.

    By the way, Marks & Spencer is in KLCC, Mid Valley Gardens, and 1Utama, and maybe at one or two more locations, not sure. Maybe the KL folks can help.

    ps. Even Harrods’ jams are a whole lot nicer than M&S….LOL!

    Ya, I saw M&S at KLCC when I dropped by there the other day but I didn’t go in. The last time I went to their outlet at BB Plaza (years ago), they no longer had the Scottish shortbread that I loved so much – huge round ones the size of a drink coaster…with the image of a thistle imprinted on it! Used to feast on those in 1986…only RM2 something for a “tube”!!! There are some people in Kuching who can bake some very nice shortbread…and I’m sure theirs would be a lot cheaper than the imported stuff. Right now, the cheapest here would be Mcvities – around RM6 a packet and they’re very nice.

    1. Oh! Oh! Mcvities are nice. I love them… especially their digestives. But quite pricey… 😦 I usually wait for stock clearance, can get at Rm2 per pack. LOL…

      RM2 a pack? So cheap! Next time get half a dozen for me and courier over! Hahahahaha!!! I like their digestives – I think others do not measure up…and the shortbread is as nice as the expensive brands like Walkers.

      1. I’m somewhat a Scrooge… kedekut abit…especially when it comes to things that I can actually get a good bargain. If not cheap enough, I wun buy, especially cookies. Stock clearance cookies are good wud? Expensive brand, but at a very reasonable price.My house got two cookie monster. One big, another small. If buy all expensive cookies, I’ll go bankrupt in no time, what’s more, they can finish up a box of cookies in one sitting. πŸ˜› Never had to worry about buying those nearly expired, cuz I’m more than sure, they’ll poof in no time!

        I don’t mind cheap cookies as long as they’re nice… I do have some favourites among the locally produced ones – but these days, not that cheap either! 😦

  2. I dunno….for me, one thing I wouldn’t mind spending money on is good food, any kind of food, even snacks. Coz to me those are the little luxuries in life πŸ™‚

    Me too! Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves a little. As long as it is really really nice – like Baskin’ Robbins…but not THIS expensive!!!

  3. I’ve never tried Harrods’ cookies for one simple reason.. I can’t afford them.. but I LOVE their bags.. lol..

    I have one!!! How much are you willing to pay for it? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. dowan o too sweet gv me lar…

    Can! Can! I will seal the tin cover back with tape. (It is that bad…or I would not be that willing to give!) When are you coming to Sibu to collect? Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. *roll eyes* All must go to Sibu to collect wan. LOL…

      Yalor…me no money, can’t expect me to courier over!!! Arrive there, also all hancur already – must eat with spoon! LOL!!!

      1. Cheh… Sibu tourism should pay you for promoting Sibu! LOL..

        Yes, they should…especially considering that I’m a pensioner – so poor! 😦

  5. never tried Harrods cookiesbefore wor..nobody gave me that 😦

    No great loss. You go and buy the local made Tiger or Munchy’s or Julie’s…all a lot nicer, believe me! 😦

    1. Kucing, I think hor, since Cikgu say liddat, Cyn’s cookies are way nicer!

      I bet they are…but I wouldn’t know as she never let me try! Hint! Hint! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. i assure you, her cookies are very, very nice! She gave me some during CNY, and before I know it, the cookie monster in my house ate em… leaving me only a few! Haihh, kesian me!

        Mothers should be like that mah! Sacrifice for the children!!!

  6. Wow….you received such an expensive gift! I’ve calculated and it came up to about RM3.2 for a piece of cookies. Wow….can eat a plate of chicken rice already. haha….

    Yalor…and the chicken rice is a lot nicer and a lot more satisfying!!! At least, you’ll get your money’s worth!

  7. wah so expensive! must be due to the shipping costs. But their earl grey tea is nice….

    Stick to the tea! The biscuits are definitely not worth that amount of money!!! Far from it!

  8. With that kind of money you can get a good dinner at a reputable restaurant.
    Some ppl have more money than sense.

    I guess he was being extra nice to me and didn’t mind forking out the money…and I bet he had never eaten the biscuits before and so did not know that they were really not worth the price he had to pay for them, far from it! Probably thought that they must be so very nice – from England, no less!!! Ah well! As they say, it’s the thought that counts and I do appreciate that. Must tell him not to buy those anymore, the next time I see him!

    1. It is the thoughts that counts. LOL… as for me, sometimes, not nice oso I can say nice, cuz I appreciate what people gv me. LOL…

      I don’t pretend one. Nice, I say nice…not nice, I say not nice! Better to be frank and truthful! If people can’t take the truth, too bad lah! Their problem, not mine!

  9. Hmmmm I didn’t know it didn’t taste nice. Never had them, and their appearance certainly looks nice.

    What looks nice, not necessarily nice mah! Like people also – I’m big, fat and ugly…and old but I’m VERY nice! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Haha.. the crazy world of western “luxury” goodies – something I understand:). Can’t say I ever had Harrods, but I do remember the Marks and Spencer shortbread.. they were good! And don’t get me started on British toffee. And the prices can be crazy. Here a freshly made gourmet cookie is about $2Cdn (RM6.5). My preference is to make my own ..shortbread has about 5 ingredients.. and sooo yummy with real butter! Although you don’t get the pretty tin can :).

    Yup! Toffee!!! Quality Street!!! My favourite since the colonial days!!! Can’t afford them anymore…and anyway, I’m not into sweets any longer – not at my age, no, thank you! LOL!!! Oooo…you bake? Cook too? That’s nice! πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by again, Bob!

  11. aiyooo…harrods is more novelty than anything laa..if you like shortbread I’ll bring back Waitrose Scottish Shortbread for you. Beautiful stuff…price tag also won’t induce angina πŸ˜›

    Oooo….*rub hands with glee!!! When are you coming back? Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. hahahaha! June, if I pass la :S so keep reminding me:P

      You will pass…that goes without saying!!! Don’t worry…I’ll keep on hinting! Wow!!! Finishing in June…and the last time I saw you, you were just a little girl! How time flies!

  12. Walau-eh~!! The cookies really cost a fortune… with that amount of money, I would prefer to dine in Jogoya for a buffet of Haagen Dazs ice cream and delicate desserts…

    Jogoya! Heard/Read so much about it but I’ve never been there. So expensive and don’t think it’s worth it as I don’t eat as much as I used to…

  13. i like Walker’s scottish shortbread the best. Very lemak! I think one of my previous maids ate too much of them and got diarrhea after that. Haha!

    Yup! Walker’s nice…but more expensive, almost double that of Mcvities! Ozzie’s Arnotts’ not nice AND expensive! LOL!!!

  14. harrods are pretty expensive.. =)

    VERY!!! Did you go to visit when you were in London? People used to go…just to buy the paper bag! Could carry around to show off! LOL!!!

  15. STP…calculate how much per bite.. πŸ™‚ Really pricey but it is the quality that counts…

    Unfortunately, quality-wise, it was also very disappointing!

  16. Guess we need to pay for the brand too…and if it carry the name

    No, not me…definitely! I will never pay for the brand. Whatever is good enough to use…is good enough for me, never mind what brand!

  17. Wow, really need to enjoy the cookies slowly as every single piece cost more than a plate of Kampua. Is it really that nice and tasty to deserve such a price tag?

    I don’t think so… All snob appeal, and I definitely do not believe in that!!! A waste of money, if you ask me!

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